Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Morning Dump

TCU men hold Colgate to 10 second half points Star-Telegram

Just remember you heard it here first Star-Telegram

Bell Helicopters evaluating future of bowl Star-Telegram

Where did he come from? Scout
-They also have an article saying Schultz may be a candidate for the Illinois OC job

Business helps people stay true to their schools SC Now

This day in sports history GMA News
-Lady Frogs hold opponent to NCAA record low 16 points in 2002

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Front page of Scout

The picture above is on the front of scout, with the title Point Taken. It links into a great article that talks about Patterson's win by one philosophy, of course our stout defense and then gives some serious props to next year's potential.

Combine that with the fact that Poinsettia Bowl came in as the 7th most watched cable program last week and it seems like, for a few days at least, our Frogs are getting some of the good press they have long deserved. In fact I was out, in my home down which is dominated by college football, the day after the bowl and actually had more people than I could count congratulate me on the win. Never, prior to that night, had I ever been out at home and had anything complimentary said to me about the Frogs. The fact that the local team was a disaster this year may have forced them to take a look around the country, but still it was a nice change for me.

Now if GP and company are able to parlay the good will earned from this season with a strong showing next year TCU will be much closer to cementing their place among those the media views as the "elite".

Bucknasty you'll be disapointed...

Apparently NM State is very close to a deal with UCLA's D-Coordinator DeWayne Walker. So it looks like Schultz will be back next year. Like most O-Coordinators he is hated at times, but its tough to argue with some of the number we've posted. OK maybe it's not that tough, but continuity is good.

Morning Dump

TCU coach hopes practice is cure for Frogs Star-Telegram

Sellout near for Armed Forces bowl, attendance still unclear

Bowling for dollars Scout

Utah's Whittingham gets 5-year, $6M extension KSL

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Watch Out TCU Record Books

Because these two just might rewrite them.

In doing some simple browsing today I came across some very interesting stats about these two.

Lets first look at Jimmy "Luxury Tax" Young. In just two seasons, Jimmy has posted 1,251 receiving yards, 77 receptions, and 6 TDs. It is even more important to note that in Jimmy's freshman year, he only had 18 receptions for 325 yards and 1 TD. Which means, Jimmy absolutely blew up this year. If this type of production keeps up, he just might rewrite the receiving records. The career leader in receptions is Kelly Blackwell with 181 (Jimmy would need to average 52 catches in the next two years to tie this mark), the career leader in receiving yards is Mike Renfro with 2,739 (he would need 744 yards over that same span to tie this record), the career leaders in receiving TDs are Cory Rodgers and Renfro with 17 (he needs ten more TDs to tie this mark). All of these records are easily ascertainable if Luxury Tax produces even 80% of what he did this past season, however, all those numbers are dependent on one man (not counting Mike Schultz), Andy Dalton.

Andy Dalton, the Ginger from Katy, has now led us to consecutive bowl wins, and is on track to also post some incredible career numbers, should he keep up his level of production. Dalton has already thrown for 4,701 yards in his two seasons, which already puts him third all-time in career passing yards. He will easily eclipse Steve Stamp (5,123 yards) some time early next season and will then have his eyes set solely on the great gunslinger, Max Knake. Knake put up a ridiculous 7,370 yards over his career as one of the only bright spots on an underachieving Frog team from the early 90s. Dalton would need to average out 1,335 over the next two seasons in order to tie Knake for most yards by a Frog qb. This is a number which is very ascertainable considering he threw for 2,459 yards as a freshman and 2,242 yards this past season. The passing TD record might be a bit more tough to break with Dalton's tendency to pull the ball down and just run for the end zone, but it is not unreachable. Knake holds that record as well with 49 passing TDs. Dalton has 21 so far over his first two years and would need about 14 each of the next two seasons to eclipse Knake. Not an impossible mark, but unlikely with Dalton's tendencies. He could also set the career completion percentage which is held by Jeff Ballard (61.1%) if he raises his percentage just a bit over the next two seasons (he has averaged 59.8 and 59.3 in his first two seasons, respectively). It will also be fun to watch how many rushing TDs he can muscle up. So far he has 13 for his career. If he puts up 6 or 7 in each of the next two years that will put him in the top five for career rushing TDs. Before he is done, Dalton will have his name all over the Frog record book.

While this rambling is dependent on a ton of factors from staying healthy, to leaving early, to the sturdiness of the offensive line, to Mike Shultz making the calls, it will be very fun to watch these two mature in their game together. It is not often that a team is blessed with a great qb and wr which are the same age. It should also be noted that all the previous players that I mentioned were all in the Top 30 Greatest Frog Countdown (Blackwell, Knake, Rodgers, Renfro, and Stamp - please see the count on the side of the blog), just imagine how high these two will rank when they have finally finished. I will now go hibernate until next season begins. Go Frogs!

No need to worry about Bumpas going to LSU

Not sure much credence there ever was to this rumor, though I got more than a few calls from LSU friends inquiring, but Bumpas will not be going to LSU as the D Coordinator.

ESPN's Chris Low is reporting the Tigers have hired John Chavis

Did you get the TCU Vault for Christmas?

I know that Spitpurple/Inauguration Lodgings and I got it, but we were just curious how many of us fanatics found this incredible item under the tree. If you didn't get it, then go buy it, because it is awesome.

Morning Dump

Around the Mountain West USA Today

McNeal, Adderley, Reddick leaving Huricanes ESPN

Rocky Long to coach the Aztecs defense Sand Diego Union-Tribune

Preview: Armed Forces bowl Sports Network

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Fab 55

The Austin American Statesman came out with its yearly list of the top 55 prospects in the state of Texas today. TCU had 4 recruits make the list: Casey Pachall at 44, Waymon James (although the statesman is retarded and put Waymon Jones in the actual paper) at 46, Jurell Thompson at 51, and Tanner Brock at 54. I'll put the link below for anyone who is interested.

Weekend Dump

Editorial: TCU Christmas gift Star-Telegram

Wrong team at heart of BCS question

The Rest of the News Cowtown Clips
-I'm sure some of you were on my old daily news clips email. This link is to the website that will be replacing it. Any suggestions are appreciated

Friday, December 26, 2008

Morning Dump

Holiday wish list for all 119 teams Fox Sports

Krieger: Fictional playoffs down to 8 Rocky Mountain News

Inside the Red River recruiting rivalry New York Times
-In no way related to TCU, but on a slow news day it is a pretty interesting read

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Is it completely gay to use a catch-phrase from Entourage now that the show has fully slid into mediocrity? Well, even if it is, I think it's appropriate- I was as shameless as Johnny Drama in my euphoria after the Frogs' win Tuesday night.

This game ranks right up there with the '05 win at Oklahoma and the '06 public humiliation of Graham Harrell and his red & black inbred army. The long-standing argument against TCU has been "you guys don't play anybody" (usually from someone who has no clue what they're talking about). Well, the Frogs just played an undefeated, Top 10 team for the FOURTH TIME THIS SEASON. We went 2-2 in those games, which is pretty impressive considering exactly one of them was played inside the borders of this blessed piece of earth we call Texas. Our reward? A place in the post-season Top 10- a pretty impressive feat for little ol' TCU.

I have to say, Boise fans are an odd mix. About 25% of them seemed to be very humble, gracious and realistic about their team. To them I say great game, Broncos. It was a hard-fought thriller that could've gone either way. Best of luck to your team in the future, and hopefully this will be a conference game before too long. The other 75%, however, were a lot like Tech fans. Rude, obnoxious and arrogant for no reason at all. Yes, you WERE undefeated, but you play in a conference that Paschall could probably rank in the top half of (for you non-Texan readers of Spit Blood, Paschall is the Texas High School Football equivalent of, well, most teams in the WAC). And yes, we all saw you beat Oklahoma, but that was two years ago and if you'll remember, we actually beat the Sooners in their own house. I can't tell you how many times some clown dressed in blue & orange (you Camp Longhorns kids would've felt right at home) told me that the Frogs didn't even belong on the same field as the Broncos.

I don't know if there's a whole lot more to say about the game that Sir Wesley Willis hasn't already covered, but damn- how good did it feel to finally win one of these make-or-break games? As many times as we Frog fans have had our hearts ripped out, it was incredibly satisfying to see GP & his troops stand tall in the face of a 13-0 (mostly self-made) deficit and claw their way back. Both Aaron Brown & Joseph Turner's touchdowns were microcosms of the team's effort as whole: there was no way they were going to be denied.

