Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Up Yours Utah

Wyoming Coach Flips Utah the Bird

This ugly incident was after Utah attempted an onside kick while up 43-0. And who said that Mormons dont have a sense of humor?

The 8 Hour Stand Off Ends Anti-Climatically


Dan Jenkins and TCU Football

ESPN - Maisel: Love of the game - College Football

For all of you who dont get the Threads Cowtown Update, this is a great article about sports writer Dan Jenkins and his love of TCU football. I hope everyone gets a chance to read it.

"But in campus politics, nothing defines a man like his football parking space."


Just Another 5am Morning at the Office

I was half alseep, sitting at my desk and hear several sirens and think nothing of it. Three minutes later, more sirens. Two minutes later, more sirens, enough to make me walk outside to see what is going on. By 6:00am there are at least 30 cops cars, 4 SWAT Team vans, 1 Bomb Squad RV, and Army trucks forming a huge perimeter around McBride's gun shop, which is down the street from our office.

Apparently some nut job has baracaded himself inside. We stood outside an watched more and more cops/SWAT members show up, along with two armored vehicles that look like they could drive through anything. The stand off is still going on, but our boss, who is like the teacher that won't let you go to the talent show, told us to get back to work and close the blinds. Diabetes doesn't take vacations. So now I am clueless as to what is going on, but will give an update when I hear what has happened.

Fort Worth Makes Drudge Report

Man cited for porn on wheels

FORT WORTH -- This X-rated movie was moving, Fort Worth police say.


Monday morning, a 24-year-old Irving man was cited after a Fort Worth police officer spotted porn playing inside the man’s car.

The officer was conducting extra patrol at a club at in the 100 block of S. Main Street, south of downtown, when he saw the car drive by, then park near the club, said Lt. Dean Sullivan, police spokesman.

According to a police report, a 10-inch screen pointed toward the rear of the vehicle showed “multiple people, naked, having sexual intercourse.”

As the driver began to drive off, the officer pulled him over. Inside the man’s car, the officer spotted an open beer.

The driver, Cameron Walker, was issued several misdemeanor citations, including for obscene display or distribution, not having a driver’s license and for the open container of alcohol.