Monday, July 14, 2008

Shout Out!!

Did anybody else see the sweet highlight from the new NCAA 2009 game? Definitely shows AB getting plowed by a Mustang. Not cool.

J & J’s Hideaway Closes Shop

J & J’s Hideaway, the long-running bar between 7th & Darcy in the Cultural District, has closed. The Hideaway’s last night was last night. The Hideaway will be demolished soon as part of Museum Place. Soon after, the old Post Office across Darcy from it will be demolished as well, and then Darcy itself will be demolished. A mixed-use building with apartments over ground-floor retail will replace the Hideaway and the Post Office.

"The crowd was a nice collection of the generations of the faithful and the curious.It seemed that around 1AM the mood tapered with a modicum of denial. Much like your beloved old dog you have to put down. Only a handful stayed til close and walked out with a few souvenirs. "

Yes it is a sad day.....I really dont know if I want to live in a world without the hideaway.