Before the game, WWHD and I came to an agreement that the Player of the Game against Boise would forever earn themselves a new nickname. So with 11 tackles, a quarterback sack and game-sealing interception, I would like to present the Spit Blood Poinsettia Bowl Player of the Game Award to Stephen "Gargamel" Hodge, for his efforts in squashing those pesky Smurf motherfuckers.

For those of you that did not make it out to San Diego, I don't know what to tell you other than you missed out on a really special trip. I'll let the following interaction, which took place at the team hotel after the game, serve as punctuation for this post:

WWHD: "Coach, All I wanted for Christmas was to beat those guys"

Gary Patterson: "Well, Merry Christmas"

Christmas Dump

Merry Christmas SpitBlood!!!

TCU still savoring bowl victory Star-Telegram

These sportsmen of the year candidates gave us reason to cheer Star-Telegram

Credit due to TCU after Poinsettia Bowl win Dallas Morning News

TCU assistant in running for N Mexico State Dallas Morning News

This is my Christmas wish list for DFW football
Pegasus News

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bowl Game: Boise State Horses.

Is that a smile I see, Gar Bear?

GP always talks about winning by one point and for whatever reason a lot of people dislike his attitude. Pretty sure they’re all on his side now. 17-16 probably isn’t how many people saw it playing out, but damn if it wasn’t the only way it was supposed to happen. The thing about this team this year, though? Even when we were down by ten early and it looked like Boise might not have too much trouble moving the ball, I never doubted the outcome. I knew the team had more heart than to get beat down by a bunch of relocated California sissy boys. That’s what their team is and that’s why, when it mattered the most, they caved in and let the Frogs do what they needed to do to get out with a victory. I know WWHD, lyle, barron and buck all attended the game and from their phone calls and reports, it sounds like we were outnumbered but the fans, like the team, never backed down. I’m sure we’re all kicking ourselves this afternoon for not gutting it up and going out to San Diego, but I am sure we’ll all remember exactly where we were when the Frogs cemented themselves as not the best non BCS team in the country, but also as I feel one of the top 5 best teams in the country period. Seriously, who wouldn’t you match us up against? Outside of Oklahoma, Texas, Florida and MAYBE Alabama, I don’t think there’s another team in the country that could beat us right now. If Barry can make good on his playoff proposal, I might even consider voting for the guy in four years.

Getting off my high horse for a minute, though, I will give credit where credit is due and say that Boise, despite my earlier comments, is a great football team. Considering how many underclassmen they have, I think they have as good a chance as any to go undefeated (well, almost. hehhehehehehehehe) again next year. However, if you really take a step back and look at the bare bones of the game, they simply didn’t want it as bad we did. They had opportunities and didn’t capitalize on them. Heck, this big, bad offense we kept hearing about took a knee to end the first half! That’s how scared they were. However, at the sake of rambling on and on, I’ll get into the actual performance on the field. Note: These are not going to be easy to do because TCU has not posted the post-game stats and I am pulling information from several different sources.

Offense - A-. You might think that anytime we win a game against a good defense, the offense should automatically get an A, and in many cases you might be right. However, it took the offense almost two entire quarters to put points on the board, and the two interceptions in that first half were brutally timed. Regardless, they did get the job done in the end and ended up moving the ball on Boise like no other team this year, but because of the first half, a minus was still in order.

All along you knew our gameplan was going to be to run the ball down their throats, so it should be no surprise that of our 472 yards, the most Boise has given up all season mind you, 275 of those were on the ground. TCU also once again controlled the time of possession (36:07 minutes) and made good on 9 of their 18 third down conversions, totaling up 28 first downs total, vs Boise’s mere 15.

Flinging the ball, Red struggled a little bit there at the beginning. Since he missed the Colorado State game, both times Dalton had to play from behind we lost, at Utah and Oklahoma, so I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t just a little worried about how he’d perform. Well, after throwing an unnecessary interception, I think it started to click a little bit for him when on Boise’s ensuing possession the defense bailed him out and held the Broncos to a field goal. He finished the night with 197 yards on 22/35 passing with no touchdowns and an interception which was good enough to earn him offensive MVP numbers. He also rushed 16 times for 74 yards. I am sure the way he kept the team together and rallied them back from the early game deficit played a role in this decision, but for my money the offensive MVP should go to...

Dear Boise, This is what Victory looks like.

Behind Brown, as he usually does, Joseph Turner banged away for 83 yards on 16 carries, including one of the more physical touchdown runs I’ve seen in a long time. In the fourth quarter, with TCU driving and our fans smelling a victory, Turner took a handoff and bounced off a few defenders, even dragging a few into the end zone with him for good measure, for a 17 yard score to put the Frogs up 17-13 and give us our first lead. After a couple of defensive stands, per usual, this ended up being the winning TD. Glad to have you back next year, Turner.

Other rushers were Jeremy Kerley, who ran 4 snaps for 10 yards and Ryan Christian who took one handoff for 6.

Receiving, the Broncos defense buckled down in the secondary as I thought they would and as mentioned only allowed the Frogs to put up 197 yards through the air. Regardless, Dalton was able to pick and choose his receivers for underneath gains as he hit 7 different receivers to gain his yardage. Jimmy "LT 2" Young was second in receiving yards, gaining 62 yards on five catches, followed by Ryan Christian (6-53) and Walter Bryant (6-67), who included a big 15 yard catch in the first half to his repertoire, which stopped the clock and allowed the Brown TD soon after. Shae Reagan followed with one catch for 11 yards, a great sideline grab that went under review, but came late in the game and helped us burn some clock. Like Brown, Reagan is another guy who we will always wonder "what if?" about due to the unlimited potential he had that was stomped out by injuries. Curtis Clay had a seven yard grab that he barely kept his hands under and scooped in, while Brown and Turner had a catch each. In a game where Boise had the advantage against our passing attack, Dalton did just enough to move the ball down the field and pick up some big first downs.

Overall, a pretty good game for our offense despite the lack of points scored. In fact, this was the first game all season where the Frogs didn’t score on one of their first two possessions. It took them a while to get going, but once they did, you knew they were going to take the lead eventually. No huge, game busting plays, and Jeremy Kerley’s only involvement was an intercepted pass out of the Wild Frog, but, as GP says, you only have to win by one point, and that’s what we did.

Surgeon General's Warning:

Do not attempt to drink and walk while watching the Frogs Defense

Also, I'm not cross eyed.

Defense - A. Really, it was a tale of two halves for our defense. Boise surprised them early, jumping out to a quick 13-0 lead, marking only the third time all year the TCU D has allowed points on its first series. However, who of us honestly thought Boise was going to get the better of the best defense in the country over the course of an entire game? Here’s a stat: In Boise’s first two drives, they had 30 yards rushing, including Johnson’s TD run. For the rest of the game? -2. In fact, for the entire second half Boise only had 145 yards and a FG to show for their efforts. Go. Frogs. I knew that our run defense was going to absolutely defile these guys, but 28 yards? Yikes! It didn’t stop there either; in the passing game, Boise’s supposedly high flying passing attack only had one play go for more than 20 yards. Like I said, they KNEELED out the first half! Boise was held to season lows in points scored, first downs, rushing yards and total offense. Even without Robert Henson we did these things so that just goes to show how for real these guys have been this season. In fact, Sir Wesley was so inspired by the defense’s second half performance, that, after having a little too much Christmas Cheer (read: whiskey) I inadvertently practiced my very own tackling drills first on the floor of my kitchen, then immediately on the opposite wall. I now have a nice little gash on the bridge of my nose and can be used as a stand in for any future Jason Phillips involved TCU photo shoots. All for the love of the game, though, right?

Back. Breaker.

Anyway, talk of the defense absolutely begins and ends with Stephen Hodge. With the loss of Henson, the defense really needed someone to not only be a leader on the field and make some big plays, but also a leader in the huddle and in the locker room. Apparently Hodge and Phillips took it upon themselves in the pre game pep talk and, while it took them a couple of series to get on the same page, once they did, wow. After Boise’s touchdown, three of their next five drives went for negative yards and I think that really took the wind out of their sails. Hodge finished with 11 tackles, three of those for losses, as well as a sack and the biggest interception of the year which was also, shockingly, the first of Hodge’s career. With Boise getting the ball back at the end of the fourth quarter only trailing by 1 point, Hodge went back to the game film and knew that his man was going to run a corner route based on where he lined up. He was right, he jumped the route, and he picked off the pass, prompting GP to do the greatest fat man jump fist pump I’ve ever seen. When you’re as bad to the bone as Patterson, though, you can be forgiven for only having a 6 inch vertical. Hodge was named the game’s MVP and there’s no arguing this. Despite being third on the team in tackles this year, Hodge never got the recognition that Henson, Phillips and Hughes did, but this guy was as much a part of our success as any of those guys. The most hard hitting tackler I’ve ever seen at TCU is going to be sorely missed next year. Good luck at the next level.

