Friday, March 14, 2008

TCU Gets Hosed on a Phantom Foul

Please tell me one of the Spit Blood faithfull besides myself saw the game last night. The Frogs looked like a legitiment basketball team and were on fire from the 3 point arc. They hit 17 of 23 which is roughly 74% which is basically unheard of. A Brent Hacket 3 with a defender in his face put us up 88-86 with 30 seconds to go. UNLV drove to the bucket, hit a jump shot and a referee on the opposite side of the play calls a foul when there was very, very little contact. We should have at least gone to overtime with the second seeded Rebels (in their own gym). I pray to God this tough battle didn't buy Neil another year, but for once, he could clap and actually mean it. The Frogs put up a great effort, where was that all season??