Friday, July 11, 2008

Coaches Event

Last night myself, WWHD and lyle lanley attended the Dallas Coaches event which ended up being a pretty good time. The free booze rumor: TRUE. The free BBQ rumor: TRUE. The GP being a gracious and friendly man rumor... well, the jury is still out. Regardless, I figured I'd give my thoughts about the event on this here blog because that's what I do.

First of all, it was at this intriguing party barn in Plano which had the damndest assortment of items on the wall that I've ever seen and coupled that with no A/C or fans of any sort. Fortunately, the Miller Lite was cold and unlimited and they were showing the TCU/OU game in its entirety on several big screen around the place. Lanley and I arrived promptly at 6 and decided to check out the silent auction items, which were mediocre at best. He missed out on a real life autographed Jim Christian basketball and my one $5 raffle ticket failed to produce. About this time WWHD shows up (His real name is Thomas... who knew??) and the level of drinking immediately begins to climb. After failing to strike up a conversation with Coach Christian, we set our sights on America's Coach Gary Patterson only to be rebuffed due to our lack of courage in approaching the man. At this point, we resigned ourselves to the BBQ line while WWHD decided to go take a gamble on the wine drawing. It was at this point that he actually made contact with GP, asking him "If the boys were hungry" to which he replied "I try and stay away from them in the summer." Hmmm... perhaps this is an explanation for some of our off season problems? Ah well, I suppose he can't berate them all of the time.

After some corny jokes from the Frog Club officers, it was time for the speeches. Here's a brief rundown of what happened:

AD Danny Morrison - Very tan. Like, orange. Like, Corso. Very excited about the stadium developments (as we all are) and discussed all of the money we have coming in... then said something about how parts of the new stadium will cost $110 million and I kind of tuned out. Wowza!

Tennis Coach Borelli - Dude seems awesome. Apparently our tennis programs are really, really good. Older dude from SoCal who has never been married... so if it came out that he had a college aged girlfriend I would not be surprised.

Girls' BBall Jeff Mittie - Seems to have low expectations about this years girls bball team, but I don't care about girl's sports and neither should any of you, so let's move on. Besides, there's only one thing I'll ever associate Mittie with for the rest of his tenure, and I'll give you three guesses to what it is.

Baseball Schlossnagle (I am not going to look about the proper spelling) - Seriously cool dude. SERIOUSLY hot wife. He could have eeeasily bragged about all of his successes but he seemed grounded and pretty humble. Made a few jokes about Cashner. Talked about the Auburn job a little, and how TCU is his dream job and it's the only place he's ever wanted to coach... so that's awesome. We need more guys like that. When he was introduced they said "All he does is win championships" and I'm pretty sure that's what he's going to keep doing. Note to self: Become interested in TCU men's baseball.

Basketball Christian - From Long Island and definitely talks the part. Guy seems like a complete winner. No bullshitting, no "well, give me a few years"... he's here to win and he's here to win now. Very much urged everyone to come to the home opener against Nebraska and I'd have to agree with him. We already have 7 new players and any new blood that doesn't have the Doughterty stank on it is fine by me. Has a ton of respect for TCU and all that it stands for and especially for all of the coaching staffs. Went so far as to say TCU has the best athletic minds of any school that he's ever been around, and judging from the coaches there, he's probably right.

GP - The moment we were all waiting for. Despite how we see him on the sidelines, was surprisingly reserved and kind of seemed to be uncomfortable with the spotlight (more on this later). Made a few jokes that missed, made a few jokes that hit. He even had an anecdote about how he kicked the officiating crew from the spring game out of the stadium ('well, there's the ramp' is how he put it to them) and how he continues to hate special teamers (agreed) so much that he's hired a new coach just to yell at them so he doesn't have to. Didn't commit on the QB issue, but made it sound like all of the RBs will be around and better than ever. Referred to Raegan as one of the best TEs in the country. Mentioned that we may end up with Heath Raetz on the O-line which would make it 'the best o-line we've had in 2-3 years' which is saying something. Obviously the LBs are the best group he's ever had, and was definitely high on Daryl Washington, who apparently runs a 4.4 despite his size and may even be featured in pass coverage. Apparently he's gunning for one of the top 2 spots and may not be far off. Ragged on Henson for having his wedding on ET (actually seemed kind of perturbed about it). Didn't mention Hodge to my recollection but he doesn't need to. Has high hopes for the D-line and mentioned that we all need to look out for Jerry Hughes this year at left end. Oh yeah, and he and his wife also bought 2 rottweiler puppies in the live auction because no one else would (although they later said they were making a donation and finding them good homes). Overall, about what you'd expect from the head ball coach.

Afterwards, after about 8 beers and some peach cobbler we worked up our courage to talk to GP and had him sign a couple of schedule posters (which are hanging in my apartment and office currently). WWHD went so far as to ask him if it's true that he keeps his LBs "locked up in cages and makes them wrestle live alligators" to which is mentioned he needs to "straighten one of them out"... so, sounds like he's got his eye on that crew.

Overall, it sounds like it's going to be a solid year for pretty much all of our athletic programs this year and we definitely have a great group of coaches who will hopefully be around for a long time.

#20 Andre Davis

Oh yes, we are cracking that top twenty baby. Friendly reminder, we are now under 50 days till kickoff.....

Back to the countdown, Andre is the Frog's third all time leading rusher with 3,182 yards in just three years. He finished with 21 rushing TDs, which is good enough for 6th all time. He racked up 16 100 yard games (only behind LT with 21), one 200 yard game, and even one 300 yard game (v. New Mexico, 1994, 325 yards, 31 att., and 2 TDs).

Andre was another one of those "dual threats" that defenses love to hate. He took in 114 receptions (8th all time) and 1,084 receiving yards during his time as a Frog. In 1994 he led the team in both recieving (522 yards) and rushing (1,492 yards). That '94 season would go down as the second greatest individual performance for all-purpose yards gained in a season (2,016). He finished his career as the all-time leader in career all purpose yards (4,864); however, this record would soon fall some 5 years later.

Random Stats: Andre holds the record for most two-point conversions made in a season (3); the third longest play in TCU history (87 yards v. New Mexico in '94); and the third most points scored in a game (26 v. New Mexico, 1993)

Up next, the leader in career receptions.


For all you Ticket listeners out there who haven't seen, here's the Observer article that sheds some light on the whole Greggo-Rhyner Hardline situation... which Corby and Rhyner later trashed. Ummm... Go Frogs?