Friday, September 26, 2008

Requiem For A Dreadful General Manager

We will all miss you Matt Millen...
(Put your headphones on if you are at work, bad language)

Thank You, Graham Watson

Non BCS writer Graham Watson of ESPN decided to go ahead and jinx the F out of us and call the upset. It should be noted that she also called the upset of FAU over Texas earlier this year. Thanks a lot.

TCU 31, Oklahoma 30: I'm foolishly calling the upset here even though I know this is a huge mountain for TCU to climb especially against a Sooners' team that is at home and has had two weeks to prepare. Oh, and don't forget pretty angry about the last meeting in Norman. So yeah, the chips are stacked against the Horned Frogs, but I think they'll make a good showing. And I'm not going to challenge the big-game coaching ability of Gary Patterson. He's won a ton of them in his career.

--via ESPN

Oklahoma Stereotype Verified

This is what years of inbreeding will do to you.

Morning Dump

TCU's Gresham does his best to maintain a low profile Star-Telegram

Weekend preview USA Today
-spelled Dalton's name wrong

Tomorrow's Opponent

This Won't Be Good for Business...

OSU WR defecating on USC secondary

Well, looks like it'll be #24 vs. #1 this weekend when we head to Norman. In the midst of all the spying/2005 business, I think it was pretty certain that OU wasn't going to take us lightly, especially with a bye week before, but now that we see how vulnerable just about any team is on any day, and the fact that they'll be carrying the #1 ranking, they'll be firing on all cylinders even more. I only watched the end of this game, as I wasn't about to let it preempt Always Sunny, but REALLY USC? Oregon State is bad. Oregon State is really bad. They lost to Stanford. They got MURDERED by Penn State (who actually might be the team to beat in the Big Televen). I love how all the sports writers were talking about how it's going to be a fight for second for who gets to play USC in Miami in January... looks like it won't matter. Honestly, even if USC had won out, I don't see HOW you could put them over 2 potentially undefeated teams from the Big 12 and the SEC, but as the BCS is politics as usual, you never know. Hopefully this will inspire our guys to come out with even more intensity than usual and realize that the perceived better team doesn't always win. Also. TCU beat Stanford who beat OSU who beat USC... so TCU #1? Something to think about. Purple Pansy, what do you think?