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Sometimes on Monday's I don't work and only think about Football.

Crazy weekend in college football, no? Overall, nine ranked teams lost, including 2 in the top 5 and six of those lost to unranked teams. I guess that’s parity, as they say. Really though, I want to use this to pose a question. Let's say we that OU goes on to be undefeated and play for the National Championship. They are currently sitting number one and will stay that way if they keep winning, especially if they beat Missouri in the Big 12 Championship. Regardless, OU has to win out for this the rest of this scenario to happen.

Let's also say that BYU and Utah are both undefeated going into their games against us. By October 16th, BYU, who currently sits 8th, will still be in the top 10 as the four SEC teams in the top 10 will probably have beaten each other up by this point (Georgia lost to Bama this weekend and Florida lost to Ole Miss and dropped out, and will also have played LSU by this point) and the four Big 12 teams will have done likewise (Texas will have played Oklahoma and plays Missouri the same week we play BYU). Also, 9th ranked Wisconsin lost to Michigan this weekend and dropped out, but still has to play Penn State, who is currently #6. So there you have at least 4-5 teams that have or likely will be kicked out, thus making it possible for OU to jump anywhere from 5-8, depending on how the teams behind them do. This is assuming they are able to hold off Utah State and New Mexico in the meantime, but given UNM and Utah State are both terrible – and UNM losing their starting QB on top of that - I think this is going to be a relatively easy accomplishment. Best case scenario: the Cougars are ranked 5th or 6th when they come to FW.

Utah will have to win their remaining non conference match up against Oregon State and then beat Wyoming and Colorado State to remain in the rankings, which should be accomplished easily. Utah is currently ranked 15th and with the above mentioned teams moving around, could potentially move up to maybe 12th or 13th in three weeks when we play BYU. However, let’s take this a step beyond BYU week. Utah would only have to win at New Mexico after that before we play in Salt Lake on the 6th of November. With the subsequent BYU loss, that bumps Utah up a spot to 14th. At this point, Texas will have played Oklahoma and Texas Tech which opens up two more spots in the top 15, moving Utah up to 12th or 13th. LSU will have played Georgia and Alabama so let’s presume at least one of those teams is still top 10 at the time. That may open up another spot, bumping Utah to 11th or 12th. ALSO, Wisconsin, Ohio State AND Penn State will have all played each other by now. Adding more to this, Georgia and Florida will have also played, so, as the SEC continues to beat one another up, that could even open up another spot moving Utah anywhere from probably 7th – 12th. Got all that? Best case scenario: Utah is ranked 7th – 10th when we go to Salt Lake City.

Now, in order for main question I want to ask, we have to win out. We have to beat BYU and Utah, both on short weeks, and with Utah coming on the road. Hell, we even have to win at UNLV, which is not going to be a cake walk. We also have to hope that BYU wins out after the loss in FW (UNLV, CSU, SDSU and Air Force. No easy task. Not.) and that Utah beats San Diego State the week following our game (easy task). We then will have to hope the higher ranked team in Holy War wins because that will help our SOS (likely BYU). With only San Diego State and Colorado State on the schedule between now and the BYU game, we will likely not be ranked that Thursday night, but a win over a top 10 ranked BYU team should move us back in, probably somewhere in the lower 20s, especially since our only loss is to a top ranked OU team. Assuming we beat Wyoming the following week and UNLV the week after, I think we could probably be a little higher than where Utah is now, in the 17-20 range. So that would create a potential 17-20 vs 7-10 matchup with Utah. Winning there, we would probably slide up a few spots in the rankings, maybe to 13-14. With the bye week and then a win vs. Air Force in the last week of the season, not to mention Alabama and Auburn having to play each other at season’s end (one of them will definitely be in the top 15 mix)…well, things could really go pretty well for the Frogs.

So, I guess the point of this whole thing is to give everyone optimism even though we just lost and to demonstrate how, if things were to fall correctly, we would definitely be back in the rankings and could potentially grab that final BCS spot. What do you guys think?

Morning Dump

Gary Patterson says TCU 'gave one away' in loss to Oklahoma Star-Telegram

TCU streak comes to an end

Non-BCS power rankings ESPN

This Weeks Opponent

Drubbing of Idaho a needed remedy San Diego Union-Trbune

Game 5: Oklahoma Injun' Rapin' Land Thieves

The caption for this picture reads "Redneck Beauty Contest."
I think that's all you need to know about our Norman experiences this weekend.

Bad football weekend all around, worst of all from our Frogs. Poorly executed game on all sides, except for our still solid run defense and, ironically, the kicking game, and we never had any inkling of a chance to win this game. After OU made very, very short work of our secondary on their first drive, it looked like it was going to be a miserably long game... until Aaron Brown came to the rescue on the return... before running out of gas/our coverage man pushed the defender into him. Unfortunately that was the lone bright spot of the entire game for the Frogs. The drive went for -4 yards and not getting a TD killed us, especially as they drove down the field on the next drive and quickly made it 14-3. After Manuel Johnson pushed the game to 21-3 at the end of the first, the collective TCU optimism quickly faded. As bucknasty mentioned, why Aaron Brown didn't get a chance to put up some big runs, we'll never know. EVERYONE in our section was very, very bothered by this. The general idea I got was that everyone, the coaching staff included, was just scared. Now, I'm not going to sit here and act like better coaching would've won this game... OU is a great, great football team and very deserving of the #1 ranking at least for now, but COME ON!! It's not like we're some shabby football team like A&M or Baylor who comes into a game expecting to lose. Dalton looked terrible and I really hope he didn't get hurt. Keeping him in the game at the end when it was remarkably obvious we had no hope of pulling the game within reach was a worthless decision by the coaching staff. We couldn't run the ball (2.9 avg.) and, as mentioned, Brown only had 7 carries. Jimmy Young had another 100 yard receiving performance, but that was about the only positive thing. And, as mentioned, the play calling. Fuck me to tears, Schultz. The Kerley fail play on 4th and 2 was one of the most poorly called and executed plays I have ever seen, even by Schultz standards. Also, penalties. Holy crap. We had 12 to their 4, which some were deserved, but that skew has to make you wonder. Oh yeah, what about the beautiful officiating???? How can they review the Bart Johnson catch and NOT overturn it??!?!?!? And the touchback that somehow ended up at the 2... Good lord.

Other than that though, not a terrible time. The Killer Frogs bus ended up being a bit of a blessing and a curse; a blessing because leaving the game to realize that I didn't have to drive myself home was an extremely positive thing, a curse because getting sick on a charter bus bathroom after 5 road hours with 50 people relieving themselves is one of the more humiliating experiences one can go through. Did a little tailgating with some FW OU people beforehand at a house right near the stadium where they served us "stew." Pretty sure this had a large affect on my sickness as it was a large vat of brown water with some vegetables and meat thrown in that I would later notice was in the firing line for the bug spray we were coating ourselves with. Great turnout in sections 40 and 36, even though walking up 72 rows each time I went back to my seat was brutal. Fortunately WWHD, Redbarron, lt4heisman, lyle lanley, and supersweet commandeered a block of seats about 20 rows down where we grouped up once the game turned sour. I figure if we're going to yell offensive redneck comments, strength in numbers is the best policy. Regardless of the outcome, we all had a pretty decent time at the game and I don't think any of us regret going. Anyway, now with the Fail...

Offense. D-. For red zone attempts. Ten points. Four turnovers. Whew. Now, I'm not going to get too into everything regarding what went wrong. Part of it was the passing game (Dalton 16-39 for 212 yards and 1 INT) as well as Jackson (0-2, 1 INT). Dalton was short arming passes and just generally looked like he was playing scared. Lots of poor throws. Too many poor throws. Another part of it would be the running game (102 net yards on 35 attempts. A whopping 2.9 yards per carry). Joseph Turner (14-56) scored a throwaway TD that was more for pride than anything, but that was the only bright spot, and also came after he fumbled the ball in OU territory. Dalton rushed 11 times for 43 yards, which was about 11 more times than we needed him to rush against this team. Those QB draws work against teams like Stanford and SFA... against the best team in the country, that's not the place. Receivers were ok, with Jimmy Young pulling in six passes for 111 yards, but numbers can be deceiving. The truth is, our offense never put us in a good rhythm to win and a lot of that can be attibuted to...

