Monday, November 19, 2007

AB: Out

Run Game Got Died.

AB is officially done for the year, although anyone could see this one coming. Are we capable of having a starting RB stay healthy for an entire season? It's a curse. Regardless, this doesn't really matter with the emergence of Andy "White Lightning" Dalton as a rushing threat. Did you know he's led the team in rushing the past couple of games? Who saw THAT coming? What's not so great? He has something like 175 yards rushing for the year and is close to the top of our individual rushing total.
Also, I know I've been lacking on the blogosphere in recent weeks, but after just listening to the secretary at my office talk to someone in Spanish about a Kia Rio for 15 minutes, I realize there are people doing even less work than I am. So, I think tomorrow I'm locking the door and getting this thing back on track.

Nick Saban is a Piece of Shit

The highest paid coach in Division I-A @ 4 million a year, loses to Louisiana Monroe's Charlie Weatherbie who is the lowest paid coach in Division I-A @ 130,000 a year.

After half time, Saban, realizing what would happen if they lost to Louisiana Monroe, decided to start wide receiver DJ Hall despite suspending him for the game because of a violation of team policy.

Nick "I won't coach at Alabama" Saban is turning into a bigger piece of shit season by season, week by week, day by day. I hope nothing but the worst for Alabama football.