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ESPN/ Blue Ribbon TCU Preview

The preview is pretty long so I placed it in the comments section of this post.


Was scanning the hometown Longview News-Journal, a beacon of journalistic integrity (I'm pretty sure they haven't discovered spell check nor fact checking), has a poll going on the sports page about who the next East Texas athlete to get called up to the bigs will be. Like just about all other Rangers fans, everyone is preeeetty horny about Chris Davis getting called up to the bigs, and through 2 starts he definitely has not disappointed. It also references Malcolm Kelly getting drafted, but considering he played at OU and now for the Redskins, even though he went to my high school, I just can't get that excited about it. Regardless, there are 5 names in the poll, including two of Purple Pansy's Longhorns, but guess who is winning? You guessed it, Stephen Hodge (No Henson? Really, Longview?). Sure there might be fewer than 100 votes, but in pride battles such as this one, every victory counts. So, if you have any interest, here's the link and vote Hodge into the deep annals (take that as you will) of East Texas sports history.

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10 Best Cities For Recent College Grads

Looks like we are in good spots here guys.


    1. Houston, TX

Average Starting Salary: $44,100

Job-Growth Rank: 3

Population in 20s: 22%

High-energy costs are creating a huge demand for science and technical degrees. Other key industries include technology and shipping.

2. Fort Worth - Dallas, TX

Average Starting Salary: $41,000

Job-Growth Rank: 5

Population in 20s: 23%

If you know how to find and drill oil, there's likely a job for you in Texas. Other key industries include technology and banking.

3. Austin, TX

Average Starting Salary: $38,700

Job-Growth Rank: 4

Population in 20s: 26%

Austin has recently enjoyed a boom in tech companies like 3M, Advanced Micro Devices and Intel, but Dell has long been headquartered in the capital. Bonus: the city's labor force tends to weather recessions well. Other big employers are the state government and University of Texas.

Study Distractions

Real Men of Genius - Mr. Cell Phone Holster Wearer

Real Men Of Genius - Silent Killer Gas Passer

Real Men of Genius - Hopeless Notre Dame Fan (One of my favs)

Real Men of Genius - Way too Proud of Texas Guy

"Love that Horny Toad!"

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Some Viral Classics To Help Friday Afternoon Pass

The Dancing Indian Midget

Who Could Forget Old Greg?

Japanese Game Show at It's Best

Lockheed Commercial

Not Frog related (still Fort Worth), but a this is a pretty cool spot that Lockheed played at the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce Annual Luncheon.

#23 Guy Morriss

Most of us know our number 25 choice as a coach who was great to play against. However, in his younger years he was a force on TCU's offensive line. Guy Morris was an all SWC center in 1972 and 1973 and was part of the 1973 Coaches All-American Team. Morris went on to play in the NFL for 15 years including two trips to the Super Bowl and one Pro-Bowl appearance.

Morris was kind enough to help is alma mater get a couple victories over Baylor in the last few years, though I attributed it more to Baylor just sucking than to Morris' coaching. In any case Morris was without a doubt one of the best lineman in TCU history.

Up next:
A high school running back turned defensive lineman.

Funny Cartoon of The Day

The Perfect Pass

This black jeaned phenomenon has a laser rocket arm. - Watch more free videos

Is that Jacob Herman's cousin from Boston?

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TCU Ranked 18 Nationally in Defense

According to, the Frogs stack up as the 18th best team in the nation on the defensive side of the ball. (The Longhorns were 20th)

18.TCU Horned Frogs

By typical standards, the Texas Christian Horned Frogs had an outstanding season in 2007, finishing the year 15th in the nation in terms of total defensive production and 10th overall for all Division I programs in regard to defensive scoring. Yet, talk to the coaches and players that return in 2008 down in Fort Worth, and you’ll hear a tale which seems to speak quite differently – that last season was really little more than a disappointment, a symbol of decline for a normally dominant football team that prides itself in being a monster on the defensive side of the ball...full analysis.

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Club Seating Brochure

Well the brochure for the club seats is out. Any one want to split the bill on two seats? Come on, its only $25,000. Thats $2,500 for each seat (minimum two) per year (minimum of a five year commitment).

Click here for the brochure

GP. It's What's For Dinner.

