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Shout out to TheFinch's Twin

Thanks to my twin (E Finch) who put his civil engineering degree to good use yesterday and today, to help create the new and improved Spit Blood Banner.

It's very niiiice!

Game Watching Party

A couple of fellow TCU guys that I work with put this on. It benefits the purple people seaters foundations. Would be a good place to watch the game with everyone on Thursday.

Come watch #13 TCU take on #10 Utah at Rahr Brewery

Thursday, November 6 @ 6:30 p.m. (7:00 p.m. kickoff)

Purple People Seaters is hosting a TCU v. Utah game watching party at Rahr Brewery in Fort Worth. Come watch the game and enjoy all the pizza and beer you can handle for $15 per person. Proceeds from the night go to support The Purple People Seaters Foundation.


Rahr Brewery
701 Galveston Avenue
Fort Worth Texas 76104
(817) 810-9226
Click here for map


TCU v. Utah game on Rahr's 16' x 9' HD projection television
Unlimited Rahr Beer (with souvenir pint glass)
All you can eat Mama's Pizza
Door prizes

$15 for adults
$5 for children under 21 (or non beer drinking adults)
Free for kids under 12

Click here to register

Caption This Contest

Whoever comes up with the best caption for this photo (according to me), will win 3 Spit Blood TCU Koozies which are already in production.

Here's the design:

This will be one side of the koozie with the other side simply having the web address in white. They are collapsible purple neoprene koozies. Frat.

Kerley OUT

Yeah, none of that this week.

Via Star-Telegram, Kerley will not be making the trip to Vegas. I'll take a brief pause while everyone lets out a collective F bomb....

Ok, I hope that helped. The good news is the team still scored 54 points in his absence this past week and Antoine Hicks filled in on Wild Frog plays and did a great job. In more good news, UNLV has a pretty poor pass defense, one of the worst in the country in fact, and Jimmy Luxury Tax Young will be more than happy to introduce himself. The bad news is not only is UNLV a better team than Wyoming, their offense is also far less anemic than a lot of the ones we've seen this season, so on the off chance that they catch our D off guard, the offense is going to have to step up and make some plays. Also, this also means we will have to use a new holder on field goals and PATs which may not sound like a big deal, but from what I understand the relationship between the kicker and the holder is very important from a trust standpoint and with Ross Evans having a few shaky performances this year, we need all the consistency we can get. Is Kerley's absence back breaking enough to cost us this game? No, and I'm all for him resting up and getting ready for Utah, but it's still a big loss and the team is going to have to adjust accordingly.

Morning Dump

TCU Horned Frogs' offense winning the long drive contest Star-Telegram

TCU-UNLV preview capsule AP

Mountain West leaders must avoid pitfalls USA Today

Around the Mountain West USA Today

Tomorrow's Opponent

TCU insists it's focus is on UNLV , not Utah Las Vegas Review Journal

A good long look at ... TCU Las Vegas Sun

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


If you are going to be in Vegas this weekend, I have one request. GO TO THE GAME!! UNLV has been up and down this season and we need to have as many people there as possible. The game is not until 5 this year so there should be no problem to make the game. Last time we played in Vegas, nobody came bc it was an early afternoon game. The stadium serves liquor, unless it has changed since 2006. So, go out Friday, stay up, sleep late and get your ass to the game. There is no reason not to make it.
Go Frogs!! See you in Vegas.

John Daly Passes Out at.................

Yep, you guessed Hooters. This was too good to pass up.

Link updated 2008 bowl projections

How the hell can they pick BYU to finish better than TCU in the MWC?!!?

The Best Defense You've Never Seen

From's Peter Schrager in his weekly "10 tidbits worth feasting on from the day that was"

7. The Best Defense You've Never Seen: Talk about the 1985 Chicago Bears and the 2000 Baltimore Ravens all you want, I'm pretty sure the 2008 TCU Horned Frogs is the most dominant defensive team I've ever seen. Consider these stats.

Entering Saturday's game versus Wyoming:

TCU led the nation in run defense (21.0 yards per game).
TCU led the nation in total defense (218.6 yards per game).
TCU led the nation in fewest first downs allowed per game (11.6).
TCU led the nation in time of possession (35:53).
Only two opponents had rushed for more than 25 yards against TCU this season.
So what did the Horned Frogs do on Saturday? Beat Wyoming, 54-7, and gave up just 232 yards of offense.

No one's watching this team. They play on the Versus network and are in the Mountain West. But outside of their 35-point hiccup against Oklahoma, they've given up just 59 points in eight games. TCU's defense is a sight to behold. It's worth checking out ... even if you're not exactly sure where or how to find it.

Thanks William M for the lead.

Chasing that Top 25, nay Top 10, Dragon

Well, not chasing that ole Dragon so much these days, eh? Anyway, as I'm sure you noticed, in the past week we moved up two spots in the AP/Coaches Polls as well as one spot in the BCS rankings. So, yes, in the past 2 weeks we have moved up 14 spots in the AP, 12 spots in the coaches and one in the BCS, which has only had 2 weeks of existence this year. Not too bad for a little ole private school in Fort Worth, Texas eh? Haven't heard much from Pansy lately, coincidence? Anyway, as mentioned in the recap, thanks to #3 Paterno (#9 Ohio State), and #7 Georgia (#13 LSU), the Frogs went from 15 to 13 in the AP and coaches Polls and from 14-13 in the BCS poll - not sure how tOSU didn't drop below us in this. Ranks (get it???) up there with the criminality of Jimmy Young having to split the MWC Offensive Player of the week Award with a baby killer.

Also notable were Rutgers beating Pitt and South Florida dropping one to Louisville. USF is currently the only ranked Big East team in all three polls (what the F happened to WVU???) at 24th in the AP and Coaches and 23rd in the BCS, which gives us a huge cushion on that at large spot if we miss out on the top 12 and finish in that 12-16 spot. As always, a loss to a feisty and apparently athletic UNLV squad negates this entire post. Also as always, Boise State is a bunch of donkey raping shiteaters and need to lose or die PRONTO.

AP/Coaches #13. Lucky 13, eh? Unfortunately, all a 13 will do to you in Vegas is give you a shitty blackjack hand, so let's not play that numbers game. (Mucho apologies for the Simmonsesque way of incorporating Vegas and/or gambling into a piece, but I feel like it's warranted this week, no?) Anyway, a little room for movement this week but not much. I went into a pretty deep analysis last week talking about the room for potential movement by season's end so I will spare you.

Anyway, another Thursday night start this week with #24 USF traveling to Cincinnati, a still chic pick to win the Big Least because, let's face it, that's a pillow fightin', wide open conference if I've ever seen one. This has no immediate effect, but if USF drops another one, that'd leave potentially zero BE teams in the top 25, although UConn somehow made it into the BCS at 25th and WVU is sitting right on the edge of both the AP and Coaches polls. This would be great for business. Obviously the huge game this weekend is top ranked Texas heading to the panhandle to face an interesting 6th/5th Leach team who is coming off a massacre of Kansas in Lawrence. This is easily the biggest game to have ever been played in Lubbock and the gameday crew will be on hand to catch the action (and by action I mean STDs and by STDs I mean AIDS. I'm looking at you, Herbstreit), but lyle has already outlined this. Regardless, a Tech loss would never drop them anywhere close to below us, and would likely keep them in the Top 10, so this doesn't matter in the long run. In other games near the top, 4th/4th Oklahoma stays at home to play Nebraska, which we need an Oklahoma victory for SOS, and 0-7 Washington is in LA taking on 7th/6th ranked USC. A loss here should, common sense wise at least, drop USC below us in the rankings, but seeing as how the sporting world butters their bread (note: metaphor) with thoughts of Carroll, don't look for it to happen.

The game that would have the most immediate impact is taking place in Jacksonville when 8th/8th ranked Georgia plays 5th/7th Florida in the Cocktail Party that shall not be named game. Considering both teams have a loss, you would again think a two loss team would drop below us, but like USC and with the SEC bias that is prevelant in all years, this is by no means guaranteed. Rounding out, Iowa State plays 9th/10th Oklahoma State in Stillwater, New Mexico is sent to the slaughter in 10th/9th Salt Lake City (UTAH MUST WIN! I REPEAT, YOUR NUMBER 2 FAVORITE TEAM THIS WEEKEND IS THE UTES!) and the most overrated team in the country outside of Los Angeles 11th/11th Boise State is at New Mexico State (DIE! DIE! DU HAST MICH!). Bringing up our rear, 13th/13th Ohio State is off this week and 14/14 Mizzou is at Waco.

