Monday, March 3, 2008

TCU Three year cycle, back to the top

Given our recent history this should be a good year for Frog football. While we still managed a winning season in '07 there was definately a drop off. Every team is bound to stumble every once in a while, unfortunately when a school of our size does it the impact is a bit more drastic. TCU had grown over the past 3 years into a pre-season top 25 team, and this year according to a recent ESPN poll we are only the 10th best "mid-major" With BYU at the top of the chart I believe we are set perfectly (according to history)to have a great season. Of Course there are questions and we had some key losses, but I fully expect G-Pat to come through in a big way. Just like our first year in the MWC Utah and BYU are picked ahead of us. We will start outside of the top 25 but with an early string of victories (anyone up for a trip to norman?) we will be back in the thick of things for a BCS birth.

In short, thank you ESPN for the early spring motivation and Spit Blood!