"Superfrog: because a party isn't a party until someone shows up with back tits"
I'm not sure how many of our bakers dozen of loyal readers have the unfortunate displeasure of being a Dallasophile such as myself, but seeing as how the more people I know there the more successful I will appear, I thought I'd pass this along. In a couple of weeks on the 10th there's a "Dallas Coaches Event" somewhere out in North Dallas (it's like the suburbs you grew up in, but oh so much worse) which will feature GP, Jim Christian, Schollosannagglgleee, and, if you read into the context clues of the front of the invite, a super special appearance from SUPER FROG!!!! among others. 25 bones gets you dinner and (rumoredly) beers. There's also a Houston coaches event the next evening for those readers of the Bison persuasion. Anyway, I know myself, lyle lanley and WWHD are going to be there so if anyone has any interest, go to and sign up. Should be a good time and if anything will give us another $25 towards buying our way into the upper echelons of the college football world.

#24 Herb Taylor

TCU's all-time leader in games started over a career Herb Taylor started all 48 games of his Horned Frog career. After redshirting his Freshman year Taylor for three years was the starting right tackle before spending his final season protecting the quarterback's blindside, only giving up one sack, as a rock solid left tackle.

A two-time All-Mountain West Conference performer Taylor was selected as a pre-season All-American in 2006 by: Street & Smiths, Sporting News, The Football Writers Association, and For four years Taylor was a vocal leader, consistent performer and was the anchor of two conference champion teams.

Up next:
A man who was great for the Frogs, both as a player and an opposing coach.

Things Frog On the Web

Richardson added to 2008-09 TCU men's basketball roster
Jim Christian landed this 6-8 Dawson Community College standout to the 2008-09 squad has early bowl predictions
Highlight: Georgia vs. Ohio State National Championship Game; Lowlight: TCU vs. Southern Miss in the Armed Forces Bowl

TCU football success a tradition
Todd Jones of College Football Top Ten discusses historical and present day successes of Horned Frog Football

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BYU's Spit Blood, Sort Of

Today I stumbled accross a BYU faithful blog, called The Cougar Zone , which is somewhat similar to ours in the sense that they are dedicated to BYU football. (Different in the sense that they believe in Joseph Smith's translation of golden plates that were given to him by an angel named Maroni)

Here is their analysis of the game we care about:

Oct. 16 BYU at TCU
"Fear factor: TCU is due for another run at the BCS and the Horned Frogs have the talent to get there. If the Frogs upset Oklahoma on Sept. 27, this game becomes very scary. A loss to the Sooners may take some wind out of TCU's sails and create another underachieving season. A healthy Aaron Brown will give the Y majors headaches. He missed all or part of nine games as a junior, but his speed is impressive when he's 100 percent. And he's running behind a veteran O-line.
Why faith endures: TCU struggled in Thursday night games last year. The Frogs do have Andy Dalton back at QB, but his supporting cast has a lot of new faces. BYU has been adept at picking apart TCU's man-t0-man defense with its vertical passing game, and if Gary Patterson sticks with that scheme, Max Hall will have a big day. Watch for BYU tight ends Dennis Pitta, to have a big night.
Prediction: In the toughest test of the season to date, BYU repeats its 2006 Fort Worth heroics and steals a Thursday night win. BYU 24, TCU 21."

Have we heard any updates on their Fear Factor, AB?

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Ice T Responds to Soulja Boy

Some of you may have out grown hip hop, and find these rants meaningless, but i'm glad Ice-T finally took a stand against Soulja Boy and all the other uncreative artists of the type who are, one shitty single at a time, killing hip hop.

"Hip hop ain't gonna last with you doing that superman done fucked up homie"

SMU Football Team Is Tough

TCU places 57 student-athletes on Academic All-MWC spring squad

TCU placed 57 student-athletes on the Academic All-Mountain West Conference Team for the spring semester - which was announced on Thursday (June 19) afternoon.

The Horned Frogs had representatives from 10 athletic programs on the Academic All-Mountain West Conference Team - which included student-athletes from baseball, men's basketball, men's golf, women's golf, men's swimming and diving, women's swimming and diving, men's tennis, women's tennis, men's track and field and women's track and field.

Not on the list...Football.

This is good news for the team. Our players (minus Massey) have their priorities straight. They are spending just enough time in the classroom to pass (minus Massey) and using their remaining time on the most important cause of the University: Football.

See Full Article, and List of Names

Unbelievable Ball Girl Catch

As I was uploading the video, I was informed that this was acctually a Gatorade commercial. Still awsome though.

George Carlin Dies At 71

News Article

Friday, June 20, 2008

Bishop T.D. Jakes' daughter to marry TCU football player 1:38 PM CT

By SAM HODGES / The Dallas Morning News

A daughter of Bishop T.D. Jakes will marry a Texas Christian University football player on Saturday.

