Sunday, November 30, 2008

BCS #11

Looks like we are now eligible for a BCS our dreams.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Subject: Drunk and Pissed Off aka a BCS Saturday

Late night chat with DisciplesofGP:

One of 3 things happened tonight when I chugged 2 bottles of wine and a bottle of whiskey (divide by 18, seriously, I’m inflating) while working myself into another college football induced rage (multiply by 18, seriously). This is one of about 1,000 football rages I have every year. Anyway, reason #1 I had too much to drink and am talking gibberish. #2 I came up with the only way to end the football fan apartheid that is the modern day BCS. #3 I wrote a pop song or a screenplay describing something so awesome I want to cry man tears. Anyway decide for yourself. Here’s what I came up with, my vision if you will:

Tomorrow: BEFORE the BCS poll is released Mack Brown, Bob Stoops, Mike Leach, and Jerry Jones hold a press conference at Texas Stadium. They declare that they’ve all signed a contract declaring that two weeks from now they will all meet in Dallas at TX Stadium for a 3-way playoff “exhibition” over 3 wks. They are inviting USC and the winner of FL/AL and the next 3 highest rated BCS teams to attend. These games will all take place before most bowls and before all BCS bowls. They declare that no longer will politics and money govern the best fan sport in the world. If any team declines, they will take the next highest ranked team to compete in an 8-team playoff. Playoffs will take place in Dallas for all games where it’s a TX/OU team vs a TX/OU team. All others will be played at a mutually acceptable location that is equal distance between schools. There will be a TV bidding war on EBay- highest bidder wins the right to cover the games. Teams playing split revenue 50/50. Can you imagine the TV ratings this would get? Lifetime could get Super Bowl type ratings if it had the high bid. Refs will be from a neutral conference and seeding will be decided by BCS ranking (1-8, 2-7, 3-6, etc). Also ALL SCHOOLS participating will still honor any BCS, Conference, or TV contract they have. However, [not stated, but in the contract between participating teams] they will be honoring those conference, post season, and TV obligations with their practice squads. Sue them BCS. How long do you think it would take to resolve that? By then the games will have been played. Besides, good luck finding any judge or jury that doesn’t think you (whoever the F you are) is total bullshit. Who is the BCS?? I’ve never met any football fan that can actually tell me what the BCS is in a context that doesn’t sound similar to the Medellin Cartel. Will the Conference sue? Kick OU, TX, TTU, FL, AL, and USC out? Not hardly- the only reason the Pac 10 isn’t the MAC is b/c it has USC (and its west coast media mafia sportswriter following). The other 2 conferences wouldn’t dare kick any of those ‘insurgent’ teams out. Anyone who begs off and doesn’t show will be shown for what they are- a coward, hiding behind politics and a rigged system- afraid to put it on the line. Let the postseason polls, votes, and water cooler talk land where it may- but my 1-8 teams will be the ones that had the balls to show up and decide it on the field.

I know it will never happen. I admit it's my (and prob 95% of college football fan's) "perfect world" pipe dream. I know at the end of the day nobody has the balls to do it. Mack- no way, it’s not PC and could hurt his post coaching governorship bid. Carroll would prob have to consult with his publicist, 15 agents, and a makeup artist named 'Bart.' Stoops, prob not b/c he’ll get in anyway. Leach. Well I feel pretty confident Leach has the balls to actually do it. I think he’d do it whether #1 or #100. Same with Patterson. Same with Joe Pa. All of them actually have the balls, honor, or whatever you want to call it to actually let their kids decide it on the field instead of a computer or some fat cat sportswriter. All would relish the opportunity to just compete and settle it on the field. I’m so fucking sick of seeing coaches forced to politic on TV for their “case” on why it should be them vs another equally deserving team. Fuck this. We fans deserve better. Even Obama would support this (oh S, does this mean I could be wrong??). End the money and politics in college football. It’s not only disgustingly un-American, but it is also keeping this drunk asshole up all night typing a pissed off rant that will change nothing when he should be out at a bar or asleep in his bed- definitely not up late typing…..trying to communicate his thoughts of rage on how college football is devoid of any measure of honor, sportsmanship, or fairness.

Movin On Up........

Looks like we might just crack that top 12 in the next BCS standings.

No. 22 Ga. Tech rallies past rival No. 11 Georgia

Late Reesing TD toss helps KU stun Mizzou

Friday, November 28, 2008

McGuffie headed to TCU???

Sam McGuffie, who rushed for 486 yards and 3 TDs and caught 19 passes for 175 yards and another TD as a true freshman at Michigan this year is apparently looking to transfer closer to home. TCU, A&M, Rice and Houston have all been mentioned as possible destinations for the 5'11", 190lb. speedster.

As many of you might recall, McGuffie was all-everything at Cy-Fair High School in the Houston area, racking up an amazing 5,847 rushing yards and 83 TDs in his four years on varsity. Those totals would've been higher had he not been injured half of his senior season. He was 1st Team All-State in 5A, chosen to play in the US Army All-American Bowl, was a four-star recruit on Rivals picking Michigan (his Dad's home state) over offers from USC, Notre Dame, Cal and A&M among others. Even if you don't remember the name Sam McGuffie, you probably do remember THIS.

If he chooses to become a Horned Frog, he would have to sit out the 2009 season per NCAA transfer rules, but could use his redshirt and would thus be playing as a sophomore in 2010...alongside fellow sophomore Waymon James...with Andy Dalton, Jimmy Young, Jeremy Kerley playing as seniors. With that much talent on offense, you will all be singing the praises of one Mike Schultz, guaranteed.

Hopefully he does not end up in College Station, the place where NFL potential goes to die.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Eat Mor Bowl Bids

While most of you are probably sitting at home listening to the ESPN dudes gush over Texas clinging to a 14 point lead over A&M, I'm sitting in a hotel room listening to the ESPN dudes gush over Texas clingint to a 14 point lead over A&M. The point being, I've had a lot of time today to read all things Frog. Interestingly enough, the big rumor today is that TCU is not only going to go outside of the MWC bowl tie ins this post season, but that we could slot into the Peach Bowl against the SEC or ACC. I'm not sure how this would work out because there's pretty much no way either of those conferences wouldn't be able to fill their slots, but I'm just the messenger. Regardless, it sounds like there's a chance the Frogs will be going outside of the Pointsettia or Las Vegas Bowls (please not Rice in the Houston Bowl) this post season. We'll see how this plays out in the next couple of weeks.

I am Thankful...

That GP is still our coach, but I was not pleased when I woke up this morning and grabbed the local sports section only to read this. Ultimately I still fully believe GP will stay, but I figured might as well up-date on the rumors. 

While Kiffin is now the focus of UT’s coaching search, a source has told the News Sentinel that Gary Patterson of Texas Christian also had contact with UT recently.

Patterson’s regular season was complete as of last Saturday meaning he is more available for interviews. Patterson’s name has also been circulated with the Clemson vacancy.

Knoxville News Sentinel 

Happy Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

FWST response to Clemson rumor

Gary denies speaking with Clemson and compares their actions to K-State

Morning Dump

Bowls are about agendas, not winners, as TCU will learn ~FWST

No. 22 TCU Lady Frogs pick up the pace to move to 5-0 ~FWST

Transfer’s versatility a good sign for TCU Horned Frogs ~FWST

Chat with Graham Watson ~ESPN (lots of TCU bowl chatter throughout the Q&A)

Clemson Pursuing Frogs' Coach Patterson (*Have to question this sources credibility)

Frogs Set to Face SMU in State Farm DFW Duel

Game Preview
• The TCU men's basketball team will return to the Daniel-Meyer Coliseum for its third of four consecutive games set to be played on the home court of the Horned Frogs. The Frogs will square-off in the 184th meeting between TCU and SMU as part of the State Farm DFW Duel.

• The Mustangs own a 101-82 series lead over the Frogs and are winners in four of the last five games - including three consecutive contests. Last season - SMU posted a 71-65 victory over TCU at the Moody Coliseum.

• The Frogs and Mustangs can also be heard over the airwaves via ESPN Radio 103.3 FM and KTCU 88.7 FM with Brian Estridge (play-by-play) and John Denton (analyst). The game will be televised courtesy of The Mtn. Network with Tim Neverett (play-by-play) and Bob Donewald (analyst). Faithful of the Purple and White can listen to the game or view online statistics via GameTracker on
If you are in Funky Town and need an excuse to ditch the family for an evening, head to the game tonight to join the 17 other fans to cheer the Frogs to victory.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hasty Rankings Update

Only 50 more minutes of work this week, which means take no more than 20 minutes to complete this update then hit the road 30 minutes early. Rather than give a big overview of all the polls, I'm just going to skip to the games themselves. Further, I'm only going to list games that the outcome could directly affect us (read: no UT/ATM or FLA/FSU). Quite a few this week that have impact. Also, I forget how great Thanksgiving football is... all day Friday AND all day Saturday.

Just an FYI if you weren't aware, Frogs are 14th in all polls, which is now our ceiling unless some teams ahead of us lose. The only chance we'll have to make a move after this week is Mizzou loses in the Big 12 Championship.

