Thursday, August 7, 2008

#12 Rags Matthews

I have to admit, I don't know a whole lot about Rags, seeing as how be played a decade before the likes of Sammy Baugh and Davey O'Brien, but here goes. Rags was a force to be reckoned with on the D-line. An intimidating six foot frame packed with 176 pounds of badass Matthews was the first SWC player selected to play in the East-West Shrine game and in 1969 Matthews was inducted in to the college football hall of fame. The Fort Worth native was elected the teams most valuable player in 1926 and 1927 and in 1927 Matthews became TCU's first ever AP all-American.

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Thursday Rant.

I haven't posted anything of value in a while, and while this post won't change that, I'm just so venemously ready for football season I just felt like I needed to work up a good rant because isn't that really what a blog is supposed to be? A self serving forum with occasional news? Whatever. So apparently we're 22 days away from kickoff... 22 days away from work, women and any non football related social outings becoming completely second rate until early February. With the glorious re-emergence of Spit Blood and its regular postings, coupled with last night's premiere of Hard Knocks featuring America's Team (and if you missed it, you should go to your nearest dealer of S&M goods and demand to be flaggelated with a cat of nine tails), I'm just not sure how much more I can let this anticipation build without evaporating with excitement. After attending the TCU coaches dinner, reading any preseason mag I can get my hands on that features the Frogs, as well as reading Patterson media day quotes, watching interviews, reluctantly missing the spring game and getting my season tickets in the mail, it's really not fair that we still have to wait 22 more days before it all builds to a head and erupts. So, here are the things that are on my mind.. feel free to discuss in the comments.

  • Henson. Obviously he is our favorite son and actually a personal friend to some of this board. Being from Longview High School, I've seen the kid play in his fair share of games, and while I've learned a lot more about him since he's come to Frog Country, it definitely makes me proud to know that the Lobos have produced a guy that generates excitement unlike anyone else on the team. So, word in the interviews is that he's currently benched behind Daryl Washington. Now, part of me gets excited about this just because it shows you how talented this kid is and how the future at LB is still bright after Henson and Phillips are out the door. Most of me hates it just because it is finally Henson's time to shine and now he's going to have to fight for a spot. The way I read it, GP is pretty much benching the guy because he got married... does that seem, I don't know, shitty to anyone else? Maybe I'm a little sensitive to the issue because I'll be walking down that aisle here in the coming months, but still I have no fear of losing my job over it. Yeah, he was gone during the summer and probably didn't stick to his workout routine, but who does on their honeymoon? I mean, personally I just plan on eating, sleeping, drinking fruity drinks and, well, a certain cardio activity that I'm sure you all can pinpoint. So, maybe he shows up a little out of shape, I don't know. The point is, he's put in his reps, come off the bench in almost every single game he's played, and STILL been a team leader in tackles. Doesn't he deserve first shot? If he loses it, then he loses it and it's better for the team, but give the guy a break GP.
  • QB Controversy. Yeah, we got one. Despite Dalton finishing out the year strong, in everything that I've read it looks like GP still has not committed to a QB. Isn't this what pretty much fucked us last year? The second Dalton dropped production, he got yanked for Jackson. Yes, it worked for us on several occasions, but as our 8-5 record can attest, it didn't work all that often. Why do this again? Why not commit to ginger pubes because he's obviously the best we have. Also, with all of our running backs being healthy at this point (sorry for the jinx, week 2), isn't that going to open things up for a guy that can move the ball through the air rather than one who looks for a lane first before throwing? I know we've done well in the past with guys like Ballard who can run the ball if need be, but fortunately he could also throw it when needed. Since Dalton throws well and runs poorly and Jackson runs well and throws poorly, I guess you have to pick one guy and let him take it. A healthy Brown (yes, yes, critique that choice of words) pretty much makes it Dalton's position to lose if you ask me, which leads me to...
  • Run Game. Could this be the year we break the curse of the TCU running back? With Jackson and Turner's knees apparently ready to roll, as well as last resort Watts ready to come in if need be, and even this freshman Cavness kid who is apparently the serious tits, maybe this is the year? An experienced, large O line (which GP claims is the best in years) as well as a QB that can make you pay if you play the run too hard could lead to great things this season in regards to our ground game. We all know what Brown can do when healthy, and having Turner splitting reps with him as well as allowing Brown to split out wide on some plays could make us forget the tragic careers of Lonta and Merrill.
  • Receivers? Now there's a question mark. With Massey being unceremoniously bounced from the team (Why don't you go crack a book, son? KTHXBAI.) that leaves a relatively serious hole, although that guy never did amount to much. Fortunately, we've got everyone's favorite YouTube hero in Jeremy Kerley as well as the typically reliable Jimmy Young, a big solid target in Walter Bryant (let's just hope he only absuses secondarys this year...) and our Good white receiver Bart Johnson to fill this hole. Losing Dickerson will hurt, but with the recent addition of Hicks after his UT defection/DQ, this is a core that can be REALLY good if they play up to their potential. Now, high school football isn't really my speciality, but apparently this Hicks kid is the real deal, the Truth even, and with Dalton progressing and Casey Pachall waiting to take over in a few years, the MWC will be ours for the taking for the next few years, leading to....
  • Mormons. I don't know about everyone else, but I'm sooooooooooo fucking tired of hearing about Utah and BYU. Yeah, BYU will be good. They'll probably be very good to be honest, but doesn't anyone remember last year when we had no business beating those guys and almost did? in Provo. Let's not forget our past here. And Utah. Give me a break. Yeah, those guys have beaten us the past two years, but why the national hype? No one would give two shits if they weren't opening up against Michigan if you ask me. Honestly, I just don't see either of these guys running the table this year.. it's way too strong at the top. I think there's no way BYU/Utah/TCU escape without a loss whenever they have all played one another. BYU is good, but there's no way they're good enough to run the tables for a third year and crash the BCS. Mark it.
  • Defense. Oh yeah, I forgot, we're totally cool on this issue.
  • 2009. Now don't get me wrong, I'm REALLY excited about this season... but come on, our 2009 class is shaping up to be the most legit in the state. Now I'm not stupid, I know Texas and maybe A&M will pull off solid recruiting classes that don't produce conference championships like they usually do, but the fact that TCU could pull off a top 3 recruiting class in the state of Texas, battling against four Big 12 teams? Pretty unheard of before the Patterson era. Casey Pachall is apparently reeeeeeeeeeal upper tier, as well as Jurrell Thompson out of the Falls and if you go down the line, guys like Brock and the infamous "Maud Squad" are defintely going to make big impressions in a Frog uniform. Seeing as how we all have older friends or family who went to TCU when we were a laughing stock and football season was just an excuse to get drunk (don't get me wrong, it still is, but at least going into the game is now a priority for most), we've come a long way. As long as these guys don't go the way of our last high profile recuit (B-B-B-Battle), things are going to be magnificent here for the foreseeable future.
  • New Stadium. Not going to go into it, but if you haven't seen the plans, definitely check them out. IF they can actually raise all the money needed (the west side alone is estimated to cost $110 milli), we will have one of the most impressive looking stadiums in the country (not an overstatement). Now if we can just fill it...

Expect another of these rants soon, whether you like it or not, but I just wanted to put some things out there to generate some discussion amongst our readers. Your comments are appreciated, especially yours Purple Pansy.



Jason Teague was cleared and at practice yesterday. He had to spend yesterday without pads and will do the same today, mandatory two days without pads before you can practice with them. From what I understand he completes our '08 class and they are now all on the field.

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