Sunday, November 25, 2007

Pack your bags for Houston

First of all- Goodness gracious, Joseph Turner! Down 17-0 to San Diego State, the Frogs looked like they'd be sitting at home come bowl time. But then the sophomore put the team on his back and racked up 226 yards and 4 TDs, leading the way in the 45-33 win. I can't miss this opportunity to mention that he represents the 512.
(Also, Schultz-haters: we had the ball for more than 40 minutes and put up 694 yards of offense. OK, so SDSU wasn't exactly the '85 Bears, but that kind of output against ANYONE, especially with such a young and injury-plagued offense, isn't exactly something worth getting fired over.)

As for our bowl destination, we're all but officially going to the Texas Bowl in Houston, where we'll take on U of H (who have officially accepted an invitation). We won't be formally invited, though, until after the BCS Bowl match-ups have been announced and the Big 12 officially gets a second team into the BCS and thus vacates their spot in the Texas Bowl. That will happen, though, and the MWC Presidents will vote to allow New Mexico to play in the New Mexico Bowl a second consecutive year, which will allow the Texas Bowl to invite TCU. From reading between the lines of press reports and what Danny Morrison has said on the issue, Air Force seems like a lock to play in the Armed Forces Bowl in Fort Worth on New Year's Eve.

Obviously, this isn't the marquee bowl game we anticipated in the preseason, but it's also a lot better than last year, when we played in California mid-week against an absolute no-name team. And, let's face it, there were times this year where we thought we wouldn't be playing in any bowl game. The Texas Bowl will be Friday night, December 28th and Houston is an easy trip and our previous trips down there have been a ton of fun. No, Houston isn't a marquee team, but they're a former SWC rival and have a good offense that'll fun to watch against our D and a terrible defense that'll allow our offense to play like it did this weekend. Also, our basketball team (which is 4-0 so far) plays at Rice the afternoon after the football game.

Of course, as accurate as I believe this to be, it's still just speculation. I'm sure there's a chance that things won't shake out this way, but I'm going to plan on watching the Frogs dominate Cougar High, partying in Houston and talking trash about that crummy city no matter how much fun I have.