Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Let The Interviews Begin

TCU officials have apparently met with Buzz Peterson and Scott Sutton. Buzz is currently the director of player personnel for the Charlotte Bobcats and Sutton just finished his ninth season as head coach at Oral Roberts.

What to think of these two?
Personally I am not impressed. Sutton has done a good job at ORU, taking them to the tournament each of the past three seasons. However, he doesn't strike me as a rebuilder and doesn't have the big name TCU needs. Additionally there has to be something wrong if he has been at ORU for nine seasons done reasonably well and hasn't already moved on.

Peterson, is a great guy. That is all anyone in Knoxville could say about him. He brought in some talent but just couldn't produce (see Bruce Pearl's first season with Buzz's kids). Everyone in Knoxville was ready for someone new after a few years of Buzz but no one wanted to fire him because he was such a "good guy". It's kinda like saying a girl is nice, translation: she's ugly. Petereson is a "good guy" translation: bad coach.

All that being said, I have faith in Danny but I think (hope) we may have some better options out there.