Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fire up those chain-saws

If we beat the Lumberjacks by 60 points, what chance do the TREES have??? There has been a lot of whining about Hurricane Ike and the game being moved up 'til noon. As WWHD so eloquently put it, we need to be more worried about the damage that Henson & company are going to inflict upon Stanford's nerd souls and what to do with yourself after you've blacked out before Whataburger even stops selling breakfast.

We used to have plenty of day games when I was a freshman and sophomore- and while not getting to sleep in might suck, it's totally worth it when you lay down for a coma/nap in the afternoon with a W already in hand. So make sure your alarm clocks are set for Saturday morning, get the ingredients ready for bloody mary's, screwdrivers, etc, and let's rediscover the beauty that is the AM bender.

As an added bonus, here is the latest computer model projection of what the newscast will look like Saturday night in the Bay Area:


Anonymous said...

i just took a shit and i shit out a cardinal... lets dominate saturday

THEFINCH said...

cardinal is a vivid color red and is the official color of Stanford University, so you really can't shit out a cardinal. You could, however, shit out cardinal colored shit, but I would get that checked by a doctor if thats the case.

Mankdog said...

What's the square root of an ass beating? Suck it Stanford nerds

jay said...

On a completely unrelated topic, for anyone who is interested TCU commit Jurell Thompson will be playing tonight on ESPN2 at 8, 9 Threadgill time for Witchita Falls Rider. I'll be interested to see how he looks since he is one of only a handful of 4 stars we have signed over the years.