Monday, May 19, 2008

To: Henson. From: GP.

I hear Sam Bradford burns ya twice!

Given that our battle cry for Henson is "FEEEEEEEEEAST" or "EAAAAAAAAAAAAAT," I'm pretty sure this motivation will be well received. Our players can talk all the shit they want on the line, but when it comes down to it, Liberia has truly perfected the art of intimidation.

"In March, a witness told the Special Court for Sierra Leone that Taylor ordered fighters in his National Patriotic Front of Liberia to eat their enemies as a way of striking terror into his opponents."
Screw leaving it all on the field... put it on the field, boil some water in a cauldron, throw in a leg bone and you got yourself a stew baby!

Blimp Gate

In an effort to step up our tailgating, WWHD and I threw bounced around some improvement ideas during one of our weekly Jameson fueled pow wows. What follows is how I summed it up earlier in an email:

"All I can say for sure on Friday, and it has been recounted many times this weekend, is Jourdan and I decided we were going to contract out the Duncanville High metal shop to build us a blimp made entirely of plexi glass so that we can tailgate above amon g carter. Apparently in the condition we were in we decided that Duncanville had the best dirigible craftsmen in the metroplex. This further evolved into how we were going to make it big enough so that we could pull our cars into it so we could truly tailgate, how when we scored a touchdown we were going to run back and forth into the walls to get that zeppelin a-rockin, and how we were going to have pledges pull it on ropes to new mexico and Vegas for said road games. Also, when we wanted to go to our seats, we were goign to have fast ropes connecting us directly to our reserved spots on the bleachers so we can drop directly onto them. I think that just about sums it up. THis was also before midnight, so I can only imagine where things went from there."

So, there you have it. Feasible? No. Awesome? Yes.

10 Reasons Most of Us Hate the Spurs

I don't know about you, but I will be cheering adamantly against the Spurs tonight, but this blog post helped remind me of why I hate them so much.

...& boring as fuck to watch

Chris Klein Sucks

Since most of us spent most of our time during college not going to class and doing "other things", I figured I would put out some information on one TCU douche celeb.

Chris Klein has recently signed on to co-star in the new Street Fighter movie The Legend of Chun Li. I can honestly assume all of us carry the same feelings for this tool, so here is the link to the imdb page:

God I hate this guy, and would seriously kick his ass in life and street fighter. Thoughts?????

How 'bout a little baseball

Now, I know we are all getting geared up for the upcoming football season, and how next season is now, but...I thought I would share this article from the Star-Telegram. TCU's baseball program has a realistic show at making it to the CWS(College World Series). Our Horned Frogs are ranking in the Top 25 right now and look pretty solid.

I wish I would have attended more baseball game while I was in school, but I was pretty inebriated most of the time so I probably wouldn't have remembered anyways.