Defense. A+, F------------------------. Just to start on a high note, the A+ is for our run defense. 25 net yards on 36 attempts which adds up to a 0.7 average. We also sacked Bradford 4 times, when he'd only been sacked once total all year. Great job guys, but unfortunately OU has one of the best passing games in college football. The F minuses? Total passing yards: 411. FOUR HUNDRED AND ELEVEN!!!!!! Maybe Bradford was channeling the winds and using smoke signals to beat our defensive backs, but my oh my! Yeah, the kid is good and yeah the OU receivers are really big and really fast... but wow. It's not like we're running out a bunch of first year guys in the secondary.. in fact, even though they're the weakest part of our D (this isn't a bad thing though when you consider our front seven), these guys have done great this year. Heck, our defensive front even put some pressure on Bradford, ... but, the fact is, these guys just got beat. OU seemed to have the correct plays drawn up at almost all times (the underneath screen pass to Johnson was beautiful) and we just didnt' have the personnel to match up. 411 yards though... lord. Our offense, which has been good, hasn't done anything like that all year overall. Again, giving credit where credit is due though, that's your #1 team in the country and a Top 3 Heisman candidate QB and we've never gone up against anything like that in my years as a fan. Sanders (don't trip!), Coleman, Henson, and Hughes seven a piece followed by Hodge, Tejay and Washington with 6, including 2 for losses for Hodge. Washington, Hodge, Phillips and Wayne Daniel also recorded a sack a piece. Jason Phillips also had five tackles. However, when you tackle someone when they've gained 30 yards, it kind of negates the stats. Also, having this game be the one where there were no turnovers forced was poor timing.

Special Teams - A. For once, the special teams actually outshined everything else, but they sure had some chances. Combs averaged 61.7 yards per kickoff, but no touchbacks. Anson Kelton, whose leg probably feels like it's about to fall off today, had 6 punts averaging 43.2 yards a piece, but put 5 of those inside the 20. We averaged 30 yards per kickoff return, with a lot of that being attributed to the 75 yard Brown return. Kerley had 4 punt returns for 34 yards, but one of those was a 26 yarder, so that only gives an 8.5 average. Seriously, this guy is going to break one eventually, right? Evans connected on his only field goal attempt (32), making him nearly perfect on the year. When your best grade for your team after a loss is for special teams... well, guess that means it's time to move on.

Overall. Tough one to watch, but I don't think many people expected us to go up there and whip them like we did last time. The fact is, these guys were 110% ready for us and we were nowhere near ready for them. I hate how that we actually had a legit chance to make a BCS bowl this year (more on that in a later post...) and we end up drawing the #1 team in the country at their place in the week we break into the top 25. Tough luck. I was talking with lyle yesterday about how we really had no business playing these guys this year and how it sucks that when we do play BCS teams a lot of the time we draw the big dogs at their place (UT, Oklahoma, Nebraska). Terrifying to think we've got LSU and Oklahoma coming up on the schedule within the next 5 years. Why can't we get an Oklahoma State, Colorado, or a Kansas State? Someone get on this. Regardless, fun time in Norman which was very unexpected... their fan base was surprisingly hospitable and well mannered although I think a lot of that is due to the game never being close and the fact that they focus the entirety of their hatred on UT (we have more in common than I thought.) Non-conference loss to the top team in the country and lots of games left, including a likely top 10 squad coming to our place, and top 15 at theirs. Have to shore up that pass D before October 16, but I feel good about winning this one. I really do.

Currently sitting #32 in the AP poll and #33 in the coaches. Tough odds, but not insurmountable. Plan on giving an overall picture of our chances later today as well as a Top 25 analysis later in the week.

Game Ball. Not sure if you give out a game ball in a loss... but I guess it'd go to.... uhhh.... WWHD for his 430 AM message to me in which he was insisiting that he was not going to leave Norman without taking/stealing a souveneir and went on to describe said souveneir (very indescernible, still not sure what it was) then let out an obscenity filled description of Norman, Oklahoma. I hope you succeeded in your mission and I look forward to speaking with you about it later.

Other Games of Interest.

Wacky Saturday of football, eh?

Oregon State 27, former #1USC 21. Pete Carroll's chi is going to be so out of sorts right now. Totally not stoked.

#2Alabama 41, #11 Georgia 30. Helps BYU into top 10. Does not help Good vs. Evil winning ratio.

Maryland 20, Clemson 17. Only interesting because it knocked another top 25 team out which helps us later. Clemson is below us in both polls.

Ole Miss 31, #12Florida 30. Aaaahahaha. Helps because it moves BYU into top 10. Nutt has his requisite win over a team he had no business beating. Now, back to obscurity.

Michigan 27, #18Wisconsin 25. Moves up both BYU and Utah, helping our strength of schedule. Also, with Utah beating Mich, this helps even more.

Houston 41, East Carolina 24. Reality check! Same result for us as Maryland/Clemson.

Wyoming 16, Bowling Green 45. Ouch. Somebody's gonna get real fired.

Colorado State 7, California 42. Poor CSU. At least Ft. Collins has the New Belgium brewery.

New Mexico 35, New Mexico State 24. UNM got the win, but it looks like they may have lost Rodney Ferguson for a while. These guys weren't going to make any post season or conference noise, but tough loss.

San Diego State 45, Idaho 17. Yaaayyyy!!! SDSU got a win!!!!

#15Utah 37, Weber State 21. A little close, Utah. A little close.

UNLV 27, Nevada 49. Interestingly enough, our bus actually got the mtn. so we got to watch this game on the way home. Lots of grumbling about how a bus in Oklahoma can get the mtn. but so few people in DFW can get it in their homes.

Next Week. San Diego State. We usually beat them by a lot. Joseph Turner loves playing these guys. The coaching staff and the team will be fired up after this past week's loss and SDSU will be fired up after getting a big win. Ironically, Chuck Long was previously the OC at Oklahoma and runs a similar offense, so that's something to think about. Regardless, pretty sure this one's in the bag as they don't run it anywhere near to the perfection of OU. Dalton, assuming he isn't hurt (according to GP, he sat out practice yesterday but will be fine Saturday), will want to come out firing and prove that last week's performance was an anomaly. Maybe Schultz will get his head out of his ass and give AB some real carries. Maybe Dalton will get his first passing TD. Maybe our secondary will get off the team bus. Anyway, I think we take this one. Big.

The Pick: TCU 45, SDSU 10.

I'll be back with the report in two weeks as I committed long ago to head up to Fayetteville to catch the Arkansas/Florida game. Yes, yes I know this makes me a questionable fan, but I figure if I'm going to miss a game, it may as well be a sure win against the Aztecs.

How to Block on a Kickoff Return

Sunday, September 28, 2008

F*** Mike Schultz

My hatred for Schultz has grown even stronger after enduring last nights pathetic showing from our offense. There is no damn reason why Aaron Brown should only have four carries the whole first half against a team he beat his freshman year. Brown ended up only carrying the ball 7 times after being the offensive MVP last week. On the other hand we ran our quarterback 11 times. Does it seem like something is wrong here with the play calling and personel selection for our plays? Our offense gave up the ball four times last night and basically didnt look like they were prepared at all. Im to the point where Patterson really needs to do something about Schultz or Im going to start turning against GP. I love the guy, but shit he needs to slap the shit out of Schultz and tell him to get his head out of his ass. They beat the spread by 7 points and embarassed us. Fuck it im out, Fire Mike Schultz.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Requiem For A Dreadful General Manager

We will all miss you Matt Millen...
(Put your headphones on if you are at work, bad language)

Thank You, Graham Watson

Non BCS writer Graham Watson of ESPN decided to go ahead and jinx the F out of us and call the upset. It should be noted that she also called the upset of FAU over Texas earlier this year. Thanks a lot.

