Thursday, September 25, 2008

ESPN Preview

It was supposed to be a preview of the game, but it sounded more like a bj session on Sam Bradford by that douche on the right. Dont forget to to massage his nuts while your at it, tool.

OU fans are Civilized

Lawrence, the face of the Oklahoma fan base.

Alright, it's almost D Day, so I wanted to pass along a couple of safety tips to everyone who is traveling to Norman. Fortunately I will be on the Killer Frogs bus and will not have to remain in that vile city any longer that necessary, but for those of you who are making a weekend of it, please remember:

OU fans will grab your scrotal sack and remove it from your body.

We all remember this story: Man walks into a bar in Oklahoma. Man is wearing a UT shirt. Man gets his ball ripped off. Civilized folks, the Sooners, although I have to sympathize with the Sooner fan as I personally feel that anyone wearing pro-UT garb should be castrated.

Do NOT go to Night Clubs in Norman.

The fight allegedly involved guns, knives and TIRE IRONS??? My goodness! Apparently the Jethroes and Cletuses up there have their own definition of scrappy fighting.

DO NOT bring up the TCU 'Spygate' Situation.

Because the pot NEVER calls the kettle black.

DO NOT call them a dirty program.

Hey, a loss to Tech they can be proud of!

And Finally, and above all, Watch out for your Cornholes, buds.

Because, well, we aren't exactly dealing with civilized people here.

Oklahoma Cattle Trailer

Check the plates

Three things the Frog's can't and must do Saturday in Norman

Oklahoma is by far the toughest opponent the Frog's have faced, and probably will face, this season. This is by no means the same Sooner team TCU defeated in '05. OU boasts a veteran offensive line, highly accurate Quarterback and top 10 defense.

That said the Horned Frogs certainly have a shot Saturday, but will need to play an outstanding game. TCU has done somethings they must continue and some that will kill our chances Saturday. In my opinion, those things are:

Can't continue to:

Commit penalties
TCU has always been highly penalized, it's something a team that plays with the Frog's emotion has to deal with. Can't afford it in this game though, we are currently 5th (8.75 per game) in the country in penalties per game and 9th in yards penalized (76.0 yards per game)

Suffer special teams gaff
These are game killers, our special teams must be better. No long punt/kick returns, no botched punts, penalties fit in here too.

Squander big plays
This one is pretty simple, don't drop touchdown passes. This also means that we must score when any opportunity: field position, turnovers etc, presents its self.

Must continue to:

Force Turnovers
TCU has forced just over three turnovers per game witch leads the nation. In a game of this magnitude turnovers will be crucial. A win in the turnover category will go along way towards producing a win in the game.

Control time of possession
Currently ranked #1 in the country in time of possession averaging 37 minutes and 13 seconds of ball time per game, the Frogs will need to own the clock in order to have a chance in this one. As good as our defense is, we can not afford to have them on the field for the majority of the game. Think back to losses last year

Pressure Bradford
The Frogs are currently #4 (9.0 per game) in the country in terms of tackles for a loss and #8 (3.25 per game) in sacks. These numbers will have to stay high in order to keep Oklahoma's 7th ranked passing attack in check.

If the Frogs manage these things they will be in it at the end with a chance to knock-off the #2 team in the country. Spit Blood!

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They keep yanking this video off of youtube, so I cant post it on here but try here.

Favorite quote: "The most perfect double-tapered shit of my life ... who are the pitchers in this game?"