Second in tackles for the Frogs was the man who was abruptly thrust into the spotlight this week once it was announced that Henson was going to be sitting this one out. Daryl Washington finished with 6 tackles, including one for a loss and was a more than adequate replacement as a starter. Look for him to have a breakout year next year just like Hughes has this year.

Speaking of, surprisingly enough, Boise State figured something out and was able to keep Jerry Hughes pretty quiet, but his lone sack of the night was a HUGE one and forced Boise to kick a field goal late in the game. The field goal kept them one point short of the Frogs. He only finished the night with 4 tackles, including one for a loss and the sack, but the biggest part of the evening was what Jerry said post-game: "I’m going to be a Horned Frog next year." To my knowledge there aren’t any teams in any other sporting league called the Horned Frogs, so this is good for us. Really good.

Jason Phillips totaled 5 tackles in his final game as a Frog, including one for a loss and was definitely one of the major leaders for this defense. Having only missed one game in his entire TCU career, Phillips has been the face of this defense for a long time. GP said earlier in the week that he wasn’t going to allow anyone to wear #39 for a while, and that’s the best testament to the guy that I can think of. Phillips was an absolute warrior for the purple and white and we will never be able to replace his commitment, skill and energy.

In the secondary, Drew Coleman, Nick Sanders, Tejay Johnson and Rafael Priest held their own and honestly only got beat on one play. Johnson led all tacklers with 6 and Coleman was right behind him with 4 and even had one for a loss. Priest had 2 tackles and was the victim of the most illegitimate pass interference call in the history of the sport. Sanders had one and did a great job keeping the Boise receivers in front of him. We have three of these guys coming back next year. I'm just sayin...

Rounding it out were seniors James Vess and Matt Panfil who had 3 and 2 tackles, respectively and they each had a tackle for a loss. Panfil also picked off the final pass of the game when Boise attempted to pull some Fiesta Bowl magic. That shit might work against Stoops, but get it outta there when the Frogs are in town.

For the game, TCU held Boise to 250 total yards, which, as mentioned is their lowest output of the year and 200 fewer than their season average. 222 of those came through the air, although a big chunk of that came on Vinny Peretta’s 65 yards reception. 28 yards rushing was a great bookend to a dominating defensive season. Boise didn’t even attempt a trick play until the final one of the game, which was intercepted and shows how afraid they were of what our defense was capable of. It was an honor and a priviledge to be able to watch these guys each Saturday and, while I want to say that we’ll never see anything like this again, as long as GP is calling the shots, anything is possible on defense. Awesome Show, Great job.

Special Teams - A. Not much digging to do on this one. Evans, after the Utah disaster, hit his only field goal of the game, a 32 yarder to which I had my ass clenched so tight you couldn't have fit a pin in it. Anson Kelton consistently punted Boise deep into their own territory to aid our defense and was quietly the best player on our special teams this season. Our coverage teams did a great job in making tackles, only getting beat for a big run on the opening kickoff when Boise hit a Perreta - Johnson lateral that went to the 50. We didn’t do much in the way of the punt return game, with Kerley taking one kick for one yard. AB and Hodge did well returning kicks though, as Brown took 3 for 47 and Hodge took 2 for 27. Honestly, I think Kerley still isn’t 100% and had this not been a bowl game we probably would not have seen him back there. Look for him to live up to his first team All Conference punt return pedigree next season.

Overall - Definitely one of the most exciting games I’ve seen the Frogs play. It wasn’t pretty and it wasn’t a blowout like we’ve been accustomed to this year, but it was a win, and it was a win over the undefeated #9 team in the country who should've been in a BCS game. It is also a win that should spring board us into the final top 10. TCU could end up being the only 2 loss team in the top 10. Think about that. The ole Frogs are finally getting a little respect! This is also a record setting win for TCU as we have now won four straight bowl games for the first time in school history, with the last one coming at the hands of Boise in 2003. A few more notes:

  • 11 wins for the third time in four seasons and the fourth in six.

  • The winningest senior class ever at TCU with 41 wins.

  • 52-1 under GP when holding opponents under 17 points.

It should also be noted that this was GPs 100th game as the head coach of TCU, upping his record to 73-27, and one back of Abe Martin for second on the all time list. GP is going to be remembered as the greatest coach to ever roam the sidelines at Amon G and I'm just glad I've been able to be a part of it.

Knowing we were going to wear the black/purple ensemble again, I threw caution to the winds and went full on gameday for work, including my black and purple LT jersey. I’m pretty sure my work productivity was at an all time high yesterday because of this, although that is not saying much. Upon waking up in my bed this morning fully clothed from the night before (these things happen), I decided there was no way I was going to let it end yet and wore my jersey all day today as well. The karma I built from this is the only way I was able to make the hungover drive home to Longview.

Continuing though, as the best way to sum up this game, I’m going to allow Mr. Attention Seeker Ian Johnson to explain how it was, via ESPN:

"They had better athletes than we've ever seen," Johnson said. "They played with so much heart. You didn't look over there one time and say, 'We broke them.' They knew they were going to come back and they believed in themselves the whole time."

I could not have said it any better myself. Sometimes it just comes down to the athletes, and TCU has them. We also have the best defense in the country as well as a pretty good offense that doubled Boise’s output, but who’s counting? The second half of this game was probably the hardest I’ve ever seen our team fight. With thoughts of Utah surely eating away at everyone’s minds, the Frogs didn’t get down and made Boise pay for taking the safe route and kicking field goals. I said that I thought the kicking game would play a role in this game, and although I didn’t mean it precisely this way, Boise has to blame part of this loss on playing it safe, especially late in the game. When a team cowers down the way Boise did, TCU can smell blood in the water and it just drives them more. Although we’ll never know without a playoff, on a neutral field, this defense would shut down any offense in the entire country, no matter how prolific. We’re going to lose some major players, but with GP there’s always a new crop of athletes ready to slip in and fill the void. This has easily been my favorite season to be a part of since becoming a TCU fan and it’s going to be hard to top, not just because of the results, but because of the team itself. We’re losing some great guys and friends, but I know as much as you do that there are going to be new and possibly better ones to take their place in the upcoming years. Now, how many days until next season????

Game Ball - Hodge. Duh.

Just because of the holiday spirit, and because it’s a story involving WWHD and GP, I’ll leave you with what I gathered from the former’s drunken voicemail early this morning. Apparently after the game, everyone was back at the bar at the team hotel and a bunch of players and coaches started to come down to celebrate. Naturally, the man himself surfaced and, naturally since we worship at his altar, WWHD and lyle had to get his ear for a little bit. After debating what to say, WWHD simply walked up to GP and said, "Coach, all I wanted for Christmas was a W," to which GP looked him square and the eye and goes, "Merry Christmas." GP. Santa Claus. Merry Christmas to everyone who may read this and I’ll be back in a couple of weeks after a nice relaxing holiday of overeating and skiing. Go Frogs and alert me when it's time to defile Boise's blog.

All Photos courtesy of the Star-Telegram.

Morning Victory Dump

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

VICTORY: It wasn't pretty, but it sure was beautiful

I can not possibly write anything sufficient or coherent at this moment but I feel something needs to be posted. It wasn't pretty, but we won. I can honestly say I will miss this senior class more than any previous, and did they ever make an impact tonight. Aaron Brown, Steven Coleman, Stephen-Poinsettia Bowl MVP-Hodge, Giles Montgomery, Cody Moore, Matt Panfil, Jason Phillips, Preston Phillips, Heath Raetz, Shae Reagan, Blake Schlueter, James Vess, Justin Watts and Drew Combs, thanks to all of you, this is a fitting way to go out. Here is to you, the winningest class in TCU history.