TCU 31, Oklahoma 30: I'm foolishly calling the upset here even though I know this is a huge mountain for TCU to climb especially against a Sooners' team that is at home and has had two weeks to prepare. Oh, and don't forget pretty angry about the last meeting in Norman. So yeah, the chips are stacked against the Horned Frogs, but I think they'll make a good showing. And I'm not going to challenge the big-game coaching ability of Gary Patterson. He's won a ton of them in his career.

--via ESPN

Oklahoma Stereotype Verified

This is what years of inbreeding will do to you.

Morning Dump

TCU's Gresham does his best to maintain a low profile Star-Telegram

Weekend preview USA Today
-spelled Dalton's name wrong

Tomorrow's Opponent

This Won't Be Good for Business...

OSU WR defecating on USC secondary

Well, looks like it'll be #24 vs. #1 this weekend when we head to Norman. In the midst of all the spying/2005 business, I think it was pretty certain that OU wasn't going to take us lightly, especially with a bye week before, but now that we see how vulnerable just about any team is on any day, and the fact that they'll be carrying the #1 ranking, they'll be firing on all cylinders even more. I only watched the end of this game, as I wasn't about to let it preempt Always Sunny, but REALLY USC? Oregon State is bad. Oregon State is really bad. They lost to Stanford. They got MURDERED by Penn State (who actually might be the team to beat in the Big Televen). I love how all the sports writers were talking about how it's going to be a fight for second for who gets to play USC in Miami in January... looks like it won't matter. Honestly, even if USC had won out, I don't see HOW you could put them over 2 potentially undefeated teams from the Big 12 and the SEC, but as the BCS is politics as usual, you never know. Hopefully this will inspire our guys to come out with even more intensity than usual and realize that the perceived better team doesn't always win. Also. TCU beat Stanford who beat OSU who beat USC... so TCU #1? Something to think about. Purple Pansy, what do you think?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

ESPN Preview

It was supposed to be a preview of the game, but it sounded more like a bj session on Sam Bradford by that douche on the right. Dont forget to to massage his nuts while your at it, tool.

OU fans are Civilized

Lawrence, the face of the Oklahoma fan base.

Alright, it's almost D Day, so I wanted to pass along a couple of safety tips to everyone who is traveling to Norman. Fortunately I will be on the Killer Frogs bus and will not have to remain in that vile city any longer that necessary, but for those of you who are making a weekend of it, please remember:

OU fans will grab your scrotal sack and remove it from your body.

We all remember this story: Man walks into a bar in Oklahoma. Man is wearing a UT shirt. Man gets his ball ripped off. Civilized folks, the Sooners, although I have to sympathize with the Sooner fan as I personally feel that anyone wearing pro-UT garb should be castrated.

Do NOT go to Night Clubs in Norman.

The fight allegedly involved guns, knives and TIRE IRONS??? My goodness! Apparently the Jethroes and Cletuses up there have their own definition of scrappy fighting.

DO NOT bring up the TCU 'Spygate' Situation.

Because the pot NEVER calls the kettle black.

DO NOT call them a dirty program.

Hey, a loss to Tech they can be proud of!

And Finally, and above all, Watch out for your Cornholes, buds.

Because, well, we aren't exactly dealing with civilized people here.

Oklahoma Cattle Trailer

Check the plates

Three things the Frog's can't and must do Saturday in Norman

Oklahoma is by far the toughest opponent the Frog's have faced, and probably will face, this season. This is by no means the same Sooner team TCU defeated in '05. OU boasts a veteran offensive line, highly accurate Quarterback and top 10 defense.

That said the Horned Frogs certainly have a shot Saturday, but will need to play an outstanding game. TCU has done somethings they must continue and some that will kill our chances Saturday. In my opinion, those things are:

Can't continue to:

Commit penalties
TCU has always been highly penalized, it's something a team that plays with the Frog's emotion has to deal with. Can't afford it in this game though, we are currently 5th (8.75 per game) in the country in penalties per game and 9th in yards penalized (76.0 yards per game)

Suffer special teams gaff
These are game killers, our special teams must be better. No long punt/kick returns, no botched punts, penalties fit in here too.

Squander big plays
This one is pretty simple, don't drop touchdown passes. This also means that we must score when any opportunity: field position, turnovers etc, presents its self.

Must continue to:

Force Turnovers
TCU has forced just over three turnovers per game witch leads the nation. In a game of this magnitude turnovers will be crucial. A win in the turnover category will go along way towards producing a win in the game.

Control time of possession
Currently ranked #1 in the country in time of possession averaging 37 minutes and 13 seconds of ball time per game, the Frogs will need to own the clock in order to have a chance in this one. As good as our defense is, we can not afford to have them on the field for the majority of the game. Think back to losses last year

Pressure Bradford
The Frogs are currently #4 (9.0 per game) in the country in terms of tackles for a loss and #8 (3.25 per game) in sacks. These numbers will have to stay high in order to keep Oklahoma's 7th ranked passing attack in check.

If the Frogs manage these things they will be in it at the end with a chance to knock-off the #2 team in the country. Spit Blood!

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Bradford could feel the pressure Saturday

George Brett Shit Himself Story

They keep yanking this video off of youtube, so I cant post it on here but try here.

Favorite quote: "The most perfect double-tapered shit of my life ... who are the pitchers in this game?"

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Booooooooooooooooooooomer Sooner.

Yes, Adrian Peterson, you were our bitch.

I'm skipping the Top 25 watch this week because, well, we're in it and the only way we're going to stay in it is by beating OU this weekend. If this happens, we would be absolutely catapulted up the rankings... I would say easily top 15. Obviously we will have to play a flawless game for this to happen, but, as they say, "Remember the Alamo" and "Remember 2005."

Morning Dump

After rivalry win TCU prepares for Sooners Daily Skiff

#23 TCU to face #2 OU in Norman Saturday

SI ranks MWC 4th best conference

MWC supremacy?

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Stoops ready for rematch Austin American-Statesman

Oklahoma DE Alexander won't return for TCU game Dallas Morning News

Stoops today: He's reminded Sooners about TCU loss in 2005
Tulsa World

Oklahoma braces for TCU
Columbia Oklahoman

Spy Game

Sportsnation Poll ESPN

Because it needs to be said... (cont.)

Redskins suck.

Because it needs to be said...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Every "That's What She Said"

Don't miss the season premier on Thursday at 8pm NBC

Inside the Numbers

After the 48-7 beat down against a pathetic SMU team, here is how we stack up nationally in several categories.

Total Defense:........#1
Rush Defense:........#1
Pass Defense:.........#15
Scoring Defense:....#6
Pass Efficiency D....#4
Tackles For a Loss...#3
Time Of Possession..#1
Turnover Margin...#2

Morning Dump

TCU makes top 25, but second ranked Oklahoma awaits Star-Telegram

Sooners, Horned Frogs provide interesting match up Dallas Morning News

DFW football follow-up: TCU beats SMU
Pegasus News

MWC has three in top 25 for first time Salt Lake Tribune

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Little guys in some lofty company Chicago Sun-Times

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Horned Frog fans already eying Sooners Oklahoman

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Sooner offense cruising so far Tulsa World

America, F@#K Yeah

Weekley's antics brought lighthearted feeling to U.S. at Ryder Cup -ESPN

"After whuppin' Euro behind, Weekley celebrated as only he can. He galloped around slapping hands with fans, then joined in the champagne-spraying celebration behind the clubhouse. When he reported to the postevent news conference, the lapel of his suit coat was up and he was double-fisting beers. "

Week 4: SMU Cocaine Impaired Petting Zoo Peruna Ponies

Do I really need to write a caption ridiculing this picture?

