Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dalton Set to Start


Gameday Mormon Hate

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According to one Gary Patterson, Andy Dalton will be back in the saddle tonight against the Cougars. I take this to mean that he's fully recovered and will be able to run 100% of the offense, as apparently these were the preconditions set forth for his return. Reading some BYU interview, it was mentioned that a mobile QB who can also throw would make life tough on the Cougar Defense... which makes me wonder, wouldn't this be the ideal QB for any offense??? Regardless, AD has shown that the ole fire engine has some wheels if need be, and we know he's a far more accurate passer than Jackson. Regardless, this seems like a situation where Patterson would not hesitate to work in MJ if the game starts to turn sour. Look for Dalton to lead the team into battle but for Marcus to get a few reps. Go Frogs!

Also, the Tri Delt program salesgirls have been very, very piss poor in their presence in Lot 2 this season. With the surefire attendance of travelling Mormon converters on a mission rampaging our parking spots and homes pregame, this gaggle of sorority charlatans need to be out in full force and ready to outmuscle these Book of Mormon thumping brutes in short sleeve shirts with ties.

Frog Talk / Ask-a-Frog: They're Coming.......

Given that this game is huge and should be approached in a manner commensurate with its gravity, today we are joined by two new guest commentators, SchultzHater and Disciples of GP, in a special, first installment, of "Frog Talk / Ask-a-Frog."

Frog Talk

SchultzHater: First off, I'd like to say thanks for having us, I recently discovered this site and….I like it, way better than KillerFrogs - there are too many people on that board seriously retarded…..whoever started spitblood had a good idea, thank god you don’t have to deal with KFC any longer….now on to my game analysis. Our Defense is good because we are fast, aggressive, tackle well, and like a Lion – we prey on weakness. BYU is extremely efficient and concise on offense – this presents a problem – the two don’t match well. Patterson’s D’s at times - have been exposed before (BYU-06) (Texas-at least with short passes in 07) (OK-with long bombs on broken coverage). All they have to do is find our broken coverage a couple times tomorrow and they win the game – Colorado State found them – only they couldn’t catch. If you watch all our games – and I know you do – we have a high percentage of plays where the opposing QB has an open receiver and either doesn’t see them due to pressure, cant’ throw due to pressure, makes a bad throw due to pressure, or completes a pass. I think the crowd play a big role in this one, I really do. I also hate Shultz and predict we lose if BYU scores 24 points. I bet on TCU and the under…only because I think we are a better football team than we have been since 2000 – you can quote me on that – it is fact…..If we get to Max Hall – early on often – we will win by more than 13 points…..

Disciples of GP: Secondary is my biggest concern by far- they have looked bad against good teams, and BYU's passing attack has got to be close to OU's- REC's not as athletic, but Max Hall will be able to make throws like Bradford. We need them to step up big, and not be intimidated. Seems like sometimes they get beat, and other times they're in great position but can't make the play when the ball closes in. Offense is 2nd huge concern. I don't expect dynamic things to change from the way we've traditionally played- but if we don't at least utilize some of our most potent weapons to their fullest extent- I'm going to lose it. By weapons I mean lots of AB touches- way more than any other back and our QB (which hasn't been the case at all this yr), lots of throws to our Jason Witten-esque tightend, and get Kurley, who could be the best athlete we have on offense, involved from start to finish. Do that, and the QB manage the game- ie no turnovers/nothing stupid. Hopefully Dalton is good to go, and hopefully he doesn't lead the team in rushing yards and attempts. I feel little reason to mention stopping the run and pressuring Hall, because given our play so far this year I'm already taking for granted that aspect of our D won't be a problem. Two last thoughts, limit penalties and the crowd needs to be on them early (them being Bronco, the BYU players, and H).


SchultzHater: With the Mormon Invasion closing in, I have a couple questions: #1: Are Mormon girls like Catholic girls….you know sluttier than the rest? I think there is a common thread among sexuality and the strictness of certain religions towards sexuality in America….this thread might exist in the Middle East…….if they didn’t perform ritualistic stabbings of girls for misbehavior…

Disciples of GP: Unfortunately I do not think this is the case. A friend of mine, we'll call him JR, spent an extended period of time living at the epicenter of Mormonism, Salt Lake City, and he reports that getting laid is very difficult. That said, I do think the line between some good old fashion repression (Baylor) leading to the creation of uber sluts vs. cult like fanatic repression (ACU) leading to entire chastity belt communes is thin at best. Rather than trying to understand (read: exploit) this fantastic phenomenon, I'd recommend playing it safe and focusing time on state sponsored Division II schools in Texas whose women's hot and slutty characteristics are well documented and a known commodity.

SchultzHater: Question #2: Is there a limit upon how many wives they can take? Have we become so "westernized" that we seem to think one woman is normal? Because of this reason alone, I find it very difficult to make fun of these Mormon men and their ways...they think things through; their precision is reflective in their passing attack.

Disciples of GP: I am not aware of a limit to the amount of wives you can have given that my knowledge of their religion is based solely on Warren Jeffs, FLDS, and this South Park episode ( 4:50, 10:40, 13:00, 15:00- oh forget it, pretty much the whole thing is great), but I do have to disagree with your analysis based on the fact you totally overlook the fact that these women are in fact WIVES not mistresses, side candy, quickies, "business trips," etc. The fact these guys think it is a good idea to saddle themselves with more than one ball-and-chain reeks of incompetence and is borderline sadistic. On the other hand, I absolutely agree that relegating such fine specimens as ourselves to a single woman is ludicrous. I don't think the general societal pressure that steers us that way ever contemplated such all-stars as ourselves. As for their passing attack, it scares me. Hopefully our LB's can destroy Max Hall's kneecap before he can put the secondary to the test.

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