Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Third Candidate

John Shulman, currently coach of UT-Chattanooga, has also apparently talked with TCU officials about the opening. I don't know much about him other then UTC had a nice little run in the tourney a couple years back. Danny Morrison has a couple of ties to Shulman, Shulman was an assistant coach at Wofford when Morrison was AD and UTC is in the Southern Conference,of which Morrison used to be Commisioner.

And TO came out of UTC so that's a plus.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Let The Interviews Begin

TCU officials have apparently met with Buzz Peterson and Scott Sutton. Buzz is currently the director of player personnel for the Charlotte Bobcats and Sutton just finished his ninth season as head coach at Oral Roberts.

What to think of these two?
Personally I am not impressed. Sutton has done a good job at ORU, taking them to the tournament each of the past three seasons. However, he doesn't strike me as a rebuilder and doesn't have the big name TCU needs. Additionally there has to be something wrong if he has been at ORU for nine seasons done reasonably well and hasn't already moved on.

Peterson, is a great guy. That is all anyone in Knoxville could say about him. He brought in some talent but just couldn't produce (see Bruce Pearl's first season with Buzz's kids). Everyone in Knoxville was ready for someone new after a few years of Buzz but no one wanted to fire him because he was such a "good guy". It's kinda like saying a girl is nice, translation: she's ugly. Petereson is a "good guy" translation: bad coach.

All that being said, I have faith in Danny but I think (hope) we may have some better options out there.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Waiting game...

Why is it that we're sitting here with a week left to go in March, and the Mountain West STILL hasn't released the 2008 football schedules? It seems like every other major (and not so major) conference in the country has done so, so what is keeping the MWC so long? Hell, the Big 12's website lists their future schedules all the way until 2015.

Now for most of the regular readers and posters of Spit Blood, this delay in releasing schedules makes no significant impact on your attendance of games. But there are a lot of folks out there filling up their autumn calendars with hunting trips and weddings, who would like to see the Frogs' schedule ASAP to avoid too many conflicts (although, getting married during football season is a WHOLE 'nother issue...).

I'm sure TV is the reason, and since the schools in the Big 12 would rather have a consistent whipping boy in Baylor than an actual formidable foe in TCU, we are stuck with the MWC's less than favorable TV situation. The good news is CSTV's comprehensive re-branding as CBS College Sports and the news that DirecTV is picking up The Mtn. The bad news is that we'll probably be playing another 2-3 games on Thursday night this year, and one of those is likely to be the BYU game, which would be a near sell-out if played on a Saturday.

Also, we're going on 10 days without a basketball coach and have heard very, very little about the search process. I'll be a little more patient about this, because I hope they take enough time to make the right hire, but it'd also be nice to hear something.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Possible Replacements

Via Star-Telegram

Brad Brownell (Wright State coach) Formerly the coach at UNC Wilmington, Brownell has built and improved both programs.

Fran Fraschilla (ESPN analyst) Fraschilla lives in the D/FW area, has coached in the Mountain West (New Mexico) and has taken a lesser-known team (Manhattan) to the NCAA Tournament.

Steve Lavin (ESPN analyst) The former UCLA coach is known as a great recruiter and would bring instant credibility.

Jeff Lebo (Auburn coach) Lebo has helped turn around a struggling Auburn program and would be another big name.

Bob Marlin (Sam Houston State coach) Marlin has five 20-win seasons as head coach of the Bearkats, and he knows Texas well.

Bob McKillop (Davidson coach) McKillop has done a great job at a school similar to TCU. Prying him away from Davidson could be tough.