* Disclaimer - this turned out much, much longer than I anticipated. I apologize. *
Another Saturday, another domination. Going into the game I think deep down in all of us there were a few nerves... my feeling was that SMU would keep it close early based on their crowd and being inspired by the rivalry, but man was I wrong. It only took six minutes for the Frogs to put two TDs on the board and put the game far out of reach. I know the return of Aaron Brown was a huge step, and he was even named player of the game on the telecast, but man, our defense! I haven't seen something like this in a long time (well, actually probably every game this season)... TWO INTs by defense linemen? Beating your rejuvenated rival by 41 points, and that not even telling half the story? Hell, if our receivers could catch the damned ball in the end zone, it would've been even worse. I took the safe route and predicted a 35-3 finish... which was close to being accurate, except I didn't take into account Marcus Jackson turning into Usain Bolt. Man, what an excellent, excellent game.

Started the day off by cruising the WE DONT TAILGATE WE BOULEVARD in order to check out the scenery, have some rage juice, and get some shit talked to me. Definite affirmative on the first two... the last one? Not so much. WWHD got a, "Welcome to the real deal" comment from some dude, but I'm getting the feeling that all of this newfound interest in the SMU football program is hogwarsh. lyle lanley and I have a friend from SMU who invited us to his and his buddy's tailgate on the BLVD, which was nice because we had an 'in' somewhere, but was also nice because these guys actually enjoy SMU football, and I was fairly certain this would mean the insults would start flying. Unfortunately, other than some guy, referencing my all over print Albertson's Couture TCU shirt, ascertaining, "You definitely regret buying that right?" My answer, "for 15 bucks at Albertson's, no, absolutely not," that was it. Heck, even the near Mrs. Wesley got in on the action, asking, "Surely you're not wearing that, right?" Say what you will about it, but that's the luckiest gameday shirt I own, and if you don't think I'm wearing into the heart of Norman, Oklahoma next week.. well, you're wrong.

Anyway, fortunately right across from this tailgate was an open spot, which we promptly commandeered and set up our own Frog flavored tailgate. Say what you will about SMU, and I do, but it's pretty hard to knock their tailgate situation. Sure, it's the biggest wanna be Grove rip off imaginable, and sure I personally feel its worthless for girls to dress up for day drinking (day drinking is a slob activity, and they definitely aren't going into the games), but having tailgates on the grass in the shade under a bunch of trees? Not bad. Pretty good turnout by all, including our very own lt4heisman, bucknasty, theredbarron, WWHD, thefinch and lanley. If we had a situation like this at TCU, it'd be incredible, but I'll take spot 235 in lot 2 over anything SMU has anyday. Booze ran out just in time for kickoff, which was perfect because it wasn't worth coming back during halftime for, although if you were an SMU fan, it appeared that may have been just the opposite.

Now, on with the show.

Offense - A-/A. When you win, and win big, you can be nitpicky. The offense finished with 498 total yards, including 271 rushing (currently 13th in the nation in rushing YPG at 241.3), 23 first downs, no fumbles or interceptions,. 13 of 18 on third down, TOP 36:22 (still first in the nation) and they scored all six times they were in the red zone. Truthfully, it's hard for me to drop this below an A, and I probably wouldn't even have to think about it, except those three red zone drops, while overall not an issue this week (with Dalton running in a TD in one instance), will KILL us next week if they happen again. While the Bryant drop wasn't a perfect throw, and the last drop was to a fullback, the Kerley drop is unacceptable. Kerley would probably tell you that the ball was a little high, but I re-watched the game on Tivo yesterday, and for a guy that's supposed to be the real deal, that catch HAS to be made. I know he's young and he was thinking ahead about the TD and just took his eye off the ball, but that is a mental error that has to be corrected this week in practice. There were no footsteps to be heard and this just further solidified how absolutely criminal it is that Dalton still doesn't have a passing touchdown this season, although he overthrew a WIDE open Bart Johnson in the end zone in the second quarter. He'll get it, but they won't be much easier than that. The CBSCS announcers actually went so far as to say that Dalton, "isn't that great of a passer" and, while he really hasn't been that tested, let me redirect to his season stats
#14 Dalton, Andy Att Comp Int Pct Yards TD Long Sack-Yds Effic ---------------------- TOTALS................ 99 63 1 63.6 606 0 31 3-24 113.03

Last I checked, not so bad. Percentage could be better, and the lack of sacks needs to be attributed some to the O-line, but that 113.03 efficiency rating? Not bad at all. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that kid isn't that bad of a passer. I hate how we refuse to air it out and instead rely on short passes and runs, but I can't argue with the results and I'm sure few others could either. In the game, Dalton was 16-25 for 210 yards. He also rushed 4 times for 21 yards and a TD (that's WAY more like it). By the way, this was the 7th straight game with a rushing TD for Dalton. Who knows what he could've done, but GP opted to sit him late in the third quarter with a 34-0 lead... and put in Mr. Jackson. Now, Marcus has played consistently all year when called upon, given he's usually gifted a large lead, but he really did some great things this game. Other than completing 3 of 4 passes for 17 yards and TD, he also had "the run" as it will be called. On third down deep in SMU territory, Jackson took off right on an option pitch...and took it all the way to the house. Loved it. Love having that dimension. I have a feeling he won't sniff the field this weekend, but it's good to see that he's staying in shape and can make the big play when needed.

Continuing on, that Aaron Brown step out on a certain TD was also brutal to see. Ok, ok, I forgive him because it's his first game back, but yeah, that's gotta be fixed. I'm glad he had this game to kind of get his bearings back, but he has to be 100% up to par for next week's game. Still, great, great game for a guy coming off of a 3 week suspension. 11 rushes for 56 yards (51 net) and 4 receptions for 60 (leading all receivers) for a total of 111 offensive yards overall. He also returned 2 kickoffs for 46 yards. Not a bad game for anyone. CBS named him player of the game, and rightfully so, especially considering the circumstances. In the half time interview, Patterson really highlighted his receiving skills, and it looks to me like this is definitely an area that we should look for Brown for the rest of the year. Very, VERY excited about having him back as it makes our offense far more explosive.

Joseph Turner continued his great season with 19 rushes for 67 yards and 2 TDs, including one that was initially given to Marshall Newhouse after a fumble recovery, but was eventually overturned. My heart stopped after the play while flashing back to Robert Merrill in the Houston Bowl, but fortunately replay got it right this time. Jackson led all rushers with 115 yards on 7 carries, including "the run" and we ended up with 7 guys getting in on the ground game (Dalton - 21 yards, Chris Smith - 10, Jai Cavness 7 and Jeremy Kerley 3). 47 rushes for 271 yards... a 5.8 yd average. Ryan Christian is ill (maybe it's a haircut related injury???) and did not have a carry. Not a bad day at the office. Could this be the year we break the curse of the TCU running back?

Receiving, I've already gone over the most notable points, so I'll just stick to the facts. Evan Frosch had his first career TD late in the game on a short Jackson pass and Antoine Hicks got his first career reception in the second quarter for a first down. Overall we had 11 guys catch a pass, with Brown being the leader with 4-60, and Jimmy Young and Frosch right behind him (4-53 and 3-17, respectively). Eight other receivers had one catch a piece. Total: 19 for 227 yards and one TD. Not bad, but definitely not great. Should've been more, but I've been on that tirade already.

Defense - A+. Other than one bad series where Bo Levi drove the Mustangs down the field and into the end zone after Nick Sanders and T. J. Johnson got beat, what an ugly, ugly game for the Mustangs. Total numbers? 210 yards, with 218 of those coming in the air. If you do the math, yes, that shows a solid -8 yards on the ground. Oh yeah, they also only ran 51 plays (compared to our 76). Pony Down. The defense got in on the action early with Hodge forcing a fumble on the Mustangs first drive which was recovered by Coleman (quickly becoming our defensive MVP, along with Hughes) which led to a quick TD from Joseph Turner. On the Ponies next drive, with lanley standing next to me calling for a pick seis right before the snap, big ol' Jerry Hughes took a perfectly thrown (to him) pass from Bo and took it 24 yards to the house, pushing the score to 14-0. It didn't get much better from there. It should be noted that Hughes now has a turnover in all 4 games (2 picks, 2 FF and 3 FR). Coleman also has a takeaway in all four games. Cody Moore led all tacklers with 5, including 4 for loss with two of those being sacks, and an INT. Daryl Washington was next with 4, followed by Coleman with 3, including the fumble recovery. The tackling was spread pretty evenly throughout the rest of the team with 13 Frogs recording at least one tackle. The front seven was dominant yet again and the secondary was great in not giving up the big play, although we looked a little susceptible to the little underneath passes that spread offenses are known for. Seeing as how Mitchell was getting eaten alive on most plays by our defensive front, it wasn't like the secondary had too many times to shine as it was though. I feel confident that our front seven can give us as much help as possible next week, but the secondary is going to have to play absolutely out of their minds to stop the passing attack of Sam Bradford.

