Friday, November 9, 2007


My god, did anyone else notice how HORRID the announcing was from the Versus team last night? Aside from the inane comments, they were sack riding BYU the entire time. If I hadn't been watching the game and only listening to the commentary, I almost wouldn't have had much of an idea who else was playing. Everytime BYU ran the ball in the third quarter when they were up by 9 they'd say something like, "And they rumble ahead, controlling that clock!!!!" Right. Because teams run out the clock in the third quarter with a 9 point lead. Awful. We eventually had to mute the TV and provide our own more graphic commentary.

As for the game, well, it went about as expected. Defense gave them too big of a cushion early before finally shutting them down when it mattered, only the offense couldn't come up with the big play. This is perhaps because we still have the worst offensive play calling of all time. Aside from the botched Kerley reverse pass that ended up getting a short running gain, Schultz did it once again. "Hey, the QB draw worked the last play... lets run it again!!!!!" despite the fact that our line was getting absolutely dominated, which is forgivable considering most of the BYU team is older than any of the bloggers on this site and outweighed our guys by 15-20 pounds. Their line averaged something like 315 pounds. The biggest concern for me is that we still have not figured out how to run this two QB system, which I don't always agree with, but looked decent last night. However, why pull Jackson when he was clearly moving the ball well against BYU? I'm a big Dalton apologist, but the offense had that extra spark last night with Jackson in the game and they wouldn't go with it, although Dalton looked every bit as sharp running the ball, giving our offense a faint swagger that they've been lacking a good part of the season. Dalton came in and led the long drive that put us right back in it, but I still think Jackson should've had one more series. He just has to hold onto the ball (Brad and Jourdan, sorry if there's a small, oblong brown stain on your couch today because I'm pretty sure I crapped my pants when he fumbled that ball into the end zone.)

Defensively, Blake and Ortiz were getting decent pressure, and we held their fag Samoan piece of shit running back to short gains, but they were just no match for guys that were that much bigger than they were, and he still finished with two touchdowns. As has happened and even with the interception by Bonner, our pass coverage was abysmal. I think we allowed them to convert on about 17 third and longs, but they still managed to come up big at the end, aided by replay (that ball that hit the ground, bounced into the other receivers hands, and went for a big game nearly gave me a heart attack).

Despite all of this, it was really a pretty great game. I was really glad we at least had a chance to win, even though Dalton decided 4th and long would be a good time to lose his footing, but that can be attributed to the poor turf upkeep/Mormon voodoo curses. Seriously, what a bunch of creeps. The Aggies are a bunch of cultish weirdos who worship a dog, but the Mormons? I'm not even going to get into it.

So, it would appear that BYU is going to win the conference pretty soundly, but in the end, it doesn't matter. They're all going to Hell anyway.

Fire Craig Thompson

Sorry, just pissed about the fact i have to watch mwc games on cstv and versus