Tuesday, April 29, 2008

NFL: "We Don't Want No Scrubs, Frogs"

For the first time in 8 years, as well as God, I mean GP's, entire reign, zero Frogs were selected in this year's NFL draft. However, out of our potential draftees, all are being given some sort of chance with various teams in the NFL where they will hopefully follow in the steps of one LT and surprise some unsuspecting head coaches. Here's the rundown. Bitches. :

David Roach - FA w/ New Orleans
The feel good team of two years ago got an absolute STEAL by signing David Roach. Predicted as a second or third round pick by a number of scouts, Roach shockingly went undrafted. However, after reading various interviews with him following this signing, he will most definitely have a chip on his shoulder going into camp. Roach has the size and skills to become a factor in the NFL so let's just hope he puts it all together and makes us proud.

Chase Ortiz - FA w/ Cleveland
Chase "The Other DE" Ortiz is one guy that I really felt like someone might take a chance on. Given his high level of performance and effort this past season, despite constant double teams that could've been avoided had "He Who Mustn't Be Named" stuck it out, Ortiz had a stand out year and will hopefully make the Browns organization very happy. With his size, Ortiz might be better suited as an OLB (your 'sams' and your 'wills') in the NFL. Seeing as how I have no clue what sort of defense the Browns run, he may or may not stick with this team.

Brian "Tookie" Bonner - FA w/ San Diego
Seeing B-Bon get signed makes me extremely. Obviously he is a crowd favorite and seeing him go to an obviously Frog friendly team should at least give him a chance to prove himself at the next level. Given his diminuative stature, he will probably be relegated as a special teamer, but we all know he has that cutting ability to break big plays on punt returns, so SD should see nice returns (get it??) with this signing if he is given the chance. Unfortunately, he may follow in the footsteps Quincy Butler and have to tough it out on the practice squad for a few years before he gets his shot.

David Hawthore - FA w/Seattle
Another nice pick. Although the less distinguished of our linebacking duo, Hawthorne had a solid career at TCU. Given Seattle's solid LB corp, perhaps Hawthorne could shed a few pounds and fill in as a SS? I don't know, I really don't have any great insight on this one.

Matt Lindner - FA w/ Kansas City
Joining fellow alums Herb Taylor and Anthony Alabi, if Lindner can pan out as a decent line option for the Chiefs, KC could end up being Frogs north as far as their O-line is concerned. Having played on the line with Herb a couple of years back, this could be a great fit for Lindner as he will have familiar faces around him to help him learn the system and, you know, not shoot anyone outside of bars. Unfortunately, I don't see Lindner making it through camp.

Sigmund Freud - tryout w/ Tampa Bay
The artist formerly known as TB, despite his pleadings, magazine cover and E:60 feature was unable to make any teams take a chance. Whereas most teams will take murderers and rapists (see: Dallas Cowboys), a player with a mental illness is an issue NFL teams just do not want to deal with or understand. Watching the E:60 special, it is obvious that Tommy is doing a lot better than he was this time almost a year ago, but he seems to have a lost a little of his edge. Watching highlights from the Poinsettia Bowl gave me goosebumps when I was reminded of the intensity that guy used to play with. Unfortunately, unless he sheds 15-20 more pounds (he was listed at 280 on the draft board), can get his speed up and convince teams that he's mentally capable of adjusting to the pressures of the NFL, this could possibly be one of the biggest college athlete busts in recent memory. Although, all it takes is one chance... I mean, look at Ricky Williams. Dude would rather bake with Josh Howard, play disc golf or go see Panic than be a millionaire and teams STILL give him money.

Well, there you have it. Is this about right? Other than Roach not getting a mid round selection and some team in the 7th round not taking a chance on TB, I think these guys went about where you'd expect. Let's just hope they play with the same intensity they brought on most nights to Amon Carter and build the TCU reputation in the NFL... which currently doesn't exist.