Special Teams - B+. Combs was consistent (65.2 avg with 1 TB, but one OB) and was given plenty of opportunities. Ross Evans is shaping up to be the next Nick Browne (note: not Manfred), going 2/2 on FGs of 19 and 23 yards, and was 6/6 on extra points. This kid has really started to figure it out and has corrected his mistakes from the UNM game. Anson Kelton had a very modest three punts for 41.7 yards, but he did place 2 of those inside the 20 and, in all fairness, with our offense clicking the way it has been this year, he hasn't been given too many in-game opportunities to improve. Returning, again, I think everyone thought this might be the game Kerley took one back (after the SFA game, which was the obvious place he should've), but again it just didn't happen. He only had one punt return for 8 yards, but again, I truly feel that before the season is out he will take one back. As mentioned before, Aaron Brown had 2 kick off returns for 46 yards, including one for 25, but with this defense, these kick off return guys better get used to not getting many return opportunities, although Brown did give me memories of Cory Rodgers in the '05 game with that first kick of the second half. Like how we put Hodge back there, but it's obvious it's just as a blocker. Risky throwing Brown out his first game back, but it looks like he's going to be fine. Aside from putting in Kevin FAIL Sharples (2 kickoffs this year... 2 out of bounds penalties), it looks like GP might be getting to these guys and moving them in the right direction.

Overall - Patterson's unbridled smirk after the game pretty much said all we need to know about this game. He definitely wasn't happy with the red zone drops and the penalties (9-47), but you know he loved sticking it to June Jones in light of his "There hasn't been much good football played in DFW in a while" comments. Fugly game to watch, but about as expected. SMU is not good. That's not to say that the June Jones era won't produce something eventually (I fully expect them to be a bowl team in the next 2-3 years), but right now the $2 million man is not earning his pay. Mitchell obviously has the talent somewhere deep within him, but his defense isn't giving him any help whatsoever. In unexpected news, at kickoff SMU actually had a pretty decent turnout... I'd say the stadium was at least 90% full, although there was a LOT of purple. This obviously dwindled after halftime, but the fans that did stay had some fire inside. lyle lanley was close to being assaulted in the bathroom as we were both singing the SMU fight song rather loudly, and we even got a hearty "Fuck TCU" from a middle aged man as we were invading an SMU section. At halftime, as we were right by the tunnel, I was so adamant about calling out the SMU team I even got a wink from a lineman. Note: Don't acknowledge my presence, it only increases the rage. After the game we stood on the rail and got some high fives from Phillips, Henson and Hodge who were all REALLY fired up about the game and look like they're ready to disembowel Sam Bradford and DeMarco Murray. Another year, another year in FW for the skillet.

Game Ball - Going to have to go with the announcers on this one and go to with AB and his 111 (157 all purpose) offensive yards. He is exactly what our offense needs and having him back for OU definitely improves our chances. His stepping out aside, he looks like he's very close to regaining his swagger and definitely look forward to watching him for the rest of the year... barring injuries (crosses fingers).

Other Games of Interest

Colorado 17, West Virginia 14. Relevant because we jumped them into the top 25. Also, just in case some CU fans read our site, I figured they might've been too Rocky Mountain High to remember.

N.C. State 30, #23East Carolina 24 (OT). Great news for the MWC as East Carolina was likely going to be the team to bust the BCS had they gone undefeated. Consolation? C-USA trophy. Ouch.

Boise State 37, Oregon 32. Helped and hurt... it knocked Oregon out of the Top 25, but Boise leapfrogged us to 19 and are now a definite front runner in getting back to a BCS bowl.

#16Wake Forest 12, Florida State 3. Cheers: Deacons knock FSU out of the Top 25, allowing us in. Jeers: Deacons produced Josh Howard.

#11BYU 44, Wyoming 0. Watched a little of this one, mostly because, thanks to the glory of DirecTV, I could, but man BYU is scary. They start kind of slow, but once they get rolling, it's UGLY. Harvey Unga - gud, beastman. Max Hall - gud, nerd. Austin Collie - gud, Air Bud. You guys may have heard we play them in FW on October 16th...

Colorado State 28, Houston 25. In the words of Pamela Anderson, "Suck it, (Keenum.)"

#17Utah 30, Air Force 23. Whew, close call for the Utes. Air Force is much, much better than expected and is going to finish no lower than 4th in the conference. We get Utah on a short week (AGAIN!!!) but have over 2 weeks to prepare for the Falcons. Given their penchant for running the ball/our penchant for feasting on RBs, I'm giving us the edge.

New Mexico 14, Tulsa 56. So much for the dark horse...

UNLV 34, Iowa St. 31. Who took the desert Rebels and replaced them with this BCS man handling team? Another potentially scary team. HOW can anyone argue that we don't deserve an automatic bid? Victories like this solidify our case.

Next Week.

Our #24 Horned Frogs vs. the #2 Oklahoma Sooners. I don't want to say that this is top 3 biggest Frog games ever... but, would you argue with me if I did? Much bigger than the UT game last year because we know what kind of team we have this year and because the BCS busting window is so small with all of the great teams this year. Much MUCH bigger than the OU game of 2005 because they know what they've gotten themselves into (and there's no Adrian Peterson to shut down). Regardless, biggest game in my short tenure as a fan. Sam Bradford is probably the biggest dark horse candidate for Heisman at this point in the season. Starting DL DeMarcus Granger will not be playing this week due to an injury, but this being OU you have to figure they have another scientifically imbredgeneered beastman waiting in the wings. N matter, this can only help our running game. They've got the size, but so far our O-line has played well. I do worry about our D-Line a little. They've played spectacularly this year, but then again they haven't seen the likes of 330 + pounders like Duke Robinson or Phil Loadholt. Our front seven will have the fight of their lives this week, and if they can win that battle then we will have an absolute chance of pulling the upset. As mentioned, the secondary is going to have to REALLY step up this week against the best passing attack we'll see all season, with no disrespect to BYU, but at least we get them at home. OU is 7th in the country, averaging 339 passing yards per game and also ranks first in overall scoring offense at 57 PPG. They're going to be bigger than us and probably faster, but you obviously all know what they say about the dog in the fight. This will be one of those games. The opening line is OU + 17.5 and although I really feel like we keep the game close and definitely cover, I fear a repeat of 2005 isn't in the cards.

The Pick - Frogs 17, Sooner 28.

Hope you guys are planning on making the trip to Norman to cheer on the Frogs. A couple of us are hiding our spitblood allegiances this weekend and making the trip on the Killer Frogs bus, but for practically unlimited beer and food, I'd sell my imaginary sister to the Delts. Go Frogs!

P.S. I know we've done fan of the week before, but since I don't have a picture I won't devote an entire post, but this week's winner goes to the TCU fan in our section with the homespun shirt reading, "I'd rather have a sister in a whorehouse than a brother at SMU." Many, MANY cocktails, sir!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Frogs Crack Top 25

Following Saturday's shellacking of SMU the Frog's have jumped in to the top 25. TCU, 4-0 for the first time since 2003, is now ranked 23 in the USA Today Coach's poll and 24 in the AP poll. The Mountain West now boasts 3 teams ranked in the top 25, BYU #11 in both polls and Utah #17 in both polls, more than both the ACC and Big East. TCU's ascent sets a match up of top-25 teams as they travel Saturday to face # 2 Oklahoma.