Games that REALLY Matter. (AP/Coaches/BCS)

#18/23/22 Georgia Tech at #13/13/11 Georgia. They keep trying to say there's an outside shot that the Frogs could play the Bulldogs in the Independence Bowl. I personally haven't done the math, and since the MWC can't fill their bowls they won't let us slip away anyway, I'm not holding out. Regardless, Georgia is a decent team at best, and Stafford has already made it known that he's going pro (I have my sources), so perhaps they come in unfocused and let the Bees and their pesky triple option TRIPle them up?? Regardless, it'd be nice to gain a spot in the rankings.

#12/11/13 Missouri vs. Kansas. The game is in Kansas City, which makes you wonder why Missouri would give up a home game to play a rivalry game in the state of Kansas, but to each his own. Kansas has fallen off quite sharply since their BCS trip last year, but Missouri needs to come out and box someone before going against the still to be determined south team in the conference bloodbathionship. You never know what can happen in these rivalry games, and I suppose this is a semi trap since Missouri has already locked up the north title and wouldn't want to injure anyone, but either way I think the Tigers win.

#2/2/3 Oklahoma at #11/12/12 Oklahoma State. Yet again the Big 12 south is having the biggest game in the history of civilization! This time it's the Bedlam edition and OU has tons to play for as a win here should sneak them past Texas in the BCS rankings and into the Big 12 Championship. If Big Game Bob game pull that one off, there's little doubt that OU would be in the NC. Bodes pretty well for the Frogs that of the two teams we lost to, one could be in the big game and the other will be in the Fiesta or Sugar. Sorry for the salt in the wound there.

There are plenty of great rivalry games this weekend, but none would improve our ranking. Sorry for the abbreviated version, especially this being the last week of the regular season, but I gotta get outta here and I didn't want to feel like I was neglecting my duty. So, go Sooners, Jayhawks and Yellowjackets.

More Love for Jerry Hughes

Bruce Feldman from's list of top 10 defenders in college football. Hughes landed at #2. I'm glad people take notice of our "phenomenal D" finally.

GP and Morrison Talk it Out...

... and nothing happens. I don't know about you guys, but I was frantically checking the Star Telegram and message boards yesterday trying to see what came out of the meeting, but, for now at least, Patterson is keeping it under wraps. It sounds like they talked about his contract situation and situations with other schools, but he wasn't divulging anything. On a positive note, Kansas State filled their opening and GP says he has not had any communication with Clemson. On a negative note, he definitely did not close the door on exploring other situations. Judge for yourself.

Monday, November 24, 2008

NFL Looks at 3-D

I realize most of us here support the college game above and beyond the pro game (at least I know I do), but could you guys imagine watching the Frogs one day in 3d? Just imagine how intense a Patterson rant would look like when it was coming out of the TV at you.

Coming at You! NFL Looks at 3-D

Let's go bowling

For the 10th time in 11 seasons, the Frogs will be playing in a bowl game this year. That much we know. What we don't know is...when, where or against whom?

With many of the supposed "power" conferences unable to fill all of their bowl slots this year, it was looking like the Frogs may be able to slide into the Texas Bowl (as they did in '05 and '08), the Independence Bowl, or some other game within reasonable travelling distance against a BCS-conference team. That scenario, though, went out the window due to Utah's win over BYU and San Diego State's win over UNLV this past weekend. Why? Because Utah is now headed for a BCS bowl and UNLV's loss leaves the MWC with just 5 bowl-eligible teams. With Utah going BCS, the remaining four (the Frogs, BYU, Air Force and Colorado State) must fill the MWC-affiliated bowl games.

So that leaves you with just four possible destinations: Las Vegas, San Diego, Fort Worth or Albuquerque. But really, I only see two of those having much of a chance of being our game.

The Las Vegas Bowl is the designated bowl for the Mountain West Champions, and matches them up against a team from the Pac 10. But because they won't get Utah, they are allowed to choose whoever they want. Word out of Vegas is that, even though BYU has played there the last 3 years and TCU kicked the ever-living shit out of them this year, they want to take the Cougars again (BYU sells A LOT of tickets). Yes, it's total BS- but they are running a business and it's pretty obvious that BYU would put thousands more fans in the stadium than TCU would.

So then the Frogs would slide down to the Poinsettia Bowl, which was a DISASTER last time. A 10-2 TCU team playing Northern Illinois was a complete slap in the face. It was funny to see the ESPN announcers have to back-track on their absolute love-fest on NIU's Garrett Wolfe, but that was not worth seeing Jeff Ballard, Herb Taylor and that fantastic senior class be rewarded with a trip to a nearly-empty Jack Murphy Stadium (or whatever they call it now) to play a team that had no business being on the same field with them.

However, the WAC has contracted with the Poinsettia Bowl to send a team if the Pac 10 can't fill that slot (and they will not be able to). So there is some buzz that WAC Champion Boise State could be sent to San Diego to take on a MWC team. If that is the case, another TCU vs. Boise State bowl would actually be pretty attractive- ESPN would be all over it, giving it some of the "Best Non-BCS Bowl" love. Plus, as much hate as we've spewed toward Boise this year, wouldn't it be great to see the Frogs take them down? The down side is, what if Boise miraculously makes a BCS game or decides they want to play an ACC team in their hometown Humanitarian Bowl? Then the WAC would be sending Fresno State or another very un-sexy team to San Diego. I don't think we want any part of that.

Wherever the Frogs end up, it would be nice to know sometime soon, while flights are still somewhat reasonably priced. It's entirely possible that none of the MWC bowls invite anyone until the BCS officially invites Utah on December 8, which would leave just 12 days before the Vegas Bowl and 15 before the Poinsettia. That would not be beneficial to TCU's travel numbers.

So where do you guys want to see the Frogs? Las Vegas on the 2oth against a mid-level Pac 10 team or San Diego on the 23rd against an undefeated and Top 10 Boise State? Obviously, if we can't get Boise then there is no reason to go to San Diego.

...and before anyone laments about how much the MWC bowl set-up sucks, trust me- another post is coming about that at a future date.

Game 12: Air Force Falcons (I can't really insert anything Clever or Derogatory about a Service Academy

Well, isn't that a handsome looking group of bloggers?
--photo by Matthew Walters

… And just like that it’s all over. We started with a blow out; we ended with a blow out. If you do the math, in the 10 games we won, it was by an average of like a billion points. The most explosive offense ever at TCU, yada yada yada… these things will all come out in future season recap posts that I’m sure we’ll all be contributing to. For now, I just want to focus on this game… the last game for the seniors, and potentially the last game for our coach. Personally, I don’t think he’s gone. The reports are rolling in that Kansas State is hiring back their own resident zombie Bill Snyder to return the program to its 90s dominance. I have to ask, as a K State fan, how does this make you feel? On one hand, Snyder’s name is on the stadium and he was the emperor of some really, really good teams at Kansas State… which, it should be noted, is pretty much an ag school in the middle of nowhere Kansas and by no means should be able to field a great football team all things considered. Snyder automatically brings that team back into the Big 12 North picture and fires up the boosters on name recognition alone and will certainly be better than Ron Prince. On the other, how many years does he have left? I’m not sure how old he is, but he looks like the undead that I previously described him as and has to be in his 70s. How can you feel about losing out on Patterson, the hottest young head coach in the country who is also an alum? I understand the logic behind the move, but if there aren’t immediate results, Rivalsgate will be seen as a HUGE blunder on that program.

The other big report that you may or may not have seen this weekend was that Terry Don Phillips, who is the AD at Clemson, was in attendance at our game. Before we all throw our hands up in uproar, the word on this is that Clemson has been talking with AF coach Jim Calhoun, and it’s a lot more ethical for an AD to scout a coach on the road than at home. However, how could you still want Calhoun over Patterson after seeing this beat down? Fortunately in the karma department, Phillips is not only from Longview but also played ball at Arkansas, so I’ve got the guy on two fronts. I don’t think this is the job for GP.

Anyway, enough on the speculation. What a way to end the season, no? Going into the game, the general consensus was that the 20.5 points we were giving up in Vegas was waaaaaay too many and that everyone would for sure take the under no matter what it was. Naturally, all the Frogs did was come out and beat the crap out of the Falcons. After a harsh Friday night, the 2:30 kickoff time felt a lot like the 11AM kick of the Stanford game, but it looks like everyone eventually staggered in, even if they didn’t come back for the second half. Playing a service academy is always a great atmosphere and I know everyone was extremely fired up for the flyover (which was pretty cool but not REALLY cool). There’s no reason why the Frogs shouldn’t have a flyover every week seeing as how we have a military base not 10 minutes away from Amon G, but that’s another story altogether. The biggest issue when playing a service academy is keeping your behavior under control. I think it was probably a good thing that this was our one mid afternoon home game of the season because it afforded less time for everyone to get completely out of control. I mean, you can’t talk shit to a team of guys who not only aren’t really football players, but are going to go to Iraq and Afghanistan to protect our country after their careers are over. It’s a very noble profession no matter your outlook on the current war and I think everyone was well behaved enough outside of a few.

