Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jim Harbaugh is a Tool

Way to cheat yourself on those push ups. Ironically, instead of the 12 plus 1 for the National Championship, you did 4 push ups, which is the number of games your football team managed to win last year.

TCU-Stanford will be at Noon

This was posted ten minutes ago on same site where lanley got his. Dont know if it is legit as of yet..............

The TCU-Stanford game will be played at 12 p.m. Saturday at Amon G. Carter Stadium instead of 6 p.m. with the expectation that Hurricane Ike could produce 3-5 inches of rain and 40-50 mps winds in the Fort Worth-area Saturday night.

Check back later for more details.

-- Mercedes Mayer


Mother Nature may change the itinerary for Saturday

Because of the nasty weather associated with Hurricane Ike that may be hitting the Metroplex Saturday night, TCU is now considering moving the kickoff for the Stanford game up to as early as noon. Read more HERE.

#1 Running Back recruit in the country

Bryce Brown, is committed to the U. However, Mr. Bryce had an official visit to Miami this weekend and has now changed his trip to December according to the Miami Herald. Why you ask? Because he is coming to Amon G Saturday to watch the Frogs take on the Cardinal.

Note to fans, show up!

Note to team, beat the (insert expletive) out of Stanford!

Now if we can just get that hurricane (notice the double meaning there) to change course.

In light of Doug Baldwin's quote

I think it is time the bright child from Stanford takes a look at how much better his conference really is than ours.

So far this year the MWC is 1-0 vs the mighty Pac-10 with the chance to move to 5-0 after this week. Of the four games on this week's slate each conference is favored in two. I realize that this by no means has any effect on the outcome, but it would certainly reason to logic that there is at least some decent competition in our conference.

It's weekend's like these where the MWC has an opportunity to prove itself on a national stage that we need all of our teams to show. I can guarantee that if by some chance we end Saturday 4-0 versus the PAC-10 there will be some, though it may be slight, coverage in our favor.

Take in to account the slipping of the ACC and Big East, in particular their out of conference records, and if the MWC continues on its current path it will be only a matter of years before we garner an automatic BCS ticket. Remember the rules changed last year and from here on out the BCS league will be determined by their performance in the previous four years.

For now though, I am perfectly fine and would in fact prefer, opposing players to look down on us. It will just make it all the more enjoyable when Stephen Hodge breaks Mr. Baldwin's flapping jaw.

Please go over the middle on Saturday, Doug Baldwin...

"We play major Pac-10 schools. One team I know they played was Stephen F. Austin, I believe. I've never even heard of that team before, to be honest with you. I can't comment on their scoring ratio because the level of competition is very different."

-Stanford WR #89 Doug Baldwin

Hey there Doug, you might want to check the "level of competition" comments made by Baylor & Tech players before they came to Fort Worth. Neither of those teams scored a touchdown and one of Tech's receivers damn near had his brain quit on him while he lay writhing on top of the MWC logo on our field.

Also, uh, I'm pretty sure we beat you AT YOUR HOUSE last year.

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