Rankings per ESPN

Friday, September 19, 2008

SMU's Gameday Tunnel Video


To borrow a quote from Billy Madison: "Now you're all in big, big trouble"

Arrr, Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Here's the "official" website
I'm not a huge fan of this celebratory day. Don't get me wrong, I love pirates, but I think it should be International Act Like a Pirate Day. Talking like one merely scratches the surface to the many beautiful aspects of daily pirate life. So, drink rum, rape (but ask her first), and pillage your pirate asses off tonight.

Morning Dump

TCU-SMU capsule AP

SMU, TCU quarterbacks toss around accolades Dallas Morning News

Mountain West ready to rumble Dallas Morning News

College football's potential breakthrough teams San Francisco Chronicle

Uniforms games of the week Star-Telegram
-never seen an article like this before

Tomorrow's Opponent

SMU news and notes Dallas Morning News

SMU a bye week for TCU? SMU Daily Campus

Mustangs look for rivalry win SMU Daily Campus

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Josh Howard, Like Obama, Hates America

DMN article here.

Sucky for the Sooners, Kick A for the Frogs


It's Always Sunny Season 4 Starts Tonight

The hands down funniest show on television kicks off their 4th season tonight at 10 on FX. Here is a compilation of 4th season promos.

And who could forget Day Man...
See more funny videos at Funny or Die

Reasons to Hate SMU

1. Shit like this. These two girls, who are probably from somewhere like Florida or New York, have likely never been to an SMU game, yet they don these shirts when the superior team from the West comes to town. TCU's been to 9 bowl games in the past 10 years...SMU hasn't been to ONE since 1984. I would say put that in your pipe and smoke it, but I hear kids at SMU are more into nose drugs...

2. Their obsession with wanting to be Ole Miss. "The Boulevard" is a cheap, cheap imitation of The Grove in Oxford, their fans dress up for football games, and under Phil Bennett they even changed their uniforms to look EXACTLY like the Rebels'. Just a tip, Ponies, if you're going to model yourself after another program, you might want to pick one that has won a conference championship more recently than 1963...

3. The way they always remind you of the way it used to be, when SMU dominated TCU. Yes, you beat up on us in the '80s...because you were paying your players!

4. The way they use the Death Penalty as an excuse. Here we are 20 years after the fact, and they still say the reason they can't win is because of the Death Penalty. It might be that, or it might be because you've hired coach after coach that is completely inept.

5. "June Cometh" and the media's obsession with it. Every time SMU hired a new coach, the media is all over their nuts because the new guy is "definitely the guy to turn this program around." They said that with Mike Cavan, they said that with Bennett. So now because Jones' gimmick offense was able to beat up on WAC teams and I-AA teams last year, this automatically makes SMU a contender? The Dallas Morning News' headline the day after the Ponies' win over I-AA Texas State (in which the Bobcats scored 36 points and actually out-gained SMU) read "SMU Magical in Win". MAGICAL? Get real, Patterson's Defense has squashed Jones' offense twice already.

6. Because as much as we complain about TCU's fanbase, they are much, much worse. At your average SMU home game, there are more people sitting in the luxury suites than there are in the stands. And while a lot of our fans might stay out at the tailgate during the game, their tailgates shut down when the game stars...and everyone goes home!

7. They have a soccer team instead of a baseball team. I think that speaks for itself.

Please, feel free to add to this list...

Get yer Haterade

Seeing as how it's official HATE week and there haven't been too many scathing SMU outbursts, I thought I'd redirect you to my death penalty inspired post of yesteryear, because I really can't do much better. Reading back through, my posts used to be a looot more angry... guess losing to UT and Air Force will do that to a person.


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Q&A with Pony Stampede's James Bryant Scout

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Must Read For Cowboys' Faithful

...or for anyone who wants to be entertained by the shit show that was the Dallas Cowboys in the 90s. Best-selling author from New York Jeff Pearlman has a new book on the 1990s Cowboys that comes out today. Check out the write up on Kissing Suzy Kolber to just get a taste of some of the "gems" found in the tell all book.

Morning Dump

TCU Frogs must adapt quicky to SMU's run-and-shoot Star-Telegram

Patterson discusses SMU GoFrogs.com

Patterson impressed with SMU offense Dallas Morning News

Coach prepared for TCU-SMU rivalry Daily Skiff

Mountain West wallops Pac-10 AP

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TCU men's golf team finished second at Kansas Invitations Star-Telegram

Mountain West feels like king of the hill USA Today

Around the Mountain West USA Today

Area college enrollment figures set records Star-Telegram

This Week's Opponent

SMU's Jones staying positive despite start Scout

Defense shows improvement against Texas Tech Red Raiders SMU Daily Campus

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

He Knocked The Puke Out of Him

Cal vs. Maryland last Saturday.

The Bear Uprising

What's up with these ballsy bears lately? First one is flaunting in the face of a hurricane, then one is placing bombs in DC (see spitpurple's post below). Sounds like an uprsising if you ask me.

The Aftermath Of Ike

Here is a good compilation of Ike's destruction to Galveston Island, Surfside, Crystal Beach, Port Bolivar and Houston.

My Neighborhood Shut Down By DC Bomb Squad

Typically I don't post about things non-TCU and generally non-TCU-football. This though I felt was worthy.

Power Rankings

24TCU3-020A convincing win over Stanford is a nice lead-in to next week's game against SMU. Averaging over 241 yards a game rushing, at this rate the Horned Frogs may run their way into Oklahoma on Sept. 27 undefeated.

Week 3 Standings

Here's how things shake out after week three. There was not much movement in the overall standings, with Buff still holding on strong to the top spot. However, as the games each week improve with tougher decisions regarding conference match ups, I expect things to start shaking up.

Congratulations to the week's top performer going a perfect 10-0: Bucknasty.

Remember to get your picks in for this week. I'm not going to rip on the 6-4 performances because I am giving you the benefit of the doubt in assuming that you simply forgot to submit your picks.

Morning Dump

TCU Horned Frogs not ranked, but it is only a matter of time Star-Telegram

TCU's Panfil shares MWC honor Star-Telegram

MWC throws down hammer against the Pac-10 ESPN

MWC news and notes Sports Network

Allowing drinking at student tailgate safer Daily Skiff

Ranking the conferences Atlanta Journal Constitution

Coach watch 2008 Seatle Post Intelligencer

Updated conference rankings ESPN

Non-BCS, independents rankings ESPN

TCU-OU kickoff set ESPN

Moving MWC into BCS title picture Yahoo News

TCU and SMU to battle for Iron Skillet GoFrogs.com

Strong non-BCS teams boost the stake for "big boys"
Salt Lake Tribune

This week's opponent

SMU sticking with starting Bo Levi Mitchell Dallas Morning News

More growing pains for Mitchell SMU Daily Campus

Monday, September 15, 2008

More Cowbell?


Matt Panfil Named the Mountain West Conference Co-Defensive Player of the Week

TCU defensive end Matt Panfil has been named the Mountain West Conference Co-Defensive Player of the Week for his efforts in the Horned Frogs' 31-14 victory over Stanford.

Panfil shares the award with New Mexico cornerback Glover Quin.

A senior from North Crowley High School in Fort Worth, Panfil posted four tackles for a loss with two sacks. He also had a forced fumble, fumble recovery and pass break-up. He totaled five stops in the game.

Panfil was instrumental in the Frogs' limiting Stanford to 193 yards of offense. The Cardinal did not have a successful third-down conversion until the fourth quarter.

Panfil is tied for third nationally with his team-best seven tackles for a loss on the season. He also ranks 11th in the country with his TCU-high 3.5 sacks.

It's the second time in three weeks that a TCU defensive end has received the MWC's weekly honor. Jerry Hughes was named the MWC Defensive Player of the Week after the season-opening 26-3 win at New Mexico.

