Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Spit Blood Banner Competition

Over the last week I have had several people email me banner suggestions, and I have seen some really good ones so far. Instead of me picking my favorite and rolling with it, I have decided to host a Spit Blood banner competition, where the readers of Spit Blood will decide which one will be the next generation Spit Blood banner. Those of you who have the photoshop skills that I lack, lets see what you can do.

Each interested contestant can submit up to but no more than 3 different banner concepts. The deadline for entry is Sunday, November 9th. I will put together a display of the banners and then run a poll on the sidebar up until next Friday that will decide the winner.

Here is the link to Spit Blood's picture archive if you need some photos to work with. Thanks to those of you who have already shown interest, and in advance to all of those who end up participating.

Please email all entries to spitbloodtcu@gmail.com


LT4heisman said...

winner gets a koozie?

THEFINCH said...

sure, but more than that, they get the pride of having their work of art hit more than 300 eyes a day, well 600 if you count individual eye balls.