Sarah Jakes, daughter of Bishop T.D. Jakes, and Robert Henson, a TCU football player, plan to wed at The Potter's House on Saturday.
View larger More photos Photo store The private wedding service for Sarah Jakes and Robert Henson, a TCU linebacker, will occur at Dallas mega-church The Potter's House. Bishop Jakes founded the church and remains its pastor, while also writing bestselling advice books and keeping a busy schedule of speaking engagements and television appearances.

Celebrities expected at the wedding include TV counselor Dr. Phil McGraw, actor, writer and director Tyler Perry, former Dallas Cowboys Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin and Deion Sanders, and Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert.

Ms. Jakes, daughter of Serita Jakes, is a journalism student at the University of Phoenix. Mr. Henson, son of Samantha Henson of Longview, is a criminal justice major at TCU.

Bishop Noel Jones of City of Refuge Church in California will perform the ceremony, according to a press release from The Potter’s House.
Myself, LT4Heisman, and WWHD will be in attendance. Early next week there will be a write up to capture our experiences.

New Patterson/Sheriff in Town

The Mock Turtle? If Christian follows in GPs footsteps,
at least he won't be winning any "Best Dressed" Awards.

I imagine most of you get the TCU Magazine, but I wanted to link to this interview with Jim Christian. As contributor Lanley put it to me earlier, "This guy sounds like a winner" and after reading this I'd have to agree. A few things I noticed:
1. He's, like, extremely excited to be at TCU. Whereas I'm sure sweet, spoiled, pampered Dorothy/Neil viewed FW as a stepping stone, this guy has put in his dues at a school with far less money and support and considers TCU to be a top notch opportunity for him. He even referred to our facilities, which , aside from the new practice facility, are decrepit, as "Disneyland."
2. Does it need to be mentioned that he led the KENT STATE GOLDEN FLASHES to six straight 20 win seasons? With fewer resources and bottom of the barrel recruits. The metroplex is a veritable breeding ground for basketball talent and the Mountain West isn't exactly the ACC or Big East in terms of talented basketball teams. Assuming he doesn't succumb to the ugliness that is TCU basketball support, I think he's going to take this team places (although a winning conference record or 25% capacity would put him above Neil, may he rest in peace).
3. This, "I’m trying to use Coach Patterson and his staff as best I can to learn. They are successful here. They have a model that works, and I am trying to see it. " Perhaps he's trying to stoke the GP fires in all of us, but I'm easily swayed by anyone claiming to study at the dojo of Patterson. Having two GPs on staff? That kind of behavior can't be discredited by any TCU fan... and I'm assuming that when he says 'staff' he means 'staff minus that OC you have.'
Regardless, it's a good read

Wall Street Journal: Top Athletes in World

The rest of the top ten went like this.
  1. Roman Sebrle - Decathlete
  2. Lebron James
  3. Floyd Mayweather
  4. LaDainian Tomlinson
  5. Roger Federer
  6. Sidney Crosby
  7. Liu Xiang - 110 Meter Hurdler
  8. Jeremy Wariner - 400 Meter Sprinter
  9. Ronaldo
  10. Alex Rodriguez

Phi Alpha of the Month Goes To...

John McNasty

John, realizing that baseball season sucks, decided to drink and eat himself into an alcohol and greasy mexican food induced coma, in order to make football season arrive sooner. You are an innovator of sorts, because I have spent countless hours thinking of ways to speed up the arrival of football season, but this one tops all.

I'm trying to decide whats funnier:
A) the copius amounts of grease on mouth and chest
B) the one hand on his junk and other holding greasy fork the wrong way
C) the surviving pieces of meat that jumped off the plate and onto the bed to avoid the massacre that took place that night

Phi Alpha

#25 Marvin White

Yes Donnie, it is non-other than the Gator himself. The creator of the "Great White Hit", a player that was described as having a "suddenness about him and a violence in him", a player that was one of the most punishing tacklers in Frog history. The Gator played with a reckless abandon that has only been surpassed by RH-51 himself.

As a junior in 2005, Marvin started just nine games, but that included the last seven of the season. He ended up being a large contributor to TCU's conference championship in their first year in the MWC. After the season, White was named Second Team All-MWC. During his senior year, Marvin led the Frogs in both interceptions and tackles, and he was also honored with First Team All-MWC.

Despite his relatively short tenure as a Frog, Marvin's unmatched intensity on the field earned him a spot on this list, and he will go down in history as have creating the most deafening roar to ever come out of ACS.

P.S. For more current news on the Gator, check out this article from the Dayton Daily News.

P.P.S. I have to have seen this movie around 200 times, and it never gets old.

