Friday, October 19, 2007

At Least We Won in the Stats

Seriously. Check the stats. If you hadn't watched the game, you'd have no idea we lost.

Here's the story of the game: We had more first downs, fewer punts, 10 tackles for loss, 6 sacks, held them to 100 fewer yards than their season average, including less than 60 in the second half. The only defensive blunder was allowing a 100 yard rusher AGAIN, but he only ran for 101.

Then, in true 2007 TCU fashion, we throw 4 picks, drop 6 passes, miss a 22 yard field goal that would've brought back momentum, and continue to be entirely predictable on offense. It's pathetic. As mentioned earlier, our O-Line performed pretty well honestly: they only allowed 2 sacks, and those could certainly be attributed to Dalton panicking. Aaron Brown was averaging 5.4 yards per carry... and we gave it to him 11 times. I don't know. It's pretty much like Schultz decided to lay down and die after his one good play call.

TCU is now 1-4 in Thursday games since joining the MWC. I understand the AF game was originally going to be on a Saturday, and the only reason we schedule these games is for TV, but why schedule games on national television just to get beat? By the way, we have lost every single non Mtn televised game this year. Stage fight maybe?

I love GP. I love our coaching staff, for the most part. However, I question his motivating in these tense situations.. The motto for the week was "Just Survive" which I understand because it's a short week and then we get a break. Honestly though, fuck that. Our play calling completely suggested that we were playing simply to survive. We got ballsy before we took the lead, and then we were just playing for the lead. It wasn't to put points on the board, it was simply to have our offense pick them apart (which we are not great at, as evidenced) and then have the defense hold.

Patterson is the highest paid staff member at TCU. By far. Like several times over. He knows that we have these short games (and, as much as he won't acknowledge it, Utah also has a short week and also has to travel across time zones). He knows that we typically do not perform well. So, why would you come out and say "Just survive?" It's like he just accepts it and is like, "Hey guys, I know we aren't going to play well, so just squeak one out." Especially after how we played last week, you'd think he'd come out wanting blood and continue the momentum. I suppose this is why they kept Dalton in the gun with no backfield, but, as much as I like showing the guy you have faith in him, when something isn't working, why not try and hammer them on the ground, knowing that their secondary is far better than their front seven? But, when you put Dalton back in the shotgun by himself, and you know that he isn't a great runner, of course they're going to drop 5-6 guys back every time, knowing that, even if he decides to break for a run, he's not going to be hard to bring down. By not mixing it up, we basically handed the game to them.

Utah is a pretty good team, and they're on a hot streak, but despite this, they never pulled away. It was almost like they were challenging us to make a few big plays and break the game open. Our defense did all that they could, but, when our offense gives them no help, there's nothing to expect.

So, 4-4. Theoretically we could win out and be 8-4 to finish the season. In most years, we could finish even 7-5 and probably get a bowl invite. However, this year even 8-4 doesn't guarantee us anything as our conference is pretty strong. Three conference losses doesn't help either.

So, Frogs Fans, keep your Frogs up and pray for a miracle.


It would make my day if someone could explain the logic behind our offesive strategy last night. We have a freshman quarterback who threw 4 interceptions yet the entire 4th quarter we ran a no back set. In fact, our top two tailbacks had 16 carries...combined...the entire game. I'm over harping on Schultz, and I don't believe the sky is falling. GP is still God, but shit man 16 carries?

Now I Remember What a BAD Season Feels Like

Jesus H.

A. Dalton Comp/Att: 20/45; Yds: 164; TD: 0; INT: 4

Did anyone else notice that AD refused to stay in the pocket that the offensive line was creating play after play. He would freak out for NO REASON, roll out, and make a shitty pass on the run.

You are a POCKET PASSER, so stay the fuck in the pocket, set your feet, and throw the fucking ball.