Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Religious Intolerance

Pretty sure these FLDS babes didn't make the BYU brochure

"The Network" recently did an article discussing the most hated teams in each conference and for the MWC they chose, naturally, BYU. Their main argument is that BYU could be the most hated non BCS team in the entire country because they've actually won a national championship (although when you don't beat one top25 team and also get to play with grown ass 26 year old athletes, perhaps the feat is a little more reachable, no?) Ed. Note: What do 1935 and 1938 do for ya, eh?

Personally, I thought the Frogs might at least get a little bit of honorable mention love in this one since we're that team that joined the conference despite being nowhere near any mountainous topography and opting to run the conference tables during our first year in the league despite where we were picked to finish. But, I guess if you have to take it as a whole, our post SWC conference allegiance is Petrino at best, so we wouldn't really be eligible for any such distinctions.
Full article here.

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