BCS #13. Love writing that. Never gets old. The games above have pretty much the same impact here, so I'm going to lament a little bit. Ohio. Fucking. State. Ok, so they get absolutely creamed by USC. Like, NC-17. Like, ESPN probably burned all recordings of this game so that future generations don't have to have their eyes burned out by that performance. Given, at the time, USC was going to be the BEST TEAM EEVVAAARRRRRRR AAAHHHHH!! then they crapped the bed against Oregon State. Nice work, boys. Really earning that 5th spot in the BCS. So then Ohio State comes out this past week against a very good Penn State team and loses by a TD. Respectable, right? Except you have to realize that PSU lost their QB during the game, the game was in Columbus where the Lions haven't won a game since before Paterno was in adult diapers... and that PATERNO ISN'T EVEN ON THE SIDELINES COACHING THE TEAM! Seriously, how can you give that loss credibility? They are currently ahead of us by 3 hundredths of a point, which, with victories the next two weeks, we will easily pass them... but come on. In a weekend of travesties (Jimmy Young award fiasco/Henson being labeled as the next Rae Carruth/Texas still being ranked #1 the same month Texas Monthly puts them on the cover), this one definitely sticks outs. I just don't get it and never will. F the Big Ten and F the BCS.

Ok sorry, I'll calm down. Anyway, like I said, the games in the BCS will have pretty much the same impact as far as our rankings are concerned, and I have to think that a solid win this week for the Frogs coupled with OSUs off week would give us the 12 spot come Sunday.

Games to Watch that Really Matter.

#5/7/8 Florida at #8/8/6 Georgia (in Jacksonville). Everyone used to love Florida/Tennessee, but this has become THE rivalry in the SEC over the past few years (with LSU/Auburn not being a bad consolation most of the time). These are two very solid teams and Florida has absolutely owned this rivalry from the 90s through 2006. However, Georgia took the contest last year and showed some poor class while doing it, so don't think for a second that Florida hasn't been thinking about this one since last year. Stafford and Moreno are good, but, aside from last week, haven't done a whole lot to garner the hype. Tebow will use the power he receives from third world infant foreskin and keep Florida in the National Title race.

#10/9/10 Utah vs. New Mexico. New Mexico dropped 7/10 of 100 on San Diego State, then crapped out against Air Force, so who knows how to look at them. As with our game, this is a seriously trap game for the Utes, but they're much too strong of a team to get tripped up. Utes roll.

#11/11/11 Boise State at New Mexico State. The fate of our matchup with Utah hinges on the state of New Mexico. I have a feeling they're both going to lose though, which helps us reach half of our goal. Seriously though, a NMSU victory in this game will make me 1000 times happier than a TCU win over UNLV (which, obviously, has to happen either way).

Games that Kind of Matter.

#4/4/4 Oklahoma vs. Nebraska. OU needs to win, but even if they lose, I don't know that it would completely kill our chances. This one could fit into either of the top two game categories. Regardless, Nebraska has negative defense and OU has positive offense and is at home. Boomer.

#7/6/5 USC vs. Washington. As I said, a USC loss here should drop USC below us in the rankings, but this is by no means a fact (see: State, Ohio). However, even if it did not, it would definitely drop OSU below us in the BCS due to SOS and prove that good does sometimes prevail over evil, so a USC loss is a win win for our gameday spirits as well as our karmic ones. Unfortunately, Washington is bad. Like, really bad. Like, Karsten Sween running to reporters to get his diaper changed bad. Also, Washington coach Ty Willingham was informed that he was getting the ole boot at the end of the season regardless of outcome, so don't expect much here. Also, USC has dropped their standard crap game this year.

#9/19/9 Oklahoma State vs. Iowa State. Sort of matters because an OSU loss would move us up in the rankings... sort of doesn't matter because OSU is easily the second best team in the Big 12 (sorry, Tetch) and won't drop two in a row. Also, T. Boone Pickens made a deal with Lucifer similar to the one Paterno signed, the results of which are still unfulfilled.

Games that Have No Effect on Us Whatsoever and Will Not Be Close.

#1/1/1 Texas at #6/5/7 Texas Tech. Didn't think I'd go there, did you? I, however, have watched many a Texas/Texas Tech football game, especially when it's "Tech's year, UT is going down!!" and, well, the results are rarely pretty. In fact, since 1999, Tech has only beaten Texas once and, while it was in Lubbock, Texas sure wasnt' ranked #1. Last year's game in Austin really upset Leach when he went on a grog induced rant about the refs cheating (which, I'm with you on that Mike, but only because I think Texas cheats at everything) so perhaps there'll be a little fire in the belly of that peg legged rapscallion, but I still just don't see it. I mean, everything is perfectly set up for a Tech victory: Gameday crew, the only stench coming out of Lubbock being slaughterhouse cow shit now that Tech has a semblance of a defense, a team that is finally clicking after a less than inspiring start over D1-AA competition, Bobby Knight's bad karma out of town (which, after Corso inevitably picks UT to win and is subsequently beaten and left for dead out on the Strip, will be improved because God has been trying to use tanning beds to kill that vile beat for years). Regardless, and at the risk of sounding like a UT homer, which you all know I'm not, Texas is, like, really really good this year and Tech will show their true colors as a one dimensional team once McCoy hangs a few TDs on them. It's a fun game on paper, and the spread is only at -4 UT after opening at -6... but I'd go ahead and double and maybe even triple that number if you want the true result. Go Tech, but sorry guys, it ain't happenin'

#2/2/2 Alabama vs. Arkansas State. ULM! ULM! ULM!

So, there you have it. Those are the games to watch. Those are the games that are going to determine our BCS destiny. You guys have an awesome time in Vegas and bring home a win... and I'm talking about a Frogs win. I personally don't care about your financial freedom.

G-Pa in 5 Part Series On CFB Live

Here is the video of Patterson on ESPN yesterday. Had to break down the video into 5 segments to post it. Has alot of good highlights from the game as well as Henson unloading on Sween and Crum. Pretty long but worth it.

Houston WR Nauseating Leg Break

Try to stomach the 1:20 mark, slow motion replay of leg snapping. I smell a lawsuit coming to whoever is responsible for those carts being 5 yards past the end zone.

T-Shirt Idea/Help

After going on the KF bus trip and them dishing out free Ts... well, not really free but kind of free... I thought it might be kind of cool if we did something like that for ourselves. Not necessarily to hand out just because I, as I'm sure many of you, aren't that interested in paying for a ton of them, but I think it'd be awesome to put up a design on the site linked to a T shirt design page for everyone to buy (as they do on a lot of other blogs.) Anyway, as "Start Wearing Purple" has really become the gameday jam of late, I thought it might be kind of cool to incorporate Gogol Bordello into the design. The only problem I have is that I think it'd be cool if someone with photoshop abilities could change the big yellow backdrop in this picture to a TCU flag. I did a search on google for some pictures and they always play with this big backdrop, but this is really the best one I could find that has the backdrop and the band. I thought we could do that and maybe put like "start wearing purple" underneath and the site name on the back or vis-a-versa. Anyway, just kind of a thought if anyone knows how to photoshop such things. I've made my homespun GP/Henson shirts on and they do a good job and only cost about 20 bucks.

Morning Dump

Big game by Jimmy Young too fun to describe Star-Telegram

TCU has had some memorable defensive performances under Gary Patterson Star-Telegram

Frogs solidify 2009 game against ACC team Daily Skiff

Patterson holds weekly press conference


MWC has BCS hopefuls Coloradoan

This year the little guys have a lot to offer for BCS Austin American-Statesman

Around the Mountain West USA Today

Quincy Butler coming back to Cowboys Dallas Morning News

Steelers sign LS Retkofsky National Post

Mountain West announces MWC/MVC Challenge in men's basketball

'Cheap shot': Cowboys still fuming about hit on Sween

Article in the Jackson Hole Star Tribune highlights Karsten Sween's (little bitch) reactions after seeing the hit on film.

After seeing the video below (thanks Buck Nasty), Karsten (who the hell names their boy Karsten?) slid even later then I had thought from seeing it live, which further proves that Henson was going for a shoulder to chest tackle (the way coaches teach you to tackle).

I hope San Diego State beats Wyoming in Laramie, which I have no doubt they will if Wyoming continues to field a bunch of no talent Cowgirls.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Here it is. If you have a weak stomach, be careful. I wish they would have shown the one when he took out Crum.