Ay, Can we get up in thurr, Top 25?

Keep chasing that dragon, Horned Frogs.

Since I forgot to mention it earlier except as an aside in the comments, I just wanted to point out that the Frogs are currently sitting 28th in the AP and 27th in the Coaches Polls. On the outside looking in, but I just wanted to point out where we are and where we go from here. Also, it should be noted that this is the third time in Patterson's tenure that we've opened a season 3-0, and the other two times led to 11 wins. Just putting that out there. Now just remember, I have no concept of how points are allotted or how the rankings really work, so correct me if I'm wrong on anything.

AP - 45 points. Florida State, the 25th ranked team, currently has 121 points, while Vanderbilt (63) and Oklahoma State (62) sit at 26th and 27th, respectively. Florida State plays at #18 Wake Forest this weekend, in the game that is the most detrimental to our ranking. We would definitely gain more from a Florida State loss because we would directly leap frog (aaaahahaha) them in the rankings, especially as they have only beaten two D-II teams, although handily. If FSU is to win the game, I don't know that Wake would drop out of the Top 25, but I guess there is a chance this early in the season that they could, although Wake has beaten Baylor (who, despite what we know about them, is 2-1) and Ole Miss who is also 2-1. Right now they have 482 points, so that is a lot to overcome. Beating SMU won't bump us up too far, which is why we need someone ahead of us to lose.

Coaches - 76 points. Florida State is also ranked 25th in this poll with 110, followed by Fresno State with 93. Seeing as how this poll has Fresno NR but Arizona State at 24, and the AP has Fresno at 24th, while Arizona State falls below us, you can see how these rankings can pretty much go either way at the bottom. Again, a Florida State loss would maybe get us a spot, but a FSU and an Arizona State loss (who hosts Georgia this week) would all but guarantee us a spot. So, basically we all need to be big Wake Forest and big Arizona State fans for the week.

Games to Watch.

Arizona St. (NR/24) Vs. Georgia.

Wake Forest (18/18) Vs. Florida State (25/25).

Oregon (17/12) Vs. Boise State. Oregon is sitting at 17th, but after a close call with Purdue, a loss to the Broncos could drop them out.

East Carolina (15/17) at North Carolina State. Pollsters are looking for any reason to drop ECU from their rankings. Don't think it happens this week, but also didn't think Tulane would give them a game last week.

Utah (20/20) at Air Force. The way AF has been playing (although they did not complete a single pass this week against Houston), look out, especially at home. A strong finish is all that separated Utah from UNLV in week 2.

That sums it to the best of my knowledge. The other games are just not going to have upsets (such as Wyoming/BYU, etc) or the losing team would not fall far enough to effect us (LSU/Auburn). SO, Go Frogs, Dawgs, Deacons, Broncos, Wolfpack and Falcons this weekend!

Week 3: Stanford Liberal Nerd Trees

Trees Got Burned

Well, it wasn't always pretty, but 31-14 is still 31-14 and, as it was last week, the score probably wasn't that close. TCU is now 11-2 against BCS teams in our last 13 attempts. Another team comes out running their mouths... another team goes home with a loss. I'm starting to like this concept... let's hope BYU and Utah keep their win streaks alive and get big heads. I love it. First off, thanks to counselorfrog for hosting the pre-pregame festivities. Nothing like getting up at 83o on a Saturday to get liquored up and sit in the rain to watch some Frogs football. Considering the timing of the game as well as the weather situation, the turnout wasn't all that bad. Official attendance was said to be around 25,000 and while that's probably a little high, it's still more than another area school can turn out for home games with a rejuvenating new coach and offensive system on a clear day. I'll save that next week talk for later in the post, though. Regardless, what an awesome gameday atmosphere. I forgot how much I missed the early game days of our CUSA days. It really seems to bring everyone up to an entirely higher level as far as enthusiasm and adding hurricane weather to the mix made things even that much more exciting. Side note: Wasn't the hurricane weather supposed to favor the ground attack of Stanford? Will the real Stanford offensive line please stand up? Regardless, it was a great time and I'm very glad I made the trip and wore my bulletproof pancho with every other brave fan who toughed it out with me.

I want to start off by giving a great big round of applause to Doug Baldwin for making my shit talking duties easier. At one point, WWHD and I snuck down to the front row of the student section after we saw a handful of like minded comrades absolutely harassing everyone's favorite Frog basher. Guess they don't teach you where the sideline is at Stanford, eh pal? Despite his one big play of the day going for a TD, I'd say the fact that he only had one catch either shows his fear of going over the middle, or just shows how solid our defense is. Special teams? Well, that's another matter to be discussed later. I loved our effort in the first half with opening up that 14-0 lead and even though we let up a little and let them get back in to tie it at halftime, the fact that we came out and finished the game like we did really shows you all you need to know about this team. They're good. They're very good and they're not afraid of the big, bad Pac 10. Oh yeah, as was noted earlier, the MWC went 4-0 against the Pac 10 this weekend INCLUDING UNLV beating 15th ranked Arizona State in Arizona! What? Our bottom dweller beat their second best team? HA! I think my most irrational taunt for the Stanford section was "It sure ain't like playing USC is it?" and, while that may have been a bit of a stretch... well, it really wasn't though was it? The fact is, in previous years this might not have happened. Teams wouldn't come in and take us so lightly, but since we're coming off an "off" year and played a AA team last week, we've been overlooked. GP, as well as every member of the team and anyone who calls themselves a fan, knows that TCU plays best with a chip on their shoulders. Thanks again for the trip Stanford, have fun running that Pac 10 gauntlet that can't squeak out any wins against their non BCS opponents (Really, UCLA?).

Offense - A+. I wasn't completely sure how to rank our offense in this game, so I went ahead and gave us high marks because I'm biased. If you look at the numbers, you can definitely back this up though. 378 total offensive yards, including 233 rushing (again: Aaron Brown, our starting tailback, has been suspended all season. Just like throwing that out there). That's a great day for a lot of offenses. but for one that prides itself on its speed, has a great passer, and is playing in a steady rain? Outstanding. Really, I can't say enough about this performance. Two fumbles, but no turnovers (great on a rainy day), 24 first downs, almost doubled up Stanford in plays run (89-50), DID double them up in TOP (roughly 40-20). The Namesake tossed 36 passes while completing 20 for 145 yards and no touchdowns. It's looking more and more like our play calling is going to be highly conservative once in the red zone, but when you've outscored your opponents 123 - 24, well, can your really argue with the results? Also in Dalton stats... 17 rushes for 101 yards (net 91) and a TD??? Obviously, as mentioned before, you never want your QB running the ball like this.... but 17 rushes for 101 yards??? Shades of Jeff Ballard? This can only mean good things, except PLEASE don't run him like this against OU, Schultz. Those dudes they line up on the defensive side of the ball look like they were imbred in back country steroid labs in Oklahoma. I mean, their team name is based on cheating, so who's to say they aren't doing this?

Moving on, also getting in on the rushing game were Ryan Christian (19-86-1TD), Joseph Turner (7-33), Jeremy Kerley (4-18-1) and Justin Watts (6-12-1). You definitely improve your team with Aaron Brown coming back... but platooning for 233 yards? I mean, this is something I NEVER saw coming. Also, if Kerley had had about 6 more inches, he'd have had 2 TDs. That would've been 5 offensive TDs against a team that's supposed to be better than us solely based on conference affiliation and was supposed to have an edge based on the weather. Really makes you think, huh?

Rounding out the offense, Dalton mixed up the passing game, completing 20 passes to 6 players for the previously mentioned 145 yards. Jimmy Young, my favorite and yours, led all receivers with 5 catches for 36 yards followed by Christian (4-21), Shae Reagan (3-35), Evan Frosch (3-23), Walter Bryant (3-16), and Kerley with 2 catches for 14 yards. I'd go into more detail, but there really isn't much. This game was all about the defense and the ground game and I'll give them their moment. Regardless, the things our passing attack is going to do to SMU this week are SCARY.

