Monday, November 5, 2007

Hook Em' Allah

Ah the pitfalls of bandwagon fandom.

8,000 F%#@ Yeah!!!!!!!

Imagine how many hits we would have if we had not been mediocre. However, PA Finch, PA.

Bandwagon Re-opened for Business

Surprised no one has written about Saturday's beastialification of the Lobos. For everyone that was there, it was ugly. Sort of like that 52-3 debauchery of UNLV two years back. We haven't played that well on both sides since the Baylor game. There's really nothing to say other than read this S-T article. It sums up what happened pretty well. I predicted the resurgence to start against Utah. Looks like I was a week early. Personally, I'm pretty excited about a FW Bowl matchup against a Big Ten/SEC team. It's a much better situation that the flower bowl against Navy.
Too bad our next game is against BYU. Away. On Thursday.
Go Frogs.