Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Texas QB McCoy grabs USA TODAY Player of Week honor

Despite our strong showing in the readers poll (Hughes 45%, McCoy 31%), Colt McCoy takes home the award. Why? The fan vote only accounts for 1/3 of the award. The other two thirds goes to college football editor Erick Smith and Gannett columnist Mike Lopresti. How much do you want to bet they didn't even watch our game, or if they even knew of Hughes before last Thursday? Either way, I feel like we made a minor statement in the voter turnout.


spitpurple said...

Impressive turnout, Hughes won by 14 percent and they still give it to Colt though? But Hell some of our own fans don't know who Hughes is, so how can we expect those top-notch sports writers to know who he is.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

Al Gore is spinning in his environmentally friendly, fully bio-degradable grave.