Friday, July 25, 2008

ESPN Shows MWC Basketball Some Love

For some unknown reason, the folks at ESPN decided to write about something other than football this week. In what must've been an exhaustive, EXTREMELY tedious task, they ranked all 300-some odd NCAA Division I Men's Basketball programs in terms of what they've accomplished since the NCAA Tournament expanded to 64 teams in 1985.
Despite the Best Dressed Coach in America's best efforts to sink TCU to the bottom of such a ranking, the Frogs come in tied with UC-Santa Barbara at #138. That was good enough for the sixth-best ranking in the MWC, where UNLV's #8 was the conference's best followed by Utah at #24.
In case you're wondering, Duke took the top spot in the poll, followed by their neighbors and arch-nemesis, North Carolina, YAWN. Based on the collective team rankings, the D-I conferences were then ranked #1-#31 (there are THIRTY-ONE conferences?!?!). The Mountain West came in at #6, one spot ahead of the Pac 10 and just one space behind the Big 12. Not bad! Where did Conference USA rank, you might ask? How about #13, one spot behind the Colonial Athletic Association.
If you want to peruse the entire rankings, you can find them at:

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Sir Wesley Willis said...

They should've just ranked Billy Tubbs 138 and left it alone... also, Jamie Dixon's shot.