P.P.P.S. Listen to the damn anouncer try and cover up that he called the hit dirty. I am suprised he didn't fall out of the press box while trying to back track. What a bitch.

Massey and his Iverson Sleeve are Gone

Kid was great in the open field but apparently not so great at opening his books. He'll be missed as a player, I assume Jeremy Kerley will take over his position. Wish Donald all the best, but not in the gay way that people on that other site do.

Star-Telegram article

Thursday, June 19, 2008

ESPN Faces of College Football: TCU

In an era where passing was taboo, Baugh redefined the quarterback position. He came to TCU to play both football and baseball but sizzled for Dutch Meyer on the gridiron, leading the Horned Frogs to the 1935 national championship. Baugh was a consensus All-American the next season, guiding TCU to a victory in the inaugural Cotton Bowl. He led the nation in both passing and punting his final two seasons at TCU. After a stab at professional baseball, Baugh brought his passing skills to the Washington Redskins, winning an NFL championship as a rookie. He was a charter member of both the College and Pro Football Hall of Fames. -- Adam Rittenberg's Signature Quote
"When I got in the pros, they had the silliest rules. They favored a running game and a defensive game, and Dutch had taught us just the opposite." -- Sammy Baugh

ESPN Faces of College Football

Sammy Baugh
No one before him combined arm strength and accuracy quite the way that Sammy Baugh did for TCU. "Slingin' Sammy" led the nation in passing in his junior and senior years, 1935 and 1936. As a junior, he threw for 1,241 yards and 18 touchdowns for a team that lost only to national champion SMU. As a senior, Baugh not only threw for 1,196 yards but he achieved the all but unheard of feat of completing more than half his passes (50.5 percent). More importantly, Baugh forced the national press to take football in Texas seriously. In an era when press coverage of the sport still leaned toward the east, Baugh finished fourth in the 1936 Heisman. But his performance set the table for his successor, Davey O'Brien, to win the Heisman two years later.

Pineapple Express Red Band Trailer

Colia was trying to post this earlier, but was having difficulty because he is a techno-tard with internet disabilities. His mom calls him "special". The movie, on the other hand, looks like it has potential.

Schlossnagle withdraws name from Auburn search

From the Startlegram
TCU baseball coach Jim Schlossnagle said Wednesday night he withdrew his name from consideration for the Auburn head coaching vacancy.
"Sometimes as a coach when you look at other opportunities you learn it confirms how great a situation you already have," he said. "I know it will make me an even better coach for TCU."
Schlossnagle met with Auburn school officials about the vacancy Sunday in Atlanta. Auburn is looking to replace Tom Slater, who resigned on May 17 after four seasons.
Schlossnagle, who is 211-102 at TCU, has guided the Horned Frogs to five consecutive regional appearances, as well as three straight Mountain West Conference regular-season and tournament titles.
"It speaks to the greatness of TCU and players and coaches and how well they’ve done," Schlossnagle said of being considered for the position. "I don’t look at every job that comes along."

Economy Down, Site Traffic Up

The country is in a panic due to significant increases in global demand with a limited global supply. Gas prices are up, commodity prices are up, and real estate prices are rising much more rapidly than incomes. "Experts" are starting to throw around the "s" word: Stagflation, which could lead to hyperinflation-depression. There are eerie similarities to the stagflation in the 1970s. Political uncertainty, an unpopular and expensive war, declining consumer liquidity levels, and weak job growth with stagnant wage growth.

But amidst all this fear inducing turmoil, one key determinate remains constant: The steady, climbing growth of Spit Blood site traffic. Since I have been tracking site activity, Spit Blood's visitors have continued to climb as well as page views and duration of each visitor.

(Spit Blood visitors & page views over the last 30 days, excluding weekends)

This crucial national and global determinate leads me to believe that we, as a nation and world can recover from such hardships. Supply side economics saved us in the late 70s, early 80s. Today it might be increased federal spending in sustainable energy and resource managment technologies, but in the end our country will be back where it is comfortable: on top.

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I feel like the tens of people that read our site regularly likely also read EDSBS so you may have noticed that during the off season they have guest bloggers answer questions about their teams. Well, I talked to Spencer (the head honcho) about submitting something for spitblood and he gave me the go ahead so I filled out his questionnaire and sent it back. Might get posted. Probably won't. Regardless, if you're flipping through EDSBS in the next couple of weeks and see something that links to spitblood, hopefully others will see it and get our site a little exposure. Either way, it'll be good for some condescension in the comments section. If it gets posted I'll update this post and link it over.

