Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Inside the McRib

Click to enlarge: Right out of the bag, still in the wrapper.

Right out of the bag, still in the wrapper.
Click to enlarge: Just unwrapped.

Just unwrapped.

Click to enlarge: A look under the bun.

A look under the bun.
Click to enlarge: With the pickles and onions removed.

With the pickles and onions removed.

Click to enlarge: With the sauce washed off.

With the sauce washed off.
Click to enlarge: This is the 'bottom,' apparently the 'ribs' are only pressed on the top.

This is the 'bottom,' apparently the 'ribs' are only pressed on the top.

Click to enlarge: McRib sliced in half... this is the 'meat' inside.

McRib sliced in half... this is the 'meat' inside.
Click to enlarge: a close up of the fileted McRib.

a close up of the fileted McRib.

Pure Processed Pork Pornography

Yes everyone, the rumors are true. McRib is back at McDonald's for it's annual run, because processed, rib shaped meat sandwiches are only in season during the holidays. I've gotten a lot of Christmas gifts I've really enjoyed, but having the McRib pretend to go away for 10 months, only to come back in a blaze of glory right before Thanksgiving is the Christmas gift that keeps on giving.

You can have your A-1 thick and hearty burger, but for my money, McRib is the greatest seasonal sandwich on the market right now. Say what you will about me, but if it came down to baby back ribs at Chilis or, dare I say, the tragedy that is Applebees riblets, McRib would be my choice every time. Just ask Monsieur Hilliard.

Go get a McRib. Now. Just don't get use the drive thru. Did you know McDonald's charges a drive thru tax? Not only are they clogging my arteries, but now they're invading on my convenience? Blasphemy!


Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl Dec. 31 / 12:30 p.m. Fort Worth, Texas ESPN Tie-Ins: Mountain West vs. Pac-10 Projection: TCU vs. Mississippi State (No Pac-10 projected available

Not bad. Not bad at all. Considering who the other teams in our conference are slated to play in bowl games, I'll take it. MSU is the biggest fag team in the SEC as far as pulling out ridiculous wins, but at home in a bowl game, we'd take them.

Headed to Vegas this weekend. Trying to line up my college football bets. Since this has been a betting forum in the past, any suggestions?

Feeling Kansas/OSU over as a safety bet depending on what it is. Tech/Texas is 6.5 right now... pretty sure Texas will cover that, despite how they've been this year. Missouri over A&M even if the line is 50.

Brian Bonner

Brian Bonner's quote to the Star-Telegram about why he hates calling for a fair catch.

"I know they've got smelling salts over on the sidelines," he said. "And if somebody out there just wants to go ahead and take my head off, I've got faith in [trainer] David Gable to come out there with the smelling salts and get me off the field."


November has been deemed National Diabetes Month by the American Diabetes Association, which is important for my line of work...however, this month is also dedicated to cliches. In fact, November 3rd was official cliche day. So here starts a thread of your past time favorites that you heard from your grandparents, your more recent cliches that you still hear from your parents, and new age cliches that rule because we made them.

Here's a few to get your cliche juices flowing...

"An idle mind is the Devil's workshop" (Debbie Finch)
"If ________ jumped off a cliff, would you jump too?" (Debbie Finch)
"Remember who you are and who's you are" (The Parents Finch)
"Don't take any wooden nickels" (Grandma Finch)
"It's not what you deserve, it's what you negotiate" (Grandpa Finch)
"There are no stupid questions, just stupid people"

...and remember, to say "not to be too cliche" is probably the most cliched thing you could ever say...

And please don't forget that...