Also, how great is senior day each year? It’s always fun to come in and find out a little bit about the families of these guys we come out and watch every Saturday, such as who is married, engaged, has kids, etc. I’ve been very consistent with making kickoff the past few seasons, but senior day is when I know I’m going to commit to getting inside early and showing respect where respect is due and obviously this group deserves the most respect of any group we’ve seen. These guys have 40 overall wins (tied for the most ever), and have won 10+ games in 3 of their 4 seasons. Think about the starters on this senior squad: Aaron Brown, Robert Henson, Jason Phillips, Stephen Hodge, Blake Schlueter, Giles Montgomery, Justin Watts, Walter Bryant, Shae Reagan, Cody Moore, James Vess, Matt Panfil and Steven Coleman. That’s 13 guys we’re losing next year. That’s the heart and soul of your defense, a running back that could’ve been one of the best ever at TCU if not for injuries and the greatest tackler I’ve ever seen play, among others. What’s so crazy about it though is that, despite these losses, our offense is going to be even better next year and you know our defense isn’t going to fall off by much as long as Patterson is in charge. Anyway, a HUGE debt of gratitude needs to be paid to these seniors for taking TCU football to the highest level it has been in decades.

Before I begin the actual recap though, I have to get something off my chest: the student section. Abso-fucking-lutely PATHETIC!!!! So, I’m pretty sure most of us that write on this board have season tickets. Heck, I have tickets with a few other guys and they’re, quite frankly, amazing. However, lyle and I went to our seats for the senior day ceremony and not only was no one standing, no one was clapping! The best group of seniors the school has ever had, and no one can even get up off their fat asses and cheer for them. This made our decision to move to our usual post in section X one of the easiest of the day. You know what though? This situation wasn’t any better!! It always ends up where our group of about 30 people (who, 99% of us have graduated, mind you) commandeer all the rows about 2/3 up from the field in section X. They aren’t the best seats in the house, but they’re the seats where we can scream our minds without worrying about the consequences. However, every time we got a “Ga-ry! Ga-ry! Ga-ry!” chant going, all the actual students at the school looked at us like they had sticks up their asses! I mean, come on!!! Why should these kids get the good seats when they don’t create any sort of a home field advantage? Aren’t current students supposed to be full of rage and alumni casual fans? Is there any reason why we should all be able to get on the rail after the last game of the season to sing the fight song and talk to the players without having to fight someone for a spot? Sure, there’s no reason to behave exactly like most of us do. Most God fearing Christians shouldn’t’ even think half the words that come out of some mouths. But when we get a Henson or a Phillips chant going, why can’t anyone join in? Other than the kids with the “Horny for Gary” signs, and the everconsistent Ragin Red and his hatred of H, it was piss poor. It honestly made me angrier than the non fans in our real seats because at least they’re old and arthritic. Is this the administration’s fault for trying to turn TCU into SMU as far as athletics is concerned? Partially. However, what can be done about this? Are we going to have to be like Aggies and have brainwashing camp for everyone to get them to pull for the football team? As much as those guys are terrible, at least they have some fire even when their team is AWFUL, which is always. This is why we’ll never get major recognition and why if we ever got invited to a BCS bowl we’d never be invited back.

Offense – A+. Well, enough of my bitching, let’s get on with the game. Dalton, it must be noted, looked great Saturday, and put up his best performance since the Luxury Tax game. He ended up 21-27 for 321 yards and 2 TDs, combined with no interceptions, and could’ve had one more TD had it not been for a Jimmy Young end zone drop. It’s the way he moved the ball that impressed me though. He threw to the TEs, swung a few to the backs, and used his feet when necessary, which led to 2 more TDs. Do you realize we get this guy for TWO more years??? How great is that? He’ll have an experienced line again next year (although these guys gave up 4 sacks tonight, which can be attributed to Dalton getting a little antsy in the pocket at times) and all of his favorite offensive weapons outside of Bryant will be back, not to mention Joseph Turner, who stayed as healthy as he’s going to be, and incoming freshman meast Waymon James. Seriously, if you haven’t seen James run, check him out on Rivals. Incredible. This guy will have our jersey makers putting something other than the #5 on merchandise. Mark it. Assuming we keep filling in well on the O line, when Dalton, Kerley and Young are seniors, not to mention Antoine Hicks, this could be one of the most explosive offenses the NCAA has ever seen.

Giving more props to our offense, we scored on 5 of our first 6 drives and the game was completely out of reach by halftime. Really, our offense was firing on all fronts, as we compiled 504 yards of total offense to go with 30 first downs. That’s ball control right there. It should also be noted that we had 7 plays go for 20+ yards. We finished with 183 yards rushing that was distributed very evenly. Joseph Turner had 9 rushes for 50 yards, Brown had 11 for 45 and Dalton ran 13 times for 39 yards, including 2 TDs. Marcus Jackson and Justin Watts rounded it out with 12 and 11 yards a piece, with Watts running in a TD. Luke Shivers also rushed for a TD, his second on the season. Obviously you always hope that the last time you see any of the Seniors play they put up big numbers, but Watts and Brown quietly went about their business and got their yards when necessary to help pile on the points.

Catching the ball, Jimmy Young had another 100 yard game (5-100), which gives him 926 for the season (2nd all Time for a season at TCU). Did this guy explode or what? We knew we had something big with Young after he broke that big reception at Stanford last year, but wow. This guy is incredible. I can’t wait to watch him for 2 more years as him and Dalton gel as a tandem. Ryan Christian also looked really good getting yards after the catch, finishing with 5 catches for 67 yards. Going down the list, Reagan closed out his promising but injury riddled career with 2 catches for 40 yards, Walter Bryant had 2 for 38 and a TD, Antoine Hicks had 2 for 17, and 3 more guys finished with a catch a piece, including Bart Johnson’s TD.

Overall numbers were 504 yards (183 rushing, 321 passing), 30 first downs, 79 plays, no lost fumbles, 38:32 TOP, 7-12 on third down, 1 or 2 on 4th, 6-6 in the red zone and only one sack. What a way to close out the year.

Defense – A+. Whaddya know, another A+ performance from the defense? Who knew? Air Force averaged 279.7 yards per game on the ground coming into this game, so we went ahead and held them to half of that (150). This may sound like a lot, considering we have the best run D in the country, but it should be noted that 111 of those yards came on 2 runs. When a team runs the ball every single down in the triple option formation, they’re bound to break a big one on occasion. The second big run also came late in the game when we had our second team D in the game. One thing that stuck out: We gave up 55 yards in the first half, and 54 of those came on 1 run. That’s one yard in the first half against a team that ran all over us last year and has run all over everyone else this year. That’s pretty incredible. I’m going to miss seeing these guys go out there and just absolutely shut things down each and every week.

Just as it should be, Phillips, Washington and Henson led the team in tackles. J Phil had 9 total, including a sack, Washington had 7 and our boy Henson had 6. On a somber note, how tough was it to watch Henson lead that team onto the field for the final time? That guy had as much heart as any player to ever wear the purple and black and there’s just no way to measure how much his energy spread to the rest of the defense. That’s one guy I would never want to see lined up on the other side of the ball as an opponent. After the game, we all waited around for him to come over and you could see it in his eyes how much that guy is going to miss football. We all wished him well at the next level, but you know the fans and the game will never be the same. He mentioned how much he’s going to miss everyone screaming his name and we all fired up one last “Ro-bert-Hen-son!” chant as he left the field. Funnily enough, as we did this, Phillips looked over with a “What about me, guys????” look in his face and we all gave him the final ovation he deserved as he sprinted over and threw around some high fives. Washington is a great player and will be a murderer in the backfield, but he’s got some HUGE shoes to fill.

Other leaders were Jerry Hughes who finished with 5 tackles, including one for loss and a FF. It just came out that Hughes is ESPNs #13 prospect in the draft this year. He claims he’s coming back, and I think he will, but you’ve got to imagine the team is going to keep him under closer wraps this off season than they did with Blake. Tejay Johnson, Stephen Hodge, Steven Coleman and Cody Moore each had 4 tackles, with Coleman having one for a loss and Sanders, Vess and Panfil (1 TFL) having 3 takedowns. No turnovers, but they completely shut down this offense overall, and, despite previous success from the few times they do pass the ball, we never bit on it and held them to 11 yards passing on 10 attempts. It should be noted that these guys once won a game without completing a pass, so forcing them into 10 attempts shows you how much we clamped down on the run game.

It’s hard to think that this is the last time I’m going to get to put down the final shocking defensive stats on paper/web, but, let these blow your mind once again as they do each week. Only 7 first downs. Only 161 yards of offense (150 run, 11 pass). Only 47 plays run. Only 21:28 minutes of possession. Only 4 of 13 on 3rd down. 0 of 1 on 4th down. Only one red zone trip. A sack. It’s been a real pleasure, guys.

