Tuesday, June 24, 2008

BYU's Spit Blood, Sort Of

Today I stumbled accross a BYU faithful blog, called The Cougar Zone , which is somewhat similar to ours in the sense that they are dedicated to BYU football. (Different in the sense that they believe in Joseph Smith's translation of golden plates that were given to him by an angel named Maroni)

Here is their analysis of the game we care about:

Oct. 16 BYU at TCU
"Fear factor: TCU is due for another run at the BCS and the Horned Frogs have the talent to get there. If the Frogs upset Oklahoma on Sept. 27, this game becomes very scary. A loss to the Sooners may take some wind out of TCU's sails and create another underachieving season. A healthy Aaron Brown will give the Y majors headaches. He missed all or part of nine games as a junior, but his speed is impressive when he's 100 percent. And he's running behind a veteran O-line.
Why faith endures: TCU struggled in Thursday night games last year. The Frogs do have Andy Dalton back at QB, but his supporting cast has a lot of new faces. BYU has been adept at picking apart TCU's man-t0-man defense with its vertical passing game, and if Gary Patterson sticks with that scheme, Max Hall will have a big day. Watch for BYU tight ends Dennis Pitta, to have a big night.
Prediction: In the toughest test of the season to date, BYU repeats its 2006 Fort Worth heroics and steals a Thursday night win. BYU 24, TCU 21."

Have we heard any updates on their Fear Factor, AB?