Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pep Rally Friday

So the MTN is broadcasting a pep rally of sorts featuring TCU players and coaches this Friday. The event will be aired lived and filmed outside Amon G. I highly recommend anyone living in or around the Fort venture down to this thing with some obnoxious signs ridiculing the fact that they taping a live event in a city that is unable to receive the broadcast.

Happy Halloween

I apologize for my lack of posts recently, please do not view that as a reflection of how I view our team, I have just been traveling of late and unfortunately it has distracted me from supporting what I firmly believe to be the best 4-4 football team in college history. One of my favorite things about Halloween is sharing a card with a significant other on this special Halloween night. For those of you looking to get some 'business' tonight, feel free to borrow any of these.

Dear Halloween friend,
I am trying to come up with some new Halloween traditions and need your help. Has anyone ever thought of stapling your head repeatedly to a wall.
P.S. Leave a message if I'm not home.

Dear Accommodating Halloween aquaintance,
Tonight when the sun goes down do me a favor, tie yourself up, it will save me time, and foreplay.

Hey Guaranteed Halloween lover,
Let's sneak into a graveyard tonight. Your shallow grave will blend in better there.

Hey there Witchy witchy witch witch,
Do me a favor, swallow this diamond. I will come over in about twelve hours to get it back.

Hey Pumpkin Head,
You know how I know we will be together tonight? Because I know how to jimmy a lock. Take precautions and you die.
PS. Just kidding.
P.P.S I'm not kidding. Look out..

Dear end of October Surprise ghoul,
I am am making out my materials list for your family's Halloween Party tonight. So far I have- a box full of condoms and heart full of revenge. Am I missing anything?
P.S. Oh yes. The Bone saw.

Dear Autumn Interrogative answerer,
Question: What is the best thing to come out of a bucket of cheap wine? Answer: The courage to saw out your spine.

To my special Halloween kitten,
Halloween always triggers my imagination. Just like my body will trigger your gag reflex.

Dear costumed Fall friend,
What do you plan on doing when the clock strikes midnight? Me? I will be trying to hold the gun steady as I watch you cry and perform an unconvincing striptease.

Hey Halloween Scare Scare,
I bought some eyelid retractors, want to know why? I want you to look me in the eyes when the virus passes into you.
Your generous friend,

Dear Halloweiner,
What do you do when you love someone so much that it makes you want to kill them? I send them a card. Happy Halloween.

All credit on these goes to Gordo from the ticket. His cards are one of my favorite things about Halloween. These are from 2006, hopefully we'll see 2007 sometime later today. Will keep you posted.


On Tommy Blake ...
Tommy has practiced all week. As of right now, I expect him to be back for this weekend. The key for him is not just to play, but to play well." -GP

Good news I suppose, but does anyone really care whether or not he plays at this point? I hope he is doing better and recovering from what ever it is that ails him, and he certainly would be great to have on the field. I just hope he isn't on of those distractions that just when you get over he pops up again.