Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hillary Duff is on "Gay" Patrol

This was too funny to pass. Nothing sports related other than Duff is/used to bangout (allegedly) some NHL player. Watch your "gays" in public, or this could happen to you.

Morning Dump

Sorry I missed yesterday's, but there really wasn't that much material

Plenty of recruits watch TCU overwhelm SDSU ~Feisty's Recruiting Blog
Does anyone know who the inebriated fan was talking to the recruits (wwhd? lyle?)

Colorado State running game could challenge TCU ~Star Telegram
and Dolly Parton sleeps on her stomach

Rams running game faces challenging TCU ~The Tribune

CSU Report: TCU 'The Benchmark' ~Rocky Mountain news

TCU Launches YouTube, Twitter Page ~Pegasus News

TCU (5-1) @ Colorado State (3-2) ~ABC Denver