Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bad Example

Every week FoxSports makes a mockery of the Top 25 and for us it's always like, "Is TCU REALLY better than (fill in the blank)???? This week is no different, but I wanted to point to something else. So for most teams what they do is have a picture of a gameday shot... whether it be Chase Daniel throwing a pass or the LSU team walking out of Death Valley after another loss. For TCU this week they chose to show a picture of some cheerleaders. Now, obviously the first reaction is, "oh yeah, cheerleaders!!!! durrrrr I like girls in tight outfits!!!!!" Whenever you're watching a Big 12 or an SEC game, heck even the Pac 10, and they flash to the cheerleaders the general consensus is, "Wow! I bet those are like the hottest girls at that school!" However, I want to point you towards the justice they did to the TCU female student body, which, as we all know, is above average in most respects.




shortnkerley's said...

What a joke. That writer complains about every spot in the polls. I think if it were up to him/her USC would be #1 like half the writers in the nation want. I dont see how you can be critical of Bama, Tech, and Penn St or any undefeated team for that matter, but this awful shit does. Horrible.

VikingFrog said...

For what it is (Fort) worth. Those Cheerleaders are probably 4.7 times better than they used to be.

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tcumurphish said...

I hope those cheerleaders see that and I can find them when they have real low self-esteem!

THEFINCH said...

Let's not be too critical here. We can't jump from worst to first in the cheerleader hotness scale, it takes time, good coaching, and good recruiting, which Shoulders seems to be headed in the right direction.