Initial recap ESPN, courtesy AP

Bowl Games: Apparently NOT like a vacation

Yeah, it's fair to say these dudes are tougher than both of our football teams

I'd like to start off by saying that, while I understand I have far more free time at work than a lot of you, there's still no excuse for the lack of participation on the blog today considering the circumstances this evening. I'm very disappointed in all of you.

As for my post, I was just going to say that Boise may not want to use this story as a recruiting tool. When I read about the bowl games, it sounds like there is definitely a lot of work involved, but it's also a time for for the teams to be active in the community, go see a few attactions, and really enjoy themselves as a reward for a successful season. Unless you're a redshirt athlete at Boise. Then you get to train with the Navy Seals at 7:00 AM. I am not sure if any of you have watched the Navy Seals BUD/S training on the Discovery Channel, but I have, and it's anything but a vacation. Honestly, anyone who can make it through that gauntlet is probably in the top 1% of toughest people on earth. For anyone who denies this, I urge you to read Marcus Luttrell's Lone Survivor, which is a true account of the worst loss of life in SEAL history, but also outlines in great detail all the training it takes to become a SEAL. Regardless, after being a hitting dummy in practices all year, I'm sure this isn't the reward the young Broncos had in mind.

Know when to hold em', know when to fold em'

For all my fellow degenerate gamblers out there, this is a pretty good breakdown of the why the lines are set where they are. Big money on the Frogs and the under.

What bettors need to know:Poinsettia Bowl

Poinsettia Bowl Preview: We Ready.

You've got some big, intimidating shoes to fill, D Wash.

Before getting to it, a few clarifications. One, I'm not going to go back and change the preview itself, but after thinking about it more, I'm calling the WR matchup a push. Partly because I think it's unfair if the game is too far skewed in favor of TCU because it's very evenly matched in most aspects, but mostly because it's the right call. They may not statistically have a Jimmy Young or Jeremy Kerley, but they've got about as close as we've seen all year and they have the second best QB we've seen all year, and that's only because the other guy won a Heisman. Also, as we're all fully aware, RH-51 is not going to be blowing anyone up tonight, but, honestly, this is a personnel loss that isn't going to sink us. Losing his leadership is going to be tough, and we're all aware how he gets the crowd and team more fired up than anyone else, but Daryl Washington is a more than adequate replacement who has played plenty of minutes throughout his career. It won't be like having Henson back there, but it's probably the next best thing. This will not change my linebacker edge. Lastly, and most importantly, having a healthy Jeremy Kerley back I think is going to be the most important thing for this team. I actually feel that this negates the loss of Henson. Before I make my call on the game, though, let's recap the prediction.

QB: Boise


WR: push




DB: Boise

ST: Boise

Tally - TCU: 4.5, Boise: 3.5.

That seems about right to me. What do I think is going to happen? I think the 41 point o/u is spot on. I don't think Boise is going to score more than two TDs, but I also don't think we'll score much more than that. I think the kicking game will come into play and that Ross Evans needs to sack up and redeem himself. I think TCU will try to ram the ball down Boise's throats and exploit that matchup. I think Kellen Moore will beat our D backs on a few plays, maybe even a big one, but I don't think he's going to have a whole lot of time to throw. Basically, I think it's going to be an intensely physical game controlled at the line and I think TCU is going to come away with the win.

The call - TCU 24, Boise 17.

Poinsettia Pre-Game Montage

I thought this was appropriate due to the impending battle that our Horn Frog Warriors will soon be engaged. Death to the Broncos. SPIT!!

"Football is a violent game played by violent people, so put a smile on your face, murder in your heart and lets go kick these fuckers in the mouth" -Dick Bumpas, TCU Defensive Coordinator

*special thanks to Threads for the killer quote.

Morning/Pre-game Dump

TCU, Boise State hope to prove a point to BCS Star-Telegram

Matchup makes Poinsettia Bowl on par with BCS' best

Like Mirrored images, neither TCU nor Boise State wants to crack

Sammy Baugh was common man who enjoyed the fast lane Star-Telegram

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Graduation day for TCU football

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BSU's Peterson, TCU's Patterson have long history AP

Boise State, TCU employ similar plans for success
San Diego Union-Tribune

Poinsettia Bowl has makings of a classic Idaho Statesman

Bumpas' road sound, scenic Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Gary Patterson press conference Idaho Statesman

Today's Opponent

RB Johnson's magical Boise State run nears the goal line
USA Today

Last of a dying breed? Idaho Press-Tribune

Broncos train with Navy SEALs Idaho Statesman

Peterson press conference Idaho Statesman

Monday, December 22, 2008

Poinsettia Bowl Preview: Special Teams

Every day this week I will preview a different aspect of both teams and then give my prediction on who has the edge. Today I will be looking at the Special Teams for both squads.

Well, it’s finally over. No more of my inane ramblings until at least tomorrow, and no more of my aimless previews. Fortunately for you guys, this one promises to be the best one yet because very few of us, including myself, care a whole lot about special teams. Unfortunately for us, a lot of times you live and die by your special teams (see: Utes, Utah) so they really are a necessary evil and they must be looked at.

TCU – Ross Evans, Drew Combs, Anson Kelton, Jeremy Kerley and Aaron Brown.

Kerley makes tackles get broked

Kicking – Oh Ross Evans. OH Ross Evans. The kid has a lot of upside, yes, and he will certainly make a few big kicks in his career, but… oh man. It’s one thing to miss a few extra points when your team is up by multiple touchdowns… it’s another to blow two chip shot field goals that would have sent your team to the Sugar Bowl. However, that is neither here nor there, so let’s look at what he managed to do for the rest of the season.

On field goals, Evans was 15-19, with a long of 50, which was his first career kick, and which made us all very excited after our years with LoChoco and ManFred. However, he botched two within 30 yards at Utah, then missed another that was under 40 and another which was under 50. Still, pretty good numbers for a freshman, and it’s not like he had too many opportunities since we were in the end zone so often. These will pick up, but he must learn to kick in pressure situations.

On PATs, things get bad. Really bad. Like, 47-53 bad. I can only recall one being blocked as well. A PAT is, what, 20 yards straight down the pipe? I feel like I could make 47-53 of those and I have no experience whatsoever. I am not sure what it was, and I do not understand the dynamics of kicking, but it’s like he locks up on short range kicks. Maybe you have to change your form? I don’t know. This could’ve cost us in the Colorado State game if their receivers had been able to catch and did cost us about 16 million dollars. This MUST improve.

Kick Offs – Never a strong point all year, Senior Drew Combs kicked 78 times for an average of 61 yards of which only 8 went for touchbacks. Our officlal stats list him as having had 4 go out of bounds, but there’s no way that’s accurate because it happened with relative frequency throughout the season. Still, our special teams defense was great all year and never allowed a kickoff return, although I do recall a little punt coverage mishap against Stanford.

Punting – Another freshman on special teams, All MWC Honorable Mention punter Anson Kelton actually did a fantastic job by any standard. He punted 50 times for an average of 42 yards, 27 of which were downed inside the 20, and had 3 fair catches. He also had a long of 58 yards and six of his punts went for over 50 yards. He didn’t have to be used all that often, but he helped our defense out quite a few times by pinning the opposition deep. On the negative side, he did have a punt blocked against Stanford for a TD.

Punt Returns – Freshman Jeremy Kerley never broke the big one and missed some opportunities to do so after being out at the end of the season with an injury, but he still managed a 14.5 yards average with a 53 yard long. These numbers were good enough to earn him first team all MWC honors. In his absence, Nick Sanders and Aaron Brown filled in putting up respective 9.6 and 5.0 yard averages.

Kick Returns – I am really just going to mention Aaron Brown in this because Hodge was back as a blocker and Christian only returned kicks when Brown was out. Brown returned 15 kicks (so few because, well, our defense didn’t let many folks score) for an average of 31.9 yards and the big touchdown run against Wyoming. He also returned a big one against OU and should’ve had another against BYU. He ended up being named an honorable mention MWC kick return man. TCU was second in the nation in overall kick return average with 27.0

Special Teams Coverage – Against the punt, TCU only allowed 7.7 yards per return; against the kick, 19.0. The Frogs allowed one TD on a punt block return.

Boise State – Kyle Brotzman, Jeremy Avery, Doug Martin, Kyle Wilson

That's a horse kicking a field goal because that's what I imagine it to be.

