Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Go Vote

As you all know today is election day and I encourage all of you to fulfill your civic duty and go vote. Regardless of your political persuasion this day is something that is very important to our country. If you're not educated about the candidates, which at this point is absurd, get educated. If you have a question about where to vote, or if you are registered click here.

Remember, the term idiot spawns from a Latin term used towards people who did not preform/take advantage of their civic responsibilities, thank you Jim Wright's class.

I'm off my soapbox, go vote!


Sir Wesley Willis said...

I don't know if any of you were listening to the morning show on the Ticket, but they had Gordo out doing exit poll interviews at the polling station near their office... probably the most terrifying thing I've ever heard... votes were almost evenly split but no one understood any of the issues he asked, which were very basic. This country is so screwed either way. It's depressing.

shortnkerley's said...

"Does Obama want to increase or decrease capital gains tax?"

Gordo asked it to pretty much everyone, and i dont think anyone got it right.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

Yeah but even the McCain supporters were pretty weak. He asked someone why she voted for McCain and she was like, "BECAUSE HES THE ANSWER!!" nice. why did we give women the right to vote, again? (Kidding!)

Sir Wesley Willis said...

also, how have we not heard from spitpurple re: Phil Fulmer?