Friday, May 30, 2008

Even Better

Here is the live video feed of the game.

May Madness

Let the tournament begin. Check out the Frogs at the CSTV Gametracker at 1pm . This should help get you through a mindless Friday at work. Go Frogs!

The tournament bracket can be found here.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Mexico Football Blog

Prepare to laugh at A) the blog , and b) the incredibly ignorant comments about TCU football and our fans.


Step Brothers Trailer

Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly are at it again, and I have no doubt I will laugh more than the one time I did in Talladega Nights (dinner table scene). This one hopefully will redeem Adam McKay and his crew, since they haven't made a funny movie in 4 years(Anchorman).

Ethan Albright Strikes Back

A reaction to being rated the worst player on Madden '07 by Juan Turlington.

"When I'm not snapping balls, I snap necks"

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Screwed is Putting it Lightly

Not only will we not host a regional, we will be the 3 seed in Stillwater and have to face Witchita State, the number 2 seed who at one point in the season had an 18 game winning streak. With a mascot like the shocker, one can't help but be a little bit intimidated. (We play at 1pm on Friday, CSTV has a good gametracker if you are bored at work and want to tune in)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Screwed Once Again

May 25, 2008

Regional sites are announced

There will be no regionals at Lupton Stadium.
The following schools have been selected as regional host sites - Georgia, Michigan, LSU, North Carolina, Texas A&M, Coastal Carolina, Miami, Cal State Fullerton, Rice, Nebraska, Long Beach State, North Carolina State, Stanford, Oklahoma State, Florida State and Arizona State.
TCU will discover which regional it's headed to tomorrow.
TCU fans are invited to a selection show party, which will begin at 11 a.m. tomorrow in the Dee J. Kelly Alumni and Visitors Center. ESPN2 will reveal the entire field at 11:30 a.m.
-Trae Thompson

Friday, May 23, 2008

TCU's Indoor Practice Facility Receives Award

FORT WORTH, Texas -- TCU's Sam Baugh Indoor Practice Facility earned the Linbeck Group a 2008 AGC/Quoin Summit Merit Award sponsored by the Association of General Contractors.

A longtime partner with TCU, Linbeck received the honor for developing the project to TCU's satisfaction and recruiting needs while overcoming the adversity of several weather-related obstacles.

The Sam Baugh Indoor Practice Facility was completed on schedule despite incurring 42 days of downtime from the wettest year on record in Fort Worth. A high wind storm also caused the facility to lose its entire roof structure after it was 50 percent complete.

"We are very appreciative of our outstanding relationship with the Linbeck Group and congratulate them on this well-deserved honor," TCU associate athletics director Ross Bailey said. "The Sam Baugh Indoor Practice Facility is first class in every regard and is the result of a great team effort."

The AGC/Quoin Summit Merit Award recognizes work completed in the calendar year and in various cost categories. The 80,000 square-foot Sam Baugh Indoor Practice Facility was a $7 million project.


As some of you may know, the Frogs are currently hosting the MWC tournament at Lupton. We are riding a streak of 4 straight conference tournament wins and are the top seed this year. If we manage to win the thing, we could host a regional in the CWS. Now, I personally don't care about baseball, but this seems like a huge deal, and probably the biggest accolade any TCU team will have until the 09 football recruits start coming in to form. Unfortunately, we dropped our game last night against the #2 seed UNM and need a win today, and then possibly two more wins against UNM, to win the tournament. So, you guys in FW need to drag your drunken asses away from suckling at Mickelson's bitch tits at the Colonic and head over to Lupton today at 3:00 to watch the Frogs beat Utah (who is apparently a big 'sleeper' pick for the tournament). Besides, all the girls at the golf tournament are just there to get knocked up by a golfer so they can ride the child support gravy boat, so you aren't missing anything.

Frog Clip Dump

Charges dropped against former TCU basketball players
Long story (that didn't happen) short: Say girl, I owe you for that burger, come to my dorm. Here drink this. She's out, its sexy time. Shit, she woke up before I finished.

