Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Rasputin Obama

Now I know it's not couth to pimp something written on that "other" TCU fan site, but I felt like this needed to be said, especially being anti-Dougherty/Obama.

Under a post called, "Where's Neil Dougherty Today?" poster 'gohornedfrogs' replied, "I think he's running for president. Smooth Talker. Dresses great. Never done anything."

I can't think of a better comparison for our dearly departed Neil. Also, another reason to hate UNC (thanks for the rec, Roy) Well played, sir, well played.

Killer Frogs: The Fun Vacuum for Frog "Fans"

This morning I attempted to hype up Spit Blood and our 30 Greatest Frogs of All-Time on Killer Frogs. I started a topic telling people about our 30 Greatest countdown to kickoff happenings at .

Less than 5 minutes later I received this email from some pale skinned administrator who probably hasn't seen daylight, or a real vagina in a very long time.

I have set your topic post to invisible. In the past, the owners of this board have not appreciated someone linking and redirecting people from this board to what could be considered a competing site.

I have asked the owners Wes or Scott to approve. If they are OK with it, fine. Or might contact the owners and check with them yourself first.



Thanks David. How much money are Wes and Scott paying you to be a Killer Frog Police? Do you have a badge? And, do the interns get to carry glocs?

I responded to David telling him that Spit Blood, if nothing more is a complimentary site to Killer Frogs, and is by no means a competitive one.

Is there anything wrong with trying to expand the TCU fan base and hyping up the up-coming season? I think not.

Spit Blood is a website made up of real TCU fans, for real TCU fans. You are allowed to freely voice whatever is on your mind. The voice of the Frogs will never be silenced by "the owners", there is no Wes and Scott giving eachother hand jobs and high fives behind these scenes.

So to you, Killer Frogs, go fuck yourself.

# 28 Steve Stamp

Steve Stamp came to TCU as a two sport athlete, Stamp earned two letters in baseball before deciding to focus solely on football. A four year letterman in football he was recently inducted to the TCU Letterman's Association Hall of Fame.

As a Junior Stamp became the first player in SWC history to throw five touchdown passes in a single game (UT-A). Stamp earned further recognition the next year as he led the nation in pass-efficiency. Stamp was initially signed by the Denver Broncos and later by the Oklahoma Outlaws

Up next, a young man who went in to his Sophomore year third on the depth chart and came out as the sack-leading first team all-conference player.