Kicking – All WAC second teamer Kyle Brotzman is the do-it-all special teamsman for the Broncos, taking care of punts, kickoffs and place kicking duties. Perhaps we should find ourselves one of those and free up two scholarships? In all reality though, maybe they should’ve looked elsewhere for a place kicker, as Brotzman was only 16-22 on the season, with all of his misses falling between 30-50 yards. Fortunately for Boise, this did not cost them any games, but in a game like tomorrow, it really may come down to Brotzman or Evans sealing the deal. Unlike Evans, however, Brotzman understands how to put easy points on the board and went 49-49 on his PATs. He also had a long FG of 51 yards and had one blocked.

Kickoffs – Brotzman had 84 kickoffs for a 64.1 yards average with 13 touchbacks and only two going out of bounds. Watch and learn, Combs.

Punting – Again, Brotzman took care of the punting duties, ending up with a 45.5 yard average, including a booming long of 75, four touchbacks, one fair catch and 13 inside the 20.

Kick Returns – It looks like Jeremy Avery and Doug Martin were pretty evenly split on taking kick returns. Avery led the team with 7 returns for an average of 28.4 yards and Martin had 10 returns for 21.2. Ian Johnson handled duties three different times for a 24.7 yard average. None of their return men had a touchdown. Like the Frogs, though, their defense kept opposing offenses out of the end zone so they had few opportunities.

Punt Returns – Kyle Wilson really shined in the punt return position, fielding 32 punts for an average of 14.7 yards and three TDs.

Special Teams Coverage - Against the punt, Boise only allowed 5.5 yards per return; against the kick, 19.4. They gave up no touchdowns on special teams.

Overall – As I mentioned, I am no special teams guru by any means, so I am going to just match all of the units up side by side and make a mostly unbiased pick.

Kicking – FGs are a push, but Boise wins the PAT comparison. Therefore, Boise

Kickoffs – I don’t even need to look at the stats, Boise.

Punting – Brotzman had the bigger leg, but Kelton was more accurate in pinning opponents deep. I’m calling a push.

Kick Returns – Hard to call. Boise has more weapons, but none were able to take it to the house. Hodge isn’t going to scare anyone with his returns, but AB is better than anyone on Boise at returning kicks. I’ll go with the Frogs

Punt Returns – Kerley may be first team all conference, but he’s still young and has a ways to improve. Wilson is a threat every single time he touches the ball. Boise.

Tally – TCU 1.5, Boise 3.5

Edge – Boise.

Poinsettia Bowl Preview: Defensive Backs

Every day this week I will preview a different aspect of both teams and then give my prediction on who has the edge. Today I will be looking at the Defensive Backs for both squads

I am now realizing that A) I’m not good with names of opposing players I am unfamiliar with and B) I’m one day short on getting in all of the previews, so there will either be a special teams preview this afternoon or tomorrow morning, immediately followed by an overall. This is also code for “These last two will probably be even more half assed than the ones preceding them.” Regardless, I’ve mentally checked myself out of this entire week for the game and Christmas, so I don’t plan on work interfering.

Today we’ll take a look at the defensive backs for both teams, an area that is strong on both sides and actually might be the most talented group of players on the Boise defense. Is it enough to put them over the top of the Frogs? Let’s get to it.

TCU – Nick Sanders, Steven Coleman, T.J. Johnson, Stephen Hodge and Raphael Priest.

Stephen Hodge: Pre-Body Slam

With two three year starting juniors at corner and two of the three safeties being seniors, this is the most experienced secondary TCU has had in many years. Un-coincidentally, it is also one of the best, good for 9th in the country in total passing yards allowed with 166.4. All told, these guys had 7 interceptions, one of which was good for a TD, 221 tackles, 4 sacks, broke up 43 passes and deflected 50 others. They also forced one fumble. Other than the first half of the OU game and one drive against Utah, these guys were unstoppable.

Senior Strong Safety Stephen (alliteration much?) Hodge, he of the all MWC first team, was third on the team in tackles with 70, and also had 2 sacks, 7 tackles for loss and 2 forced fumbles. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Hodge, watch him for an entire series, or at least on special team. That guy flies down the field like a bullet and is arguably the most aggressive tackler that I have ever seen. He doesn’t just knock you to the ground – he picks you up and body slams you to the ground, crushing your soul and will to get back out on the field in the process. His name hasn’t been mentioned very often this year, overshadowed by the likes of Jason Phillips and Jerry Hughes, but this guy has come up huge in every single game that we’ve played this year. Look for him to have a strong impact against the Broncos.

Fellow safeties senior Steven Coleman, All MWC second team, and sophomore TJ Johnson have also done their part to make this defense so special. Coleman was 7th on the team with 42 tackles, and also had 3 interceptions, including the HUGE one against Stanford, and one for a TD. All of these came in the first three games, but don’t take this to mean his productivity dropped off. Take it to mean that teams are smart enough to realize that when a guy is going to pick off every off target ball that comes his way, they stop throwing at him. He also recovered a fumble and had a tackle for loss. Coleman also placed second on the team with 13 passes defensed. For his part, Johnson was eighth on the team with 41 tackles, four for a loss and a sack, and forced a fumble. He was second on the team with 10 pass breakups. Getting this guy back for the next two seasons is going to be huge. Look for him to be a serious mentor for the two outstanding D backs we have signed on for next year.

At the corners are Nick Sanders and Rafael Priest, two guys who have played huge roles for the Frogs ever since their freshman year and who will both be back in the fold next year. These guys have struggled at times but have really grown into their roles as their careers have progressed and will be one of the better combinations in the country next season. Sanders, an honorable mention all MWC selection, finished the season as the sixth leading tackler on the team with 44, as well as the team leader in both pass breakups and deflections with 11 and 13, respectively. Sanders also recorded a sack, two tackles for loss, forced a fumble and had two interceptions. Even more, Sanders filled in at the punt return slot with Kerley out for the latter part of the season and did a very fine job. Rafael Priest, who was an all MWC second team pick, while not imposing physically, is a gifted back with great instincts and isn’t afraid to go up against any receiver in the country. He had 11 pass break ups and 10 deflections to go along with an interception. TCU only gave up 8 TDs passing, but seeing as how we were currently nursing multiple touchdown leads at the end of the games with our backups, few can be attributed to beating Sanders or Priest.

Boise State – Jeron Johnson, George Iloka, Ellis Powers (get it right this time?), Brandyn Thompson and Kyle Wilson.

While all of the hype has and will typically be focused on the Boise offense, GP would be the first to tell you that this year’s Boise defense is one of the best ever for the school, and the defensive backfield has been outstanding. While their overall numbers don’t compare to those of TCU (they are 37th in the country, allowing around 190 yards per game), they fell into the same trap as TCU where they were typically nursing multiple TD leads with backups late in games. Regardless, these guys have a great eye for the ball and totaled 15 interceptions between them and were 6th overall in the category team wise. They also broke up 27 passes, had 25.5 tackles for loss and forced a fumble. With only one senior starting, WAC offensive coordinators will be terrified of this unit in the next couple of years.

Starting at safety are sophomores Jeron Johnson and senior Ellis Powers, both all WAC selections with Powers getting a first team nod and Johnson getting a second. Johnson led the entire team in tackles with 84 total, including three for a loss, which is a testament to how often those WAC offenses fling the ball around. Johnson also had 2 interceptions and recovered three fumbles. Like Priest, Johnson isn’t a huge guy, but he knows how to use what he has and was second on the team with 6 pass break ups. Powers, who is listed as a linebacker on the all WAC team but it has been brought to my attention that he’s more in the mold of Stephen Hodge as a nickel back, looks to be a bruiser on the defense. He was second on the team in tackles with 71, which included an impressive 8 for losses and had 2.5 sacks and an interception. He also recovered 2 fumbles and forced another. The lone senior in the secondary, Powers will surely have a thing or two to say when TCU decides to run or pass to his side.

Also at safety is true freshman George Iloka, a Texas product who was actually lightly recruited by TCU before deciding on Boise. Think he might want to prove Patterson’s staff wrong for passing on him? He finished fourth on the team with 56 tackles and had an astounding four interceptions. A freshman All American, Iloka was so impressive that Boise actually changed their defensive scheme to accommodate him with 3 safety sets. At 6’3, 220, this guy has the potential to be playing on Sundays.

At the corners are sophomore Brandyn Thompson and junior Kyle Wilson. Thompson was sixth on the team with 53 tackles, including 5 for losses and also had 4 interceptions. Wilson, a first team all MWC selection, led the team with a whopping 5 interceptions and 10 pass break ups. There’s a lot more I could say about these two guys, but it’s close to lunch time, and I’m hungry.