Frogs' ninth-inning rally falls short
Senior righthander Stephen Smith allowed just one earned run and seven hits in 8 2/3 innings as New Mexico held off a furious TCU ninth-inning rally for a 3-2 victory Thursday night at the Phillips 66 Mountain West Conference Baseball Championship at Lupton Stadium.

Closer eyes next level
Trevor Hoffman, Padres closer and all-time save leader, enters the ninth inning to "Hell's Bells" by ACDC. Yankee great Mariano Rivera walks to the mound to "Enter Sandman" by Metallica. What song does junior closer Andrew Cashner intimidate opposing batters with? "Guitar Town" by Steve Earle - a song that describes his personality more than his sizzling upper '90s fastball or knee-buckling slider.

Andrew Cashner's MLB Draft Report

The Frogs play Utah at 3pm today at Lupton in an elimination game. If they win they will face New Mexico again this evening. Go support them if you are in Fort Worth and have nothing to do. If we sweep today, we earn a spot in the championship game tomorrow against New Mexico. (We would have to beat them twice since they beat us yesterday)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Random Thoughts From Night Class

Even though your phone holster matches the color and material of your belt, you are still a douche and deserve to be treated as one.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

OK...Now Klein really sucks

I know this website is a blog for the Redskins(a team I might hate as much as UT), but to continue on the trend of Chris Klein being a complete tool I found this conversation. Enjoy the douchery

TCU Creative types....Not landmen

Since I am kind of a dork and majored in RTVF(I don't really care what any of you think though), I thought I would share this little article about the TCU Radio, Television, and Film Dept. Every year TCU tries to improve, if you will, their RTVF school, and they are making huge strides. They are becoming recognized every year for short films and TV shows shot on location at TCU. The programs are recognized with awards every year on a collegiate level. Since I was involved in several different small projects at TCU, seeing them do projects like this makes me excited. You can see a clip of Southern Comforts(The soap I was involved in at TCU) here: or read the article about the new TV show for TCU here:
Enjoy, ha

Monday, May 19, 2008

To: Henson. From: GP.

I hear Sam Bradford burns ya twice!

Given that our battle cry for Henson is "FEEEEEEEEEAST" or "EAAAAAAAAAAAAAT," I'm pretty sure this motivation will be well received. Our players can talk all the shit they want on the line, but when it comes down to it, Liberia has truly perfected the art of intimidation.

"In March, a witness told the Special Court for Sierra Leone that Taylor ordered fighters in his National Patriotic Front of Liberia to eat their enemies as a way of striking terror into his opponents."
Screw leaving it all on the field... put it on the field, boil some water in a cauldron, throw in a leg bone and you got yourself a stew baby!

Blimp Gate

In an effort to step up our tailgating, WWHD and I threw bounced around some improvement ideas during one of our weekly Jameson fueled pow wows. What follows is how I summed it up earlier in an email:

"All I can say for sure on Friday, and it has been recounted many times this weekend, is Jourdan and I decided we were going to contract out the Duncanville High metal shop to build us a blimp made entirely of plexi glass so that we can tailgate above amon g carter. Apparently in the condition we were in we decided that Duncanville had the best dirigible craftsmen in the metroplex. This further evolved into how we were going to make it big enough so that we could pull our cars into it so we could truly tailgate, how when we scored a touchdown we were going to run back and forth into the walls to get that zeppelin a-rockin, and how we were going to have pledges pull it on ropes to new mexico and Vegas for said road games. Also, when we wanted to go to our seats, we were goign to have fast ropes connecting us directly to our reserved spots on the bleachers so we can drop directly onto them. I think that just about sums it up. THis was also before midnight, so I can only imagine where things went from there."

So, there you have it. Feasible? No. Awesome? Yes.

10 Reasons Most of Us Hate the Spurs

I don't know about you, but I will be cheering adamantly against the Spurs tonight, but this blog post helped remind me of why I hate them so much.

...& boring as fuck to watch

Chris Klein Sucks

Since most of us spent most of our time during college not going to class and doing "other things", I figured I would put out some information on one TCU douche celeb.

