Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cliff, Don't Ever Give Up On Your Dreams

Wanted: Long Snapper That Can Move
By Guinn Terry Davis

On Friday, it was announced that the Pittsburgh Steelers would be hiring Jared Retofsky to fill their long snapping duties. Usually this position doesn’t get the publicity that other positions would get. Perhaps it is because long snappers are only in a fraction of the plays in a game. Also it would probably look silly if they were spike the ball after a successful long snap.

There are two aspects of this story that bring the hiring of Jared Retofsky to light. The first is the speculation that the Steelers would have defeated the New York Giants this past weekend if their long snapper, Greg Warren, would not have sustained a knee injury. A costly error by their back-up long snapper on a punt led to a safety and the Giants’ eventual winning touchdown drive.
However, the most interesting part of this story is that just last week, Jared Retofsky was working for moving company in Fort Worth, TX. This all changed when the Steelers gave him a call this week and offered him the long snapper job.

The Steelers knew about Retofsky due to his prior experience with them last year. After playing defensive end at Texas Christian University, he signed with Pittsburgh as an undrafted rookie, but was cut before the season began. After a couple of other unsuccessful attempts to play with other franchises, Retofsky went back home to Fort Worth.

However, now that he’s back in Pittsburgh with the expectancy to be the starting long snapper for the duration of the season, Rotefsky has high hopes. He was quoted saying, “As long as I do my job and do it right, I could have a career at this.”

It’s always inspiring to see these type of stories. There was a similar situation to this one several years ago in Michael Lewis, who played for a good number of years as a kick-off returner for the New Orleans Saints. His previous occupation: beer truck driver. For Retofsky’s sake, I hope he succeeds.

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