Overall – TCU has a great pass rush, which takes a lot of the pressure off the secondary as far as making the big play. However, when called upon, they’ve been up to the task, only surrendering 8 passing TDs all season. Boise has given up more yards per game, but has also only allowed 8 passing TDs. Their 15 interceptions speak for themselves. The pundits are calling this Boise defense the best since the 2000 Horned Frogs, and there’s very little reason to believe that they aren’t. As a unit, the two teams are fairly evenly matched. Individually, though, I think Boise would take the prize. However, here are a few factors to consider:

  • Boise’s passing offense > TCU’s passing offense. Moore is a better QB than Dalton and, the more I look at it, the WR match is a push. Therefore, they will throw the ball Mo(o)re.
  • TCU’s run offense > Boise’s run defense. TCU will use this match up to attempt to ram the ball down Boise’s throat to start the game. This will set the tone for how we call plays the rest of the game. If we do well on the ground, Boise’s secondary will not be tested with frequency.
  • TCU’s run defense > Boise’s run offense. Based on this, and on the passing matchup, Boise will be throwing the ball far more than they will be running it, giving our secondary more opportunities to slip up.
  • Boise’s pass defense > TCU’s pass offense. Dalton will not be able to slice these guys up like he has the likes of Wyoming and SMU.
  • Boise’s chip on shoulder > TCU’s lack of chip on shoulder. This Boise defense has been overshadowed all year by their prolific offense while TCU’s defense has put up all year, like they do every year. These guys have something to prove.

Therefore, I give Boise the edge in the secondary match up.

Edge – Boise State.

Morning Dump

TCU linebacker out because of academics Star-Telegram

TCU's Hughes as emerged as one of college football's premier defensive linemen Idaho Statesman

Game day nears for Frog's in San Diego

Tomorrow's Opponent

Boise State defense being overlooked by pundits Idaho Statesman

Boise State's gamble on Iloke paying early dividends Idaho Statesman

Good gadget! Broncos at work San Diego Union-Tribune

Boise St.-TCU preview

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Have we seen the last of our favorite?

Henson's facebook page says he isn't playing Tuesday. Not to start a rumor just based on facebook, but combined with the fact that he didn't practice yesterday things don't sound promising. I sure hope this is just some mind-trick.

Weekend Dump


Henson and Cuba did not practice Saturday, Patterson did not say why.


Saturday, December 20, 2008

AP Conspiracy, JFK Style

I haven't been able to let Jerry 'Frogzilla' Hughes getting stiffed by the AP go. Sleepless night man...sleepless nights. Convinced this must be a mass conspiracy, I went looking for answers.

The group that votes on the All American team is apparently not the same group of 65 AP voters that had UT jumping OU in the polls AFTER OU beat #12 OSU in STILLWATER and UT beat up on lowly College Station based Automatic Teller Machine in Austin. The All American voters are instead a smaller group of 12 people from that larger group, and apparently they picked a high percentage of idiots. While I have confirmed that some on the panel seem to have a penchant for Frog hate, unfortunately I haven’t been able to find exactly who each person voted for yet, so like Bush, we’re not distinguishing between the terrorists and the states that harbor them- if you’re on this committee, you’re probably getting the wood:

The 12 AP All American Voters Panel:

Possible Friendly Fire: AP Rank for TCU- #11

-Kevin Pearson, The Press-Enterprise (Calif.)
-Joseph Person, The State (S.C.)

-Marcus Fuller, St. Paul Pioneer Press
Big 10/Minnesota fan, this nut had UT in the lead over OU after OU beat TTU (ok, makes sense), then had OU jumping UT after beating OSU (ok, still makes sense), THEN had UT jump OU after OU won the Big 12 championship (huh??? really????)

-Jim Lamar, Tallahassee Democrat
This guy had USC #3 in wks 14 and 15, then, in the last wk (16), moved them to #5??? The Gators really don’t like this guy

-Jimmy Burch, Forth Worth Star-Telegram
Oh, the home towner, surely we can count on this guy right??? Not so fast. Looks like this guy covers UT and OU, and he looks to be a HUGE UT fan. He still has UT ranked #1 in the nation. I’m guessing Orakpo got the nod before Hughes from this Benedict Arnold. Heck he didn’t even include every AP panelist in his article (see the bottom). Not a team player and most likely a traitor. If anyone follows this guy and I’m off, let me know.

-Mike Prater, Idaho Statesman
This is the one guy out of the 12 panelist that contributed to OU getting jumped by UT after UT beat ATM and OU beat OSU. In the 2006 season’s final poll, he ranked Tennessee 19th, but left Penn State off altogether (the Nittany Lions beat the Vols in a bowl game- Threads have anything to do w/ this?). This guy is probably on some terrorist watch list after he called for the University of Idaho to be bomb.

Might not be Osama, but knows where he is: AP Rank for TCU- #12

-Barker Davis, The Washington Times
Has the OSU’s ahead- Ok. St #10, and Ohio St. #11. Does have AL at #3 ahead of UT at #4 so maybe this guy isn’t all that bad.

-Aditi Kinkhabwala, The Bergen (N.J.) Record
Covers Rutgers, women’s sports, she likes the Olympics, and has Cincy at #11 in front of us- need I say more? Let’s just leave the selection up to a Ouija Board. If she didn’t vote for Jerry, it’s probably b/c of the nightmares…….

-Mark Anderson, Las Vegas Review-Journal
Has the frogs behind #11 Oregon. He’s also the only person ranking Oregon that high. Sounds like sour grapes from a guy who happens to be a UNLV football reporter. If he sat in front of us at the game, I guess I actually can understand. ...

Asteroid named Osama heading for Fort Worth: AP Rank for TCU- #13+

-Stewart Mandel,
Stuy has us #13 in the AP, behind Ok St. (11) and Ga Tech (12). Expect some hate in that mailbag Stu. According to Stu’s Wikipedia page, he’s a practicing Jew, and has often held off from writing his featured sports blog in observance of Yom Kippur when it fell on a gameday during the college football season. I must conclude that if he’s in fact really devoted to his faith, it’s very possible he hasn’t seen us play. As Walter Sobchak said “Saturday, Donny, is Shabbos, the Jewish day of rest. That means that I don't work, I don't drive a car, I don't fucking ride in a car, I don't handle money, I don't turn on the oven, and I sure as shit DON’T FUCKING ROLL!! Shomer shabbos!” So I guess Stuy probably doesn’t even watch football on Saturdays.

-Joseph Rexrode, Lansing State Journal
This hack has us #13 too, behind Cincy and Ok St., but he also has Ohio St ranked higher than any other voter at #7. This guy is a die hard Big 10 fan. A Michigan State grad, who covers MSU. No doubt this guy has Jerry’s blood on his hands.

And lastly….wait for it….get ready to get your HAAAAAAATE on…

-Craig James, ABC/ESPN
SMU's former golden boy has us ranked #15 in the AP (only 1 guy has us lower in the entire AP, Maurice Patton- The Tennessean (Newspaper)- Thread’s attack!!!). Pony Boy has us behind #10 Cincy, #11 Ok St., #12 Ga Tech, #13 Boise St (their lowest ranking by a voter, Boise fans, attack!!), and #14 Oregon. Man that Iron Skillet rivalry still cuts deep with Craig. I admire your ability to hold a grudge. You guys paid a coach $2mm per win this yr Craig, that amounts to one $2mm win against Texas State-San Marcos, so suck it Craig.

As you can see, with this group of yahoos and homers, it’s amazing J. Hughes even got 2nd team mention. At the end of the day, any honor from the AP sure doesn’t seem to mean much if it’s coming from this group of people. Since we’re on the topic of A-holes, these coaches also get honorable D-bag mention for their votes in the...
USA Today Coaches Poll:

Turner Gill #13- from a FW AHS native??? A PHS alum would have us #1
Urban Meyer #13- jealous of our D’s speed I guess
Bill Lynch #14- no name/Indiana coach
Bret Bielema #14- Wisconsin, clown has Penn State #4
Phillip Fulmer #14- thought this was the “coaches” poll
Les Miles #15- white hat has GT, GA, MS, and OSU in front
Tyrone Willingham #15- you get a vote “coach”?