Special Teams – A. Oh man. When Ross Evans came in for that first kick, you could feel the collective breath in the stadium being held. There were a few boos which were quickly shouted down and, really, how else could he have made this one? There’s no way it could’ve been a perfect boot, it had to be a side spinning line drive. Regardless, the kid made it, as well as 5 of 6 extra points (one was blocked). It was mentioned earlier that Patterson made Evans come out the first practice after the Utah game and kick field goals while the rest of the team watched. I think the kid really helped his confidence Saturday by making those kicks and this guy is going to make several huge, game winning kicks for the Frogs before his career is over.

Punting, well, this was just another one of those games where Kelton had a lot of time to spectate as our offense was moving so fluidly. He had 2 punts for a 46 yard average, which should be noted was better than whoever the Cowboys have punting for them now, and he was indoors and gets paid! Still my favorite special teamer.

The most jarring aspect of our special teams game this weekend was the noted absence of Kerley, even though he’s apparently back at full health. I think this was just a precaution to make sure he doesn’t reinjure himself in a game that we had wrapped up. Had it been coming down to the wire, I imagine Kerley, who was suited up on the sidelines, could’ve come in and made big things happen. In his place returning punts, Sanders did a great job, not muffing any and returning two. These kicks had great hang time though and Sanders was pretty much being mauled when fair catching the ball, so it is definitely impressive that he hung onto all of these. Brown had one kickoff return for 26 yards and Shivers had one for 5.

Overall. Only 5 penalties! It's the small victories we celebrate sometimes. In all seriousness though, great game and a great way to end the careers of these seniors. The weather was great and the crowd, once it came in, was about as good as we could’ve hoped for. The announced crowd was around 32,000, and I’d be willing to say that, for the first half at least, this was a true number. Some people complained about the weather, but these guys must be unfamiliar with our CUSA days when we had mid week night games that were not only a pain in the ass but were also bitter, bitter cold. Show these fans a tape of the Chargers/Steelers game from last week to shut them up. The best part of the game though? My alcohol and team spirit fueled purchase of a black LT jersey from the merch stand right by the gate. The self confidence being emitted from my being for the rest of the game more than paid for the purchase. Some might say the fact that I wore not only my GP shirt, my all over print Albertsons shirt, the new jersey and my two sizes too small old school basketball shooting shirt was a bit over the top, but these people are going to be the first to walk the plank at the end of days when I’m controlling Noah’s Ark.

After the game we were all hanging around, congratulating each other on another great tailgating season, when I noticed it: Everyone was in perfect spirits. The cops weren’t there, which has always cast a black cloud over any tailgate scene. No one was out of control and making an ass of themselves. No one was fighting. No one was unruly. After the Utah game, I was afraid a lot of our crowd would fall off and be in a bad mood after this game thinking about what could’ve been, but nothing could’ve been farther from the truth. What a perfect way to end a great season. Go Frogs and I’m counting down the days to next season!

Frogs – 14th in the AP/Coaches/BCS.

Game Ball. It’s gotta go to the Fire Engine. 321 Yards on 21 attempts, including 2 TDs and another 2 TDs on the ground. This guy really figured it out this season and never made us doubt giving him the nod over Jackson. That’s not to discredit anything Jackson did because the guy came in and played huge in the 2 games he started, winning both, but he’s got nothing on Dalton. My namesake still hasn’t let me down and I don’t expect him to in the future.

Other Game of Interest.

#2/2/2 Texas Tech 21, #5/5/5 Oklahoma 64. And it wasn’t even THAT close. OU was up 42-7 at halftime and never gave Tech a chance. Ouch. Just. Ouch. I feel bad for these guys ... well, maybe not THAT bad. They’re better than this, though. Unfortunately this just shows the mental toughness of this team and, when forced to play from behind, they fold. They’re the team that does the jumping out on people. I tried to tell all my Tech friends that going up to Norman and winning is near impossible (unless you’re the 05 Frogs, of course), but they thought they’d grind it out. The Big 12 South is now officially a FEMA disaster area. A game like this furthers my opinion that TCU could hang with any team in the country, although I wouldn’t want another piece of this particular OU team.

#7/8/8 Penn State 49, #17/15/15 Michigan State 18. I thought MSU would keep it closer, but we knew a loss was coming and we knew that a 2 loss Frogs team is better than any 2 loss team in the country. Point proven. Thanks for the spot.

#8/7/7 Utah 48, #16/14/14 BYU 24. Given a win by BYU would’ve given us a share of the MWC title, I just couldn’t pull for BYU and have them mentioned in the same breath as us. Who the hell would rank them above us, even with our 2 losses to their one? This is not a great team and this game proved it. It was close for a while, but Utah blew it open late with interceptions. Utah is going to get creamed by whichever BCS team they get a shot at, but hey, at least we get to cash in on their success! Yaaay capitalism!

#9/9/9 Boise State 41, Nevada 34. Nail biter. Boise pulled it out, but a close win here coupled with a blowout by Utah over BYU pretty much locked up the BCS for the Utes. Also, how is Ian Johnson still playing football in college? Honestly.

#10/10/10 Ohio State 42, Michigan 7. Wow. I don’t care about this rivalry in the slightest, but apparently this is pretty historic. DickRod’s contract is currently looking Weis-ian.

#19/20/19 Cincinatti 28, Pittsburgh 21. Locks up the Big East for the Bearcats thus filling half of what will surely be the least watched television program ever, the 2009 Orange Bowl! At least Nick Lachey will be happy.

#21/21/21 Oregon State 19, Arizona 17. Actually a really great ending which I watched simply because Oregon State is one win away from the Pac 10 Championship. Repeat: Oregon State is one win away from the Pac 10 Championship and USC could still be in the National Championship. And who said the system doesn’t work!? Also, setting the stage for the least watched rematch ever in the Rose Bowl.

Colorado State 31, Wyoming 20. Colorado State is our fifth bowl eligible team. Not a bad year, MWC. Not a bad year.

SDSU 42, UNLV 21. They got one! They got one! Holy lord, UNLV, way to finish strong. I’d imagine the bookies had something to do with this.

Next Week. Well, there isn’t one. Now we must wait for the bowl announcements to come in. This is surely a subject that will be broached more in depth as the week wears on, but via a letter from Morrison to the Frog Club, we will more than likely take one of the MWC games rather than fill an at large elsewhere. Unless some weird stuff happens and Utah gets slotted behind Boise in next week’s rankings, the Utes will go to a BCS and BYU and the Frogs will be fighting for the Las Vegas Bowl or the Poinsettia Bowl. As mentioned, each bowl has intriguing possibilities, with the Vegas Bowl possibly fielding a Pac 10 team, unless Oregon State wins out, which is likely, in which case the Vegas Bowl becomes absolute crap. The Poinsettia is keeping things interesting with the possibility of a Boise/TCU match up, but Boise could also opt to stick around for their own bowl on the smurf turf should they choose to. The best scenario is definitely Vegas vs. a Pac 10 team (probably Arizona) so we can flex our non BCS muscles, but considering Oregon State will probably beat Oregon this weekend, Boise in San Diego is probably our best bet. I know you will all keep us updated on this situation as it develops.

Anyway, it’s been a great football season and it’s still not quite over. It’s good to see Spitblood’s progression this season and I know with the guerilla marketing campaign of this past week our readership may even reach into the 15s or 20s! Let’s definitely keep it going through basketball and baseball season. Go Frogs!

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Look at the final two photos.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Bill Snyder going back to Kansas State.

College Football's Unusual Trophies

The Iron Skillet made the list at number 5.

We made the news

This article has to be talking about us. We were the only people down their yelling.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Deja Vu?

I dont know if anyone has seen this yet, but I sure hope Hughes doesnt. Hopefully he can keep his mind right next year after seeing this and wont follow in someones footsteps. 

Friday, November 21, 2008

How Bout a Little Love for the Lady Frogs

The 24th-ranked Lady Frogs moved to 3-0 last night in a win over the Mavericks of UTA (hell they could probably play a decent game against the Mavericks of Dallas at this point as well).

Lady Frogs’ 18-0 scoring run puts away Lady Mavs

Morning Dump

Falcons have big challenge with Horned Frogs ~Rocky Mountain News

It’s time for TCU fans to say their goodbyes ~FWST

TCU’s defensive tackles are making teammates look good ~FWST

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Acctually, I Hope This Guy Does the Flyby

If he isn't in jail....

Frog Talk / Ask a Frog: The F-16 Game

Thoughts on the frogs?

