Thursday, May 15, 2008

Next Season Is Now

Welcome back to Spit Blood. It has been a dreadful offseason, as bad as we all imagined it, but it is time to kick things back in gear. If our athletic marketing department and our football team has declared that Next Season Is Now , then so it should be for the second season of Spit Blood.

We had an impressive inaugural season with constant posting even when we were in the lowest of lows after the loss at Air Force because of a fucked up play call. But, I'm over it, let me recap some highlights from Spit Blood: Season 1. (In no specific order)

1. Will Moncrief's Gameball Honors - his unselfish sacrifice of his gameday whiskey that landed on the SMU douche who decided to talk shit to our fearless 10 rows of hell inside Amon Carter.

2. Greenspan on the Frogs (see post)

3. UT_Shirt Fans...Smug? The beginning of the T-Shirt fan philosophy.

4. T-Shirt Filth . See Comment section, specifically comment 1 by "anonymous" and WWHD's response.

5. Sir Wesley Willis (Most post champion) and his ability to stay optimistic (with help from alcohol) even after a tough loss.

That took entirely too long to find those posts, but I hope I brought back some good memories.

So, lets make this year even better than last, and hopefully we can say the same about our Football team's record at season's end. I leave you with this, a very special Horn Frog, that we found at Randy's ranch. It has to be a good omen that we put him in a cardboard box for a day and he lived long enough for us to realize that if we let this frog die, our football season is doomed, so we set him free. Thats toughness.