Thursday, September 18, 2008

Josh Howard, Like Obama, Hates America

DMN article here.

Sucky for the Sooners, Kick A for the Frogs

It's Always Sunny Season 4 Starts Tonight

The hands down funniest show on television kicks off their 4th season tonight at 10 on FX. Here is a compilation of 4th season promos.

And who could forget Day Man...
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Reasons to Hate SMU

1. Shit like this. These two girls, who are probably from somewhere like Florida or New York, have likely never been to an SMU game, yet they don these shirts when the superior team from the West comes to town. TCU's been to 9 bowl games in the past 10 years...SMU hasn't been to ONE since 1984. I would say put that in your pipe and smoke it, but I hear kids at SMU are more into nose drugs...

2. Their obsession with wanting to be Ole Miss. "The Boulevard" is a cheap, cheap imitation of The Grove in Oxford, their fans dress up for football games, and under Phil Bennett they even changed their uniforms to look EXACTLY like the Rebels'. Just a tip, Ponies, if you're going to model yourself after another program, you might want to pick one that has won a conference championship more recently than 1963...

3. The way they always remind you of the way it used to be, when SMU dominated TCU. Yes, you beat up on us in the '80s...because you were paying your players!

4. The way they use the Death Penalty as an excuse. Here we are 20 years after the fact, and they still say the reason they can't win is because of the Death Penalty. It might be that, or it might be because you've hired coach after coach that is completely inept.

5. "June Cometh" and the media's obsession with it. Every time SMU hired a new coach, the media is all over their nuts because the new guy is "definitely the guy to turn this program around." They said that with Mike Cavan, they said that with Bennett. So now because Jones' gimmick offense was able to beat up on WAC teams and I-AA teams last year, this automatically makes SMU a contender? The Dallas Morning News' headline the day after the Ponies' win over I-AA Texas State (in which the Bobcats scored 36 points and actually out-gained SMU) read "SMU Magical in Win". MAGICAL? Get real, Patterson's Defense has squashed Jones' offense twice already.

6. Because as much as we complain about TCU's fanbase, they are much, much worse. At your average SMU home game, there are more people sitting in the luxury suites than there are in the stands. And while a lot of our fans might stay out at the tailgate during the game, their tailgates shut down when the game stars...and everyone goes home!

7. They have a soccer team instead of a baseball team. I think that speaks for itself.

Please, feel free to add to this list...

Get yer Haterade

Seeing as how it's official HATE week and there haven't been too many scathing SMU outbursts, I thought I'd redirect you to my death penalty inspired post of yesteryear, because I really can't do much better. Reading back through, my posts used to be a looot more angry... guess losing to UT and Air Force will do that to a person.

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