Buzz Peterson (director of player personnel, NBA's Charlotte Bobcats) Peterson has won at smaller schools, taking Appalachian State to the NCAA Tournament and winning the NIT with

Scott Sutton (Oral Roberts coach)
Sutton has taken Oral Roberts to three straight NCAA Tournaments

My two cents? TCU isn't a desirable program to come run... and school officials are maniacal if they think they're prying Frischilla or Lavin away from cushy ESPN analyst jobs to come to FW. Why would Lebo leave a major conference to come here? I'm pretty sure we should avoid any assistants after the Neil debacle. Scott Sutton? Well, let's hope he doesn't share his father's issues... The other guys seem kind of throwaway, except Davidson has been the gud the past few years. Given our recent track record, we will more than likely end up with an up and coming coaching prospect which is always an extreme hit or miss situation. Fortunately, a lot of the major openings occured last off season so we may have a pretty good crop to pick from with LSU being the only major school I can think of with a current vacancy. Regardless, with UTA making the tournament this year and Corpus Christi last year, there's no reason why we shouldn't be able to compete in the MWC which isn't exactly a basketball powerhouse.

Don't Let the Door Hit You on the Ass, Neil

"No question, I would like to have won more games, but we weren't fortunate enough to do that for whatever the reasons," Dougherty said. Hey, I've got a reason... BECAUSE YOU'RE THE WORST FUCKING COACH TO EVER WALK THE SIDELINES AT ANY LEVEL, INCLUDING THE SPECIAL OLYMPIC WHEELCHAIR LEAGUE!
There are so many things I could say right now, but for brevity's sake I'm just goint to say... Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss...

Friday, March 14, 2008

TCU Gets Hosed on a Phantom Foul

Please tell me one of the Spit Blood faithfull besides myself saw the game last night. The Frogs looked like a legitiment basketball team and were on fire from the 3 point arc. They hit 17 of 23 which is roughly 74% which is basically unheard of. A Brent Hacket 3 with a defender in his face put us up 88-86 with 30 seconds to go. UNLV drove to the bucket, hit a jump shot and a referee on the opposite side of the play calls a foul when there was very, very little contact. We should have at least gone to overtime with the second seeded Rebels (in their own gym). I pray to God this tough battle didn't buy Neil another year, but for once, he could clap and actually mean it. The Frogs put up a great effort, where was that all season??

Monday, March 10, 2008

If you were a gigolo, how much should you charge?

Take the survey to find out.

I rang in a $211.57/hr...I might have to quit my day job

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The 1-A Holy Trinity

That may be going a bit far, but we just got three recruits who are enormous. These 3 DL/OL come to us courtesy of Maud HS. I have never heard of a school send 3 lineman from on class to a D-1, bowl subdivision, school but all three of these appear to have huge potential. Congrats Coaches on starting this recruiting season off right.

DT Ray Burns 6-1/290/5.3 Maud, TX 1st Team All-State OL, 1st Team All-Smoaky EastTexas (all divisions) 87 knockdowns, 23 pancakes, 22-TFL, 14-Hurries, 7-CF, 1-FR, All-State DL, District MVP, offers include Tulsa

DE James Dunbar 6-6/290/4.79 Maud, TX 1st Team All-District DL, also played FB, UT junior day invitee, offers include Baylor, Houston and Tulsa.

DE Bryant House 6-4/265/4.9 Maud, TX All-State OL/DL All-Smoaky East Texas (all-divisions), 111 Knockdowns, 27 pancakes, offers include Tulsa

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

17 seasons later

He retires

Monday, March 3, 2008

TCU Three year cycle, back to the top

Given our recent history this should be a good year for Frog football. While we still managed a winning season in '07 there was definately a drop off. Every team is bound to stumble every once in a while, unfortunately when a school of our size does it the impact is a bit more drastic. TCU had grown over the past 3 years into a pre-season top 25 team, and this year according to a recent ESPN poll we are only the 10th best "mid-major" With BYU at the top of the chart I believe we are set perfectly (according to history)to have a great season. Of Course there are questions and we had some key losses, but I fully expect G-Pat to come through in a big way. Just like our first year in the MWC Utah and BYU are picked ahead of us. We will start outside of the top 25 but with an early string of victories (anyone up for a trip to norman?) we will be back in the thick of things for a BCS birth.

In short, thank you ESPN for the early spring motivation and Spit Blood!