#26 LaMarcus McDonald

The captain of the 2002 CUSA Championship team, LaMarcus dominated the 2002 season. In '02 alone he led the team with 118 tackles, 8.5 sacks, and 30 TFLs. The 120 yards lost on those 30 TFLs broke the school record which had previously been held by Aaron Schobel. LaMarcus is second all time in Yards Lost Tackling in a career with 236.

After his standout '02 season LaMarcus was honored by the conference as first-team All-CUSA and Defensive Player of the Year. He also was named second-team All-American by the AP, and first team All-American by College Football News. LaMarcus also received the Rogers Trophy in '02 which is awarded to the TCU MVP.

Up next:
This bayou native led the team in INTs and tackles during his senior year, but he is forever engraved in Frogdom for one play, and one play only.

TCU Basketball Lands Top Player From Michigan

TCU head men's basketball coach Jim Christian announced on Tuesday (June 17) that Detroit standout Kavon Rose (Detroit, Mich./Finney H.S.) has joined the Horned Frogs' program and will join the roster for the upcoming 2008-09 campaign.

"We're extremely excited about the signing of Kavon," said Christian. "He comes from a very strong high school program at Finney and is a very athletic, intelligent and versatile player. We believe that he is going to be a tremendous asset to our program and is a welcome addition to the roster...full article

Here is what ESPN had to say about him:
This smooth slashing scorer reminds some in the Detroit area of former UNLV guard Anderson Hunt, a Detroit native. Rose is a slightly undersized two guard that can flat out put the ball in the basket. He's best as a pick-your-lane slasher that gets to the rim on relentless attacks to the basket. He shoots a ton of free throws because you must foul him to stop him. His jumper from deep runs hot and cold, but when hot he can really be a handful to stop.

Rose put in a letter of intent to play at Oregon State, he was then released from the letter. He was then considering Colorado, Dayton, Western Michigan and Creighton. I don't know what Christian did to get him to sign a letter of intent to TCU, maybe the promise that he will start as a freshman and be the best player on the team.

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Monday, June 16, 2008

How Can Any One Root Against Rocco

Look at that belt, I mean come on....

Tiger Woods, hurt knee, still God

Hopefully you all caught this live yesterday, but Tiger was able to force a playoff with Rocco Mediate by sinking a 12 foot birdie put on the 72nd hole of the U.S. Open.

Rocco and Tiger will play an 18-hole playoff today starting at 11 am on ESPN. If you are at work catch the action on ESPN 360.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Future...

GP is fond of saying that incoming recruits are nothing but "Paper Tigers" until they've done something on the field in college. Well, the 2008 edition of Dave Campbell's Texas Football is adding a little more to the already-impressive roar of the next class.

Five Frog commits show up on DCTF's High School Super Teams, including Maud DL Bryant House, who is a member of the first-team defense. His teammate and fellow D-lineman James Dunbar is on the second-team defense, while quarterback Casey Pachall of Brownwood and offensive linemen John Woolridge of Houston Episcopal and Ty Horn of Waco Midway are members of the second-team offense.

Copperas Cove linebacker Tanner Brock, who is the brother of current Frog TE Logan Brock and has been rumored to have been on the verge of committing to TCU for quite some time now, is a member of the third-team defense.

It's easy- especially in the long, hot summer- to look toward to the future and get caught up in the hype of recruiting. But remember, SAE 3000 was a great idea (thank you) on paper, before people started stealing entire bottles of liquor from the bar and our entire fraternity got banned from the Pig & Whistle forever...

Friday, June 13, 2008

#27 Chase Ortiz

Chase Ortiz came to TCU as a linebacker, but after redshirting his Freshman year and seeing no game action as a RS Freshman he moved to Defensive End prior to the 2005 season. Ortiz entered the spring buried at third string on the depth-chart, but by the opener against OU he had worked his way in to a starting role.

Ortiz finished his career as a three-time all MWC conference defensive selection, the first Frog since 1977 to be chosen all conference three times in his career. Ortiz was signed as a free-agent by the Cleveland Browns.

Up next, a linebacker who in his senior year had 30 tackles for a loss accounting for a school record 120 lost yards.

**News Flash** KillerFrogs Still Hates Us


LawFrog,Your member account at Killer Frogs [.com] v. 2.1 has been temporarily suspended.


Seriously? I mean come on. Get off that pole you have been sitting on and lighten up.