Disciples of GP: What can I say? The last 2 wks off following “that which shall never be spoken of again” has been tough. I’ve consulted 5 different shrinks, 2 ministers, and a homeless man dressed as a wizard. All said the same thing: “you’re not going to find solace in the drugs, booze, and the occasional game of Russian Roulette that you continue to search for answers in, you must acknowledge what happened and talk about it” So, much like a rape victim, I will try to do that. We lost to Utah. There I said it. We lost to a team that we dominated and would beat 9 out of 10 times handily. We had 2 missed FG’s and were twice sacked on 3rd down taking us out of FG range. Trade us their cyborg kicker (who can make those longer range FG’s) and the game is ours 24-7, probably 24-0. Losing that way, in that big of a game, with everything at stake, well that is about as bad as it gets. I can’t really find a lot of fault outside of the obvious special teams (and a fairly stagnant offense), because we absolutely are a better team and we played better until we hit some sort of rift in the natural universal order of things when we ran into a team on “their night.” You know what I’m talking about. Everyone here has played and watched enough sports to know that twisting feeling you get in your gut indicating it’s a team’s “night.” Sometimes it’s not clear until after the game, often watching a team you’re very emotionally invested in blurs your ability to see it, but this was one of those “the stars aren’t aligned, the ball isn’t bouncing our way, it just isn’t your MOTHER FUCKING night” type games. Sorry, but after going all the way to Utah to watch the universe conspire against me, I needed to get that out…I feel a little better, but not really. I now look at the BCS and wonder the possibilities- will Org St. win out enabling the Pac-10 two teams in the BCS? A Pac 10 we have dominated. Which 7-3 team- #22 North Carolina, #25 Maryland, or #23 Miami will be the ACC’s representative? What about the Big East, will it be the winner of #19 Cincy and #20 Pitt this wk that decides their rep? Maybe Missouri ends up wining the Big 12 and we can see the following 10 BCS teams this year:

Big 12: Missouri and TTU/OU/UT
SEC: Winner of AL/FL
Pac 10: Org St and USC
Big 10: Peeeeen State
ACC: North Carolina/Maryland/Miami
Big East: Cincy/Pitt
At large: AL/FL loser or Ohio St
At large: Non BCS Utah, Boise, or WTF BYU???

Not likely it plays out like this- but mark my words 60-70% of teams that end up going to a BCS bowl this year couldn’t hold this Frog team’s jock. Terrible. It’s not so much the BCS that bothers me though. I think we have a team that can play with just about anybody and I want to see them go to a bowl to face an opponent that will allow the seniors to showcase how good they really are. Regardless of whatever money the bowl we end up going to decides to throw at us- I’d vote to play in the Southwestern Tijuana County Chiclet PiƱata Stuffers Union Dot Com Bowl if you told me we could play a good top tier team. BCS and money all aside- I want to play someone besides a #8 Pac 10 team in any bowl that would accommodate it. Why you ask??? Because THEY deserve it. Not us the fans, nor dare I say the administration- but for them. They’re better than that. This senior class deserves the chance to show how good they really are.

As far as the G-Pa situation goes, obviously I hope he stays. Hearing that fake announcement was without a doubt a low point of my life. He “fits” in Fort Worth. Fort Worth isn’t the kind of town that needs, respects, or desires a “slick” talking fly-by-night coach. Fort Worth embraces its past, and is proud of its heritage- kind of like GP who plays a speed driven modern day version of old school smash mouth football and who has dedicated a decade of his career to building a program at TCU. A man who is more concerned about the kids and coaching the game than with looking good on TV at half time or preparing for his next job interview. He’s a defensive genius and a proven winner who has shown he can recruit, develop, and coach talent. Our program’s trajectory is pointing straight up between momentum, recruits, and facilities we have both built and are about to build. The MWC has proven itself to be the #3 conference in the country this year, and hopefully can continue to build on that.

If GP does go, I do understand and I will hope the best for him. I think if he did leave, whoever ended up with him would be getting not only a great football mind, but also a great person. I can only hope that the school administration does whatever is necessary to keep him. I think every TCU fan and maybe even Fort Worth to a certain extent owes him some gratitude. He has given the town and the school a lot throughout his tenure, and it’s reaching the point to where he’ll have to decide between leaving for any number of lucrative higher profile jobs or finishing the game…finishing the game and truly becoming TCU’s G-Pa by completing what he’s been building for over a decade. Finishing the game in something that no doubt ends with his statue outside the stadium and his name ensconced in record books and trophy cases.

I will be at the Air Force game from kickoff until those seniors leave the home field for the last time. These guys have given the fans and the university a hell of a lot in their 4 years at TCU and deserve to be properly honored. I will stand in the stadium until the last one has left the field, and pay my respects to them and our coach, G-Pa. Some say our guys won’t be up for this game. Some say G-Pa is probably gone after this year. I am but a simple fan with only history and passion as my compass, both of which lead me to Section X of Amon G Carter Stadium at 2:30 this coming Saturday, where I will remain until we finish the game.

“You remember the stories John use to tell us about the three Chinamen playing Fantan? This guy runs up to them and says, "Hey, the world's coming to an end!" and the first one says, "Well, I best go to the mission and pray," and the second one says, "Well, hell, I'm gonna go and buy me a case of Mescal and six whores," and the third one says "Well, I'm gonna finish the game."........ I shall finish the game, Doc. –Billy the Kid

SchultzHater: My Status on November 20th, 2008

It happens every year for me. The point in every frog season where I have to sign off. Good bye. I need to consider my health. Depression kills you know.

I know this feeling – kind of like a break-up…but one of those where you’re pretty sure you just might be getting back together soon, you just don’t know when…..

So life is getting slowly less sports-internet dominated…I am working a little more now and I seem to be a little more interested in my nieces and nephews soccer games. I have blocked certain sports sites…yep, I blocked ESPN from my computer. College Football is dead to me.

I am only going to give one reason I am feeling this low and only because I am so painfully reminded of this today……

#1 Our Bowl tie-ins suck dick.

I am through with the Fort Worth Bowl, the Poinsettia, and all the rest of the shit bowls we get to play in every year against the 5th and 6th best team from a BCS conference – or even better – a good non-bcs team. A 6-6 Baylor team gets to play in a better bowl game than us….

So about the game, yep that one…..

No details on the game, but everyone saw it, we threw the game away and there is only one place to put blame…sorry GPa, this is your best team and you blew it by allowing so many mistakes (we are one of the most penalized teams in college football). The mediocrity on offense and bad special teams sealed the deal. I don’t believe that it was “their” night, we didn’t put them away, it could have been ours. It wouldn’t be as painful if we weren’t soooo much better than Utah.

Question: Take the top 5 teams in football today, would ANY of these teams put a punt returner on the field that can’t run? Would any of these teams be happy about winning by 1 point? The Florida’s and the Oklahoma’s don’t stop until they’re up by 50.

On a lighter note, I got some great news…I have officially figured out Shultz and I feel bad for bashing him in the past, the poor guy has bi-polar disorder – and he needs to stay on his medication during games….

Side Note: BYU will beat Utah. I am going to bet the farm on the Cougs in that one, it’s my lock of the year (so far I am 2-5 on my ‘locks of the year”)

Another side note: All said and done, I do appreciate the fact that GPa is a real coach in a world where a head coach resembles a CEO far too often.

So next year Frogs, next year, I cannot WAIT for the awesome home games our administration has put together. Did you hear SW Texas State is coming to town? How about smu or the tough Cowboys from Wyoming…….I’m so excited…….way to give your fans some excitement…..fucking idiots…

I will be there Saturday, mostly because the players deserve a good crowd. They are top 10 football team this year and should have another chance to show how good they are in a bowl game that has less than 4 words.

Same game fans, same game. The good news is that we should be excited about the future…….yeah…..another 9 months till the 2009 season….

Dear coach GPa,

Go ahead and leave if you have to, I will still be appreciative of what you have accomplished in your 8 years. But I am going to warn you……you won’t be happier somewhere else. If you do leave for a big time BCS program, understand that they will skin you alive after one season with Shultz. And the people that hired you will FORCE you to fire him or they will fire you.

Also, the control over just about everything else in your program won’t even be close to what you have now.

TCU has been good to you and has watched you mature into a great coach over time. You’re thankful for that, it’s going to be hard for you, I know, but if you have to leave, I understand. We play big time college football at a high level but not on the big stage.

However if you do want a National Championship, your best shot just might be at TCU. Someday soon we will have a playoff system (Obama said so) and when that happens you can forget about the BCS hurdle.

I don’t want to see your next stop end short; I don’t want to see you coaching a MAC team playing Kent State on Tuesday night 3 years from now. We will forgive you for going 7-5 two seasons in a row, most other “big time” programs will not. They don’t know you. They don’t care about you. They have to win, and if you don’t….your gone….maybe even after 2 years….you’re a nobody to them, only a coach that can win games, but if you don’t win…..which is likely with a struggling team in a BCS conference…you’re done….mark it down. I am trying to warn you. You have an enormous amount of leniency at TCU; you won’t even come close to that elsewhere. So go….go and give away what you have built over the last 8 years at TCU….but don’t forget….coaches come and go 99% of the time in college football….TCU will still be a football program in 3 years….will you still be a top head coach?


Disciples of GP: Do you think it is un-American to root against Air Force? Does the fact that we are at war impact your opinion?

SchultzHater: Air Force, Army, Navy, I could care less. Yes, root against them, even hate them – but only once a year when they play your team. Every other week you should root for the Academy teams or you are not American – at least not a good one anyway. But College Football has nothing to do with these organizations. It is sport. I do however have a soft spot for these teams due to the poor athletes they seem to field every year. At least something can be said of the discipline they have for turning out victories despite having a running back that runs a 5.2 in the 40. Being at war you say? Ummm, no, doesn’t change anything. But seriously, every other week I am rooting for them….unless they are playing a team that could increase our strength of schedule….or a team in the MWC….

