Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Big Weekend in Lubbock

Like many of you, I will not be travelling to Las Vegas this weekend to see the Frogs take down the UNLV Rebels. This is due to the fact that our economy has AIDS and that neither of my grandfathers invented velcro (that is, until I get my hands on a time machine...but that is a whole other discussion). Speaking of STD's, though, imagine the kind of dough you could make by alleviating the shortage of penicillin that is sure to hit Lubbock-area pharmacies after this weekend:

  • Friday night is Halloween
  • ESPN's College Game Day is live in Lubbock for the first time ever
  • The biggest home game in the history of Texas Tech football
  • The clocks change Saturday night, giving everyone in town an extra hour at the bars

The drippage all of that causes is going to be more than the normal yearly rainfall for Lubbock.

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Mankdog said...

It also happens to be a blackout game and alumni weekend (which means people who have moved away and acquired even more STD's will now flock en masse back to Lubbock to share them with people they haven't seen in years).

One buddy has already informed me he is buying a taser to take to the game so he can escape when the riots break out.