Big Weekend in Lubbock

Like many of you, I will not be travelling to Las Vegas this weekend to see the Frogs take down the UNLV Rebels. This is due to the fact that our economy has AIDS and that neither of my grandfathers invented velcro (that is, until I get my hands on a time machine...but that is a whole other discussion). Speaking of STD's, though, imagine the kind of dough you could make by alleviating the shortage of penicillin that is sure to hit Lubbock-area pharmacies after this weekend:

  • Friday night is Halloween
  • ESPN's College Game Day is live in Lubbock for the first time ever
  • The biggest home game in the history of Texas Tech football
  • The clocks change Saturday night, giving everyone in town an extra hour at the bars

The drippage all of that causes is going to be more than the normal yearly rainfall for Lubbock.

Patterson on ESPNews

For those of you who happen to be around a TV at 1:15pm CST Patterson is set to be on College Football Overdrive

Morning Dump

TCU still on track Scout

MWC news and notes Sports Network

This Week's Opponent

They get no regards Las Vegas Sun

Monday, October 27, 2008

GP Props

ESPN recently did an article ranking the Top 25 college football programs of the past decade. Thanks in part to Fran and in full to GP, the Frogs sit at 24th on the list.

Jimmy Young co-offensive player of the week

Another MWC teams leaves Amon G crying

Apparently Amon G is not a friendly place for TCU opponents. Austin Ward, staff writer for the Casper Star-Tribune, decided that instead of writing about how his team was absolutely manhandled, given the brokeback history maybe that was a poor choice of words, rather he decided to focus on the completely clean hit that knocked his QB out of the game. Comments aren't as amusing as those from the fighting Joseph Smith's, but the article is just as ridiculous.

'Uncalled for': late hit leaves QB Sween unconcious Casper Star-Tribune

For the record it was a clean hit.

Game 9: Wyoming Brokeback Mountains... what else would it be?

Wyoming Defense: "I don't know how to quit you, Jimmy Young."

Jimmy Young, meet world. World, meet Jimmy Young. How he hadn't had a game like this before, we'll never know... but the wonderful truth is that we know what he's capable of, and he did it when we needed him to. The guy had been averaging 13.2 yards per catch and had already tailled a couple of 100 yards games this season, but just was not able to find the end zone until this past week. With Jeremy Kerley out, we needed another playmaker to step up. Enter number 88. Touchdowns were easily caught. Receiving records were shattered. Frogs win. Again. With two Sugar Bowl reps in the house, the TCU offense showed up in a big way, especially in the second half. There's plenty here to talk about, but I'm going to save it for the recap section.

Great day for a football game, eh? Perhaps it could've been a bit cooler, but that's just being anal about the whole situation. The truth is, it was a beautiful day for homecoming and a perfect opportunity to have a 5 o'clock kickoff. I Decided to up the ante today and break out what will surely become known as one of the greatest tailgate inventions of all time following the advent of beer and the cooler: The Freedom Grill. How American sounding is that? It's no coincidence that this device was created following 9/11. The missus gave me this contraption last year for Christmas and what it is is a grill that fits onto your trailer hitch and rides on the back of your car. The positive: you don't have to sacrifice car space. The negative: it only swivels out so far, so if you have the back of your car open, your interior smells like a cheeseburger for the next 6-7 weeks. Is it worth it for drunk halftime yum yums though? Absolutely! In fact, without that cheeseburger resting happily in my gullet, I'm not sure my mitochondria could've produced enough energy to power me through the second half and the rest of the evening. (Side note: Yes, I did look up mitochondria on wikipedia just now). However, my only complaint about these one sided beatdowns courtesy of the Frogs? None of my beer survives the game! Seriously, why is it so hard to come into a football game even for a few minutes, especially when there are Sugar Bowl reps in the press box: I.E. THEY WANT TO SEE BIG ATTENDANCE NUMBERS AND PASSIONATE FANS? I generously allow people to share cooler space and have stopped dictatorily locking said cooler up at halftime, and this is the thanks I get? I'm not in college anymore... I don't have to let girls drink all my beer to get laid (well, if I wasn't engaged, this would probably be a shocking false statement.) All I want to do after the game is come back, sit in my chair, watch the night game and have a few dranks. My generosity is waning.

Well, after that diversion, let's get on with the game, because there's a lot to be said.

Offense - A. George W. Bush once said, "Fool me once.. shame on.. shame on you. You fool me, you can't get fooled again." Apparently, while this may be a saying in Texas and Tennessee, it must not be that way in Wyoming. I have not had time to rewatch the game extensively yet and mostly fast forwarded to the scoring drives and big defensive hits, but I know I counted four seperate times that Jimmy Young ran the exact same seam route to the exact same result. FOUR. Three of these four went for TDs and one went all the way to inside the 5 yard line. Final tally for Young? 5 receptions, 226 yards, 3 TDs and the TCU single game receiving record, last set by Jimmy Oliver (what's in a name?) against Tetch in 1994. You knew he had speed... but man. The guy ran about 5 steps and was WIDE open in the secondary, giving Red enough time to take about a 3 step drop and zing the ball in there. Heck, the Lambda Chi award winning intramural football team (true story: When we were freshmen apparently the Rambdies 2 IM flag football teams made the championship. They made T shirts for the game that said, "Finally, we have some competition. And they wonder why no one likes them,) could've made the plays. Even Brad Johnson could've completed the throws... well, maybe I won't go THAT far. Anyway, all in a days work, Jimmy Young. All in a days work. On a day when we knew the Wildfrog wasn't going to be a major factor (more on that later), and where the run game was struggling, Dalton and Young came out on a mission to destroy the 12th ranked pass defense in the nation, although it looks like we went ahead and knocked those numbers back to reality. Wyoming isn't a great football team, but they have typically played us close and, aside from a special teams gaffe in the first half, would've only carried a 10 point deficit going into halftime. GP clearly could not have been pleased, even with a 24-7 lead, and it really showed after the break.

Red, who coming into this game only had 2 passing touchdowns on the season, decided it was time to go ahead and play to his potential, completing 16/22 passes for 334 yards, four TDs and 0 INTs. Now this is going to sound like a thinly veiled man crush and will be littered with sports writer cliches, but man... that kid throws an absolutely beautiful ball. Frozen rope! Seriously though, it always comes out quick, hard (just ask Shae Reagan after last week's goal line drop/concussion power facemask smack) and on target (.... that's what she said). He doesn't float the ball, he fires it in there. I really noticed this last week while rewatching the game and noticed it even more in this game. Not that he didn't do well in previous weeks, but all six of his TDs on the year have come the past two weeks, and have come on deep, accurate throws. Maybe it's the confidence that the offensive staff is FINALLY giving him by allowing him to air it out that is making him better? Maybe it's his offensive line giving him all SORTS of time to throw? Maybe in the two weeks off he had following a big loss something just clicked in his head? Regardless, over the next two years when we have Bart Johnson, Jeremy Kerley and Jimmy Young lined up out wide with more seasons under their belts... watch the F out, Mountain West. Dark Horse Heisman candidate under center. Mark my words. Seriously, we get these guys for two more years. Big, big day from Red.

On the receiving end of these 334 yards... well, you've seen where 226 of them came from. JY. Word. Following Young, you had two catches a piece from Curtis Clay, Bart Johnson, Walter Bryant, Justin Watts and Ryan Christian, with Watts catching a goal line TD pass. Aaron Brown also had one catch.

As mentioned, running the ball against these guys surprisingly didn't work out very well for us. Given they had one of the better pass defenses, and one of the worst everything else defenses, you'd think we would've run all over them. However, it looks like Joe Glenn's team decided not to play to their strength and stacked the box. Well, we see how that turned out. Congrats on stopping the run... no congrats for whatever else you gameplanned. Joseph Turner led all rushers with 10 attempts for 76 yards. Following him was Antoine Hicks who filled in on a handful of Wildfrog snaps for the injured Kerley. Hicks, who everyone knows came to the Frogs from UT under less than honorable circumstances, has really been embraced by the student body and games like this won't do anything to hurt his standing, as he had 6 runs for 23 yards and a near touchdown as well as a blocked punt that, fortunately for Donnie Darko, went for a safety. Nice. Rounding out the run game were Brown (7-24), Dalton (6-22-1), Jai Cavness (5-9), Christian (2-7), Jercell Fort (2-1) and Marcus Jackson who had one four yard scamper for a score once the game was well in hand. Not big numbers, but it got us 14 points, which was twice what we needed to win.

Overall, 444 yards (334 passing, 110 rushing), 18 first downs, no fumbles, 7 of 14 on third down and 29 minutes TOP, which I believe is the first time we've lost this stat all season. Regardless, when you score quickly on long passes, and you're playing a running team, this can happen, but I suppose you have to ask yourself would you rather have 45+ minutes with the ball or 54 points?