Disciples of GP: Is it racist to root for Air Force when they are playing other teams b/c they have a bunch of scrawny white dudes that look smaller and slower than me? What about the feeling of superiority I have when I see my Frogs lined up against this athletically challenged AF opponent and my corresponding militant like hatred towards the Air Force and everything involving airplanes or eagles? Or am I way off base and the Academy is racist for only recruiting slow white people?

SchultzHater: Why would a good athlete choose a military academy over TCU or any “normal” school to play ball? The ones that do are a lot better than me. You get 4 years on the field and then 4 more in the service – probably at war. I root for any Academy team all the time for this reason. In fact, they are one team I wouldn’t want to run up the score on. It’s not racist to root for slow white guys whose only experience on the football field was playing Tuba in their high school marching band. It’s like rooting for a beagle in a pit bull ring when watching the Academy teams. You want to see the beagle put up a fight. And should the Beagle win? We should never lose to one of these teams, but hell, sometimes it happens (last year at AF, omg – how depressing was that)….…I am not sure about your hatred for eagles and airplanes, maybe you should go consult your homeless wizard on that one.

Disciples of GP: Game prediction?

SchultzHater: I am not going to predict a score on this one and because there is an enormous difference in talent and the only way to properly describe this game is to come up with some analogies, like…

Air Force playing TCU is like………

-Britney Spears trying to put on panties
-USC trying to take on the showboys (cowboys)
-An Obama supporter being asked why they voted for obama
-A senior girl in college being more attractive than a freshman girl
-Mexico vs. the Untied States….in anything
-Robert Henson vs. any running back
-Robert Henson vs. any quarterback
-Robert Henson vs. fear itself
-smu vs. TCU
-Hillary Clinton trying to be sexy

Disciples of GP: I think I get it, so it’s kind of like

-First base compared to a threesome
-Winnie the Pooh having to fight Batman
-Delivering a danger close air strike vs. having to call one in on yourself
-Colorado’s Super Max Prison to a paid vacation in Fiji
-Taking names to kicking ass
-Giving shit vs. eating shit
-Dalton being a ginger vs. just being a ginger
-Lakers vs. a Neil Dougherty team
-Stubbing your toe vs. getting Aids?

SchultzHater: Exactly

I Hope These Guys do the Fly Over on Saturday

That would be sweet........

Statement Game

Saturday is the last time we'll ever get to see Henson harass the refs in the tunnel at Amon G
and could be the last time we see GP lead the troops into battle.

I definitely want to start this post on a positive note and give big, big props to Jerry Hughes for being a Nagurski Award Finalist. That is a huge deal and, despite the pre season talk from the coaching staff, certainly something few if any fans expected, although it should not have been surprising based on the pedigree of the two guys he learned from. He leads the country in sacks and tackles for a loss and has even thrown in a couple of INTs for good measure. I don't want to jinx him by mentioning him in the same breath as Tommy Blake, but, given the hype that surrounded Blake before his senior year, could Hughes' hype be even higher? Blake stuck around for his senior season despite the near certainty that he'd be a first round pick and, well, we all know that was the beginning of the end for 97. Hughes has already said he's sticking around for his senior season in order to lead the Frogs to another MWC Championship. I think he keeps his mind right and does it. Anyway, Congrats to Jerry and we're all extremely excited to have you back next season.

On a more somber note, this is it guys. I mean, obviously there's a bowl game, and there's a chance it could even be a bowl game at Amon G, but this is the last go around for this season. Maybe it's because I had to take a personal day for the SDSU game, or maybe it's because we didn't have a bye week until last weekend, but this season just seems like it flew by, right? I can remember being in Norman like it was last week, same goes for setting up shop on the SMU Blvd and gawking at the rich hoes. It's sad to think that I'm about to have to live in a world with only the lackluster Cowboys, Mavericks and Stars to pull me through. I don't think there's even a baseball team in Dallas anymore. I've already had my diatribe about Saturday's game, so I'll spare you, but it's been a hell of a ride and I'm sad to see it end.

As these things sometimes happen, occasionally a bye week will do just as much good for a team as a win. We stayed the same in the AP Poll (15), jumped a spot in the Coaches (17 from 18) and picked up a deuce in the BCS rankings (16 from 18). This was mostly due to the North Carolina loss in the increasingly jumbled ACC, as well as the computers finally realizing that Ball State is an overrated pile of crap and dumping them from 14 to 17 despite a win. Unfortunately, they won again last night against a decent Central Michigan team, so there's a chance we could flip flop with them again this week if everything remains the same. Fortunately for us and for college football fans, this is an AWESOME week for college football and an awesome week to have a day game to clear space for the nightcap. A handful of top 15 teams do battle against one another, and the teams ahead of us have loseable rivarly games to deal with as well. So let's get on with it.

AP - 15th. As things currently stand, we look to be pretty supplanted in the 15 spot in the AP poll and this looks to be our ceiling unless Michigan does the unthinkable and beats #10 Ohio State. Despite our lead over BYU in the AP, the biggest game to keep on our radar is (duh) #16 BYU at #8 Utah. Although BYU is currently behind us in the rankings, if they are to beat Utah, lots of bad things will happen that are far worse than losing a spot in the AP poll. First of all, the Las Vegas Bowl has already said they want to take BYU, regardless of the outcome of the Holy War, which is total bullshit if they lose. Mormons in Sin City? Now I've seen EVERYTHING! If Utah is to win, this leaves us in the homo Poinsettia Bowl (boo) likely against #9 Boise State (un-boo). This seems like it'd be a pretty cool situation for us and would likely be one of the more watched non New Years Day games. On the flip side, if BYU wins, that slots Boise State into the BCS more than likely, BYU into Vegas, Utah likely into Poinsettia territory and us to FW. Further, if we were to drop this game Saturday and all of this happens.. my word, I don't even know what would happen. New Mexico? There are going to be some at large bids open in various other bowls that we could sneak into, which lyle spelled out to me in an earlier email (my favorite possibility: Independence Bowl vs. Big 12). However, we aren't going to lose Saturday and neither is Utah so you can pretty much bank on the Poinsettia vs. Boise. Speaking of, Boise travels to Nevada on Saturday to take on the Wolfpack who, despite being 6-4, are really a pretty decent team and could put up a fight (so I hear). These are the only games this week whose outcome would directly affect us in the AP rankings

Coaches - 17th. Big differences here in comparison to the AP poll as the coaches slot Michigan State and BYU ahead of us. As mentioned, a BYU loss helps us in a lot of ways, but directly helps us here as we would easily move up a spot in the rankings. A big plus for us is #15 Michigan State traveling to the Happy Valley to play the #8 Nittany Lions. The Big Ten is overrated as usual and while Penn State would've been the latest in a line of overmatched Big Ten teams getting creamed in the National Championship, they were knocked by down to earth by Iowa a couple of weeks ago. A Penn State win here kicks Michigan State out of the Top 20 and out of our way.

BCS - 16th. This is the same as the Coaches poll, except apparently computers are smarter than humans and believe that an undefeated MAC team couldn't hope to hang with a 2 loss MWC team. Viva technology!

Games that REALLY Matter. (AP/Coaches/BCS Ranking)

#16/14/14 BYU at #8/7/7 Utah. We thought our game at Utah was going to be the biggest game in the history of the MWC, and it was until this week. Lots of reasons why this is such a huge game. As mentioned previously, the fate of our bowl location pretty much rests with this game, assuming we take care of a business against Air Force. Also, as crazy as it sounds, if BYU beats Utah, and Boise State falls to either Nevada or Fresno State, BYU will take the BCS at large bid over Ball State. I don't know about you guys, but this makes me pretty sick to my stomach. BYU and their deplorable fanbase are as undeserving of a BCS bid as Ball State. I'm not just saying this because we exposed them, but they haven't BEATEN anybody. They're a crap call in Washington away from having two losses and Washington not being the only winless team in the country. Think about that: your BCS at large team could be a team that should have lost to Washington, a team that hasn't won ONE game. They also were a last second INT away from losing to UNLV and had to squeak out a 3 pointer against CSU. In fact, the only good win they've had all year was this past week at Air Force. This is not a BCS worthy football team. Hell, they aren't a conference winning worthy team. Assuming they end up in the Fiesta against Tech/Texas/OU or the Sugar against Florida/Alabama... oh my god, that would make the UGA/Hawaii travesty of last year look like a game of Candy Land. This cannot happen. Also, this will not happen. Utah may not be the powerhouse they were in 2004 when they creamed Pittburgh in the Fiesta Bowl, but they're the best of the still eligible non BCS teams we've got. They've split the past 12 with BYU and the last couple have come down to last second heroics. Look/pray for the Utes to win at home.

