Friday, February 29, 2008

Another Commitment for '09...Thanks to the Co-eds

Ath A. J. Dugat 6-1/205/4.5 Dayton, TX Potential WR, CB, TB or Safety. Had 391 yards on 39 carries and 8 TDs rushing along with 67 catches for 957 yards and 14 TDs receiving. Played full-time on the corner for the D, took over at QB when Cody Green was hurt and returned punts as well. District MVP and State Top 50 recruit.

Better then his stats however is his quote on why he chose TCU

"I've committed to TCU," Dugat said. "I just like how everything is family up there, plus it's close, it's about three hours from home. It also has a lot of girls, and I like the colors of the school. My school is purple and white too and there's just a lot of the same things."

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

SALTer in the Wound (see what I did there?)

Henry Salter, a first year transfer from Redneck Riviera JC, has been suspended indefinitely by "coach" Neil Dougherty for "conduct detrimental to the team." Incidentally, this doesn't necessarily shine a negative light on Salter as winning has been extremely detrimental to this team as of late and perhaps his will to lead the team to victory conflicted with the Doughery regime. Salter has been the leading scorer for ye olde Horned Frogs this season, which isn't saying much because this team doesn't score very often. Or play defense. Or make free throws (except for that recent fluke of a stretch). Or rebound. Or guard the inbound pass. Or take charges. Or (insert basketball strategy here).

I think my favorite part of all of this is that rather than immediately announcing it, Neil benched Salter for the majority of the team's abomination of a victory over CSU (o-fer in conference play), saying that he wanted to see how other players would handle stepping up into a leading role. Seeing as how these other players were Ryan Wall and Keion Mitchem, I think it was pretty obvious that this wasn't the case.

On the surface this is a big loss for the Frogs who, although they have no chance of any post season tournament action other than a conference tourney victory, are still maintaining a position in the said tournament. However, to the trained eye this is a HUGE victory for the team and the school as it destroys any hopes we had of running the tables in the tournament and should expedite Dougherty's long overdue departure. Much like NBA fans pulling for their team to tank late in the season in order to help their lottery chances, I've been wishing for this team to tank for the past 4 years in order to run him out of town. Fortunately, even those games where I haven't been indirectly impacting the outcome of games, the team has held up their end of the bargain. Thanks Frogs.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Friday, February 22, 2008

The Mtn.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune the MTN and DirecTV have come to an agreement that is all but signed. According to the paper the deal states that the MTN will be broadcast on DirecTV no later the September 1. Finally after two years our new TV deal may payoff. Unlike the NFL network we didn't even have to lobby congress. Which should be a lesson to all, pestering companies is much more efficient and economically friendly then pestering the government.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Draft That Man

Everyone's favorite Horned Frog Head Case Tommy Blake is back in the news, this time actually making the cover of The Sporting News magazine. Pretty cool deal. Like every other feature on him from this year it focuses on his pre-season mental collapse, but this takes into account his draft hopes. I haven't finished the article yet but so far it's been a decent read.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Salisbury/Clayton Debate

That's just wrong to call John Clayton the Crypt Keeper. Salisbury is a dick. (If you are impatient, ffw to 1:25)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Signing Day

For the first time in a while, GP & staff did not have a big, splashy surprise for us to wake up to on Signing Day morning (like Shae Reagan, Tekerrein Cuba, etc). In fact, our small class of 14 only grew by one today, with Blaize Foltz, an O-lineman from Kansas, picking the Frogs over SMU. (Read about the full class:

Since cynicism, apathy and Rivals rankings seem to be the holy trinity of the typical TCU fan, you're probably not going to be all that thrilled with this class. In fact, because the size of a class is weighted far too heavily in how Rivals calculates their rankings, a 15-player class is going to be rated even lower than our usual underrated classes.

Why so few? Well, we didn't graduate that many seniors. We probably only had about 17-18 scholarships to give, and I'm guessing we decided in the final weeks to use our remaining scholarships for either marquee high school players we were chasing to the end (LaMichael James, Sedrick Johnson, etc), or to use them to reward walk-ons that have impressed coaches enough to earn scholarships (likely QB Eric Herbel and OL Kyle Dooley). We also may hold one or two open for late transfers (like Adrian Madise in '01, who didn't transfer in until August and was the Team MVP that season).

The big need, as I wrote about a few weeks back, was RB. While they didn't get a highly-ranked back like we would've liked, I believe they ended up with a very underrated player in Edward Wesley, who played at Irving MacArthur. He has great running back instincts- check out his highlight video:

We also ended up signing a beast of a lineman to line up on either side of the ball in OL Trevius Jones from Tyler and DL Jeremy Coleman from Missouri City. Both are very well-thought of by recruiting experts and turned down scholarship offers from several Big 12 schools.

All in all, this is a very typical TCU class- not a lot of "splash", but our coaching staff appears to have gotten the talent that it liked. And if you're still hung up on the rankings, remember that our classes have never been ranked highly, yet they've always ended up producing more NFL Draft picks than half the classes ranked above them. Just watch, in 4 years, the stud of this class will probably be one of the players that has gotten the least amount of hype.

I'm looking forward to seeing these kids wearing purple. Go Frogs.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Dream Scenario?

As many of you may have read, Bobby Knight, the winningest/most foul mouthed/temper tantrumy/chair throwinest/actin' a foolest Coach of all time announced his resignation from the Tetch men's basketball program yesterday. His decision is apparently based on his wishes to give his son, Pat, some experience before taking over as full time head coach next season. However, sort of like presupposing that Custer died at little Big Horn, maybe he didn't?

If you recall, several months back I posted a picture of DF Neil sharing a laugh with Coach Knight, to which I assumed an angry group of TCU fans had recruited Knight to take Dougherty on a hunting trip.

Well, hunting season is drawing to a close and maybe Bobby realizes his window is closing? Maybe he's still planning to create an "accidental situation" where Neil wouldn't be able to coach (for lack of a proper term, maybe I should say 'defecate on the play book' instead) and Bobby comes in to be the savior as he was at Tetch? Perhaps GP won't be the only coach with high blood pressure and a beer gut roaming the TCU sidelines next season? I suppose we can all have our dreams...