Tuesday, October 14, 2008

BYU: 10 Things to consider.

Been thinking a lot about this game Thursday night, and just have a few concerns:
  1. Which secondary is going to show up? The one that held UNM, SFA, SDSU, SMU to 24 points combined? or the one who missed tackles and got beat deep against OU, CSU (well, should've gotten beat, right?) and Stanford on the way to giving up 56? Obviously those points can't ALL be pinned on the secondary, but I think you can confidently say, judging from our run stopping, that most of them should be.
  2. How many controversial calls are going to go BYUs way in accordance with the likely not so secret agenda of the MWC to have BYU and Utah go into their game both being undefeated?
  3. How much will the fact that most of BYUs players are 2-3 years older than our guys play a role in our team getting out-physical'd? (sorry, not a real word).
  4. Who is going to play QB? If it's MJ, will he play like he did against SMU and SDSU, rolling up huge yards on the ground and dumping off passes to Young and Reagan when the defense bulks up for the run? Or, if it's Red, will he be healthy enough to perform at the level that he did earlier in the year?
  5. Something like 90% of the BYU team is married. What's the o/u on the number of teammate "sharing" amongst these wives? (Perhaps irrelevant to the game on the field, but extremely relevant to the game in the stands.)
  6. Will the Frogs be able to break the "Thursday night curse?" Two years ago we played the Cougars in Fort Worth on Thursday and lost 31-17. Last year in Provo, also on Thursday, we lost 27-22 and actually had a chance to pull ahead and maybe even win. Perhaps we're getting closer? Along these lines, the Frogs were ranked 15th in 2006 and favored to win and lost by 14. Last year we were unranked and lost by 5. We are currently a 1.5 point underdog. Perhaps being the underdog at home will play right into our hands?
  7. Thursday night games haven't always been the best for attendance (not that most Saturday games are, either.) With students obviously having class on Thursday nights, and TCUs higher admission standards running the risk of putting the C (read: the non partying part) back in TCU, will students show up? Will students skip class? Will professors cut classes short? This remains to be seen.
  8. This is the biggest home game for the Frogs in 15 some odd years. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm all about breast cancer awareness... but why make this the pink out game? Why not use the Air Force or, better yet, a non-televised SFA game for this? This is a game where the crowd is going to have to be a major factor in jumping on BYU early and refusing to let up, especially because, if like 2006, there will be a significant number of BYU fans in attendance. How is a crowd full of pink T shirts supposed to accomplish the needed intimidation? Hope you all plan on increasing your rage juice intake before kickoff.
  9. Will Max Hall wet his magic underpants after Henson, Phillips, Moore, Vess, Panfil and Hughes knock his magic sunglasses off a few times? Will Austin Collie be his usual Air Bud self or an Air Dud? (Had to do it, you know I did.) Will Harvey Unga be able to walk off the plane when he returns to Provo?
  10. Just because very few days are complete without a little blasphemizing from Big Daddy Drew, this: http://kissingsuzykolber.uproxx.com/2008/09/sean-taylor-memorial-meast-of-the-week-%e2%80%93-week-2.html

Kickoff is just two days away... I hope to see each and every one of you there. In that vein, what is everyone's planned arrival? Thinking about sneaking out of work around 4 and trying to be in the lot at 5. Will I be drinking alone?

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