Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Waiting game...

Why is it that we're sitting here with a week left to go in March, and the Mountain West STILL hasn't released the 2008 football schedules? It seems like every other major (and not so major) conference in the country has done so, so what is keeping the MWC so long? Hell, the Big 12's website lists their future schedules all the way until 2015.

Now for most of the regular readers and posters of Spit Blood, this delay in releasing schedules makes no significant impact on your attendance of games. But there are a lot of folks out there filling up their autumn calendars with hunting trips and weddings, who would like to see the Frogs' schedule ASAP to avoid too many conflicts (although, getting married during football season is a WHOLE 'nother issue...).

I'm sure TV is the reason, and since the schools in the Big 12 would rather have a consistent whipping boy in Baylor than an actual formidable foe in TCU, we are stuck with the MWC's less than favorable TV situation. The good news is CSTV's comprehensive re-branding as CBS College Sports and the news that DirecTV is picking up The Mtn. The bad news is that we'll probably be playing another 2-3 games on Thursday night this year, and one of those is likely to be the BYU game, which would be a near sell-out if played on a Saturday.

Also, we're going on 10 days without a basketball coach and have heard very, very little about the search process. I'll be a little more patient about this, because I hope they take enough time to make the right hire, but it'd also be nice to hear something.