Friday, July 25, 2008

#17 Aaron Schobel

Schobel was a terror to any and all offenses that faced. He will always be known as one of the greatest defensive ends to play for the Frogs. Schobel was a three time All-Conference Player from '98 - '00, and was also the WAC Defensive Player of Year in 2000.

His name is all over the TCU defensive record books. Most notably as the Frog's all time career sack leader (31). He is also first in yards lost tackling for a career (315); second on the sacks in a season (10 in '99); third in yards lost tackling in a season (113 in '98); and third in sack yardage in a season (65 in '98). As we all know, Aaron has gone on to great things in the NFL, racking up 67 sacks,2 picks, and two pro bowl appearances in his seven seasons with the bills.

Up next, this player overlapped with Aaron on the other side of the defense line for the 2000 season.

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It is ridiculous how much talent that family has put out. I think Aaron has about twenty brothers in the NFL. They also have a great all you can eat buffet (Schobel's) in Columbus, Texas. I highly recommend it.