Defense - B-/A. I've been told by some that my recaps are a bit too sugar coated, which is fair and unfair because when your team is 8-1 and ranked 12th in the country, if you still find things to be critical about, you're just being an asshole/a UT fan... which are generally one in the same. Despite this, I had to drop our defense out of the A category for the second time this season. The split represents first half performance vs. second half because, let's face it, even though I personally never doubted we'd win the game, it wasn't exactly in hand until late in the second quarter. Even though we thought it'd never happen, the Frogs defense gave up its first 100 yard rusher on the season, as Wyoming's Devin Moore rushed for 114 yards. including a 42 yard TD, and the Cowboys netted 113 overall (mostly thanks to a 26 yard sack/grounding in the third quarter by none other than Jerry Hughes). For those of you TCU football historians, at least from last year, this shouldn't be a surprise as Moore rushed for over 100 on the defense last season in Laramie. Henson claimed that this was "hands down the best back we've seen this year," which, statistically, yes he was, although runners such as OU's DeMarco Murray and BYUs Harvey Unga get the national recognition. The kid was fast and powerful and earned all the yards he got.

Of course, with most TCU defensive performances, there's a silver lining in all of this in that the Frogs only gave up 10 yards on the ground after halftime. I will probably never witness one of GPs fiery halftime tirades, but I feel like they must make fire and brimstone look like puppies and cupcakes. After the game, GP said something along the lines of, "you could feel it coming down the tunnel last week... this week, I couldn't feel a thing," which shows that the Frogs may have come out taking this team lightly in the first half. Fortunately this was not the case in the second half as the D forced two turnovers, blocked a punt and generally helped the team rack up 30 points in the second half. The only thing I worry about is apparently the two back sets that Wyoming was showing are being blamed for throwing off the TCU first half performance, and Air Force and, more notably, Utah often show these same sets. Given, we'll know what we're playing for by the Air Force game, but you have to feel good that this team has gotten a good dose of what they will likely see against the Utes in a couple of weeks and know how to stop it.

Naturally this blog is going to give preference to Henson's on-field performance, no matter if he has 1 or 20 tackles, but I definitely have to talk about what the guy did this week. Now, the big stink about him is that he hit Karsten Sween "unnecessarily" in the third quarter, knocking the QB unconscious and out of the game. This is one of those plays that I rewatched several times yesterday afternoon and, while his shoulder definitely made contact with Sween's head, I don't think you can say it was dirty by any means. It was really just an unfortunate incident: Sween was forced out of the pocket and running upfield and went into his slide right as Henson lowered his shoulder to make the tackle and they just arrived at the exact same time on the spot. Now, had it been me, it would've been lights out for Sir Wesley (not my real name, mind you, although if it were Sir Demarco and I would have the exact same initials, SDB. Interesting?) I would've curled up into the fetal position and died. Seriously. It looked REALLY painful. But, we all know football is a violent game and this is a by product, especially when you're getting hit by the hardest hitting player on one of the fastest and most hard hitting defenses in the country. Fortunately, it looked like Sween will recover just fine. Troy Aikman had like 37 concussions in his career, no? Anyway, all the hit really did was make Joe Glenn come across as a baby and a sore loser and give Sween an early trip to the locker room. No qualms here and I hope Sween is able to come out this week and play.

Continuing on, we can't stop here with the Henson praise. On the very next Wyoming possesion, Henson had another big hit that forced a fumble and, according to the Star-Telegram, removed backup QB Dax Crum from competition. Confirmation on this? Maybe these guys are a bunch of sissies, or maybe Henson just has a thing against dudes with terrible names (seriously, Karsten and Dax, go back to Laguna and sip mai tai's with Spencer Pratt.) Regardless, though, on the fumble creating hit that Henson put on Crum, I seriously feared for his life. There was a play in the Colorado State game where Henson was zeroing in on the ball carrier and just baaarely missed absolutely dynamiting his soul... well, he connected on this one. Unblocked with a clear lane, Henson absolutely made Crum get died, setting up the Dalton to Watts TD. For brevity's sake, RH51 ended the game with 9 tackles (2 for loss), a sack, a forced fumble, and a cruel and unusual punishment torture lawsuit from the Wyoming QB staff. Seriously, dude made Guantanamo look like Disney World.

There are other players on our defense? What? Despite Henson's dynamite performance, Jason Phillips ended up leading all tacklers with 11, including one for a loss, followed by TJ with 7 tackles, 2 for losses, Steven Coleman with 6, and Stephen Hodge with 5, with one for a loss. Wayne Daniels, Daryl Washington, Matt Panfil, Nick Sanders and Sir Demarco Bledsoe each had 2, with Daniels getting credited with the fumble recovery on the above hinted to Henson play. Jerry Hughes had a quiet night only recording one sack. With such a lead, lots of our backups got the opportunity to play with 20 different players recording at least one tackle, and Greg McCoy getting his first career INT late in the game.

Final numbers show that the D gave up 221 total yards (113 rushing, 108 passing), 13 first downs, a FF/FR, and a sack. These numbers would be respectable for any defense, but assuming everyone saw the slow start, you can see why the first half rating was a little low. Regardless, hard to argue with seven points given up, a fumble recovery, and interception and a blocked punt for a safety. Go Frogs.

Special Teams - A-. As evidenced each week, I really never know where to rank the special teams because, like my mentor Gary Patterson, I don't care much for them. It seems like they are never clicking on all cylinders like our defense and offense consistently do. This week, the return and kicking games were great, yet the kickoff and punt games were weak. Aaron Brown... well, it was bound to happen eventually, right? Just when the Cowboys had scored a long TD and were maybe gaining a little momentum, AB went ahead and took the ensuing kickoff 85 yards to the house. Like Young's breakout game, how this hadn't happened yet, and how it hadn't happened since 2005 at that, we'll never know, but it did when we needed it most. After taking one 75 yards for no score and one 56 yards for no score in previous contests, Brown delivered, finishing with 3 returns for a 50 yards average! Wow! Brown also assumed punt return duties, returning 2 for 14 yards, with Antoine Hicks taking 1 for 11. Ross Evans nailed his only FG attempt (24 yards) and got a real leg workout while connecting on all 7 EP attempts after missing 2 last week. Pretty sure I know how his practices went this past week. Also, as mentioned above several times, Antoine Hicks blocked a Wyoming punt near the goal line which bounced out of the end zone for a safety.

Negatively, and there always is one, Drew Combs had 8 kickoffs for a 52.1 yard average (which is short) and one out of bounds. It looks like this is a part of our game we are going to have to live with because we're going to score touchdowns and field goals which inevitably result in kickoffs. Fortunately, our coverage teams have been great and our defense has been better even while being forced to deal with less than stellar field position.

Also negative was Anson Kelton who, despite being one of my favorite TCU newcomers, had 4 punts for a 41 yard average and only one inside the 20. Regardless, everyone has an off day and the kid has been better on the road which I'll take great days over UNLV and Utah over one against Air Force anyday.

Overall. Great day, great second half, great Homecoming weekend. No gameday experience would be complete without post game gluttony at Ocean Rock followed by the win or lose dance-off at the Oui that even Charlie Daniels the bartender could enjoy. Opting to get a hotel room for the evening and sleeping comfortably rather than curling up on someone's undersized couch/floor proved to be the difference maker in driving home feeling AND smelling like hot garbage and driving home only feeling like room temperature garbage. Probably my favorite tailgate scene thusfar this season, although as mentioned I had to miss the SDSU game due to Ms. Wesley's hospital fun time, so I can't speak for that. The weather was great, the burgers were great, and the cops actually backed off. Before the game a TCU official rode up on his golf cart and pleaded with us to be agreeable with any officials that happened to wander up, and this never ended up being an issue. Perhaps TCU asked the federales to back off.. or perhaps it was the conversation theredbarron and WWHD were seen having with said policia before the game, but it was definitely the most relaxed atmosphere at ACS this year. I hate to have to wait a full month before the next and last home game, but we've got two huge ones coming up in the next 10 days and, after that, we're going to need a breather. Go Frogs!

Frogs - 12th AP, 12th Coaches, 13th BCS.

Game Ball. Lots of different ways to go with this one so, again I'm going to split it. First and foremost you have to give Jimmy Young recognition for what he did. Sure, Dalton fired in some great passes, but Young created the separation and, had it not been for one defender only getting partially annihilated, would have had 4 TDs. Setting a school record is one thing. Setting a school record against the 12th best pass defense in the nation is another. Doing so coming off the biggest win of your career against a cellar dwelling conference team who no one is fired up to play is even better. Hats off to JY88 and we look forward to three more huge ones.