However, I am a little nervous about the FINAL WARNING message. I wonder what they would do if I promoted Spit just one more time? Give me a blog citation, put me in blog comtempt, blog prison, come to my house and blog me with a cane, or even worse, kill off all my blog priveleges for all of blog eternity.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Looks Like Arson Was More Than Just Suspected

ATF: "Molotov" cocktail started Governor's Mansion fire
An Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agent tells CBS 42 News the object seen being thrown in surveillance video appears to be a "Molotov," which is a lit container with flammable liquid inside.

Early on Thursday, state Fire Marshal Paul Maldonado confirmed Sunday's fire at the Governor's Mansion was arson. He says a surveillance camera captured on video an individual igniting an object and tossing onto the building's front porch. From there, the fire spread rapidly. Maldonado says evidence shows an accelerant was used in the crime.

Officials would not say if the suspect is male or female. The surveillance video is being enhanced in order to gather more clues.

At the Thursday morning news conference, the state fire marshal said the on-site investigation is now complete and the building is being returned to the state for restoring.

According to the state's restoration engineers, the building is "structurally deficient" and the roof will need to be replaced. The downstairs seems to be in the best shape, but other areas of the 152-year-old landmark are extensively damaged.

Structural engineer, John Volz, says his reaction to seeing the devastation was "like having a sick child or family member -- it's heartbreaking." But he is adamant the building can be salvaged.

Construction crews will begin the rehabilitation within days by removing the debris. Workers won't know how much total damage was done until they get deeper into the restoration project.

Restorers will need to stabilize the building, to dry it out, and to protect the interior from the weather. Estimates of repairing the building are as high as ten million dollars.

TCU linebackers receive top-10 ranking

FORT WORTH, Texas -- TCU's linebacker unit has been ranked as the 10th-best in the nation by Athlon.

Athlon also tabbed linebacker Jason Phillips, safety Stephen Hodge and center Blake Schlueter as first-team All-Mountain West Conference selections. Linebacker Robert Henson, cornerback Rafael Priest, defensive lineman James Vess and offensive tackle Marshall Newhouse were second-team picks.

Linebacker units ranked ahead of TCU were USC, Florida, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio State, Miami (Ohio), Wisconsin, Virginia and Cal.

Phillips is a preseason All-American and three-time All-Mountain West Conference selection. The senior from Waller, Texas, was named by Dave Campbell's 2008 Texas Football as the state's Defensive Player of the Year and Best Linebacker. He is also on the watch list for the Bronko Nagurski Trophy, awarded to the nation's top defensive player.

A native of Longview, Texas, Henson has been an honorable-mention All-MWC pick each of the last three seasons despite starting just three games. His 199 career tackles trail only Phillips (231) among active Frogs.

Daryl Washington will also see significant playing time. The junior from Irving, Texas, totaled 32 stops in a reserve role a year ago while tying for the national lead with three punt blocks.

LSU Headed to the College World Series

In other news, LSU fans have still not evolved as human beings.

What better time to show your ignorance, and let America know how badly you miss owning slaves, and how much fun it is to see 600,000 Americans die, than right after clinching the Super Regional.

It is often times funny and laughable at how stuck in the mud these people are, but come on, there is a line, and you crossed it.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Rasputin Obama

Now I know it's not couth to pimp something written on that "other" TCU fan site, but I felt like this needed to be said, especially being anti-Dougherty/Obama.

Under a post called, "Where's Neil Dougherty Today?" poster 'gohornedfrogs' replied, "I think he's running for president. Smooth Talker. Dresses great. Never done anything."

I can't think of a better comparison for our dearly departed Neil. Also, another reason to hate UNC (thanks for the rec, Roy) Well played, sir, well played.

Killer Frogs: The Fun Vacuum for Frog "Fans"

This morning I attempted to hype up Spit Blood and our 30 Greatest Frogs of All-Time on Killer Frogs. I started a topic telling people about our 30 Greatest countdown to kickoff happenings at .

Less than 5 minutes later I received this email from some pale skinned administrator who probably hasn't seen daylight, or a real vagina in a very long time.

I have set your topic post to invisible. In the past, the owners of this board have not appreciated someone linking and redirecting people from this board to what could be considered a competing site.

I have asked the owners Wes or Scott to approve. If they are OK with it, fine. Or might contact the owners and check with them yourself first.



Thanks David. How much money are Wes and Scott paying you to be a Killer Frog Police? Do you have a badge? And, do the interns get to carry glocs?

I responded to David telling him that Spit Blood, if nothing more is a complimentary site to Killer Frogs, and is by no means a competitive one.

Is there anything wrong with trying to expand the TCU fan base and hyping up the up-coming season? I think not.