#17/15/15 Michigan State at #7/8/8 Penn State. As mentioned, this game really only affects us positively if Michigan State loses. This would knock them out of the top 20 and would give us a bump in the Coaches and BCS polls while getting them off of our heels in the AP. If the Spartans win, we lose a spot in the AP because Penn State will not drop below us even with the two losses. The Lions are down, but if they lose this one, the Spartans will split the Big Ten title with #10/10/10 Ohio State, with the Buckeyes getting the BCS berth due to head to head play. There's a lot at stake for both teams because the difference between a win and a loss here could be the difference between the Rose Bowl and Alamo Bowl. Regardless, Penn State can win this thing outright should they pull this one out, so there's a little more riding on their shoulders. I think the Lions take the game, the Big Televen title and the Rose Bowl bid, thus sending out JoPa with a new knee... just so he can come back next year and do it all over again because the death avoidance battle between him and Bobby Bowden must go on until one dies. Seriously, it's like Harry Potter and Voldemort (sorry, guilty pleasure). Neither of these guys call plays and Paterno isn't even fit enough to stand on the sidelines, but they still continue to come out every year and do it just so they can see who has the biggest balls/most career wins. With Paterno likely on his last leg (see what I did there?), and Florida State turning a bit of a corner, I give the advantage to Bowden.

Games That Definitely Matter, but Probably Won't Have Upsets.

#9/9/9 Boise State at Nevada. Boise State is still on the outside looking in, but if Utah is to stumble, they're all over that BCS at large bid for the second time in three years. I really don't know a lot about Nevada other than they apparently have a great offense and/or defense. Someone is giving them an advantage somewhere. However, Boise hasn't had an opponent come within 13 points of beating them all year, so I don't look for this to change, especially with everything on the line. Broncos win by lots.

#10/10/10 Ohio State vs. Michigan. As I said earlier, this game has the most direct bearing on improving our AP ranking, and our other two rankings for that matter. Fortunately, history is on our side in this game as only one Michigan head coach has lost his debut against Ohio State. Unfortunately, Michigan is 3-8 and reeeeally really bad this year. Michigan has already lost the most games ever in their footballing history and broken the longest consecutive bowl streak in the country, so what's one more loss? This team is beyond playing for pride and hey! whatddya know, their starting QB, who also sucks, is out. Also, the near 20 point point spread for this game is the largest ever for this rivalry. A win here unjustly sends OSU to the Fiesta Bowl, if not the Rose depending on the outcome of the PSU game. WAY too much on the line for the Vest to lose. In true Big Ten fashion, Ohio State wins by televen points... and by televen I mean infinity.

Games that Don't Matter for the Frogs, but Feature Teams Ranked Above Us.

#3/3/4 Florida vs. The Citadel. (yawn). Those poor Citadel bastards not only have to go fight our wars for us after they graduate, but they have to line up and get their licks by SEC teams every year. Tebow will be sitting by the second quarter with a nice 5 TD lead. Halftime circumcisions for all the gentiles!!

#2/2/2 Texas Tech at #5/5/5 Oklahoma. Oh. Oh my goodness. Now that we're officially out of the BCS race and don't need Oklahoma to bolster our SOS, I can go with my heart and pull for the Leach's which will not only F Texas out of the Big 12 south title, but also steer that pirate ship to the white squall that is the Big 12 Championship and perhaps beyond that to do battle with scyalla (Alabama) or Charybdis (Florida) in the National Championship. (Editors Note: You will brush up on your Greek Mythology for all future SWW postings). Also, who the heck wants to pull for OU? Seriously. So, just for fun, let's look at this from a UT standpoint because they're in the mother of all brain fucks right now regarding this game.

First off, let's say as a UT fan you choose to pull for Tech. Wise choice... or not? By pulling for Tech, Texas all but guarantees themselves a spot in the Fiesta Bowl. OU will be out of the picture and Tech would likely beat Missouri in the Big 12 Championship and advance to the NC game. OU would get the Cotton and Missouri would get the Holiday. BUT WAIT! What if Tech gets past this game and then loses to Missouri? Would the Fiesta Bowl take a one loss Tech team that beat Texas or would they take a one loss UT team who lost to Tech but would sell more tickets? Would Tech really drop below Texas in the rankings if they lost to Mizzou? Gee Willikers!

On the flip side, let's say a UT fan chooses to pull for OU. First off, how the shit can you call yourself a UT fan while considering going for OU?? Come On!! I once worked with a guy who claimed to be a UT and an OU fan. We later sold this company and I no longer work with said co-worker. This is not a coincidence. Never trust someone like that to make you money. Anyway, let's look at this logically. Let's say OU wins. This would mean a 3 way tie in the Big 12 South and, after you explore all tie breaking options, the only solution is to declare the team with the highest BCS ranking winner. Right now in the BCS, Tech is 2nd, UT is 3rd and OU is 5th. What the hell happens if OU wins? Do you drop Tech below a Texas team that they beat? Do you jump OU over UT even though they lost to them? Wouldn't this be an absolute pandora's box of disaster? You'd be hearing the losing two coaches bitch until the end of time and the winning coach declaring the BCS a success. If you ask me, I think OU would end up taking the south, beating Missouri, and playing in the big one. I think it'd end up being Bama/OU/Tech/UT/Fla. Isn't that screwed up to let Texas drop because of a team they beat? Dropping Florida a spot in this instance is justified simply because they lose to Houston Nutt. So, in this case, Tech could lose and still beat out Texas in the BCS rankings. Now if this happens and then OU loses to Missouri, then the Fiesta Bowl voters STILL have to choose between Tech and UT.

Either way, Texas' hope for a BCS bid rely on outside factors, but I think they have the better shot if OU is to win. Look, if Tech gets to the Big 12 game, there's a chance Missouri beats them. It's in Missouri and Missouri has OWNED Tech the past few years. If OU gets to the Big 12 championship, they will ruin Missouri. Bad. This would put OU in the national championship and then have the other bowls pick between UT and Tech. Also, if OU goes to the Big 12 and loses, they will have two losses and be done in the talk, and, since Tech lost to them, this would give UT a slight edge. I know Tech won the head to head with UT, but BCS games aren't by RANK they're by "you get your FIRST PICK of the Big 12 teams, assuming they qualify." It'd be hard to shut out an undefeated Tech team whose only loss came in the championship game, but if they lose to OU and are pretty much in the same boat as Texas, the bowls would take Texas because of their fan base. Money talks, and UT has more of it than any other football program in the country. So, unless you have a particular interest in either Tech or OU, the outsider can choose this game on whether or not they want to screw Texas out of a BCS game, which is why I take the Raiders.

Ouch, my brain! Anyway, back to more relevant things, I titled this "statement game" because, as you can see, that's really what it is. We can't gain anything by winning, but we can lose a lot by losing. Everyone is going to think that we'll be down and out after the Utah game, but those people don't understand this team. These guys will come play their hearts out Saturday, the seniors will tie for the most wins ever, and GP will win his 100th game. There's a lot on our plate this weekend, Frogs fans. I look forward to seeing you all there. Go Frogs!

November 22nd: Spit Blood Fan Appreciation Day

I'm picking up the koozies today and bringing them up to Fort Worth for the tailgate on Saturday. We are located in lot 3 (aka freshman overflow) near spot 235. Stop by, say hello, grab a koozie. We will be tailgating by no later than noon. Special thanks goes out to Fineline Sportswear for hooking it up.

Morning Dump

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nebraska 62, TCU 50

For those who don't know (and judging by the attendance nobody knew), tonight was the home opener of the Jim Christian era at the DMC. Unfortunately for TCU basketball fans, the team is still tough to watch at this point. The Frogs shot 27% from the field and a rotten 16% from the 3 point line. Maybe the 1 ft that the NCAA moved back the 3 point line really effected our shooting, or maybe we still don't have any shooters.

Defense looked pretty solid down low against a smaller Nebraska team, but the perimeter defense gave them too many good looks from beyond the arc. The Frogs kept it close for most of the game and never let the Huskers pull away, thanks mostly in part to Kevin Langford's play in the paint (the guy is a beast and appears to be the only offensive option we have). The guards continually fed him down low, and despite double teams the whole game, which he will see all season unless we develop some form of an outside game, he got shots off and got to the line where he was 13-18, to go with 3-7 from the field with 19 total points.

I was really looking forward to seeing the European big men shooters Ruzgas and Buljan that I had heard so much about from radio broadcasts and from people who watched the exhibition game. The two combined for 6 total points on 1-5 from the field, including 1 Ruzgas 3 ptr. Hopefully this was just an off night for the 2 of them and they will emerge as effective pick and pop shooters, but they seemed to be a little lost out there tonight.

On the bright side, this coaching staff looks like an obvious upgrade from the Neil Dougherty regime. First of all, the offense looked fluid and got open looks despite shooting so poorly. The game play seemed to be much more crisp and not as much of a mess as it used to be. Ebie, Moss, Mitchem, and Rose all seem to be capable ball handlers, and I cant remember a time when we had that many guards who were able to handle pressure and good defense. I know I sound like a broken record, but if those guys can knock down perimeter shots when Langford kicks it out for wide open looks like he did many times, we can be a player in the MWC this season.

Highlight of the night has to be the group of football players and their relentless heckling of Nebraska's 5'7 point guard and their Center who had a strong resemblance to DeSagana Diop, or Blood Diamond as they called him. Then once the game was sealed for Nebraska, hearing them yell at their bench about how badly we would kick their ass in football made me proud and excited about Saturday.