And lastly-

Gary Pinkel #17, ck out this joke’s rankings

9 Georgia Tech
10 Oregon
11 Oklahoma State
12 Georgia
13 Michigan State
14 Cincinnati
15 Utah
16 Boise State
17 TCU
18 Missouri
Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to get home to set the DVR to record the Orange Bowl I sure don't want to miss that 4 loss #21 VaTech team's quest to end the ACC’s 8 year BCS drought. You read that right, the ACC hasn’t won a BCS bowl since Clinton was in office (1999 reg. season). You might remember it, Sega Dreamcast just came out, Ricky Martin was “Livin' la Vida Loca,” dot com-ing, Y2K, hit movies like Varsity Blues, Blair Witch Project, and Office Space. Sorry, I digress, it just seems like a century ago (rim shot).

On a final note, condolences to the Baugh Family. He was truly the greatest. Anyone who knows anything about football would agree. You can’t have a discussion about the all time greatest without including him at the top. That’s really saying something. There are lots of people who are “up there with the greats” but he was THE greatest. Even though I only got to see him on film, thanks for the memories Sammy. As far as horned frogs go, you were the best of us.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Frog Talk / Ask-a-Frog: The Potato Game

I-da-ho? No, you-da-ho

Ready to go bowling?
SchultzHater: So what does a college football blogger (really just an overly interested fan with as much sports writing credibility as a street bum with a 1st grade education, but still more credibility than Disciples of GP) do to enhance his writing ability? Musicians have heroin. The great artists of the past had absinthe. I have a 12pack of Miller High Life for enhancement and the TCU/BYU game on Tivo for material. We haven’t played in 4 weeks, but hell, Texas is getting shafted, Mike Leach is taking plane trips, Shutlz is interviewing, politicians are talking BCS, and college football begins again on Saturday. Life is getting good again.

San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl – 7 words

I was hoping for a bowl with 4 words or less. It’s cool; we will get an under-rated non-bcs team to play in front of a crowd of 20,000 in a stadium that holds thrice that.

This season has been kind of like the new season of Entourage – short, enjoyable, but not near what it could have been. Losing to Utah was kind of similar to Johnny Drama ruining Turtle’s play with Jamie-Lynn Sigler - all was lost – but in the end we get a victory over a top 10 team and Turtle hammers down Sigler.

The Big Game...

The Coach: Coach C. Peterson openly supported the BCS. The shameless imbiots at ESPN campaigned harder for BSU than he did. Who do you think would win in a fight……Coach Gary Patterson or this guy?
Never in the military

The Players: I feel sorry for you guys. Your coach sucks the BCS tit and your administration couldn’t schedule you any decent out of conference games this year (which actually TCU is doing to its team next year). But you’re a good football team and an even better football program, whoever scheduled your out of conference games this year should be locked in one of Idaho’s many ungoverned Indian Reservations where kids drink whiskey instead of milk and bad things happen to..well…everyone. Also, while this is a great bowl match-up for TCU to be in, it’s not so great for you.

The Matchup: TCU is uber good this year. BSU is in for a complete shock when they step on the field 12-23. They haven’t seen a team this good in years and you’re about to get a rough reality check. BSU is good, really good, just not anywhere close to the caliber of this TCU team. When you beat us in 2003, it was after we lost a BCS buster game to Southern Miss and won a lot of games by very small margins all year long. It’s a different world this year. Your precision and mistake free football will win you games against teams that have more talent than yourself and maybe win you a big time game against a team superior than yourself (OU-2006). But, your 100% success rate on trick plays for touchdowns is most likely not going to work in San Diego. You’ll have to run the ball to win this game and that is highly unlikely. Let me explain.

During the 1st half of the Oklahoma game this year we allowed 28 points due to mistakes, but eventually our Coach – Gary Patterson - realized that our Defense is so fucking good that he can just rush 4 guys all day long and still sack the shit out of you. Hell our linebackers are so good, we don’t have to put 8-9 guys in the box anymore to eliminate elite running games (Oklahoma had 26yards rushing on 36 attempts). Even if we didn’t have a 4-2-5 scheme leaving us with more speed because of the extra DB, our linebackers are faster than your running backs. We shall pass the ball you say? Most teams are able to do a decent job of this (teams have to get some yards, right?) but remember, we are the #2 defense in the nation, so don’t expect much, the single-coverage mistakes that we used to allow resulting in long passing touchdowns have been minimalized since the Oklahoma game, leaving other powerhouse offenses like BYU and Utah with 9 and 13 points on the scoreboard. Your margin of error is scary. Good luck.

TCU O vs. BSU D………I expect to score 30 points. They might play hard like Rudy but they can’t back it up with much talent.
-BSU O vs. TCU D……Henson’s last college game? Phillips? I actually feel sorry for Boise. A precise well executing offense needs time to execute. Boise will never get that time, TCU is way too fast. The Broncos score 17, with a late td in the 4th.


Dear Tim Teabow,
I hate everything about you…..Except your girlfriend.

Dear Mack,
I don’t blame you for whining and crying. You’re doing your job.

Dear Mike Leach,
You’re great . If you leave I will miss watching you stare blankly into space on the sidelines. No coach in college football has ever almost changed their school’s mascot…pirates? I just know that you’re a step away from talking about aliens in your next interview. But anyone with any sense (and especially your intellect) should eventually leave that cowshit town after 8 years. 4 is cool. 6 is doable. But 8 years is too much for a student, teacher, coach or bus driver. Enjoyed it. Everyone did.
Dear Gary P,
Your Badassery has only been amplified since the season’s end…..

The TV season is also over, so….

Dear Producers of Entourage,
You suck. Like 4 episodes this season? WTF. It took you 12 months to come up with 2 hours of TV programming. It doesn’t even take the 24 producers that long and they blow shit up. Do your d-list actors suddenly start landing hit movies I haven’t heard about? You don’t even have a show without Piven, fuck you. We deserve better.

Dear writers of Californication,
Thank you for breaking up Ducoveny and his love half-wife, I guess you realized you don’t have show with them together.

To SpitBlood,
Thanks to this site I am now a huge fan of ASIP.

To Dexter,
You have made me accept the idea of killing people that are bad…..I have somehow overlooked the whole butchering them up thing….

To the Office,
You finally realized that Dwight is easily the most clever character creation you have, thanks for allowing us more of him and less of Jim’s blank loser stares into the camera, ohhh and please at some point show Pam in something sexy, I’ll even take a v-neck sweater, just to tease us more. Did I mention she recently got divorced in real life..…

Game Prediction: TCU 30 BSU 17

Disciples of GP: So Boise. We’ve got Boise.....

I'm struggling. I wanted to get our Frog Talk post out earlier. SchultzHater had some comments as early as last week. I, on the other hand, have struggled. Struggling with what to say…I don't do so well when my Frogs aren’t playing…..oh how I loath the tragedy of modern day college football’s bowl format.
It has been about a month since I last saw my Frogs take the field to inflict their wrath upon someone. Obviously some bean counter who has never watched or played sports set up the current system, because even the most basic fan knows that you can’t take teams that are developing a rhythm and routine for 3 months, tell them they have to take a month or more off, and then expect them to comeback together and play 1 last “biggest-game-of-the-season.” As gamblers we always wonder how much ONE off week DURING the season will affect a team, much less 4 or 5 weeks spanning multiple holidays. What has our team been up to? How in shape and focused will they be? How will they come out? Without General Patterson in command, these questions would be all the more scary, but fortunately, we have GP….
So I struggle…lately there hasn't been much to tick me off….I’ve already vented my hatred of all things BCS. That accomplished nothing. We got the best game we could hope for, at a great location. By that I mean San Diego, not the bowl per se. With so many bowls these days, the prestige of one bowl over another seems meaningless outside of a few. Is the Bowl better than the Meineke Car Care Bowl? Fans watch bowls with good matchups, and ours by far and away is one of the best.
No idea how it went down….from the bleachers it looked like the Frogs and Boise said screw the whole system, we just want to play a good game against a good opponent. Screw more bowl prestige and money- if the Frog’s had pushed for Vegas, that would’ve been $1mm (Humanitarian would’ve paid Boise the same $750m as Poinsettia, but far less than the $17mm of a BCS). Screw a larger crowd- the day before Christmas Eve, long travel distances, expensive plane tickets b/c the holiday. GP from early on said that we want to play the best team we can, regardless of other factors. Heck he even offered to play Boise there. I like GP.
Not sure what to write….I agree with you SchultzHater, ASIP is the tits, Dexter makes me feel like I’ve missed my life’s calling, and Californication justifies our weekends …..hmmmmm

So we got our bowl….looks like we still got our coach…..people are coming back from injury (read: Kerley)….opposing blog fans seem nice…..Christmas time is here….my 3:00am booty call’s herpes are going into remission….we’ll be starting a whole new year soon…life is good…go ahead, paint it Rockwell.

