Friday, February 29, 2008

Another Commitment for '09...Thanks to the Co-eds

Ath A. J. Dugat 6-1/205/4.5 Dayton, TX Potential WR, CB, TB or Safety. Had 391 yards on 39 carries and 8 TDs rushing along with 67 catches for 957 yards and 14 TDs receiving. Played full-time on the corner for the D, took over at QB when Cody Green was hurt and returned punts as well. District MVP and State Top 50 recruit.

Better then his stats however is his quote on why he chose TCU

"I've committed to TCU," Dugat said. "I just like how everything is family up there, plus it's close, it's about three hours from home. It also has a lot of girls, and I like the colors of the school. My school is purple and white too and there's just a lot of the same things."