Spit Blood is a website made up of real TCU fans, for real TCU fans. You are allowed to freely voice whatever is on your mind. The voice of the Frogs will never be silenced by "the owners", there is no Wes and Scott giving eachother hand jobs and high fives behind these scenes.

So to you, Killer Frogs, go fuck yourself.

# 28 Steve Stamp

Steve Stamp came to TCU as a two sport athlete, Stamp earned two letters in baseball before deciding to focus solely on football. A four year letterman in football he was recently inducted to the TCU Letterman's Association Hall of Fame.

As a Junior Stamp became the first player in SWC history to throw five touchdown passes in a single game (UT-A). Stamp earned further recognition the next year as he led the nation in pass-efficiency. Stamp was initially signed by the Denver Broncos and later by the Oklahoma Outlaws

Up next, a young man who went in to his Sophomore year third on the depth chart and came out as the sack-leading first team all-conference player.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

ESPN: College Football Workout Warriors

10. Jason Phillips, TCU, LB: A three-time All-Mountain West Conference selection, the 234-pound Phillips, a former high school QB, has a squat of 710 pounds, a power clean of 410 pounds and a bench press of 450 pounds. Coaches love the guy's toughness, which was shown in a recent team poster he posed in. According to a school publicist, the shot was to capture football in its essence. The photographer said the only thing missing from the intensity of Phillips' face was a little blood. Phillips said, "No problem." He grabbed a small knife from the training room and nicked a scab on top of his nose to provide the blood needed for the shot.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Arson Suspected in Texas Governor's Mansion Fire

State fire officials were viewing hours of security video Sunday night as part of a massive investigation into who set a predawn fire at the Texas Governor's Mansion that sent huge plumes of smoke through downtown and left the 152-year-old building with a partially collapsed roof, blackened windows and fire-charred white columns on its porch....see full article.

Is it a coincidence that the Texas Democratic Convention was in town?

Friday, June 6, 2008

#29 Basil Mitchell

Basil is one of only 9 frogs to eclipse the 2,500 yard mark. He finished out his days as a Horned Frog with 2,783 yards which puts him at #6 all time. He had 12 career 100 yard rushing games, and is one of three Horned Frogs to have multiple 200 yard games, which came against UNLV in 1996 (220 yards) and Tulsa, also in '96 (215 yards). The two other members of the multiple +200 club? LT with 8 and Kenneth Davis with 3.

Basil was a dual threat, both on the ground and down the field. In '96 he led the team in both rushing (953 yards) and receiving (344 yards). He solidified his spot as an All-Time Frog by racking up 185 yards rushing on only 19 carries and 2 TDs in the 1998 Sun Bowl victory over USC. The victory over USC was TCU’s first bowl win since a 28-27 win over Syracuse in the 1957 Cotton Bowl.

Next on the list, this player stamped his way to Horned Frog lore by being the second all time leading passer in yards and fourth in passing TDs, as well as being only one of two Frogs to play in the Japan Bowl………

Amon G. Receives 15,000 G's

FORT WORTH, Texas -- TCU has announced that the Amon G. Carter Foundation has pledged $15 million to help renovate TCU's 78-year-old Amon G. Carter Stadium.

"We are delighted and very grateful that the Carter Foundation determined to give TCU such a significant gift to help renovate the stadium," said Chancellor Victor J. Boschini Jr. "The Foundation has a strong connection to the stadium because it's named after Mr. Carter, who had a profound passion for TCU athletics and played the lead role in the first fundraising effort for the stadium. The gift also will help TCU continue building a distinctive University experience marked by excellent academic programs and facilities."

"The Carter Foundation recognizes that the football stadium remains one of the most visible landmarks on campus and in southwest Fort Worth," said John Robinson, executive vice president of the Amon G. Carter Foundation. "Our commitment signals a strong endorsement from the Carter family and Foundation of the University's intention to renovate the stadium. We are proud to be the first commitment toward the Amon G. Carter Stadium project which will enhance the University and Fort Worth for the next 50 years."

In addition to upgrading the facility, the main goal of the renovation is to create the "Camden Yards" of collegiate football stadiums.

When Amon G. Carter Stadium opened in 1930, capacity was just 24,000. With the addition of end zone bleachers, it was temporarily expanded to 30,000 prior to TCU's 1935 game with SMU. Before the 1956 season, a second deck was added on the west side to increase the seating capacity to more than 45,000. TCU's Board of Trustees voted to name the stadium in honor of Carter in 1951.

The Carter Foundation gift along with a recent gift of $8 million from Paul and Judy Andrews for the Andrews Institute of Mathematics, Science & Technology Education, the John V. Roach Honors College and the Mary Couts Burnett Library, places the amount raised for The Campaign for TCU at more than $173 million.

