Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sick Day Thoughts

Perhaps I should get sick more often? It looks like the Frogs were hard at work defeating the judicial system the past 3 days while I was hard at work sweating, eating crackers and absolutely devouring season 4 of The Wire. Simmons may not be right about much, but he hit that prediction of The Wire being maybe the greatest show of the past decade right on the head.

Anyway, I see someone has already brought up the dropping of the weapons charges against Stephen "Mad Dog" Hodge and Robert "Six Shooter" Henson. I mean, what kind of country do we live in where a brother can't pull into a parking lot late at night and discharge his unlicensed and unregisterd firearm into the air? This is AMERICA people! As both hail from the 903 (my neighborhood because, let's face it, east Texas is basically just a large neighborhood) and knowing what kinds of things go on in those parts, I can say with all confidence that these two guys were absolutely, phenomenally guilty. Five or ten years ago there's no way a TCU football player beats a gun charge, but ever since we started winning and attracting the types of players who bring this sort of behavior to the program, it appears that we get to reap the legal rewards as well. So bravo, GP! Now, fire Schultz and use the added salary bonus to replace him with a bail bondsman.

In other legal news, it was also noted that GP let Walter Bryant off the hook for his performance vs. his baby mama and will allow him to play in the UNM. Because, I suppose if you can't beat up the mother of your children, who can you really beat up?

However, on a positive note, it has been reported that Tommy Blake has been practicing and will likely be available for the UNM game. I'm pretty sure this news doesn't affect me either way, at least from a football stand point. It's great that he's apparently cleared up his head from whatever was ailing him, but seeing how he performed in the few games he did play in, and how amazing (sarcasm) our defensive line has played thusfar, it almost makes more sense to let the younger guys who will be carrying the team next year to get some reps.... Eh, who am I trying to kid? I suppose it's great that he's back. Considering what he did for our team last season and the expectations we had for him this year, I guess he's owed it. Hopefully this will not only convince some team to take a chance on the guy in the late rounds of next year's draft, but also help us squeak out 4 straight victories and make our bowl eligibility a certainty.

But, with all this seemingly good news, I suppose there always has to be some ungood to balance it out, right? From S-T:

"Tailback Aaron Brown and backup Joseph Turner are among four starters on offense who missed workouts Sunday and Tuesday. Offensive linemen Matty Lindner and Marshall Newhouse also have been held out of the Frogs' first two practices during a 16-day span between games.

Coach Gary Patterson said he's not sure on their status for the Nov. 3 home game against New Mexico.

"But we're a long way out from that," he said.

In the second half against Utah, Brown (knee) and Turner (foot) aggravated injuries that cost them a combined six games earlier this season. Lindner (ankle) was injured in the first quarter, and Newhouse (knee) played despite suffering his injury early on.

Starting right guard Giles Montgomery has practiced despite wearing a cast on his left thumb and wrist, and dealing with a shoulder injury. Backup safety Colin Jones is working out with a cast over his right forearm.

Tight end Shae Reagan, who has missed all but one play of the past three games with a fracture in his left leg, hasn't practiced but no longer is wearing a protective boot"

Whoa, I mean, I knew we had injuries, but good lord it looks a lot worse when it's spelled out in front of you. Looks like this bye week came at a really opportune time. Just wish it'd followed a win.

Anyway, I'm off to Colorado this weekend, where the Mtn is in full effect, which will just build on my frustration with us not being able to get the network as it always does. Let's try and stay away from the juries and INjuries as much as possible while I'm absent.