Secondly, and obviously, gotta give Henson his props. Big day, big hits, big plays. I had a post earlier in the week showing a fired up Henson coming out of the tunnel against BYU while the rest of the team looks on a little more solemnly, and it looks like he carried that energy over to this week. After the game, while standing on the railing and singing the school song, we got a "Ro-bert-Hen-son" chant going which got the faintest smile from the man himself. After a game like that, you deserve it man. (Sorry, that sounded reeeeally queer/Peter Kingesque. Umm... TCU Football Rules!)

Other Games of Interest.

#1/1/1 Texas 28, #9/10/9 Oklahoma State 24. Since this is Colt McCoy's #1 fansite, this game gets recognition. Despite fighting the good fight, T. Boone's boys couldn't take down the still unbeaten Longhorns, but at least they made it very interesting. We knew this wouldn't drop OSU behind us with a loss, but with Oklahoma and Texas Tech still left on the schedule, a loss in either of those games (preferably to OU I guess) would do the trick. Unfortunately we have to tip our hats to the Horns because they are OU's only loss and this roundaboutedly helps our strength of schedule.

#3/3/3 Penn State 13, #13/12/13 Ohio State 6. Watched the end of this one. Typical, boring Big Televen matchup. It looks like Joe Pa's deal with the devil is finally paying off as he has a pretty clear path now to the Big Ten championship as well as the BCS national title game.

#4/4/4 Oklahoma 58, Kansas St. 35. Keep those victories coming, cheaters.

#6/7/5 Texas Tech 63, Kansas 21. I only bring this up because I thought this was going to be a huge mental block for the Raiders. Apparently I was wrong. How fired up are these guys going to be to get UT into Lubbock this weekend? I still think they lose, but wow... who would've thought that the UT/OU game would now be the third most hyped game on their schedule in any season?

#8/6/8 Georgia 52, #15/15/19 LSU 38. Called the upset here, but wow, it's amazing that the Dogs did that to LSU in their own house. Can't wait for the Cocktail party this weekend.

#11/11/11 Boise State 33, San Jose St. 16. Well, our biggest hope for a BSU loss is down so now we're counting on the rest of the lowly WAC competition to be our deux es machina. This does not make me comfortable.

#16/15/16 Florida State 30, Virginia Tech 20. I was hoping big time for a Florida State loss here to keep us way ahead of the ACC leader, but the Goiters were unable to pull the upset. Still, two steps ahead in the almighty BCS rankings is nice.

#24/23/24 South Florida 20, Louisville 24. Somehow called this upset despite a dire lack of knowledge of both teams beyond our CUSA days. Great for us because we are now 10 spots ahead of the Big East leader with no one else in sight. It should be noted that the Wannstache's were raped out of the top 25 by Rutgers, who is bad. Also, I told you so.

#17/17/20 BYU 42, UNLV 35. HUGE scare for us and the Cougars in this one. Note the game was being played in Provo. Note that UNLV had the lead late in the game and had a chance to take it to OT had it not been for a last second INT by BYU. Obviously BYU had the wind taken out of their sails after last week, but geez! Hope our guys watch this tape before heading to Vegas.

Air Force 23, New Mexico 10. After an absolute nuclear thrashing of San Diego State last week, the Lobos couldn't carry that momentum on a short week. Air Force refuses to go away in the MWC standings, although November 22 should be a judgment day.

Colorado State 38, SDSU 34. If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is around to hear it, does anyone give a f*** about this game?

This week. Fun game coming up against the UNLV Rebels in Vegas. Wish I could join you guys there, but when you get out of college and road trips aren't on the parents dime anymore, it limits your options. I know a good amount of our readers and posters are going, so I wish you all luck and I hope you actually do make it to the game as I as well as anyone understand the limitations of outdoor/non gambling related activity while in Vegas. Full slate of games including Georgia/Florida in the afternoon and our game and UT/TTU at night so I suggest you get your bets in to the sports book early, and please remember that we pretty much always cover the spread. UNLV gave BYU a big scare, although I'm willing to bet that BYU wasn't exactly giving it their all. TCU is SO close to doing something that has never been done in being a one loss BCS busting team. I know their minds will be on the Utah game, as happened with the CSU/BYU conundrum, but as GP would say, you've gotta win your conference games if you want to get to the BCS. Lots of distractions out in the desert, but at this point in the season if the team can't be focused for a game, then there are big problems. Could be a sluggish one, but look for UNLV to be depeleted after such a heart breaking loss to the Cougars. Opening line is Frogs -13.5. I'll take that.

The Pick: Frogs 35, UNLV 13.

Not sure how or if the recap will happen next week. Unfortunately I'll be down for the count with a wedding during the entirety of the game and I'm not sure what my replay status will be on Sunday afternoon. Regardless, I will post something, even if it's just pictures of Jerry Hughes showing his manhood to opposing QBs, like so:

Be back later in the week with the Top 25 analysis. Go Frogs. Go America. Beat Vegas.

Morning Dump

Gary Patterson happy to see adjustments paying off for TCU Star-Telegram

The hopeful team,s but probably only one bid New York Times

This Week's Opponent

Rebels nearly upset cougars KTNV

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jimmy Young for Heisman

Is it too early to start the campaign for when he is a senior?

Friday, October 24, 2008

Frog Talk / Ask-a-Frog II- THE W(h)Y GAME

I can’t find a picture for this weeks game, Brokeback has already been used.  Anyways, let’s dive right in and hear what you guys have to say

SchultzHater:  What in the hell was that?  2 deep throws on the first 2 downs?  Passing the ball after leading in the game by 7 points?  Haven’t we come to expect the “you only have to win by one.” rhetoric.  I’m confused….  In short (or not) our defense looked like a bunch of cracked up maniacs picking on a high school team.  The talent level was unfair.  The overwhelming speed evident to anyone watching – football fan or not.  It was violent, just violent….

 I felt like I was watching a different team – but not really.  A question was proposed to me at the game.  “Did we play at an abnormal level beyond our Talent or did we play to our potential we had all along?” 

 I will answer this one on my own (sorry Disciples of GP) - we played to the Talent level we have had for 8 years.  Up and down over the years – yes - but on this Thursday night, we played to the potential we have had all along.  Our system….GPa’s system works – it works at developing players – the overlooked piece in the puzzle in College Football.  Who ever heard of making high school running backs into Defensive Ends?  Turning Running Backs into Linebacker’s?  All Patterson….. so I give him lots of credit on this one….but I also propose this question…”where in the hell has this fulfillment of Talent been in the past?”  What was evident to me on Thursday is simply this…..we played at level 9 of 10 – I think we averaged a level 4 in the first 7 games – maybe the last 7 years…. We played at Level 8 against Texas Tech in 2006.  A level 8 because our offense essentially puttered through that game.  When was the last time we put a #1 defense together with an offense that functions? 2000 

Side note:  This is the best overall team we have had since 2000

Side note #2:  We looked like a big time BCS team (that hurts to say it like that), not a Pac 10, Big 10, Big Least, or ACC team, but an elite athletic SEC defense and a Big 12 efficient offense – no one watching the magical Boise State upset of Oklahoma 2 years ago can say the same – when we are in a BCS game this year, no one can say we are the Cinderella – Cinderella’s don’t bitch slap opponents with superior athletes and a spirit of violence.  

Another side note:  Please don’t ever compare Dalton to Ballard, where Ballard might throw a ball into the stands Dalton throws hard into decent coverage and makes plays, like any great QB has to do…….

My flawed theory and opinion:  Not to take away from coaching, but….for 8 years we have had more Talent than any conference team we play – that includes the WAC, Conference USA, and now the MWC – on average.  I firmly believe this to be true – on average.  Listen to other coaches in those conferences over the years, watch the games, we have always had athletes – better athletes overall than our conference opponents….on average.  The difference between us and Texas or OU?  They have way more depth and the occasional 5 star badass and they play in big venues every week (I think this raises the level of play in general and a partial reason we lost in Austin last year and Norman this year.)  On the other hand – in Fort Worth we turn 2 star recruits into 4 star players by habit….all the time….every year…. 