Defense - A. Aside from one play of sloppy tackling, the Frogs defense put up another typical, smothering performance against a lesser opponent. 193 yards against, 2 fumble recoveries, 1 interception (biggest play of the game you could argue, and I will). Toby Gerhardt was supposed to be this big, brusing back who would thrive on pounding the ball in the rain... his final numbers? 15 rushes, 52 yards. Ouch. Total rushing numbers for the Trees was a solid 29 - 71 which, if you do the math, is 2.4 yards per rush. Whoops! Looks like someone didn't read their scouting report and realize that TCU has one of the best front 7s in all of college football. Maybe they should've located Nacogdoches on a map and asked them about it. Note: 38 of those came on the Baldwin play. So, you make that tackle and that number drops off by 20-30 yards. You might look at the number and think "wow, that's impressive against a team who thrives on their ground game" then you realize that it's 11 more yards than TCU has given up on the ground ALL YEAR. All week we'd been worrying about Jason Phillips and what he would do coming off an injury... so he decided to come out and rack up 10 tackles (8 solos) including a HUGE 4th and 1 stuff that helped seal the win. Henson, as you'd imagine, came in second with 7 tackles and a 4th down stuff which led to a FG and pushed the score to 24-14, followed by Stephen Hodge with 6, Matt Panfil with 5 (4 for losses and 2 sacks and a pass break up. All in a days work) and Jerry Hughes with 2 (2.5 for loss and 1 sack). Panfil's late fumble recovery led to Dalton's rushing TD and pushed the score to 31-14, pushing the game further out of reach and sending Stanford back to their trees and books. When you only give up 71 yards on the ground, it makes sense that your defensive team leaders are going to be up front.

So, when the ground game isn't working, obviously you try and switch it up and go to the air, right? In this regard, Stanford didn't do TOO bad (11-21, 122 yards) but they didn't produce any touchdowns and took themselves out of contention with a late INT in the end zone by Stephen Coleman. Coleman and Nick Sanders each had 4 tackles, including a pass breakup from Coleman, followed by Rafael Priest with 3 tackles, and Daryl Washington and Corderra Hunter with 2 a piece. No truly gaudy numbers from anyone, but Coleman's third INT of the season is definitely his biggest and maybe the biggest play of the game, which was set up by the only halfway decent play our lowly special teams produced all day...

Special Teams - D. Whoa, guys. I know GP hates special teams, but good lord! Something HAS to be done! It looks like Combs may have been out working on his kickoffs, average 59.8 yards per kick with a touchback although this could be attributed to the wind being at his back. Kevin Sharples (??) also had one kickoff for 50 yards. Ross Evans connected on his one field goal (23 yards), making it a two possession game. So, you might be wondering where that D factors in? Everywhere else. Anson Kelton had 7 punts for a 42 yard average (understand the wind factor, but gotta get that up), but had the one blocked for a TD which shifted the momentum to Stanford by tying the game before the half. What happened to the left side of the line? I don't think they know either. Then, who could forget the Baldwin return, which was fortunately negated by the other biggest play of the day. Longview's other favorite son, Corderra Hunter, laid out and nudged Baldwin just enough to force him out of bounds inside the 20, thus negating a near TD. Still, Stanford was given the ball at the 13 yard line only down by 7 points with plenty of time remaining in the 4th. If I were the special teams, I'd offer to be Coleman's slave for the rest of the week as he COMPLETELY saved their asses with that interception. Pretty sure there aren't any questions about who should be filling the FS position now. We won the game, but I feel pretty bad for these guys considering what GP is likely going to do to them this week in practice. The one flaw with this team.

Overall - "We wanted to make a statement and come out and show them what kind of football we play here in Fort Worth," TCU linebacker Jason Phillips said. "Because half of them didn’t know where they were anyways. I think that line from Phillips pretty much sums up the game. It's funny because these guys thought they had seen TCU football last year, but that was nothing by comparison. Fact is, we came out, smacked 'em around, and took an easy victory. It wasn't always pretty, but it was convincing nonetheless. Henson called up WWHD after the game to come by the tailgate and he shared pretty much the same sentiment. He just made it sound like this team refuses to get rattled and are just starting to realize their potential. Loved the atmosphere. Loved how the cops weren't completely overbearing this week (if you haven't heard, ask WWHD about his conversation with the Frog Club. Bottom line: TCU hates our fans.) Big win to bring over to my neighborhood this weekend and bitchslap the Ponies. Love this team and definitely love our chances to bring the MWC championship back to Cowtown.
Game Ball
A lot of ways to go with this... You could go with Dalton for controlling the game and TOP. You could go with Christian for playing his best game yet. You could go with Henson for putting together another solid performance and coming up with a huge stop. This week, I'm going to go 75-25 with it in favor of Phillips with some love to Coleman. Phillips gets the nod because he came off his injury and played out of his mind. The numbers speak for themselves and having his leadership on the field really sparks this defense. Coleman didn't put up huge numbers, but his interception completely switched the momentum to our sideline and we never relinquinshed it.

Other Games of Interest

With Colorado State having an off week, the MWC decided to go 7-1. As usual, San Diego State is really, really bad.

UNLV 23 Arizona State 20 - HA! Maybe the greatest victory on the day for our conference. UNLV, a team that hasn't ever even sniffed a MWC championship, rolled down to Tempe and got 15th ranked Arizona State to crap out (see what I did there?). These guys kept it close with Utah last week until the end of the game so they might be a team to watch out for.

BYU 59 UCLA 0 - Not a typo. The same team that beat Tennessee got absolutely BLASTED by BYU. How's that seat feelin', Neuheisel? It's a little harder to win when you haven't had time to stock your sidelines with a bunch of rapists. I give it a few years before he turns LA into the city of Brothely Love.

Air Force 31 Houston 28 - In a game that was moved to Dallas because of the Hurricane, an airplane always beats a big cat.

Wyoming 16 ND State 13 - Not Notre Dame, mind you, that's North Dakota State. Not even the University of. After getting blasted by AF last week, Wyoming lays a near egg against a D-II opponent. They say they have the "best home atmosphere" in the conference, but that's not going to last long with games like this.

New Mexico 36 Arizona 28 - It was only a matter of time before UNM pulled out a game/The Mike Stoopses stopped playing the Idaho's of the league.

Utah 58 Utah State 10 - The less holy rivalry.

San Diego State 10 San Jose State 35 - Thanks a lot, Aztecs. Montezuma's revenge, indeed.

Tetch 43 SMU 7 - Seven points against Tetch's turrible defense? Hmmm... I can't wait until we cannibalize that Freshman QB. I was asking Henson about it after the game and he had a pretty good laugh about how lopsided it's going to be. Pony Down.

Ohio State 3 USC 35 - I don't care about the outcome, but I just wanted to post it so everyone could give a collective "ouch!" Sweatervest de-nied.

Next week

The battle for the almighty Iron Skillet. Now, I really hate to get ahead of myself about any of our games, especially one against our rival who has beaten us when they had no business doing so. You might look at the schedule and say "TRAP GAME!!" with OU coming up the next week... but you also would've thought we wouldn't have gotten the jump on SFA that we did with Stanford coming in the next week. However, that'd be an insult to SFA to compare them to SMU wouldn't it? Fact is, this team is great and I'm not completely sure I've been this excited about a Frogs team since I came to TCU. While I'm not completely writing off SMU, I just don't see how this team could have too many struggles. As most TCU/SMU games are in Dallas, it'll practically be like a home game for us as far as attendance, and, seeing as how it's SMU parents weekend, what are the odds that any kids actually bring their parents into the game? The seniors on this team will remember the debacle of 2005 and would never let that happen again. If this team puts up more than 10 points against our defense, that'll be their biggest highlight of the season. SMU keeps it close early, but ultimately...

TCU 35 SMU 3

Have not hashed out any plans yet for this game, but the SB Dallas contingent will definitely work something out. Let us know who is going to come over and we'll plan accordingly. Go Frogs!