Friday, June 27, 2008

Some Viral Classics To Help Friday Afternoon Pass

The Dancing Indian Midget

Who Could Forget Old Greg?

Japanese Game Show at It's Best

Lockheed Commercial

Not Frog related (still Fort Worth), but a this is a pretty cool spot that Lockheed played at the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce Annual Luncheon.

#23 Guy Morriss

Most of us know our number 25 choice as a coach who was great to play against. However, in his younger years he was a force on TCU's offensive line. Guy Morris was an all SWC center in 1972 and 1973 and was part of the 1973 Coaches All-American Team. Morris went on to play in the NFL for 15 years including two trips to the Super Bowl and one Pro-Bowl appearance.

Morris was kind enough to help is alma mater get a couple victories over Baylor in the last few years, though I attributed it more to Baylor just sucking than to Morris' coaching. In any case Morris was without a doubt one of the best lineman in TCU history.

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A high school running back turned defensive lineman.

Funny Cartoon of The Day

The Perfect Pass

This black jeaned phenomenon has a laser rocket arm. - Watch more free videos

Is that Jacob Herman's cousin from Boston?