We are a Texas team with proven footballers – BYU wishes they could have some of our players, so does Utah (although they do well on the talent level).  I have said this about the Frogs for years and been in constant disappointment due to this belief and my constant high expectations.  When you watch the Tech game in 06 or BYU in 08 or hell even the Northern Illinois game in 06 (I hesitant to consider them a triumph – but didn’t that running back run all over everybody that year including Ohio “overrated” State?)  you gotta love the team comparisons.  When you see a team dominate a game, truly dominate, then you have to wonder where this domination has been or came from?  Not to make un-backed up claims, but I will anyways…..and state that “I have always seen this talent level in the past” that’s right - in quotes, whether it was a quarter of great football every game or a half a game every now and then.  I have always known that the potential for domination has always been there with the teams GPa fields.  This simple fact has made watching the frogs win painful at times.  

For perspective on my theory consider this………NO ONE, no one has dominated a Mike Leach Tech offense like we did….nobody…..not even close….and they have played some really good teams on really tough home fields……how about bitch slapping BYU last week?  NO one, not even close –AND mark my words….it won’t happen again this year…BYU will score at least 20 points in every game from here on in (it’s truly sad that BYU and Utah will have to split shitty bowls this year, but I don’t want to start with the bcs and conference talk about the most un-democratic and corrupt system in college or pro sports today)……my point is that these performances don’t add up – they don’t add up because we don’t play at these kind of levels often – or ever really….my question is why?

Side note again:  Kerley is better than A. Brown – well, at least he has better vision and will be better – this kid will be great one day…..

Also:  Why can’t the BYU coaches and players admit they just got beat by a better team, all I have heard them say is that “TCU played a great game” and “we played a bad game” or “we weren’t prepared.” Even the pre-game quotes from the BYU team was cocky – not your usual cocky, but I have everything under control Morman knocking-at-your-door cocky. 

One more:  How good are we going to be next year?  Wow

Dear Mike: 

I still hate you Shultz, why do you tease me like this….why?  can I really expect this kind of performance again?  I have seen this before, maybe it’s a touchdown drive that looks precise, maybe it’s a perfectly executed 10 play calls in a row – the kind of performance where we look like different team…yes, you have tricked me before……..and then sure enough we get up by 7 points and run the short side option 3 times and stall.  Mike, I beg you not to waste Dalton’s arm, please, don’t allow this offense to slip into mediocrity when we are up by 10 points….didn’t you see how the COMBINATION of a suffocating defense and a potent viable scoring offense can rip the heart from a team?  Rely only on GPa’s defense and you risk still fighting for the win in the 4th…….

Wyoming prediction:  I don’t really care…. 31 – 6 maybe?  

13 days, just 13 more days till Utah and a glorious victory clinching a BCS bowl…..

Disciples of GP:  First of all I’d like to say great game and I agree 100% with you.  Not a lot to add after your terrific analysis.  Mormon hexes and Thursday voodoo dolls be damned WE READY.  Kerley and Hughes especially READY.  While we can improve on every single facet, all in all, I feel like any criticism of the O or D is just going to be splitting hairs.  AD thread that needle.  Play that same game and we can compete with anybody in the country…not exaggerating…ANYBODY.  My short synopsis- best total performance I’ve seen from the Frogs (sans special teams) in years.  Usually D wins it and from time to time our O shows signs of life.  Against BYU they both brought the wood.  D was its usual awesomeness…but the O…WOW, I don’t think they played good, like you I think for once they finally played to their potential…MARK IT- this team can play like that in and out every week, it is not an IF question but a WILL question.  Both WILL they show up and attack with confidence AND WILL they be given the opportunity via good play calling.  Hopefully they can build upon that game and have the confidence and swagger our D has.  We have all the pieces it takes, but WILL we seize it…… 

As far as WhyHomie- I still remember the pain of listening to that miserable game on the radio last year.  I want vengeance and trust our players do too.  No worries.  Play 1/8th like we did last week and this game takes care of itself.

Now some questions for you:

Do you think Wyoming people are correct when they compare themselves to AIDS in that they can cure fags??  Seriously, I’ve done some googling and found protest signs that would imply this to be the views the vast majority of their state shares.  It seems gay people are probably safer at an NRA convention than in that state.

SchultzHater:  First of all, we have all seen Brokeback Mountain at least twice.  From this thematic masterpiece and what followed we can conclude that the many treks lovers made into the Mountains of Wyoming after the revealing of the “American love story” proves that Wyoming is not only a safe place for gay men, but a place of sanctuary and healing.

Disciples of GP:  Should I feel bad about being a "bad" winner?? I like to gloat. Did BYU bring religion into any debate by being the only school that Mormon's support?? Seriously it's not like I support my school b/c of its religious affiliation. Why is ND hate sooooo much more acceptable than BYU hate?? Is this a double standard?? I feel hate on any school that brings religion into Football. But I feel hate on any school that's not TCU. Your thoughts??

SchultzHater:  Have you seen Chris Rocks new HBO special?  We have all known Chris Rock to talk about race, race hating, racial differences, etc.  But in this new segment he gives us a new insight into different aspects of society. 

In short he explains that poor people have the right to make fun of rich people – because they are poor.  A fat chick has the right to make fun of a skinny chick – because she is fat, but a skinny chick can’t make fun of a fat chick and it’s not cool for a rich person to make fun of a poor person.  He explains that in whatever situation you have in society, the weaker, the poorer, the fatter, the dumber, really any person lower on the totem pole has the right to make fun of the person that is higher, it’s human nature. 

My point is that we cannot make fun of Jews because they have had it so hard since Jesus (minus the last 50 years).  Feel free to hate ND or make fun of them because Catholics didn’t get gassed in the Holocaust.  BYU and the Mormons are just plain sensitive, lots of hate has been thrown there way over the years and they are defensive about it.  Yes, it is a double standard in society, is it fair? NO, but leave it to Chris Rock to eloquently explain this complex topic in a simple way and remember this “a skinny chick can’t make fun of a fat chick.”   


Prediction Thread

I'm going with the Frogs putting a pounding on the Cowboys as revenge for the fluke loss last year.

42 - 6

Who ya got???

Rumored: Sugar Bowl Reps to Attend Wyoming Game

Translation: Get your ass and others' asses in the game, be as loud and obnoxious as you were at the BYU game, and despite not having a laughable religion to hate on, we still have this:

Morning Dump

TCU Frogs warned not to over look any opponent Star-Telegram

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TCU's defense isn't an encouraging thought for the Pokes Jackson Hole Star Tribune

Tomorrow's Opponent

Wyoming faces nation's best defense Casper Star Tribune

Wyoming's Version of Eve

I wonder if she can rap.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

About time someone stands up for the MWC

And it was our own Lyle Lanley who did it!

TCU latest to expose BCS flaws Texas Football

Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb,
Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb,

Mid-season all-conference team

Morning Dump

Youngsters are getting job done at TCU Star-Telegram

TCU looks to finish this year WFAA

TCU hoping to avoid letdown ESPN

TCU's Patterson banishes some 3-letter words Deseret Morning News

A 1 loss team from a non-BCS conference in the BCS Fox Sports

This Week's Opponent

Revenge isn't factor for Gipsons Wyoming Tribune Eagle

Cowboy's receiving corps dwindles due to injuries Jackson Hole Star-Tribune

Addressing MWC Crowd Control

...was lax TCU supporting freedom of expression, or condoning religious insensitivity? Also, is it the end of the "UNLV Invitational?"
October 22nd, 2008 @ 5:02pm
In the aftermath of BYU's setback at TCU, the Mountain West Conference may be asked to re-address a conference recommendation that should probably become league policy.


In all but two conference football venues, the main student seating section and/or band seating is located in areas other than behind the visiting team bench. This practice is in accordance with a league recommendation. At New Mexico and TCU, however, the students and/or band sections are directly behind the visiting bench, and at TCU last week, a situation developed that could have easily gotten out of hand.

Approaching halftime, members of the band entered the BYU team area, going so far as to "get in the face" of BYU players, positioning themselves amidst the BYU players and taunting them. BYU's requests to have the stadium personnel and police control the band were denied. "It's their stadium, they can do what they want," BYU officials were told, in essence. BYU Football personnel moved the players away from the benches and toward the sideline to head off what appeared to be imminent confrontations.

During the TCU game, some of the students in the seating section directly behind the BYU team bench displayed signs denigrating the LDS Church. The signs were offensive enough to attract the attention of BYU administrators, who asked stadium personnel to remove the signs. Those requests were denied. In the second half, a high-ranking BYU Athletics administrator then went into the stands himself and took one of the signs away from a student. A police officer threatened the BYU administrator with arrest if he did not return the sign to the student. The BYU administrator gave the sign to the officer, but would not return the sign to the student.

Throughout the evening, BYU officials contacted TCU Athletics officials about assisting with the crowd control issues, to no avail.