Then….2 days ago…the AP happened. The Associated Pinchyways (need an ELP spell ck on that lt4h) came out and purposely deprived Frogzilla his rightful place as 1st team All-American DE. This sent my day into a tailspin of anger, self analysis/medication, and a lot of internet research. My conclusion: I was getting soft. A month without Frog violence and I was becoming complacent. AP brought the rage fuel back. In a way, the AP saved what probably would’ve been a pathetically soft posting on the eve of Horned Frog warfare against a very dangerous Boise opponent. Speaking of…..

Oh Idaho, you’re so beautiful. Boise seems like such a picturesque, homegrown piece of Americana. A place where I could go hunt for unicorns and rainbows in a glitter filled meadow of M&M’s with my friends Wally Cleaver and John Boy Walton. Or stroll over to Hobbit Village, where old man Jenkins is re-shoeing a mare. There’s no crime here, just ask our sheriff Andy Griffin, heck criminals (read: BSU players) even turn themselves in. A magical place where you can pick dandelions down by the creek in the summer, trade snow kisses with your grandma in the winter over a cup of cocoa, or spend spring with your imaginary friend, listening to the gentle caress of the water beating against your fishing polls, as you catch some splashy fish - catch and release of course. Boise is a simple place…set in a simpler time. It’s where you go to master the whisper. Somewhere you can spend a whole month outdoors with nothing more to entertain yourself than your own chill personality and your trusty butterfly net. Oh Idaho……

You haven’t fooled me Boise…I’m not drinking the Kool-Aid…

I didn't know a whole lot about Boise and its culture other than 85% of its people (that’s about 124) haven’t accepted Obama as their president. Apparently they have nice bloggers. From the looks of the internet they’re militantly right wing and hate California people. In fact, the only disparaging things you can find about them are written by either the Idahoans themselves in jest, or by Utah people, who I hate. I can find sites that hate puppy dogs, Christmas, and pictures of hot naked 18 yr old girls. I can find websites that will offer to kill my grandpa, want to ban firearms, even sites that want to do away with booze …but decent sites that legitimately hate Boise? Good luck. Perhaps that was why I was having a hard time coming up with the hate fuel I so direly need. Perhaps Idahoans control the interweb? Well we’ll put that to the test, because luckily after the AP got me going, my eyes were finally opened to the reason we should hate this backwoods Canadian suburb:

The #1 reason to hate them: They suck

Yep, that’s right, these guys suck BEEEEECAUSE….they suck. They just do. Not suck like you’re unathletic at Buck Hunter suck, but suck like you just found out you have AIDS suck. No, forget that, these guys are worse than AIDS. These guys are AIDS times a billion billion (not a typo). I could go into statistics on how Idaho leads the nation in percentage of young children living in low-income households AND number of West Nile Virus cases. Maybe I could bring up how a 1996 poll showed Idaho was numero uno in reported child abuse at 112.4 children per 1,000 and one of 3 states w/ the most rapidly increasing incarceration rates, all very telling….so basically anyone who lived in Idaho in the 1990’s is poor, abused, and if they survived the West Nile, is probably rotting away in prison….where’s your fancy schmancy mountains and lush river valleys now Idaho? So suck it Idaho, suck it until we trade you to Canada in an Idaho for Elisha Cuthbert, Rachel McAdams, and Shania Twain trade.

I’m sure we’ll come up with better reasons when we get to San Diego. I don’t know anyone from Idaho, nor have I had a bad experience in Idaho, but do not question my logic. And don’t fruitlessly continue looking for reasons to hate them, you’re missing the forest for the trees. That forest is simple and inherent my friends- Idaho, and Boise in particular, is our opponent this week, and hence they MUST suck…suck so bad you want to cut off your hand and microwave it.

That said, I don’t want to underestimate this Boise team. They are #9, we are #11. They have over 20,000 students, we have less than half that, so expect them to bring more fans. Sure they coasted through a pathetically easy conference, but going undefeated in ANY conference is no small feat (except the ACC, Big East, or MAC). Boise is the premier team in the WAC conference- translated they get everyone’s “best” game. How did they respond?? By beating the shit out of everyone they faced. There’s no doubt they can play. They can play and win without Houdini gimmick tricks or their Oak Lawn inspired home turf. Their coach will have them fired up and ready- they won’t come out flat. These guys will be attacking with confidence, a confidence that has grown and matured throughout the season and also the past few years as they’ve continued to build a very solid program. That said, I think the frogs have the ability to triumph, and triumph with a large number. Not predicting a blow by any means, but I am saying I think we’re CAPABLE of putting this game out of reach IF we come to play with an aggressive hunger and not a sense of entitlement. Boise will play with a chip on their shoulder- we better come out with a fucking boulder on ours or it’s going to be a long night.

Schultz better not call it conservative- these Boise guys can play. The return of Kerley will be huge. Dalton needs to keep making throws to “win,” not “manage” the game. AB finish memorably with a huge night. Turner hammer these guys. Regan, show flashes of your potential. LTX …well, it’s SHOWTIME. As for our D, it just needs to be itself- carnivorous, predatory, vicious, and cruel. Hitting so hard the sailors and marines stationed down the road from Miramar all the way up to Camp Pendleton are forced to scramble alert fighters. Bring the MOTHER FUCKING PAIN. And bring it all night. J. Phil- it’s FEEDIN’ time. Henson, to quote my friend Polar Bear: MURDER, DEATH, KILL. Colman, Hodge, Priest, Sanders…you’re sharks in chum filled water. Moore, Vess, Panfil give them nothing. Frogzilla Hughes- seek and destroy, everything dies… KILL EVERYTHING. Our D and team speed should win this, but it won’t be easy. I put them somewhere in the range of Utah +/-, definitely not OU but also not BYU. To the ’08 team, G-Pa, and the seniors in particular I’ll say this- it’s been an honor. Thanks for a hell of a ride. My only Christmas wish is for you guys to go out on that field next Tuesday and write the last chapter of this season by stomping a mud hole in Boise.


Disciples of GP: Who are these guys? Is Idaho in Canada or the US? Don't these cannuck hosers play 5-man arena football?

SchultzHater: It’s a part of Canada. They play Hockey and stuff up there.

Disciples of GP: Thoughts on San Diego and trashy California tail (thank goodness this game isn't in Boise)? What about some cross border TJ action?

SchultzHater: Being from the Bible Belt, our view of trashy differs from those up North and in California. While in San Diego, if you’re having trouble determining which girls are from San Diego and which are from Idaho…….the ones that actually look like girls are the ones from San Diego….

Disciples of GP: Idaho has bred some strong women, who in your opinion is best representative of the state: Sarah Palin, Sacajawea, Torrie Wilson, or Bridget Powerz aka Bridget the Midget?

SchultzHater: Wow, if you’re reading this and have time. Just Google Bridget Powerz and find out what a sick mind Disciples of GP really has. I choose Sarah Palin, because she is hot and stupid at the same time.

Disciples of GP: So Sir Charles basically called Auburn a bunch of backwoods racist rednecks. Thoughts?

SchultzHater: America voted for a black man because they thought he would do a better job “coaching” the country. Maybe Auburn hired Chizik because they thought he would do a better job “coaching” their team?

Disciples of GP: I got a feeling these guys are going to be over-the-top friendly opposing fans. Is this the case? If so, is this a psyops tactic designed to make us lower our guard so they can go for the jugular when we least expect it?

All Canadians are overly-friendly in general. That is why there are no professional football teams up there.

Disciples of GP: Match the picture with the description, Jeopardy style:

1.) This girl was taken advantage of by a Bronco RB looking to capitalize on the height of his celebrity by totally out punting his coverage and proposing to her following a Fiesta Bowl victory.

2.) This character's jet-set life style showed audiences just how exciting Idaho can be.

3.) The name "Idaho" comes from a made up Indian word by an 1860's congressman, a hoax still perpetuated by Idahoans today, a fraud that is much more lame than this man's recent $50bn fraud.

4.) This plant is the #1 thing most people associate with Idaho...let me repeat, a plant is the single most noteworthy thing about Idaho.