# 30 Greatest Horned Frog of All Time - Ross Montgomery

Not only did the elder Montgomery lead the Horned Frogs in rushing 3 consecutive years from 1966 – 68; not only does he have the 9th most rushing attempts in a season with 198; not only was he named to the All South West Conference Team in 1967; but he is also the father of quite possibly one of the all time frat dudes to walk the planet, and that alone is good enough to make this list.

Next on the list, the only Frog to have ever to been drafted to the XFL (we think)………..

Thursday, June 5, 2008

1st Rounder!!

I believe we have our first first round pick in any sport since LT was number 5 in the draft. Andrew Cashner was selected 19th today by the Chicago Cubs and they say he might have a chance to jump right up to the big leagues. Congrats to Cashner.

Norris - Techno Viking - Henson

It all started in early 2005, when Chuck Norris facts started hitting the internet waves, evolving into an internet phenomenon. Even Google at one point realized the power of Chuck facts and got in on the action. When you would Google search for Chuck Norris this is all you would find: "Google won't search for Chuck Norris because it knows you don't find Chuck Norris, he finds you."

But, just like all viral internet content, it eventually loses its appeal. Enter, Techno Viking.

This phenomenon actually began in 2000 after a blue haired dancing girl with a knee cam caught on tape the glory that is the Techno Viking. Some opinions say the Techno Viking is becoming more popular on the internet than the "Chuck Norris jokes" because the Techno Viking shows to be a dangerous man if provoked. He has one of the best "don't fuck with me" stare downs I have ever seen.

"The Techno Viking doesn't dance to the music, the music dances to the Techno Viking".
To read more about the incident that created this phenomenon, click here.

Now it is 2008, and to make these two phenoms tie into the blog, enter Robert Henson.

RH-51 hopped on the map in 2005 in his redshirt freshman season.
2005: An honorable mention All-Mountain West Conference selection... received TCU's Davey O'Brien Fightin'est Frog Award... placed second on the team with 69 tackles, just two shy of the team lead... started two games while playing in all 12 contests... placed in a tie for third on the Frogs with 8.5 tackles for a loss... recorded a stop behind the line of scrimmage in eight games... had five TFLs over the final five regular-season contests... in his first collegiate start, he scored a touchdown with a 22-yard fumble return in a 28-14 win at Wyoming (Oct. 8)...

Since then he has evolved into a legend in most of our Spit Blood patron's minds, even though he has never been a "starting" linebacker. He has the personality, the athletic ability, and the win at all costs attitude to end his Horned Frog career with his best season yet, and remain legendary in our minds forever. It is time we pass the Norris - Techno Viking status along to the one and only Robert Henson.

~What was going through the minds of all of Robert Henson's victims before they died? His helmet
~There is no theory of evolution. Just a list of animals Robert Henson allows to live
~The leading causes of death in the United States are: 1. Heart Disease 2. Robert Henson 3. Cancer
~Crop circles are Robert Henson's way of telling the world that sometimes corn needs to lie down
~Robert Henson once visited the Virgin Islands. They are now The Islands.
~Robert Henson's tears cure cancer. Too bad he has never cried.
~Robert Henson does not sleep. He waits
~If it looks like chicken, tastes like chicken, and feels like chicken but Robert Henson says its beef, then it's fucking beef.

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Coming soon to a blog near you, the thirty greatest contributors to Horned Frog football. The list is being compiled and will soon be finalized by self-proclaimed non experts. There are now 14 weeks until New Mexico, therefor, two will be displayed every week until the week of the game. On the four days leading up to the game, the final four will be displayed. Feel free to completely bash every pick. No offense will be taken.

Study: Nearly 80 Percent Of Roommates Got So Drunk Last Night

Study: Nearly 80 Percent Of Roommates Got So Drunk Last Night

Texas Christian Horned Frogs Football- Hopping Under the Radar

Last year as the college football season approached, the TCU Horned Frogs were on just about every BCS Bowl Buster list in addition to being ranked in the preseason top 25. Though the top 25 ranking was perhaps deserved, apparently the BCS bowl pundits did not bother to consider that TCU would be playing in Austin the second week of the season piloted by a freshman quarterback at the helm.

Eight days into the campaign, all of the talk of TCU being this year’s Boise State became so much scrap. Now, a year later, although did select TCU as the Mountain West team on the rise, you would think TCU had fallen off the end of the earth as they are not even meriting an honorable mention on anybody’s more

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