Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Signing Day

For the first time in a while, GP & staff did not have a big, splashy surprise for us to wake up to on Signing Day morning (like Shae Reagan, Tekerrein Cuba, etc). In fact, our small class of 14 only grew by one today, with Blaize Foltz, an O-lineman from Kansas, picking the Frogs over SMU. (Read about the full class:

Since cynicism, apathy and Rivals rankings seem to be the holy trinity of the typical TCU fan, you're probably not going to be all that thrilled with this class. In fact, because the size of a class is weighted far too heavily in how Rivals calculates their rankings, a 15-player class is going to be rated even lower than our usual underrated classes.

Why so few? Well, we didn't graduate that many seniors. We probably only had about 17-18 scholarships to give, and I'm guessing we decided in the final weeks to use our remaining scholarships for either marquee high school players we were chasing to the end (LaMichael James, Sedrick Johnson, etc), or to use them to reward walk-ons that have impressed coaches enough to earn scholarships (likely QB Eric Herbel and OL Kyle Dooley). We also may hold one or two open for late transfers (like Adrian Madise in '01, who didn't transfer in until August and was the Team MVP that season).

The big need, as I wrote about a few weeks back, was RB. While they didn't get a highly-ranked back like we would've liked, I believe they ended up with a very underrated player in Edward Wesley, who played at Irving MacArthur. He has great running back instincts- check out his highlight video:

We also ended up signing a beast of a lineman to line up on either side of the ball in OL Trevius Jones from Tyler and DL Jeremy Coleman from Missouri City. Both are very well-thought of by recruiting experts and turned down scholarship offers from several Big 12 schools.

All in all, this is a very typical TCU class- not a lot of "splash", but our coaching staff appears to have gotten the talent that it liked. And if you're still hung up on the rankings, remember that our classes have never been ranked highly, yet they've always ended up producing more NFL Draft picks than half the classes ranked above them. Just watch, in 4 years, the stud of this class will probably be one of the players that has gotten the least amount of hype.

I'm looking forward to seeing these kids wearing purple. Go Frogs.