I hope we start to knock down open looks before conference play starts and the team keeps working hard to get better, because after what we have suffered through for the last few years, all I want to see right now is improvement and a team that can compete. If you are in Fort Worth, try to make it out and support the team this season, although missing Saturday night's home game may be excusable for college football reasons. Go Frogs!


TCU -19.5

O/U 45

Sick Catch

Sorry, I couldn't embed it.

Morning Dump

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Basketball Home Opener Tonight

The men's basketball team tips off for the first time at home tonight when they play host to Nebraska at 7:00pm. The game is on CBS-College Sports for those of you unable to attend.

The Frogs are fresh off a trip to Charleston, where they finished the weekend 1-2. The win came in the opener against Western Michigan, a 20-win team last year (including a win over Davidson). It seems as if so far (my analysis is based on listening to half of a game on the radio), Coach Christian has the team playing tough on defense and is employing a healthy mix of returning players and newcomers. Familiar faces in the rotation will be Langford, Ortiz, Mitchem and Ebie. Among the newcomers seeing significant PT will be freshmen Ronnie Moss, a Fort Worth native, and Kevin Buter, from Duncanville. Also playing and contributing a lot will be European-born junior transfers Zvonko Buljian (from Croatia) and Ed Ruzgas (pictured above, from Lithuania).

And how about the Lady Frogs taking down #5 Maryland the other night?

See Dick come to a TCU game. See Dick stay in the parking lot and not support the team. Don't be a Dick.

-- via

Well, it's been a pretty up and down season, to say the least. Mostly ups, but definitely a few downs. Knowing that this is the last game for me this year regardless of bowl (it's almost like the MWC went through my schedule and decided to screw me on all sides when it came to bowl scheduling), I guess it put me into a little bit of a reflective mode. Honestly, this is the most involved I've been with a TCU team in the now 7 seasons I've followed them. Growing up a fan of another team can make it hard to make the transition, not to mention the conference change makes you pretty much start all over and reset our hate meter in 2005, but despite all this, I think I went through the same cycle a lot of others went through. In early college, you've got so much junk going on, you're trying to adapt and are much more interested in chasing tail in the parking lot before, during, and after games that whatever is happening inside the stadium is secondary. Later in college you're focusing on getting out and you really do care about the game, but you're a lot more concerned about what you want to do after college and what you're going to tell your parents if you fail Managing the Emerging Venture because your professor is a dickhead who used to mow lawns, and have to stick around another semester to take 3 hours. Finally, after college you get a job and realize, "Holy crap, I've got SO much time to be on the internet and do nothing but obsess over football now!!" This definitely describes how it's happened for me and I'm sure a lot of you (except swap the class/dickhead professor with any other class/dickhead professor combination).
I got reeeeeeeeally into last year's team, despite the mediocre record, and I'd have to say it's partially because of writing on Spitblood. Not that anyone cares what I have to say, including my fiance who has only opened the site once, a fact which you all must shame her for this weekend, but it definitely made the whole experience a lot more fun. This year though, man. Like, I got down after the UT loss last year, pretty down during the AF loss last year, and grumpy with the BYU/Utah losses (I refuse to accept that we lost to Wyoming) but the ups and downs I've gone through with this team aren't even in the same league as those. Whether it be the seniors on this team, who are easily my favorite group since coming to school, the emergence of Jimmy Young and Jeremy Kerley, Dalton's transformation from running QB to passing QB, Aaron Brown coming back from an injured season and an early suspension to play huge for us (when Schultz realized he was a) on the team and b) our best offensive weapon in the backfield), the saltiest defense D-I has seen in a long time, an explosive offense, the Hurricane Game, Norman, the BYU massacre followed by the whiny Mormon backlash, jumping into the Top 25 after SMU, falling out after OU, then jumping 12 spots after BYU and, of course, the Utah tragedy followed by the Patterson rumors followed by the Patterson denials followed by silence (which is KILLING me). I know you all have your own thoughts and memories from this season and I doubt I've even broken the surface, but, I just wanted to demonstrate how this team has definitely provided the most heart attack inducing drama all season. Unfortunately for you guys, I'm probably going to come back next week and say these exact same things as a season recap! With elaboration, of course.
Alright, there's a message somewhere in this post, I promise. I'm writing this mostly because I really want everyone to come out and support this group of Seniors who are on pace to be tied for the most wins for a group of seniors ever at TCU, and who have been huge factors for most of their four years at TCU. The game starts at 2:30, but be there early to show these guys what thye've meant to us and the program over the course of their 4 years.
Mainly though, I guess I'm writing this because of the GP situation. Now, after all the initial "HOLY SHIT LET'S TAKE HIM OUT BACK AND SHOOT HIM JK I ALWAYS KNEW GP WAS COMMITTED" business, I figured things would kind of calm down and the school would come out and say how committed they were to GP and how they're going to talk about a new contract after the season and Patterson would do the same. This hasn't happened. The administration has been completely silent about it and do not look to be making any overt moves as far as extending Patterson's contract and making him THE coach. Now I realize that Patterson said we he said and has done a fine job convincing everyone that's he's not taking the KSU and he's happy in FW, but a lot of this was coachspeak and he by no means has slammed the door on these rumors. We could lose this guy. Seriously. Patterson is at kind of a crossroads. He has to look at the situation as, "Have I taken this team as far as I can take it?" or "There is still tons of work to be done and I want to see this through and end my career as a Frog." It really comes down to that. GP is either going to bail or be here for the long haul. There really isn't an in between.
I hate that this is happening at the expense of losing the best recruiting class we've ever seen, and, regardless of what happens, look for some guys to pull their verbals and take another look at some schools, but the blame solely lies on the administration and the fans. I'm not going to use this as a soapbox to lambast the fan support, because lots of others on this blog have done similar things, but I don't think the stakes are any higher than they are right now as far as getting some people in the stadium. Patterson, should he stay, will go down as the greatest coach to ever coach at TCU. I realize Dutch Meyer produced two national championship teams, but I don't think you can compare football in the 1930s to football now because, frankly, if our 38 team played this years team, at least 15 of their players would die. Seriously. Death. With the way the football landscape has changed in regards to facilities, recruiting, size, passion, etc, how can you really compare the two eras? Think about what Patterson has done: Top 10 in overall winning % in the nation for his career, consistently fields one of the best defenses in the country year in year out, built a state of the art indoor practice facility that is one of the finest in the country, had the end zone complex built and has the school committed to performing over $150 million worth of stadium renovations, and has done these things with 2 and 3 star athletes who he has played out of position and turned into all conference performers due to one of the best strength and conditioning programs in the NCAA.
Keep in mind we were probably a 6500 student school when GP came and are now somewhere around 8000 undergrad. Don't lie to yourself and say that's solely due to the academics. Once you get out of the Ivy Leagues, a major driving force in school enrollment is athletics, and most of this is football. Why do you think schools like UT, A&M (well...), Ohio State and Michigan have such huge enrollments? Sure, they're great schools and state schools, but Ohio State doesn't pack in 108,000 nerds each week... it's a bunch of people that love football and are at the school because they love football. Do you really think anyone would go to school in Norman Armpit Oklahoma if they didn't have a Top 5 football team?
With TCUs recent tuition hike, coupled with the roughly 1500-2000 additional students that have been pulled in since we came to school, how much money do you think they have made? What kind of school is able to increase enrollment and tuition and STILL have the highest number of applicants ever? They never would've been able to make the improvements they did on the main campus without this additonal boost. Isn't this worth more than $1.3 million annually? Now, I'm not going to pull a Latrell Sprewell and say GP is starving with that kind of a salary, but considering what he has done for the program and the University, and considering June Jones is getting paid $2 million per victory across town... well, yeah, he's starving on that.
However, GP isn't dumb and he isn't blind. He can look into the stands and see how no one comes into the games. He can hear the announcers pleading with the fans to come into the games. He can look at the rankings and see how there's a very, very slim chance for TCU to get into a BCS game, not to mention the national championship, especially with the increasing difficulty of the MWC. Honestly, there isn't much we can do for the administration other than buy our parking spots, season and bowl tickets, and give random donations, but we can do a lot to show Patterson how we all feel. This is a game that EVERYONE has to go inside. EVERYONE has to come out to the game, head in early for the seniors, come back after halftime, and, above all, be as absolutely loud as possible to let GP know how much we appreciate him. I don't care if we're up 50-0 or down 50-0, there is absolutely no excuse for anyone not to come into this game. If you have a wife or girlfriend, drag her inside. If you're walking into the stadium and you see some douche bags more interested in playing bean bag toss than heading into the game, stomp and break their game and tell the cops they're the TCU rapists which will force them to run inside for sanctuary. If you have a tailgate, shut it down by 2 to be inside for senior day. I'm not allowing anyone to stick around by my car while the game is going on. We have to do this. As dramatic as it sounds, the future of our program really could be at stake for this game. Don't contribute to the cause of running the best thing going for TCU at any level of faculty or adminstration out of town. Go Frogs.