As a side note, while I have to admit that I have not seen the TV broadcast of the game (I welcome confirmation from those who saw the game on TV), I am told that Versus cameras showed the anti-LDS signs on at least one and possibly two occasions. If a random crowd shot inadvertently shows an offensive sign, that's easily understood. If the cameraman/production personnel intentionally or repeatedly showed such signs, that's irresponsible behavior. Again, if it was a passing shot that was quickly taken off the screen, the network is not at fault, so I don't want to condemn the TV folks if they were not to be blamed (note: I have heard from many readers who think the "sign shots" were quick and not intentionally-directed).

Crowd control issues aside (and TCU would appear to be guilty of a laissez-faire approach, at best), the implicit support of religious intolerance is also an issue that should be addressed. The fact that a religiously-sanctioned institution such as TCU would be involved adds to the unsavory nature of the incidents last week.


As impressive a showing as it was for TCU on the football field last week, the game result would have been an afterthought had an incident erupted on the BYU sideline.

The league should act to ensure that responsible crowd control practices are legislated as necessary, and in at least one venue, the necessity appears evident.

-KSL5 Cougar Tracks By Greg Wrubell

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

WFAA News Segment With CGP

Great news segment, also has Enis Kerlee, a member of the 1938 TCU National Championship team, who despite living in a nursing home, is still a bad ass to me.

Since It Seems To Be McCoy Hate Month...

Football Writers Association

Giving us some love on their home page. Huge picture of Hughes forcing a Max Hall fumble, also a mention of the Frogs as the Tostito's Fiesta Bowl team of the week.


On the surface, this is a great picture of the team walking out of the tunnel before the BYU game behind their fearless leader GP, ready to battle. Somber, contemplative and more than prepared to take the field for the biggest game of the season (because, the OU loss leaves us right where we started), and, for some, their careers, they're taking in the sights and sounds of the largest, most intense Amon Carter crowd many of them have ever seen. In the midst of all of this, however, may I direct your attention to the left side of the picture where there is a player yelling and screaming his head off? Perhaps his anger is directed at the ref, just to rattle him a little and dare him to go for that yellow flag later in the game. More likely though, it's just because the desire to play football, feed off the crowd and destroy anyone who gets in his path is what drives him to come out every week and give it his all. Do I even need to say his name? Thank you, Robert Henson. FOUR MORE YEARS!

--photo by Stephen McClung (because apparently we're blowing up and need to cite things now)

Morning Dump

TCU's stingy run defense gave up 232 yards to Wyoming last season Star-Telegram

Hughes adds to nationa honors

Patterson addresses TCU's preparation for Wyoming

Horned Frogs set to leap past visiting Cowboys Sports Network

It's the final BCS rankings that really matter Star-Telegram

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TCU v Wyoming preview CBS

Sween will start against No. 15 TCU Wyoming Tribune

Inside the match up UW at TCU Jackson Hole Star-Tribune

Pokes remain optimistic Laramie Boomerang

QB Stutzriem answers doubts about skills Jackson Hole Star-Tribune

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Colt McCoy's Beard

Seeing as how today's theme is hatred for a quarterback that happens to share a first name with one of the 3 Ninja's, I thought this was appropriate. And for those of you that don't know what a beard is (other than the thing that grows on your face), look it up.

She's kinda got a Mr. Ed thing going when she smiles, but I'd still knock the bottom out.

Colt McCoys Girlfriend Uncovered - COED magazine

GPa Post BYU Interview From Friday

In case you didn't catch it, here's the interview with Coach Patterson on the Ticket last Friday. He has some good comments on the "measuring stick" games we continue to schedule and the importance of playing big games if you want to recruit big time players.

Mr. Week 8 Badass

Ok, even though he finished runner up to Colt "Douche" McCoy in the USA Today player of the week poll, he did get some recognition elsewhere. I think being dubbed "Baddest Man on Campus" is way cooler than "player of the week." Check out the link on AOL sports.

Texas QB McCoy grabs USA TODAY Player of Week honor

Despite our strong showing in the readers poll (Hughes 45%, McCoy 31%), Colt McCoy takes home the award. Why? The fan vote only accounts for 1/3 of the award. The other two thirds goes to college football editor Erick Smith and Gannett columnist Mike Lopresti. How much do you want to bet they didn't even watch our game, or if they even knew of Hughes before last Thursday? Either way, I feel like we made a minor statement in the voter turnout.

Morning Dump

TCU named Tostitos Fiesta Bowl team of the week ESPN

What does TCU's win mean? Scout

Shakeup at the top of the power rankings ESPN

Baylor's attempt to up rankings unethical Daily Skiff
-not sports related just amusing

MWC expansion speculation Scout

Weekly honors Rivals
Bumpas named Coordinator of the week, Hughes MWC player of the week

letter to the editor in yesterday's Star-Telegram

Boorish behavior
Texas Christian University should really consider changing its name. I attended the TCU/Brigham Young University game on Thursday and was appalled at the number of people drunk before the game in the parking lot. Once inside, TCU students or fans were saying tasteless remarks to BYU fans about their religion. This was not Christ-like behavior at all!
TCU should consider a few rules or possibly a code for students and fans at games or change its name from Texas Christian University. Because that name and their actions don’t mesh!
— Rick Kindle, Bullard

Bowl News-
WAC signed a contingency decision with the Poinsettia bowl, if the Pac-10 does not send a team the WAC will fill its spot. The deal is in place as of Monday and could effect this year's game.

This Week's Opponent

Inside the matchup: UW at TCU Jackson Hole Star Tribune

Wyoming travels to TCU to play No. 14 ranked Horned Frogs KTAK

Monday, October 20, 2008

Movin on up...

No disrespect to George Jefferson's East Side relocation,
but the Frogs know a little something about Movin on up.

