Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Dream Scenario?

As many of you may have read, Bobby Knight, the winningest/most foul mouthed/temper tantrumy/chair throwinest/actin' a foolest Coach of all time announced his resignation from the Tetch men's basketball program yesterday. His decision is apparently based on his wishes to give his son, Pat, some experience before taking over as full time head coach next season. However, sort of like presupposing that Custer died at little Big Horn, maybe he didn't?

If you recall, several months back I posted a picture of DF Neil sharing a laugh with Coach Knight, to which I assumed an angry group of TCU fans had recruited Knight to take Dougherty on a hunting trip.

Well, hunting season is drawing to a close and maybe Bobby realizes his window is closing? Maybe he's still planning to create an "accidental situation" where Neil wouldn't be able to coach (for lack of a proper term, maybe I should say 'defecate on the play book' instead) and Bobby comes in to be the savior as he was at Tetch? Perhaps GP won't be the only coach with high blood pressure and a beer gut roaming the TCU sidelines next season? I suppose we can all have our dreams...