Chris Klein has recently signed on to co-star in the new Street Fighter movie The Legend of Chun Li. I can honestly assume all of us carry the same feelings for this tool, so here is the link to the imdb page:

God I hate this guy, and would seriously kick his ass in life and street fighter. Thoughts?????

How 'bout a little baseball

Now, I know we are all getting geared up for the upcoming football season, and how next season is now, but...I thought I would share this article from the Star-Telegram. TCU's baseball program has a realistic show at making it to the CWS(College World Series). Our Horned Frogs are ranking in the Top 25 right now and look pretty solid.

I wish I would have attended more baseball game while I was in school, but I was pretty inebriated most of the time so I probably wouldn't have remembered anyways.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Adios, Mofos

New TCU round ball head coach Jim Christian, as expected of any janitor who has come to clean up the filth and grime that Neil Dougherty left behind and has tried to pass off as a basketball team the past few years, is doing a little house cleaning.

First off the list is Henry Salter who ,after being indefinitely removed from the team last year for "behavior detrimental to the team," has not been invited back to the gutter that is the TCU men's basketball program. No word on what this detrimental behavior was, but I'm pretty sure it was "being good at basketball."

Also taking his name out of the race for dead last is Luke Tauscher who, like Eight Belles (what, too soon?), has pulled up a little lame and is "retiring" from the game. After being the VP of the Art Pierce 'tall white guys without a lick of basketball talent' All Stars, Tauscher has decided he can no longer take the physical toll the game puts on his back. This is also known as, "I realize no one should've given me a scholarship and coach gave me the evil eye/cold shoulder enough times to make me realize I need to go. I'm also pretty sure the ghost of Femi Ibikunle has been hovering over my bed every night with a dagger in his teeth" Godspeed.

To replace them, Christian has signed up two JUCO transfers with extravagant names that have a lot of Zs and vowels in them. Ah well, gotta start somewhere.

All Other Things Spit Blood

In the music industry:
1. Gene Simmons, Farewell Tour

2. Spitblood Aprisionado
Hailing from Brazil, this entire band is mad at their fathers and makes me want to do one of two things: 1) Kick a puppy off a cliff or 2) Sacrifice a baby

3. The Atomic Bitchwax - Spit Blood (Link to myspace)

In Urban Dictionary entries:

1. jelly roll

The act of giving oral sex to a menstruating woman and then spitting the blood into her mouth.

2. cherry bomb

The act of eating pussy when it is bleeding, filling your mouth with the blood, and spitting it in her face!

3. Cranberry Oceanspray

When a guy eats out a bloody vagina and then spits the blood back out through his two front teeth into the girls mouth. Like a fountain!

And for the new viewers who haven't seen it, here is a horned frog caught on tape using his unique defense mechanism.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Next Season Is Now

Welcome back to Spit Blood. It has been a dreadful offseason, as bad as we all imagined it, but it is time to kick things back in gear. If our athletic marketing department and our football team has declared that Next Season Is Now , then so it should be for the second season of Spit Blood.

We had an impressive inaugural season with constant posting even when we were in the lowest of lows after the loss at Air Force because of a fucked up play call. But, I'm over it, let me recap some highlights from Spit Blood: Season 1. (In no specific order)

1. Will Moncrief's Gameball Honors - his unselfish sacrifice of his gameday whiskey that landed on the SMU douche who decided to talk shit to our fearless 10 rows of hell inside Amon Carter.

2. Greenspan on the Frogs (see post)

3. UT_Shirt Fans...Smug? The beginning of the T-Shirt fan philosophy.

4. T-Shirt Filth . See Comment section, specifically comment 1 by "anonymous" and WWHD's response.

5. Sir Wesley Willis (Most post champion) and his ability to stay optimistic (with help from alcohol) even after a tough loss.

That took entirely too long to find those posts, but I hope I brought back some good memories.

So, lets make this year even better than last, and hopefully we can say the same about our Football team's record at season's end. I leave you with this, a very special Horn Frog, that we found at Randy's ranch. It has to be a good omen that we put him in a cardboard box for a day and he lived long enough for us to realize that if we let this frog die, our football season is doomed, so we set him free. Thats toughness.