Alright alright alright! (sorry, The Ticket has been playing that McConalame clip all month). Well, after coming off Thursday night's Euphoric victory over Paganism, the conversation immediately turned towards where we'd be ranked. Where some of you predicted anywhere from 17-20, I think even the most optimistic of us really only thought us capable of jumping into the low 20s. I mean, SURELY six teams wouldn't tumble out of the top 25, right?? Thanks to the likes of Maryland (#21 Wake Forest), #10Georgia (#22 Vanderbilt), #4 Oklahoma (#16 Kansas), #12 Ohio State (#20 Michigan State), Virginia (#18 North Carolina), and Boston College (#17 Virginia Tech), the Frogs have rolled their way right on up to #15 in both polls and #14 in the BCS standings (how does that make you feel, pansy? So much for my obscure analysis now, eh?) After looking at this week's slate of games, there's actually even more reason to start counting our ranking chickens before they hatch as several teams ahead of us will cannibalize each other yet again this weekend. With the lowly Wyoming Cowboys coming up this weekend, and with over a week to prepare, you have to feel good about our chances to move to 8-1. Here's a look.
Associated Press #15, Coaches/USA Today #15. Combining these two polls for this week because the rankings ahead of us are nearly identical. Now, ahead of us are four Big 12 teams who play a combined five games against one another before the season ends. SEC much? Also ahead of us are three SEC teams who will play each other a combined three times. Finishing out, two Big Ten teams who play each other this weekend and crappy ole USC who will probably backdoor their way into the title game, unfortunately. Also included are Boise State (OHMYGODSOMEONEPLEASEBREAKTHEQBSKNEECAPSBEFORETHEIRNEXTGAMETHX!) who we REALLY need to drop a game somewhere before the season ends, as well as Big Least pseudo power South Florida, who could definitely lose a game. Oh yeah, and how could I forget the Utes? FINALLY the mtn. will get their bus off the Holy War's damn lawn and realize the TRUE biggest game of the year in the MWC is a Thursday nighter in Salt Lake City in week 11 with no religious implications. However, for the sake of looking TOO far ahead, let's just stick to this week's games, and there are some great ones yet again.
Once again we start early this week with Boise State traveling to San Jose to take on the 5-2 Trojans on Friday night. Obviously a Boise loss here would have the biggest impact on our BCS chances and we would likely control our own destiny at that point (if OU controls theirs). Also of interest are #1 TX at home versus #6 Oklahoma State, #3 Penn State at #9 Ohio State, #5 USC at Arizona, #7 Georgia at #13 LSU, #8 Texas Tech at #23 Kansas, and #16 South Florida at Louisville. #12 Utah is not playing this weekend, but must win when they return. I will go ahead and list all of the Top 15 teams and who they play at the end of the post, but these are the games that have the most impact/are the most loseable for the higher ranked team. Which leads me to...
BCS ranking #14. Alright, I know it's totally cliche to says things like, "Well, who would've thought..." but, seriously, who would've thought that a one loss TCU team would be ranked 14th in the initial BCS standings, way ahead of one loss teams from BCS conferences such as Minnesota, South Florida and Florida State? I obviously loved our chances against BYU, predicted the win, and knew we had a great chance to be 7-1 going into the Wyoming game... but to be ranked this high? Wow. Absolutely amazing. I'm pretty sure after seeing what the computers did for us, the BCS masterminds all had heart attacks and are now spinning in their graves. The top four teams are the same in all polls, but it starts to get really jumbled once you move down the list (Florida is 5th in AP/USA today, but 10th in the BCS. Shows what losing to a Houston Nutt led team does to your bowl chances, no?) The only difference for us is that South Florida drops to 16th and Mizzou sneaks up to 15th. Right now there are about five hundredths of a point separating us from Mizzou and almost a tenth separating us from USF, which is a lot bigger of a margin than it sounds. By the way, if you're scoring at home, the Frogs are ranked ahead of the best teams in the Big East and the ACC. Assuming my memory serves correctly, if a non BCS team ranks in the top 16 AND ahead of one of the automatic qualifiers, you are also eligible. Who just became a huge fan of the Frogs AND whoever Pitt, South Florida, Georgia Tech and Florida State are playing?
Let's take a closer look at the games.
Games that REALLY matter. (AP/USA/BCS rank).
#13/13/12 Boise State at San Jose State. Never a team to be overlooked, the San Jose State Trojans have always quietly been a team to reckon with in the lackluster WAC (writers note: I have no idea if this is true, but it sounds correct and gives hope, right?) The good news is, even if Boise State runs the tables, the Frogs could still potentially move ahead of them in the BCS rankings even with one loss. The bad news is, we have to hope for Texas, Utah (until they play us) and Oklahoma to win out the rest of the year for this to happen which is no easy feat looking at their schedules (although, giving credit where credit is due, the Longhorns made the Missouri Tigers look like feline AIDS ridden housecats in one of those crazy cat lady 100+ cat establishments). If Boise wins this one, they still have a couple of good games left on the schedule that could trip them up (It's all up to you, Fresno State).
#1/1/1 Texas vs. #7/8/6 Oklahoma State. As another 'who would've thunk it???," who would've thought this game would be bigger than UT/Mizzou and almost on par with the RRR as far as national and Big 12 standings are concerned? The Cowboys are a very, very good football team and could give UT a few fits along the way. Even when they're rolling, Mack Brown's teams have been known to give one away here and there, so anything is possible. Regardless, we probably need UT to win this one to keep up OUs SOS which, in turn, boosts ours. Either way, whichever team loses will not drop below the Frogs. Also, fuck UT and Colt McCoy.
#3/3/3 Penn State at #10/10/9 Ohio State. Out of all the games, this one could help the Frogs the most in the rankings, along with Georgia/LSU. In most cases it's not safe to hitch the sake of your well being to a workhorse driven by an 80 year old senile gimp, but if it's JoePa, I feel pretty good about it. Penn State has been very impressive. Ohio State has been OK, but is getting better week to week with Pryor playing QB. Biggest game of the season in the Big Televen and it's in Columbus. A Nittany Lions win should drop the then two loss Buckeyes into the Missouri spot in the BCS rankings. This season seems like a great opportunity to send Paterno out on a high note and not in a body bag.
#4/4/4 Oklahoma at Kansas State. OU put a late game beating on the better of the two Kansas teams this weekend, so hopefully this one shouldn't be too difficult, either. Again, OU MUST win for our sake.
#6/4/5 USC at Arizona. Seeing as how the media lubes their brown holes everytime USC so much as suggests that yes, they do in fact have a football team and that yes, they do in fact have a game this Saturday, I'm not sure how far these guys can potentially fall. I only mention this game because USC lost to a LOWLY Arizona team a few years back in Tucson after being highly ranked. Can lightning strike twice? Seeing as how USC has already had their requisite WTF loss this year, and how they just dropped a 69-0 caning on Washington State, don't bet on it, but it'd be great if we could jump ahead of three BCS conference leading teams.
#9/9/7 Georgia at #11/11/13 LSU. Strange to see a one loss LSU team ranked so low, but when that one loss was absolutely NC 17 and came to a team who lost to Ole Miss, shit happens. A loss by either of these teams would probably move the Frogs up a spot, so it's really a win win, but I think we need to yield to safety on this one and pull for the Bulldogs. However, with the game being in Baton Rouge, and the Tigers having not been home since the Florida rape and just narrowly slipping by South Carolina, look for a violent LSU crowd to rally the Tigers for the win. (I'm also 22/31 in my non Spit Blood bowl picking pool, so maybe my foresight isn't so good.)
#8/6/8 Texas Tech at #19/18/23 Kansas. Two big games in flyover country this weekend, and this is one of the better upset chances for us. The final score in the OU/Kansas game this past weekend doesn't dictate just how close it was, and in fact Kansas was only down by seven at halftime. I thought after losing to Texas last week the Sooners would come out and crush whoever the scheduling gods so sacrificially threw in front of them. It didn't happen, but maybe that's a testament to this Kansas team. Everyone is sitting around waiting for Tetch to re-debut their late season comedy of errors and fall out of the top 10, and with Texas on the horizon the following week in Lubbock, this is a terrifying trap game for any Rebel fan. I like the Rebels to pull this one out, though, and set up an absolutely monumental game with the Longhorns in Lubbock next weekend... for me to poop on. Seriously, Tech can't beat Texas. It's written into Leach's coaching contract. Either way, a Tech loss would be magnificent here, but you're going to get one next week either way.
#18/17/21 BYU vs. UNLV. Matters because we need BYU to win out until they play Utah to keep our strength of schedule up.
Games that don't matter as much but still do because we have no margin for error.
#5/7/10 Florida vs Kentucky. If Florida were to lose this one, that'd be great because with two losses against unranked teams, the Gators would drop several spots below us. Unfortunately the Gators have been playing their best football as of late and already have that humiliating loss fueling them. Despite last year's Wildcat team overachieving, this year's team is not so great and had to count on a last minute meltdown by Arkansas to come up with a win this past Saturday.
#14/14/16 South Florida at Louisville. You might look at this and ask why it isn't in the above section, but since we are ahead of South Florida by two spots in the BCS... well, that's why. However, a South Florida loss here would be wonderful for business in the Frog world, especially since Big East leader Pitt will surely come back to earth at some point and drop a game. Also, Louisville is at home, 4-2 and, as with most Louisville teams, probably better than their record indicates (editors note: see San Jose State analysis for this comment.)
#16/16/15 Missouri at Colorado. Nipping at our heels even with two straight losses, the Tigers could make things very interesting in the middle of the BCS standings. Fortunately for us, after this weekend when either UT or Oklahoma State knocks the other down a few spots, the computers will punish Mizzou. No chance the pre-season Big 12 favorite loses THREE in a row, right?
So, there you have it. Great slate of games this weekend and, if things fall as they might, the Frogs could do literally anything (move up, move down, stay the same) in the rankings next Sunday. If things shake out like I think/hope they might, though, look for the Frogs to move up into the 12 or 13 spot in all rankings.
Mountain West Recap (because I couldn't do it on Friday, obviously).
#15/15/14 TCU 32, #18/17/21 BYU 7. Well, obviously I couldn't do a recap without mentioning this again now could I?
#12/12/11 Utah 49, CSU 16. Been saying all along that these guys are way better than BYU. November the 6th is going to be EPIC.
UNM 70, SDSU 7. Oh.... shit. Sorry guys... you don't think UNM was running up the score due to a season jam packed with frustration, do you? RAAAAGGEEE.
Air Force 29, UNLV 28. Close call... really have nothing to say about this game.
This week. We've got the cellar dwelling Wyoming Cowboys (2-5, 0-4) coming to town. For whatever reason, the Cowboys have always been a team that has played us close, and even beat us last year. Revenge game, perhaps? With over a week to prepare, and UNLV falling apart lately, thus rendering that game next week less scary, I don't look for the Frogs to have any problems. BYU, Utah, Air Force and UNM have beaten these guys by a combined score of 127-10 and their coach is going to get REAL fired after the season, so there's little to play for. With Red stepping up and playing like he should and the Wild Frog throwing out a wrinkle that is going to be hard for teams to stop, I look for the Frogs to roll. Oh yeah, we also have a pretty decent defense.
The Pick - TCU 41, Wyoming 0. That's what you call an overinflated (yet completely validated) sense of confidence, bitches.